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Limocar Montreal To Bromont terminus, Horaire, Contacts, Tickets, Promo Code, Tracking & Price

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Limocar is a coach operator in Quebec, Canada. The company was founded in 1979 and operates a fleet of more than 320 vehicles. It operates the only regular bus service between Montreal and Sherbrooke. It also operates the public transportation service (Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport) for several Quebec municipalities as well as school buses and wheel-chair transportation.

Since it first started its transportation business, Limocar has positioned itself as an inter-city bus service with three major objectives:

    To provide a fast, reliable, frequent, and on-time transportation service
    To offer customers an enriched travel experience by optimizing the scheduling and duration of their travels
    To offer a quality customer service that facilitates the mobility of all users

Limocar Fleet Line

With a view to offering an ever-improving quality of travel, Limocar has developed new coaches that are equally adapted to a working clientele, children or the elderly. Limocar offers many advantages:

    No traffic thanks to the reserved lane
    Free Wi-Fi Internet on board
    Functional areas for travellers (electric outlets, shelves, drink holder)
    All tickets can be read on smart phones (electronic format)
    Toilets on every bus
    Free Park and Ride lots, free Internet on board, electric outlets, etc.)

Limocar Service Line

The Limocar inter-city bus service is operated by Veolia Transdev Canada.
have access to a range of quality transportation services:


As a duly accredited representative of Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), Veolia Transdev also offers a mechanical inspection service.

More than a mere bus service operator, Veolia Transdev believes in implementing durable mobility solutions that are also innovative, high-performance and integrated. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the harmonious development of communities.

With its worldwide roots, diversity of resources and capacity for innovation, Veolia Transdev is uniquely able to identify and understand the expectations of organizations in charge of traveller transportation. More importantly, we are also able to meet these expectations very effectively.

Limocar Parcels Services

A leader in the bus courier service for the past 20 years, Expedibus delivers envelopes and parcels for enterprises and individuals throughout Quebec and in a large part of Canada. Supported by an extensive network of partners, Expedibus provides efficient services including express (same day) delivery.

Limocar Tickets & Discount

Flex 365 ticket, travel at your leisure!
With a Flex 365 ticket, you can leave at a moment’s notice without having to buy or reserve your tickets at the last minute. It’s the simplest, quickest and surest way to get to your chosen destination at moment of purchase (ex.: Montreal-Sherbrooke).
With purchase of a Flex 365 round-trip ticket you automatically qualify for an additional 10% discount.

Booklet with 10 Flex 365 tickets, 20% discount on your one-way ticket!
If you take regular round trips between Montreal and Sherbrooke, buying a 10-ticket booklet saves you money.

Monthly Pass, unlimited travel at a drastically reduced price for one month!
If your work involves travelling frequently between Montreal and Sherbrooke, consider a monthly pass that gives you unlimited travel at the best fares.

    Valid from the 1st to the 30/31 of the month
    Ticket not exchangeable and not refundable
    Same fare for all

Limocar Baggage / Luggage Allowance

Luggage Policy (max 75 pounds by baggage)
Passengers are allowed to store free two pieces of luggage for storage in the bus’s luggage department as well as one hand luggage (18’’long  x 15’’wide x 8’’tall). Each passenger is also entitled to have two extra pieces of luggage at a cost of $5/piece for a one-way trip and $10 for a round trip.

Hockey sticks, skis and golf bags are regarded as a baggage piece.

You can travel with a stroller or a baby car seat in addition to your baggage because they are not considered as a piece of luggage.

Musical instruments must be properly packed and can be accepted in the interior luggage rack (18’’long  x 15’’wide x 8’’tall).

There’s no luggage service at this stops in Montreal: 800 De la Gauchetière University / René-Lévesque and Guy-Favrau complex. Only one hand luggage is allowed.

Limocar Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

For information, please contact our customer service department:

    at +1-866-692-8899 (+1-819-562-8899) for any information about our service (schedules, network..). Hours: Monday to Friday from 5.30 am to 8.15 pm and during the week-end from 6.45  am to 8.15 pm.

    at + 1-888-315-6306 (+1-819-829-2299) for  informations about purchasing online. Hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Closed on weekends and holidays.

    by regular mail at the address below:
    Customer service
    60, King West
    Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1H0H6

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Intercar Bus Chicoutimi To Quebec Station, Schedule, Horaire, Telephone, Rental, Prix & Booking

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Intercar Is a Canadian Bus Company which offers a safe and pleasant way to travel while enjoying customized services provided by devoted personnel. With a remarkable history that began more than half a century ago, Intercar has become a leading benchmark in the transport industry emphasizing employee excellence in all aspects of the business and complete customer satisfaction.

Intercar team is comprised of professionals that are selected based on rigorous criteria and in whom more than 10,000 individuals put their trust every day. This great team receives continuous training in order to meet the highest requirements in safety, service, and transport.

