Majinjah Special Bus Dar es salaam To Sumbawanga Booking Office & Contact

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Majinjah Special Is the leading transportation company, offering bus and coach hire services to schools, businesses and the general public. They have focused on providing the best bus charter and hire services that allow people to explore the country in comfort and style.

In the Majinjah Logistics, bus travel is fun, friendly, affordable and sustainable. In a nutshell, They aim to develop a bus service which people enjoy, look forward to, and above all, choose to use in preference to private motor transport. This way we can reduce the negative effects of transport on environment and on health and wellbeing.

Majinjah Special Bus Fleet Line

The company have a well managed list of Fleet and most of them being a Scania bus model and some other few brand. Many of their bus unities have a Locally manufactured body from Dar Coach company in Tanzania and the rest have internationally imported bodies like Irizar Century, Hino Body and other brands.

Their buses are well Customized to cater for the need of the local and international travelers by making them a comfort one and with modern facilities.

Majinjah Special Buses are managed by a team of Professional Drivers, Host, Managers and other servants who have a Passion of leading the company to the next level. Below are some of the features available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Good Sound System For Entertainment
Overhead Reading Lights & Self Speakers
Free Soft Drinks Are Available On Their Buses

Majinjah Special Bus Service Line

The company offer daily Passenger transport services from Dar es salaam to the Southern Highland Zone including Sumbawanga Towns. They have only a Morning departures in all terminals and all of their routes are of Long Distance Travel.

You can make a booking of Majinjah Special bus tickets at their offices which are available in all Bus Terminal as well as their individual offices out of the Terminals. You can also make a Booking Online through their Booking Portal or By making a Call to them through those numbers listed below this post.

Majinjah Special Also provide Parcels transportation services to all destinations where their buses used to go. They also have Haulage services on their Cargo Trucks.

Majinjah Special Bus Routes

Dar es salaam To Mbeya
Dar es salaam To Kyela
Dar es salaam To Sumbawanga

Majinjah Special Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Majinjah Logistics, Itd.
PO Box 78309 
Dar es Salaam
Urafiki Big Brother

 Phone: +255 757 207 025, +255 753 645 641


Booking Contacts:
Dar es salaam: 0752 730 770
Mbeya: 0764 931 370
Sumbawanga: 0753 147 142
Kyela: 0758 628 255


Tungi's Express Bus From Mwanza To Dar es salaam Booking, Contact & Office

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 Tungi's Express Is a newly established bus company which provide daily Passenger transport services between the Business city of Dar es salaam to the Rock City (Mwanza). This company came into operations in the early of 2019 by introducing their Golden Dragon fleet in the Long distance travel between the two cities.

In the short period of time, Tungi's become the biggest competitor on the Dar es salaam To Mwanza route, Giving a business challenges to the giant companies. They have achieved to build a strong customer base due to their on time departures and arrival to the respective destination.

Tungi's Express Bus Fleet Line

The company uses Golden Dragon bus model from the Chinese manufacture, Their buses are relatively new and are directly imported from China. Their buses are of Semi Luxury class according to Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA).

They have a good and professional staff who are good in Fleet management by ensuring these buses are clean all the time for better and comfort travel.

Their Buses are designed to give a Traveler a memorable trip when you choose to travel with them. Below are some features and services are available on the buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Ports On Every Seats
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern Sound System With Individual Speaker
Overhead Reading Lights
Free On Board WiFi Services
Air Conditioning Services
Free Soft Drinks

Tungi's Express Bus Service Line

They offer daily Passenger transportation services from Dar es salaam To Mwanza city and vice versa. They have a morning departures in both terminals and their crews are on time to ensure you reach the final destination on expected duration.

The company also offer Parcels transportation services with an affordable prices depending on the nature and size of your Parcels.

Booking of Tickets can be made at their offices located in each bus terminals and their individual offices out of the terminal. You can also make a booking of your Tickets by getting in touch with their Agents or By making a call to their offices through Contact Numbers listed below this post.

Tungi's Express Bus Tanzania Routes

Dar es salaam To Mwanza Via Dodoma
Mwanza To Dar es salaam

Tungi's Express Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Ubungo (Office No. 34): 0715 905 727

Mwanza: 0747 784 872

Singida: 0742 383 018

Kapricon Royal Class Bus Arusha To Iiringa Contact, Booking & Office

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 Kapricon Royal Class provide daily Passenger transfer services from the Business city of Arusha to other regions in Tanzania. They are in the transport Industry for more than ten years serving the Northern Zone regions.

