VRL Travels Bangalore Contact Number, Schedule, Tracking & Review

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 VRL Travels Is an Indian Bus company which provide daily Passenger transportation services in the country. The company is privately owned and they have been in the Industry since 1976.

VRL Travels operates under the business registration name of VIJAYANAND TRAVELS with services in more than 350 routes connecting nearly 100 destinations with over 362 luxury Buses and Coaches.

They are leading the Industry in Karnataka's Private Passenger Travel Sector. VRL was founded by Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar in Gadag, a small town in North Karnataka.

Mr. Vijay Sankeshwar has now been joined by his son Mr. Anand Sankeshwar who brings in newer strategies to further drive the growth of the Company.

VRL Travels Fleet Line

Their customers have the choice of several bus types including AC / Non A/c Sleeper coach, AC / Non A/c Semi Sleeper / Seater, etc. Their fleet comprises a wide range of vehicles of several makes such as Volvo, Isuzu, Ashok Leyland, etc to cater to every customer pocket preference.

The company is made up of five different types of buses as shown below:
The Garuda which is comprised of Volvo, Corona and Isuzu semi-sleeper categories.
The Garuda Plus which is made up of Volvo and Mercedes Benz air-conditioned Multi-axle buses.
The Amaravathi which made up Volvo, Scania air-conditioned Multi-axle fleet.
The Super Luxury which is comprised with non-AC and 2+2 push backs.
The Ultra Deluxe which is made up with non-AC, 2+2 push backs.

VRL Travels Bus Amenities Includes:
The company provides the following amenities to customers for different types of buses:

VRL Travels Multi Axle Sleeper A/C (2+2) Buses:
They provide water bottles, blankets, pillows, and a television.

VRL Travels A/C Seater (2+2):
They provide water bottles, blankets, Television.

VRL Travels NON A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1) /  NON A/C Seater (2+2):
They Provide Television, but they do not provide any blankets or water bottles.

All of their buses has two drivers. Every bus comes equipped with a CCTV camera and are known for there timeliness.

VRL Travels Service Lines

They are providing services on all the major routes in numerous states including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. They have achieved to maintain a good reputation with their punctuality, staff behaviour, and hygiene.

Their buses always makes stoppages at high quality food points where the passengers can take a quick break and enjoy for some time while taking some foods.  Their Stoppages points are in the major centres like Bangalore, Tumkur, Hubballi, Bijapur and Chitradurga where they have clean toilets and facilities for a healthy foods before resuming your trip.

They offer a booking services at all bus terminal where their bus used to go, They also offer online booking through abhibus.com by using online payment methods (Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Net banking).

Passengers can carry their Mobile Ticket (SMS confirmation) that they receive from abhibus.com after a booking process.

VRL Travels Routes With First & Last Bus Times

Bangalore to Hubli
    08:00    23:45
Bangalore to Belagavi
    08:00    23:45
Bangalore to Dharwad
    00:30    23:45
Belagavi to Bangalore
    06:00    23:50
Hubli to Bangalore
    05:00    23:45
Bangalore to Tumakuru
    12:30    23:00
Bangalore to Pune
    08:00    23:30
Hubli to Pune
    00:00    23:59
Pune to Belagavi
    01:00    23:55
Hubli to Mumbai
Bangalore to Vijapura
    12:30    23:30
Bangalore to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
    08:00    23:30
Pune to Hubli
    01:00    23:55
Bangalore to Mumbai
    08:00    23:30
Pune to Dharwad
    01:00    23:55
Pune to Bangalore
    01:00    23:55
Bangalore to Karad
    08:30    23:30
Pune to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
    01:00    23:55
Mumbai to Belagavi
    05:00    22:00
Bangalore to Satara
    08:30    23:30
Pune to Davanagere
    01:00    23:55
Dharwad to Bangalore
    20:00    23:15
Belagavi to Mumbai
    00:00    23:55
Pune to Chitradurga
    01:00    23:55
Pune to Tumakuru
    01:00    23:55
Mumbai to Hubli
    03:00    22:00
Bangalore to Almatti
    18:00    23:30
Tumakuru to Pune
    00:00    23:50
Tumakuru to Hubli
    00:00    23:55
Mumbai to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
    07:00    22:00
Pune to Mumbai
    03:00    23:00
Belagavi to Pune
    00:00    23:59
Hubli to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
    04:00    23:45
Kolhapur(Maharashtra) to Bangalore
    03:00    23:30
Mumbai to Dharwad
    07:00    22:00
Bangalore to Karwar
    18:00    23:00
Vijapura to Bangalore
    18:30    23:30
Bangalore to Ankola
    18:00    23:00
Dharwad to Mumbai
    16:15    23:30
Shirdi to Pune
    09:00    21:50
Dharwad to Pune
    16:15    23:55
Tumakuru to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
    00:00    23:50
Pune to Harihar
    01:00    23:55
Tumakuru to Mumbai
    00:00    23:50
Mumbai to Pune
    10:30    19:00
Ahmednagar to Bangalore
    10:30    23:55
Bangalore to Solapur
    12:29    23:30
Pune to Ranebennur
    01:00    23:55
Shirdi to Bangalore
    09:00    23:00
Tumakuru to Dharwad
    00:00    23:55