Intercar Bus Fleet Line

Deluxe Coach
48 to 56 passengers capacity

Available Amenities On The Coach
    Air Conditioning
    Ergonomic seat
    New coach ( under 5 )
    Level of maintenance above Industry standards
    Competitive Price
    24 hours childcare
    Flat Screen video devices
    Power outlets
    Tray tables

Pelsonalized Coach

52 to 56 passagers capacity

Available Amenities On The Coach
    Air Conditioning
    Ergonomic seat
    New coach ( under 5 )
    Level of maintenance above Industry standards
    Competitive Price
    24 hours childcare
    Flat Screen video devices
    Power outlets
    Tray tables

School Bus
Capacity of 48 adults or 72 children

Available Amenities On The Bus
    Air Conditioning
    Ergonomic seat
    New coach ( under 5 )
    Level of maintenance above Industry standards
    Competitive Price
    24/7 safekeeping
    Modified bus available (additional comfort)
    Overhead stowage option for extra storage

Adapted Mini Bus

Available Amenities On The Bus
    Air Conditioning
    Ergonomic seat
    New coach ( under 5 )
    Level of maintenance above Industry standards
    Competitive Price
    24/7 safekeeping

Deluxe Minibus
Capacity of up to 29 passagers

Available Amenities On The Bus
    Air Conditioning
    Ergonomic seat
    New coach ( under 5 )
    Level of maintenance above Industry standards
    24 hours childcare
    Flat Screen video devices
    Power outlets
    Tray tables

Intercar Bus Service Line

The Company Offer A Variety Of Services Which Have Listed  Below As Followed:

Expedibus Services
With Expedibus, Intercar offers a quick and reliable parcel shipping service that covers its entire intercity transport network in Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean, Alma, Chibougamau, Quebec’s North Shore and Quebec.

Since Intercar collaborates with other intercity bus transportation companies offering similar services, your parcels can be delivered in more than 500 municipalities throughout Québec and Ontario.

Public Transport Services
Regular schedules, reliable service, and access to privileged pricing: that is what Intercar offers with its public transportation service. To go to school or work, or to get around during your leisure time, public transportation provides a great safe option which encourages sustainable travel.

For trips that require specific facilities or equipment, Intercar’s adapted public transport services will meet the highest expectations.  For example, Saguenay’s Adapted Transport Society offers such services.

Shuttle Services
For your short or long distance travel needs, Intercar offers a shuttle service. This service enables companies to transport their employees on a daily basis or to corporate activities in vehicles that are always comfortable and adapted to their needs. Educational institutions can also benefit from this service for their student or tourist transportation needs. Intercar’s shuttle service is always complete assuring quick and courteous transportation adapted to your needs.

School Bus Services
For more than 35 years, Intercar has specialized in school transportation in the Saguenay and the Lac-Saint-Jean regions.

With more than 300 vehicles, we rank amongst the largest carriers in the Quebec school transport industry. Their vehicles are new and they meet maintenance program criteria which are above the industry standards.

Medical Transportation Service
Intercar offers a medical transport service for disabled people or others with special care needs.  Medical transport services are also provided to people who need medical examinations or treatments. Medical transport services ensure the various travel requirements of these individuals to private health institutions or health and social services network institutions.

At Intercar, this represents more than 6500 patient intakes annually. Intercar’s medical transport services cover a large area including Québec, Chicoutimi, Jonquière, and Alma.

Adapted Bus Service
For the municipalities served by the Quebec-Saguenay and Quebec-North Shore circuits, the Intercar offers a service adapted to people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

At Intercar, we believe that everyone deserves personalized assistance when traveling, trips or activities. That's why we provide you with a fleet of vehicles tailored to your situation. Our drivers have extensive experience working with special needs clients, and they also regularly receive complete training to be able to adapt their service to its greatest potential. Their training covers CPR , application of safe movement principles of users ( PDSB ) and use of medical equipment, as needed. Competitive prices and high-quality services are offered for adapted school transport, medical transport, and people with reduced mobility transport.