The company have well established Customer base from Arusha City to Southern Highland regions, Central Zone as well as to Lake Zone regions. They are now expanding their services to the Eastern Zone regions like Dar es salaam, Pwani and Tanga.

Kapricon Royal Class Fleet Line

The company is well known for their Scania buses which are most loved by those Young travelers. These Scania Buses are locally built by Tanzania Bus fabricators like Dar Coach and Quality Group.

But as the matter of time, Kapricon Bus Company have made an innovation to their Fleet list by adding a Chinese brands. Now they have a Chinese Yutong and Zhongtong buses in their list.

The Chinese brand are modern and much more comfortable than their old brand. Below are some features and services which are available on their buses:
Television Services For Entertainment
Sound System For Music Listening & Adverts
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Port
Sometimes AC services Available
Soft Drinks On Some Of Their Buses

Kapricon Royal Class Service Line

The company offer daily Passenger transport services mainly from Arusha city to other regions in Tanzania and vice versa. They also have routes from Dar es salaam to other regions in the country.

They have only a Morning departure in all regions whereby a Passenger / Customer can make a booking of their Ticket on the travel date or prior to the date of travel.

Booking Of Ticket can be made at their offices which available in all bus terminal, their Agents and online by making a call to them through those contact numbers listed below.

The Company also provide Parcels transfer services to all destination at an affordable price depending on the nature and size of your Parcels.

Kapricon Royal Class Bus Routes

Arusha To Singida
Arusha To Mwanza
Arusha To Mbeya Via Iringa
Arusha To Tanga Via Korogwe
Arusha To Dar es salaam
Mwanza To Iringa Via Dodoma
Dar es salaam To Singida Via Dodoma

Kapricon Royal Class Office & Contact For Enquiry

Mbeya Office: 0763 223 334

Arusha Office:  0763 960 424, 0754 380 329

Ally's Star Bus From Dar es salaam To Mwanza Booking & Contact Number

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 Ally's Star Bus Is a Tanzania Passenger transport company based in Mwanza region. They are specialized in a Passengers and Parcels transfer services from Mwanza city to other regions and towns of the Lake Zone ares as well as long distance travel to Dar es salaam and other towns.

The company provide transportation services for more than 10 years, They have started their business by serving the Lake Zone regions before expanding to other towns and cities in Tanzania especially the Central Zone and Eastern Zone regions.

Ally's Star Bus Fleet Line

The company have a variety of Bus brand from a Chinese bus manufactures, They also have a few Scania buses doing a local routes in the Lake Zone regions. Their buses ranging from Golden Dragon, Kinglong and Yutong models, All of these are newly imported from China.

Their Buses are Clean and smart, They uses a latest Technology and are comfortable for a long distance travel. Their buses are designed to cater for Traveler demand prevailing in the Tanzanian Markets.

Once You Have Chosen to travel with Ally's Star Bus, You will enjoy the following on board features and services:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Belts
USB Charging Port On Each Seat
Enough Legroom For Comfrt Travel
Television Services From Multiple Tv On Each Side
Modern Sound System With Self Speaker
Air Conditioning Services
Free Soft Drinks (Not All Routes)
Free WiFi Services

Ally's Sport Bus Service Line

The company offer daily Passenger transfer services from Rock City (Mwanza) to other regions in Tanzania. They have buses to Dar es salaam, Tanga, Shinyanga, Tabora, Geita and other Lake Zone Towns.
They have a Morning departure for a Long Distance travel and afternoon departure for short distance travel for neighboring towns.

The company also transfer Parcel to all destinations where their Passenger buses used to go. Their prices are affordable to every one, and they are charged depending on the nature and size of the respective Parcels.

Booking of the Tickets can be made at their offices which are available in all Bus terminals as well as their company offices which are out of the terminals.

You can also make a booking of your Tickets online by making a call their offices or Agents through those contact numbers listed below this post.