VRL Travels Office & Contacts For Enquiry

Corporate office:
Giriraj Annexe, 1st Floor,
Circuit House Road,

Customer Care : 0836 2307300
E-mail : feedback@vrllogistics.com


Parveen Travels Chennai Contact Number, Offer Code & Tracking

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Parveen Travels Is a Legendary bus service offering comfortable travel in the Southern party of India. This is a private company which offer public transport and private transfer which was established in 1980 by late Haji Janab Allah Baksh, This company operates under the name AB Business Enterprises.

Though Parveen Travels started as a travel operator company, They have expanded their services and today runs Manpower Consultancy, Fuel, Tourism, Driving academy, Automobile spare parts and many more.

Parveen Travels established and expanded their services to more than 935 route in India. Their headquarter is located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Parveen Travels Fleet Line

The company provide scheduled bus services with Morning, afternoon, evening and night departures to various states of South India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Their buses have Amenities which may leave your travel enjoyable and exceptional. Their fleet comprised of the following bus models:
Scania AC Multi Axle Semi Sleeper(2+2)
Premium Deccan Auto A/c Multiaxle Semi Sleeper (2+2)
Premium Deccan Auto A/c Sleeper (2+1)
Premium Sleeper A/C (2+1)
Volvo A/C Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2)

Most of this luxurious fleet have the following on board amenities and services:
Wi-Fi, charging points, water bottle, DVD players, AC Services, reading light, pillows, personal TV, Newspaper, food, Emergency exit, Reclining Seats with belts and many more.

Most of their Long Distance travel buses have washroom pantry to enhance the comfort of traveling for passengers. Their buses have both economical and luxury transportation service, Parveen travelsoffer  bus tracking facility to get an accurate status of departure and arrival of the bus.

Parveen Travel Service Line

The company operates on all the major routes in India, Their services cover major states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana.

This company managed to build a big brand following Good quality of services they are offering to their customers. They have a good reputations among people in many states and most of them recommend this company.

Booking of tickets can be made at their office located in every bus stations, Also Booking can be done online on abhibus.com by using online payment methods (Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Net banking). Passengers can carry their Mobile Ticket (SMS confirmation) that they receive from abhibus.com after booking a ticket.

Parveen Travels Routes With First & Last Bus Times:

Tiruchirapalli to Chennai
    00:45    23:59
Chennai to Tiruchirapalli
    06:05    23:30
Madurai to Chennai
    01:15    23:59
Chennai to Madurai
    06:05    23:30
Tiruchirapalli to Villupuram
    00:45    23:55
Tiruchirapalli to Dindivanam
    01:00    23:55
Chennai to Perambalur
    06:05    23:30
Coimbatore to Chennai
    06:30    23:15
Koyambedu to Mattuthavani
    06:05    22:55
Villupuram to Tiruchirapalli
    00:45    23:55
Perambalur to Chennai
    01:00    23:55
Central Bus Stand to Koyambedu
    01:00    23:55
Chennai to Melur
    06:05    23:30
Chengalpattu to Mattuthavani
    06:05    22:55
Salem to Chennai
    00:00    23:59
Melur to Chennai
    07:15    23:55
Mattuthavani to Chengalpattu
    01:45    23:55
Central Bus Stand to Chengalpattu
    01:00    23:59
Dindivanam to Tiruchirapalli
    00:05    23:55
Mattuthavani to Koyambedu
    01:45    23:55
Chennai to Coimbatore
    06:15    22:55
Tiruchirapalli to Pondicherry
    00:45    23:55
Madurai to Villupuram
    01:15    23:59
Avinashi to Chennai
    07:30    23:55
Tirupur to Chennai
    07:30    23:55
Chennai to Salem
    06:15    22:55
Madurai to Dindivanam
    01:15    23:59
Coimbatore to Villupuram
    11:30    23:15
Dindivanam to Madurai
    00:05    23:55
Coimbatore to Salem
    06:30    23:15
Salem to Villupuram
    00:45    23:59
Erode to Chennai
    08:45    23:00
Chengalpattu to Periyar Bus Stand
    06:05    22:15
Salem to Coimbatore
    02:30    21:00
Madurai to Pondicherry
    13:00    23:59
Koyambedu to Periyar Bus Stand
    06:05    22:15
Koyambedu to Central Bus Stand
    13:30    23:30
Villupuram to Madurai
    00:30    23:15
Attur to Chennai
    00:00    19:30
Kallakurichi to Chennai
    02:00    20:30
Bhavani to Chennai
    08:45    23:15
Perundurai to Chennai
    08:30    22:30
Avinashi to Villupuram
    12:30    23:45
Periyar Bus Stand to Chengalpattu
    01:45    22:45
Perambalur to Dindivanam
    01:00    23:55
Omni Bus Stand to Chengalpattu
    06:30    22:55
Salem Bypass to Chennai
    09:45    23:59
Salem to Dindivanam
    14:45    23:59
Tirupur to Villupuram
    12:30    23:45
Chengalpattu to Central Bus Stand
    13:30    22:55