Bus Rental
For your trips across the province, the transportation of your sport team, for the school field trips of your little ones or simply to travel in groups without worries, Intercar offers a wide selection of buses and coaches to fit your specific needs in terms of ergonomics and space. Intercar offers buses of various dimensions satisfying, at all times, high safety, comfort and reliability standards. Furthermore, our trustworthy team of experienced and well-trained drivers will travel with you while listening carefully to your needs

Intercar Bus Lines Routes & Average Prices

Quebec City to Saguenay $45
Quebec City to Tadoussac $49
Quebec City to Baie-Saint-Paul $22
Quebec City to La Malbaie $31
Sainte-Foy to Sept-Îles $118
Saguenay to Sainte-Foy $45
Sainte-Foy to Alma $41
Sainte-Foy to Baie-Comeau $77
Sainte-Foy to Saguenay $45
Saguenay to Quebec City $45
Tadoussac to Quebec City $49
Baie-Saint-Paul to Quebec City $22
Quebec City to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré $8
La Malbaie to Quebec City $31
Santiago de Compostela to Hendaye $85
Quebec City to Alma $41
Sept-Îles to Quebec City $115
Alma to Quebec City $41
Quebec City to Sept-Îles $116
Alma to Sainte-Foy $41
Baie-Comeau to Quebec City $77

Intercar Bus Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Terminus Jonquière : 418-547-2167
Terminus Chicoutimi : 418-543-1403
Terminus Québec : 418-525-3000

Head office - Jonquière
2249, rue Saint-Hubert
Jonquière, Qc
G7X 5P1
Email :

Phone : 418-547-2167

Toll Free : 1 800-806-2167

Administrative office - Laterrière
4511, boulevard Talbot
Saguenay, Qc
G7H 5B1
Email :

Phone : 418-549-2463

Administrative office - Québec
5675, rue des Tournelles
Québec, Qc
G2J 1P7
Email :

Phone : 418-627-9108

Toll Free : 1 888-861-4592

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DRL Coachlines Bus Toronto To Newfoundland Phone Number, Tracking, Tours, Schedule, Packages & Cancellations

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DRL Coachlines Is a Canadian Bus Company which operates from its Head Office and Maintenance Depot located in rural Central Newfoundland at Triton. Their fleet is made up mainly of Prevost motor coaches which can transport 56 passengers in reclining seats, with storage for luggage in separate compartments underneath, and are equipped with air conditioning units and washroom facilities.

Their on-board attendants are helpful and courteous, Their maintenance teams are proficient and competent, and their office staff members are diligent and detail-conscious

Their drivers are among the best in this country. They are well-experienced and safety-conscious, and practice good defensive driving skills. Over the years they have acquired an appreciation of the various road and weather elements, and have become quite adept at making reasonable judgements. .

DRL Coachlines Services

The only provider of Trans-Island passenger motor coach service in Newfoundland and Labrador, DRL-LR has very safely and professionally transported thousands upon thousands of people of all ages and from all “walks of life” across our great province, currently with 25 stops along the Trans-Canada Highway between Port aux Basques and St. John’s, 365 days a year, since 1996.  This 985 kilometre one-way run is scheduled for 13.5 hours both east and west simultaneously, and DRL-LR is poised to handle whatever the volume of passengers.

Secondary to passenger service, DRL-LR carries  parcels and envelopes for customers at very fair prices. Though every effort is made to provide delivery on the same day, it is not guaranteed.  Road Pak is picked up or dropped off at most of the scheduled stops along the daily line-haul rout

DRL Coachlines Road Pak

DRL-LR Road Pak Express Parcel Service is the quickest, most cost effective way to get your envelopes, parcels and other packages across the Island of Newfoundland, 365 days a year.  Items for shipping should be checked in at least one hour prior to departure time. Their rates are reasonable and their pick-up/drop-off points coincide with most of their regular stops listed in the daily schedule.

Please note, all Road Pak in the Metro area is handled through the 5 0'Clock Lounge, 974 Kenmount Rd. (Their hours are 12 p.m. - 12 a.m.) and all Road Pak in Port Aux Basques is handled through Circle K/Irving. No Road Pak is handled at the MUN University Centre, White Bay Convenience or Marine Atlantic Terminal.
Eddy's Restaurant accepts incoming Road Pak, but none can be shipped out through that stop.

Using inches, multiply the package length by the width by the height, and divide the result by 100; then use the Shipping Factor Chart below to determine the cost:

Shipping Factor     Rate
01 - 10    $20.00
11 - 20     $25.00
21 - 30     $30.00
31 - 50     $35.00
51 - 70     $45.00
71 - 90     $50.00
91 - 120     $60.00
121 -150     $70.00

DRL Coachlines Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 40
Triton, NL
A0J 1V0

Head Office
Phone: 709-263-2171
Fax:     709-263-2172



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Autobus Maheux gatineau Terminus, Horaire, Telephone, Promo Code, Tickets, Prix & Tracking

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Autobus Maheux Express is a passenger transport company that started in 1958 by carrying out school bus transportation. Autobus Maheux is a charter, intercity, school bus, and transit operator based in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec. Maheux bus will offer an express route between Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Montreal.

Over the years, the company has developed its passenger transportation services by adding various types of vehicles to its fleet, from minibuses to coaches, allowing it to adapt to the growing needs of its customers.