Ally's Star Bus Tanzania Routes

Mwanza To Dar es salaam Via Dodoma
Shinyanga To Dar es Salaam Via Dodoma
Mwanza To Urambo 
Mwanza To Mpanda 
Mwanza To Tanga Via Arusha
Mwanza To Kaliua
Shinyanga To Mwanza
Dar es salaam To Bariadi Via Dodoma

Ally's Star Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

P. O . Box 2037
Geita, Mwanza, 
Phone: 0786 374 065

Ubungo Dar es salaam: 0743 999 893, 0624 713 111

Alakowe Bus From Ibadan To Lagos Fare, Booking Office & Contacts

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Alakowe is an inter state transport service provider in South West Nigeria which  Located in the heart of Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa. They offer unbeatable travel services that will keep you smiling on every journey. When you travel Alakowe, every trip is full of smiles.

Their penchant for comfort and excellence is obvious in the way they treat their dear and valued customers to a luxurious travel experience at a very affordable cost. How do you explain the rich scoop of conveniences that come with travelling Alakowe? With them, your trip is with all shades of comfort.

Alakowe Bus Fleet Line

Alakowe Bus Company uses a Mini Buses to provide daily transport services to their customers. They have a good semi luxury mini buses bough from Toyota Motors Japan, These are Toyota Quantum, the current model of Toyota Hiace.

Their Buses have a large comfort individual seats which are very clean all the time when you board their bus. Their buses have an Air Conditioner for cooling down during the hot season as well as warming up at the time when the winter season is prevailing in Nigeria.

There is also on board entertainment from those Television fitted on front of the Mini Bus, Also their buses are fitted with good and modern sound system.

Alakowe Bus Service Line

The company have specialized on providing daily Inter state bus services between Lagos and Ibadan in Nigeria. They have morning, afternoon, evening and even night departures in both states where their customers have access to make a pre and on time booking for their trips.

Booking of the Tickets can be made at their Offices available in both States, and for those who have access with the internet can also make their Ticket booking online through their booking portal.

Alakowe Bus Company also do transport Parcels to and from both States at a fair prices.

Alakowe Bus Nigeria Routes

Lagos To Ibadan
Ibadan To Lagos

Alakowe Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Lagos Terminal: Ojota New Garage inter-state motor park
Ibadan Terminal: Dove Petrol Station, Ajeigbe Bus stop, Near Dikat House, Ring Road, Ibadan

Bookings Hotlines :
Lagos-0905 393 4000
Ibadan-0905 393 4001

Bookings Enquiries:

Customer Care / Complaints: or simply whatsapp us on 0905 393 4005


Lagos Bus Services Timetable, Routes Map, Station, Office & Website

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 Lagos Bus Services Limited also known as (LBSL) is a Nigerian Passenger transport provider which was incorporated in 2016 as a Transport Asset Acquisition, Operations, and Advisory Services Company to provide a much needed compass and guide to the operation of Bus Services in Lagos.

As Lagos evolves into a smart city, LBSL is positioned to create a very competitive space in the Transport Industry where urban mobility guarantees a market for mass transit transport operators with availability and pricing as key decision drivers. 

LBSL is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the orderliness, proper coordination and progress of the Transport Industry in Lagos.

Lagos Bus Services Fleet Line

The company runs a Fleet of over 300 buses all in Lagos state, They have a large number of Scania Marcopolo buses which are built to serve the city.  They are bus rapid transit and all of their fleet are built to serve those BRT Infrastructure.

Their Buses are clean and well maintained within their workshop in Lagos, They have enough Seating capacity as well as enough space for those who didn't got a chance to have a seats.

Lagos Bus Services Line

At the heart of the LBSL mandate are commuters, everyday Lagosians who rely on Bus Services to get to and from their homes and places of interests.

By engaging mass transit operators and ensuring a market that is free and rewarding for all, the commuter is guaranteed the best Bus Services at the best prices and in very comfortable atmosphere. Among other responsibilities, the Lagos Bus Services Limited is set to;

They have a professional working team of a well trained Personnel, Their Team is ready to:
    Rebrand and Professionalize the Transport Service
    Provide information to Bus Users
    Adequately train Bus Drivers and Bus Service Operators

They proud to be  the first point of call for Reliable Transit in Lagos.