Parveen Travels Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Corporate Office
AB Towers, #148, Perambur Barracks Road, Purasawalkam, Chennai - 600 007. Tamil Nadu, South India.

Phone: 044 4900 7555/ 1800 102 0999

Email: customercare@parveentravels.com



ACN Autobuses Numero De Teléfono Sacramento, Tijuana, Mexico

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ACN Autobuses Is a Mexican bus company which launched its operation in the 90s in the state of Nayarit. The company created by a young Mexican entrepreneur, Previously ACN Autobuses was offering services between Tepic Nayarit and its neighboring towns and Tijuana City, as well as some destinations in California, United States.

The company is well known for providing official discount established for the school holiday seasons, such as 50% for students with accredited identification and 25% for teachers. They also have permanent discounts for children and senior adults are subjected to seats availability on a particular day.

ACN Autobuses Fleet Line

The company has modern bus line that provides a variety of services and amenities. They have a safe vehicles which are spacious to make your trip more comfortable all the way long.

The company uses Volvo buses which are equipped with the best and most advanced technology to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

Their buses feature a full range of amenities, including air conditioner, entertainment service, HD screens, individual reading lights, onboard lunch services and overhead comportments to keep your personal belongings. Every detail has been conceived to add more comfort and advantages to our passengers.

Onboard Amenities
The characteristics of each bus may change depending on the route and classes, They have two classes of bus as shown below with the available amenities:

Gran Clase
This class has Approximately 40 reclining seats, fabric lining and pleasant ergonomic design, 2 bathrooms divided for men and women, air conditioning, drink holder, magazine rack, folding screens, WiFi, lunch and an aide on board.

Comfort seats
  Coffee service
  Individual toilets H-M
  High Definition Screens
  WiFi service
The Gran Clase service provides an attendant onboard to aid passengers. Few companies grant such level of quality and personalized service as ACN Autobuses.

Confort Clase
This class has Approximately 40 reclining seats with cloth lining for passenger comfort, folding screens, shared toilet, drink holder, magazine and air conditioning.

Comfort seats
  Shared Toilet
  High Definition Screens

ACN Autobuses Service Line

This company provide daily passenger transportation services within Mexico and in the United State. They have Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night Departure in both countries.

They have an outstanding prices and offers discounts all year long for trips booked in advance, which can help you save up to 50% on your next trip.

The main ticket offices and terminals of ACN Buses are located in Tijuana, Sonora, Sinaloa, Tepic, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Puebla.

The company also has its own stations, such as ACN Tijuana, ACN Ensenada, ACN Tecate and ACN Mexicali. In Sinaloa, ACN buses arrive to and departure from ACN Los Mochis. In Nayarit, the service is provided at Terminal Tepic Centro and ACN Tecuala.

International departures are available from the International Airport at Tijuana. ACN Autobuses also operates in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, in the United States.

ACN Autobuses services are provided in these following cities: Los Ángeles, Bakersfield, Delano, Tipton, Fresno, Sacramento, Phoenix, Medford, Springfield, Salem, Portland, Longview, Centralia, Federal Way, Granger, Royal City, among other international destinations.

ACN Autobuses Routes & Timetable

Guadalajara - Mexico City
08:15, 08:45

Mexicali - Tijuana
19:40, 21:55, 22:10, 22:40

Acaponeta - Tijuana
Bus Gran Clase
Bus Ordinary
19:15, 19:20, 21:45, 21:50

Tijuana - Guadalajara
19:00, 20:00

Escuinapa - Mexicali
Bus Gran Clase
Bus Ordinary
20:40, 20:45, 23:10, 23:15

Mexico City - Mexicali
09:50, 10:20

Mexico City - Tijuana
09:50, 10:20

Los Mochis - Mazatlan
Bus Gran Clase
Bus Ordinary

ACN Autobuses Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Whatsapp:         (+52) 664-299-0487
                        (+52 1) 324 101 3929
        694 101 1264
        557 374 7664
        651 103 1821

Group Senda De Monterrey A Nuevo Laredo Teléfono, Facturación & Tickets

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Grupo Senda is a consortium and one of the leaders in the passenger transport market for more than 80 years, it owns important bus lines such as Senda, Del Norte and Turimex, and today it is a large organization specialized in transport service executive type and first class.