On April 7, 1994, Autobus Maheux obtained intercity transportation licenses for the entire Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and the Rouyn-Noranda / Val-d'Or / Montreal corridor and now the Outaouais. Obtaining these permits more than doubled the company's business volume and made Autobus Maheux a regional carrier offering services throughout most of Abitibi-Témiscamingue.
It is with the greatest pride that Bushel Maheux serves the Abitibi and Témiscamian populations!

Autobus Maheux Express Fleet Lines

Luxury Charter Bus
For your comfort their luxury buses are adapted to all of your needs. All buses are capable of seating up to 56 passengers, have air conditioning, reclining seats, a DVD or VHS player, washroom facilities and many other conveniences to help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Luxury Mini-Buses
For their smaller groups, Their Mini-Buses can accommodate up to 21 passengers. These buses have reclining seats, air conditioning and a DVD player.

School Buses
For smaller budgets or for shorter distances they have a fleet of school buses which can accommodate up to 48 passengers and some units have luggage compartments to carry all of your belongings for your trip.

Autobus Maheux Express Service Lines

Autobus Maheux also offers an excellent courier service.

Under the Trade Mark EXPEDIBUS, Autobus Maheux offers a courier service which covers all Canadian destinations. EXPEDIBUS is affiliated with many bus companies across Canada which offers you a fast and secure courier service.

    Service available seven days a week/365 days a year
    Service is available even on statutory holidays
    Courier service with the most frequent departure dates and times
    Delivery within 24 hrs in most Quebec and Ontario destinations
    A delivery network in all Canadian Provinces
    Pick-up and delivery services in most cities.

School transportation
Transport_ecoliers_maheuxIt is a privilege for Autobus Maheux to transport students to school!

Each school day they transport more than 5000 students for the school boards of Abitibi-Témiscaminque.
Safety is of the utmost importance

Each year Autobus Maheux organizes a Security Awareness Campaign addressed to children and other drivers. To further promote security we also participated in the creation of a television commercial.

Chartered transportation
At Autobus Maheux they specialize in Charter Bus Services.

They own different types of buses to accommodate small and larger groups of travelers from short to long distances. Their drivers are experienced, courteous and at your service.

Autobus Maheux is the holder of a permit from the Quebec Transport Commission which allows them to depart their charter buses from any community in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region to all destinations in Quebec and Ontario as well as anywhere in Canada.

Urban transportation
A service to the people of Rouyn-Noranda, Autobus Maheux has been providing this service in partnership with the city since 1980.

From Monday to Friday during work hours :
2 buses circulate on 3 separate routes in the city center and in the surrounding areas every half hour and on Thursday and Friday evenings every hour.

Autobus Maheux Express Routes & Average fare

Montreal to Ottawa $21
Ottawa to Montreal $21
Montreal to Gatineau $21
Gatineau to Montreal $21
Montreal to Rouyn-Noranda $85
Montreal to Val-d'Or $72
Val-d'Or to Montreal $77
Rouyn-Noranda to Montreal $85
Montreal to Amos $84
Montreal to Mont-Laurier $54
Val-d'Or to Rouyn-Noranda $20
North Bay to Ottawa $58
Rouyn-Noranda to Val-d'Or $20
Montreal to North Bay $75
Ottawa to Mont-Tremblant $61
Amos to Montreal $84
Rivière-Héva to Rouyn-Noranda $13
Montreal to Chibougamau $133
Amos to Val-d'Or $12
Val-d'Or to Amos $12
North Bay to Montreal $83

Autobus Maheux Express Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Maheux Buses Ltd.
3280 Saguenay Street
Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec) J9Y 0E2 CANADA
Phone: 1 819 797-3200
Toll Free: 1 888 797-0011
Fax: 1 819 797-3626


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Coach Canada Airport Shuttle Peterborough Bus Rental, Phone Number, Promo Code, Wallet, Bag & Outlet

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Coach USA is one of the largest transportation companies in North America operating more than 2,400 motorcoaches and employing more than 5,000 people. We provide local and inter-city transportation services for communities throughout the US and Canada including major cities such as New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls. Coach Canada is a subsidiary of Coach USA, which owns more than 25 bus carriers in North America, operating scheduled bus routes, motorcoach tours, charters, and/or city sightseeing tours. These local carriers are now operating across the continental United States, serving a variety of communities and their needs. These local carries are independently managed and operated. Some of these carriers have been in existence for more than 75 years and are a vital part of the community.

Their driving team is one of the best trained in the industry.. New drivers undergo a minimum of 150 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training before they start in service. Even those with an existing Passenger Endorsement License are required to complete more than 80 hours of theory and practical training. All drivers passing through the training school undergo the same training regardless of the vehicle they will ultimately drive and we also use state-of-the-art in-vehicle technology combined. Even after drivers have qualified, we have dedicated retraining programs to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Coach Canada Fleet Lines

They operate a modern, clean, and meticulously maintained state-of-the-art fleet.  The following list shows the many types of vehicles available to your group.  Please note that not all types of equipment or features will be available in all areas.