Lagos Bus Services Routes

Berger To TBS
Berger To Oshodi
Oshodi To TBS
 Oshodi To Berger
Leventis To Berger
Alapere To TBS
 Ikeja To Alausa
Oworonshoki To TBS
Oworonshoki To Oshodi
Oworonshoki To Beger
Park & Ride To TBS
Leventis To Oshodi
TBS To Berger
TBS To Oshodi


Lagos Bus Services Office & Contact For Enquiry

1st Floor, Tisco Plaza,
6 Alhaji Ashabi-Cole Street,
CBD Alausa, Ikeja,
Lagos State.

Phone: +234 (0) 704 1446 009


Plenty Waka Buses Routes, Office Address, Promo Code & Customer Care

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Plentywaka is a Nigerian bus sharing solution that offers commuters convenience, safety and comfort in their daily rides. They are providing convenient and effective driving experience one route at a time.

Their app allows commuters to book and pay for fast and convenient trips in real time. Improving the transportation system in Nigeria and solving some of its age old problems is deeply ingrained in the Plentywaka model.

Plentywaka Fleet Line

They are using a 13 seater type bus to ease the troubles of daily commute in Lagos. Each bus has an aisle, individual seats (with safety belts) and a high roof for adequate headspace.

Most Of their Buses are Toyota Quantum Which built in a Luxurious and Comfortable manner. Their Buses have modern sound system to make your ride enjoyable for a moment you are on board.
   Professionally trained drivers and vehicle assistants are assigned to each bus so you can arrive at your destination safe and sound.
They also have an experienced management team to ensure the successful operation of their business.

Plenty Waka Service Line

They help Know when your bus is arriving with real-time tracking enabled.
    Bus schedules are made available so you can plan your trips with ease.
  They help Receive departure alarms and stop notifications as you arrive at your bus stop.

  They identify the busiest routes in different states. We are launching first in Lagos state, Ajah to CMS // CMS - Ajah route.
   They provide a secure platform where individuals sign up for a free account, and select how many units they want to sponsor. They then use the sponsors’ funds to engage the drivers, vehicle assistants, and vehicle maintenance personnel. At the end of the project cycle, sponsors get their initial sponsorship and returns on their sponsorship.



Plenty Waka Office & Contact For Enquiry

4th Floor, Sinoki House,
Plot 770 Off Samuel Ademulegun Ave,
Central Business District,
Abuja, Nigeria


Phone: +234 703 1966 563, +234 815 2862 056

Habesha Bus Ticket Office Addis Ababa Phone Number & Contact

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 Habesha Bus Services Is an Ethiopian registered Passenger transport company serving those people from the Northern parties of the country to other cities and town within Ethiopia. They are in the transport Industry for some years now and they have managed to build trust among their customers.

Habesha Bus Services boast themselves as the modern and comfort means of travel within Ethiopia. The company bring about a great competition in the Passenger transport industry among other service providers. Their services are trusted by the customers National wide and their teams are very professional in providing services.

Habesha Bus Ethiopia Fleet Line

The company uses a new generation of the bus model those produced by the Chinese manufactures. All of their Unities are imported from China and their fleet are Modern Golden Dragon Buses of the latest edition.

You will not regret to travel with Habesha Buses, They know what their customers demand in the travel Industry. The company bring about a huge innovation in the Ethiopian transport Industry by importing those buses with a modern on board facilities.

Habesha Buses have all the Ideal features and services every customer desire to use while they are traveling. Below are some of those amenities available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging System On Every Seat
Slim Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern Sound System With Self Over Head Speaker
Free On Board WiFi Services
Air Conditioner With With Self Control Hub
On Board Drinks & Snacks

Habesha Bus Ethiopia Service Line

The company based on providing daily Passenger transport services among customers in Ethiopia. They have a daily trips from The capital city of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) to other cities and towns within the country.

Their Bus also travel to the Northern parties of the country where there is an origin of the Habesha people. They have a daily morning and afternoon departures in all terminals and stops. Habesha Bus also transport Parcels at a fair prices which can be affordable to every one.

You may make a booking of your tickets at all stations where they have their offices and in the city centers where they have also their individual offices. To provide a modern services, The company also offer Online Booking Services by getting in Touch with them through those contact numbers listed below this post.

Habesha Bus Ethiopia Routes

Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
Addis Ababa To Hawassa
Addis Ababa To Mekelle
Addis Ababa To Harar

Habesha Bus Offices & Contact Number For Enquiry

Stadium, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251 92 773 4504

+251 90 101 0101

+251 90 102 0202