They comply with all ADA regulations. A 48-hour notice is required for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

56 Seat Motorcoaches
The Coaches Have The Following Features:
   Spacious Storage Compartments
    Climate Control with A/C
    Contoured reclining seats and armrests
    Footrests and window shades
    Tinted windows
    Wheelchair accessibility*
    AM/FM/CD audio system
    PA / microphone system
    Video system (DVD)

33 Passenger Mini-Coach Bus
The Mini Bus Have The Following Features: 
  Spacious Storage Compartments
    Climate Control with A/C
    Contoured reclining seats and armrests
    Tinted Windows
    AM/FM/CD audio system
    Video System (DVD)
    PA / microphone system

Coach Canada School Bus
    PA System with AM/FM, cassette
    48 passenger capacity

Coach Canada Service Lines

Featured Destinations - Charter Bus Trip
Book a charter bus trip to some of our most sought after destinations such as NYC, Montreal, Toronto, the Niagara Falls, and more.

Schools and Colleges Bus Rental
They provide group transportation services for field trips, athletic games, band trips, and more. Our Their team has extensive experience planning safe, reliable trips for a variety of schools and colleges around the country.

Coach Canada Sports Team Bus Rental
Teams and fans can count on Coach Canada to get you to your game on time, and in style. Their starting lineup has been providing services to all levels of professional, college, high school and junior-level teams.

Coach Canada Corporate Events Bus Rental
At Coach Canada, we understand the stressful planning that goes into every meeting, outing, training session, promotional event, conference, and more without worrying about transportation for you and your guests. They handle groups of all sizes, from small groups to large conventions or corporate event.

Coach Canada Senior Clubs Bus Rental
They provide reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation options for your group to local luncheons, casinos, shopping, or game nights. They will work through any special requests with your trip coordinator to make your trip convenient and comfortable.

Coach Canada Weddings Bus Rental
They work with your wedding planner to take the stress out of planning transportation for you and your guests. With the help of your wedding planner, They will make sure no detail is overlooked throughout your bachelor(ette) parties, rehearsal, and more. Coach Canada offers a variety of vehicles to fit your budget.

Coach Canada Religious Group Bus Rental
They assist church and youth groups with all aspects of transportation planning. They have experience planning reliable transportation for camps, picnics, volunteer projects, conventions, and more.

Coach Canada Reunions Bus Rental
They have extensive experience assisting families with all aspects of transportation planning for reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, annual traditions and more. Their team of experts will work with you through each of your requirements to provide safe and reliable transportation.

Coach Canada Airport Transportation

Let them help you take the hassle out of your airport travel plans, whether you are off on a great vacation or a business trip. They operate at Toronto Pearson Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Chicago O’Hare Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and more!

Toronto Airport Shuttle
Their network connects Toronto Pearson Airport with Belleville, Kingston, Napanee, Port Hope and Trenton, Ontario.

Their Toronto Airport Shuttle Offers
- Free WiFi & Power Outlets
- Guaranteed Reserved Seating
- Direct Daily Service
- Available stops at Yorkdale Mall
Toronto-Hamilton Airport Express advertisement

Toronto-Hamilton Airport Express
Toronto-Hamilton Airport route runs between downtown Toronto and the Hamilton International Airport.

Newark Airport Express Bus Service
Newark Airport Express bus runs between Newark Liberty International Airport and Manhattan every 15 minutes. The first bus departs Newark at 4:00AM and runs through 1:00AM.

Airport Super Saver
 Airport Supersaver bus service for Chicago O’Hare Airport and Chicago Midway Airport serves Notre Dame, South Bend Airport, Michigan City, Portage, Highland and Crestwood.
Wisconsin Airport Transportation

Coach USA Airport Express
AirportExpress bus runs daily between Chicago O’Hare Airport and Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee (including Mitchell Airport), Racine and Kenosha

Coach Canada Sightseeing

Experience Montréal like never before with their Gray Line Montréal Sightseeing Tours! Whether it’s on a London-style double decker tour bus exploring Montréal at your leisure, or by luxury motorcoach with a professional guide, They have the tour for you. Maybe you would like to take in the historical sights of Québec City, while viewing the magnificent Montmorency Falls, by land or while cruising by on the water. Take a day trip to Mont Tremblant and the Laurentian Mountains and admire the spectacular view and more! People around the world have experienced our tours.

Coach Canada Contract Services

Coach Canada, a Coach USA Company, is able to provide motorcoach transportation services for universities, cities, airports, conventions or any other project your company may need. Coach Canada provides short and long-term contracted transportation services. They are able to work with you to build a unique transportation plan for all of your needs such as logistics, vehicles, drivers, maintenance and more. Through our contract services, we provide a variety of transportation options to meet your unique needs.

Coach Canada Contract Services Includes:
    Municipal, Provincial and Federal Services
    International Conventions and Large Events
    Local, National and International Sporting Competitions
    University and College Athletics and Field Trips
    Corporate Employee Shuttle Services
    Private & Public School Athletic and Field Trips
    Airport Transfers
    Intercity Transportation
    Connector Services
    Industrial Sector - Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Crew Shuttle

Coach Canada Offices & Contact Details

For Schedules, Fares and General Inquiries click here or e-mail at or call 866-488-4452 (toll-free)

For Charter Services click here or e-mail at or call 800-461-7661 (toll free) or 705-748-6411

For Human Resources - Employment Opportunities click here or e-mail at

For Marketing and Advertising e-mail at

For all other matters please call at 800-461-7661 (toll free) or 705-748-6411.

Postal Address
2015 Fisher Drive, Unit 101
P.O. Box 4017
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B1

FAX: 705-748-2452

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LCS 14, 22, 30, 50, 60, 65 Seater Bus Hire Cape Town Contacts, Booking, Quotes, Prices & Rental

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Logistic Consulting Services (LCS) t/a LCS Atlantic was established by Niel van Wyk in 2010 after the Soccer World Cup, when he identified the tremendous need for better service delivery in the Coach and Bus Hire / Charter Industry.
Niel has been in the industry since 1996 when he was driving tour buses while finishing his studies in BCom Transport Economics at UNISA.

The other partner of the business is Hannelie van Wyk. Apart from providing the support structure, she ensures that marketing and communication to potential as well as established clients are done in such a way that they feel well appreciated and reassured that their expectations will be met.

LCS is Cape Town based but operates in the rest of South Africa through partners in the major cities including Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and  Polokwane, with whom relationships have been built and established over the years.

LCS Atlantic is the fleet marketing and operating arm of LCS, and was recently established after it was decided to take the long standing relationship between LCS and Atlantic Charters, a Cape Town based coach owner, to the next level. This agreement gives LCS Atlantic direct access and control to operate and market a fleet of 34 buses ranging from 14, 18, 21-28, 36-40, 44, 52, luxury & mid luxury coaches and buses.

LCS Bus Hire Fleet Lines        

14 seater mid-luxury bus - spec / features

Reclining Seats

For those who do not want to be squeezed into a mini-bus, this is it. Ideal as a conference shuttle and even overland touring.
18 seater mid-luxury bus - spec / features
Reclining Seats 

Excellent luxury bus to zip around in for those smaller groups. It may not have all the features of the bigger coaches, but still luxurious enough and comfortable.
21-28seatermid-luxury bus – spec / features
Reclining Seats

Although this bus has all the features of a full luxury bus, due to the engine in the front, it is classified as mid-luxury and marketed at excellent rates to those groups with a limited budget. Not the fastest bus on earth but who needs speed when you can enjoy the scenery in comfort.

28 seater luxury bus - spec / features
Reclining Seats

The best mid-size luxury bus one can find! The smaller 20 something groups that want the same luxury offered by the 44 seater touring coach, need to look no further. It has a rear engine like the larger coaches - therefore no engine noise like so many other buses of this size. Although it has luggage storing space underneath, it can also tow a trailer if it is a group that don't travel light. Of course the on board toilet sets it apart from other buses in this category which in general lacks this feature.
36 - 40 seater luxury bus - spec / features
Reclining Seats

This is the ideal bus for a group of around 30-35 traveler's, being just too big for the 28 seater mid-size buses, but not wanting to incur the expense of the 44 seater touring coach. It offers all the features of the 44 seater and is only slightly smaller – really the best of both worlds!
44 seater luxury bus- spec / features
Reclining Seats

The Marcopolo 44 seater coach have become one of the most popular luxury touring buses in South Africa – excellent for international tour groups as well as local groups wanting to travel in style and comfort.
60 seater mid-luxury bus – spec / features
Reclining Seats

Although no toilet on board like this an excellent bus for the bigger school group going on a sports tour or for those corporate groups wanting to be transferred to their conference or team building event in a luxury bus. What distinguish this 60 seater from others in the industry is the comfortable seating - 2 x 2 seat configuration rather than the 3 x 2 which is more common with other 60 seater buses.

LCS Bus Hire Service Line

LCS provides a complete product & service to its clients - service delivery in this business definitely entails more than just supplying a vehicle at the right time and at the right place - LCS focuses on the quality of the service rendered.

LCS's operational policy requires management to spend 75% of its time focused on adding value to services rendered to its clients, and 25% on the normal running of the business- the norm in the industry is just the other way round.
This is made possible by implementing streamlined, effective operational processes and procedures that Niel van Wyk (manager and owner of the business) has developed over the past 10 years of his involvement in the bus hire and charter industry.
The result is that LCS's clients receive a service in which ever been invested double the time and effort with regard to managerial skills and expertise, compared to what is normally offered in the industry.

LCS Operating in the Tourism, Events & Bus Charter Industry, LCS (Logistic Consulting Services) is a logistic transport consulting business that offers vehicle, coach & bus  hire as part of its services, and includes the handling of all aspects of charter  management.

Their services offered to the following Groups:
Inbound Tour Operators
Sports Tour Operators
Conference & Events Companies
Sports Clubs
Associations & Institutions
Government Departments
Private Hire for Functions

LCS Bus Hire Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

24hrs: (27) 79 075 8682

Email Addresses


Street Address:
13 Chantell Cresc
De Tijger
Cape Town

Postal Address:
PO Box 1508
Cape Town


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Atlantic Charter & Tours Western Cape Package, Prices, Contacts, Guides & Bus Booking,

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Atlantic Charters & Tours Is a South African Transport Company which specializes in top quality coach transportation within the country. They are based in Cape Town and provide a complete service throughout the country. The size and versatility of their fleet enables them to provide a top class service tailored to your specific requirements irrespective of the venue or occasion and at a very competitive rate

Armien, The founder of the company became exposed to the bus transport industry at the tender age of 7 years having accompanied his father on tours around South Africa. At the age of 14 he was already a proficient Bus Driver and his passion fuelled his personal vision to start his own business. In 1994 he established Atlantic Shuttle Service cc t/a as Charters and Tours

Atlantic Charter & Tours Fleet

They have a mix of different types of fleet starting from a small Van to a full modern Luxury Bus. Below are the full details about their fleet and groups of people who can use them:

Coach 40+ Semi Luxury
40 seater with A/C

Ideal For
Adventure Tours
Airport / Hotel Transfer
Coach Charter
Conference Services
Day Tours
Filming/Shoots Services
Group Transfers
School Transport
Shuttle Service
Special Occasions
Sport Tours
Staff Transport

Sprinters Bus 14-20 Seats
Ideal For
Adventure Tours
Airport / Hotel Transfer
Coach Charter
Conference Services
Day Tours
Filming/Shoots Services
Group Transfers
School Transport
Shuttle Service
Special Occasions
Sport Tours
Staff Transport

Luxury Sedan BMW X5 and 528

Ideal For
Airport / Hotel Transfer
Cab Service
Chauffeur Services
Conference Services
Day Tours
Filming/Shoots Services
Shuttle Service
Special Occasions

Atlantic Charter & Tours Services

Atlantic  Charters  and  Tours  is  dedicated  to  providing  quality  transport  logistics services to customers through the employment of proficient staff,  the  offering  of tailor-made transport solutions and maintaining their fleet to the highest industry standards. They accomplish  these  high  standards  of  quality  performance  through  the  active participation  of  their  most  valued  resource  –  Their  employees,  and  their  innovative response to the changing needs of the transport secto

Scheduled Tours, Long distance and day tours are on offer the best balance between travel, leisure and sightseeing.

Transport Services
With 60 luxury coaches, midi and mini buses,  They are able to charter groups of any size. Their vehicles are compliant with all safety regulations and Atlantic Charters and Tours  are  confident  with  the  knowledge  that  they carry  the  most  comprehensive passenger  liability  insurance  available.  This  is  vitally  important  to  ACT  as  they  are contracted  by  several  businesses,  organizations  and  government  departments  to transport staff to work on a daily basis.

Atlantic Charter & Tours Service Areas
Western Cape
» Cape Town
» Somerset West
» Northern Suburbs
» Southern Suburbs

Atlantic Charter & Tours Office & Contact For Enquiry

Physical address: Unit E1, Luxmi Way, Athlone Industria 2, 
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7764

Postal address: PO Box 489, Gatesville, 
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7766

Contact:    Bridget Carr
Tel:       +27216920171
Fax:     +27216920172
Cell:    +27 835570171
Cell:    +27 713565664

Other: 087 985 2053

African Wildcats Charters & Tours Online Booking, Prices, Contacts, Office, Address & Services

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African Wildcats is a full service travel and Logistics Company based In Cape Town, South Africa. They specialize in custom tours throughout South Africa and neighboring countries, priding themselves on thinking of your every need and assuring you of a memorable experience.

Since their inception in 2007 African Wildcats has been part of the travel and tour industry where they make it their business to improve world class customer satisfaction and create the ultimate travel experience. They are one company, one team, and the owners Rushdien and Kamila Saban are an integral part of the daily operations, ensuring smooth delivery and service to our customers with every tour.

Passionate about the environment and promoting this wonderful country to the world out there, They endeavor to remain sensitive to conservation and protecting the precious surroundings they work and play in.

African Wildcats Charters & Tours Fleet

7 Seater Mini Van
7 Passengers + 1 Driver (No Self-Drives Offered)
Seating: Individual High Back Reclining Seats With Individual Seat Belts
Air conditioning
Luxurious Interior
Electric Windows
Individual Seat belts
PA System With Microphone
CD / Radio
Complimentary Trailer provided on Overland and Airport Transfer Days

16 Seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter
16 Seater Mercedes Benz Luxury Coach for 16 Passengers + 1 Driver (No Self-Drives Offered)
Seating: Individual High Back Reclining Seats with Individual Seat Belts
Air conditioning
Personal Overhead Lighting
Luxurious and Comfortable Interior
Onboard Fridge/Cooler Box
Sealed/Sliding Windows
PA System With Microphone
CD / Radio
Complimentary Trailer provided on Overland and Airport Transfer Days

18 Seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter
18 Seater Mercedes Benz Luxury Coach for 18 Passengers + 1 Driver (No Self-Drives Offered)
Seating: Individual High Back Reclining Seats with Individual Seat Belts
Air conditioning
Personal Overhead Lighting
Luxurious and Comfortable Interior
Onboard Fridge/Cooler Box
Sealed/Sliding Windows
PA System With Microphone
CD / Radio
Complimentary Trailer provided on Overland and Airport Transfer Days

African Wildcats Charters & Tours Services

Whales & Winelands Scenery Tour
This full-day combination of the Hermanus region of South
Africa’s Western Cape combines a boat trip to see the magnificent Southern Right Whale, and a chance to stop for lunch in the surrounding area. Then, it is back on the scenic road to Cape Town, through wild and remote ravines and rugged coastline.

Shark Cave Diving Tour
Get up close and personal in complete safety with a Great White shark, experience the adventure of a lifetime all-inclusive, full-day shark cage diving tour in Gansbaai.

Cape Peninsula Tour
Starting in the Mother City, They journey around the Cape Peninsula taking in all the highlights and breathtaking beauty of this world- renowned region. Travel through historic suburbs, a charming fishing village and some of the most breathtaking mountain and ocean scenery in the world on your way to Cape Point.

Half-day Cape City Tour
A Cape Town city tour is not to be missed. From the imposing Castle of Good Hope to the colorful cottages of the Bo Kaap, the South African Museum, the beautiful Company Gardens.

Half-day Township Tour
A safely guided tour through the infamous District Six, visiting it’s museum which illustrates the sad story of the Apartheid Era. Then onto Langa (the oldest informal settlement) one of the Apartheid Regime’s dumping ground. The guide will help you discover the past, the present and the future of Cape Town.

Cape Town – Garden Route (Port Elizabeth) Tour
Travel from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth along South Africa’s famous Garden Route. Experience whale watching, explore caves, hike in indigenous forests and relax on pristine beaches. A popular tour taking in all the highlights of the Garden Route.

Cape Town – Garden Route (Knysna) Tour
Be mesmorized by the extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating flora and fauna of the delicate mountain, forest, lagoon and coastal eco-systems on the Garden Route and the warm hospitality of the Karoo.

Cape Orchards, Olive And Cheese Farm Tour

Our Tour is the chance to experience our history, culture, arts, nature, wildlife, activities and food. Among the most beautiful areas in the country they offer panoramic views of majestic mountains, historic towns and homesteads, lush green countryside, farms and much more.

Kramat– Cape Mazaars Tour
Kramats (Mazaars), the holy shrines of Islam, mark the graves of Holy Men of the Muslim faith who have died at the Cape. The positioning of the kramats is said to fulfil a 250-year-old prophecy that a “CIRCLE OF ISLAM” will be formed around Cape Town. This circle starts at Signal Hill with four separate kramats, continues to the site at Oude Kraal, then Constantia, and further to the famous kramat of Sheikh Yusuf at Faure. The old tomb on Robben Island completes the circle.

Western Cape Safari
The Game Reserves in the Western Cape is filled with various natural life and home to an abundance of wildlife, offering exceptional wildlife encounters and great scenery. The drive from Cape Town will take you over stunning mountain passes and through famed vineyards of the Western Cape.

Flight Services
You Can Organize & Book your flights and travel arrangements as well as airport shuttle services to the destination of your choice. They can also assist with Visa Applications.

Accommodation Services

They arrange accommodation in 3,4 or 5 star hotels, self-catering accommodation or Game Lodges that will meet your needs in any location in South Africa.

Cruise Services

They arrange cruises on all major cruise liners entering South Africa waters including local routes and custom services

African Wildcats Charters & Tours Office & Contacts For Enquiry

175 Plantation Rd
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel – +27 21 703 5516