Group Senda offers scheduled bus passenger service to more than 300 main routes and more than 1,000 destinations throughout 13 states in Mexico and 30 destinations in the United States with an average of 2,400 daily departures and a fleet of over 1,400 buses.

The Company also offers contracted intra-city service to transport personnel and students to industrial and educational facilities with a fleet of over 1,100 buses.

Group Senda Fleet Line

Grupo Senda bus units allow you to travel with a comfortable and fast service. Regardless of the service you choose when traveling in Grupo Senda units, you will travel with maximum safety, style and comfort. Its buses are top quality and equipped with the latest technology, trained bus operators, wireless internet, separate toilets for men and women, reclining seats with ample space between them, Senda Entertainment, and much more.

The buses are available in different versions, from 29 to 44 seats and with four and six cylinder engines. It is a next generation model that has the highest manufacturing standards.Their buses have the following on board features and services:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
Charging System For Every Passenger
Free WiFi Services
Air Conditioning With Self Controlling Devices
Washroom & Toilets For Short Call
Multiple Television For Entertainment & Music System

Group Senda Service Line

Grupo Senda has an important coverage in the Mexican Republic, as well as in the United States. Within the national territory, Senda serves the states of Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Mexico City, Durango, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Querétaro, Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. In the United States, it has service in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Milwaukee and Oklahoma.

They offer daily public transport in both Mexico and USA with a well scheduled routine. Tickets are available online on their website listed at the end of this post.

They also transport staff to their workplace, as well as students to universities and high schools served by our divisions:

    School Express
    TEC Express
    Direct UDEM
    SIR Regiomontano Industrial Service
    SIT Integrated Transport Services
    SIC Servicio Industrial Coahuilense
    SIL Industrial Service of La Laguna
    SIP Servicio Industrial Potosino
    Real de Palma urban route (Monterrey-Zuazua- Ciénega de Flores)

Group Senda Mexico & USA Routes

    Buses to Houston
    Buses to Monterrey
    Buses to Chicago
    Buses to Mexico City
    Buses to Oklahoma City
    Buses to Zacatecas
    Buses to Aguascalientes

    Buses to Dallas
    Buses to Austin
    Buses to Laredo
    Buses to Guadalajara
    Buses to Tulsa
    Buses to McAllen
    Buses to Santiago de Querétaro

    Buses to San Antonio
    Buses to Atlanta
    Buses to San Luis Potosí
    Buses to Charlotte
    Buses to Ramos Arizpe
    Buses to Raleigh
    Buses to Waco

Group Senda Offices & Contact For Enquiry

01 800 881 81 81 desde todo México 1 800 980 1308 desde los Estados Unidos 0 escribenos un correo a: atencionaclientes@gruposenda.com



Chihuahuenses Ojinaga a Chihuahua Teléfono, Facturación & Paqueteria

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Around 1940, the cooperative arises that gives rise to the renowned Transportes Chihuahuenses bus line, which in the mid-sixties began to offer first-class service on the Mexico to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua route.

Before 1980 the Estrella Blanca Group acquired all the Chihuahuenses buses. Throughout its history, Chihuahuenses has offered the best travel experience, connecting the main cities and communities of Mexico with quality service; always keeping the promise of comfort with modern units equipped with high security standards.

Chihuahuenses Fleet Line

They have a variety of buses in their list, Most of them being the well known brands like Marcopolo and Irizar. All of these buses are powered by Scania and Volvo chases and all of them being an original buses.

Chihuahuenses buses are equipped with the elements to make the road a better experience.

Reclining Seats
Enjoy the road with more space to travel as you like

TVs on board
Have fun on the road with the best premiere movies

Electric connections
Charge your portable devices on the go

Air conditioning
Adjust the airflow from your seat

Individual cabins with sinks for women and men

Chihuahuenses Service Line

Transportes Chihuahuenses is an important bus company in Mexico, serving in several locations. It operates vast bus routes connecting the main cities and locations in the country.

Transportes Chihuahuenses offers a range of daily bus schedules to serve all passengers with excellence.

They have a morning, afternoon and night departure in most of their destinations. Their bus drivers, Hos, Hostess and Servants have a professional skill in giving you the best services to your destinations.

Booking of tickets can be made directly at the counter at the bus station but the most comfortable and time saver method is buying your Transportes Chihuahuenses bus ticket online directly on yellow link at the end of this post.

Commonly, you can buy online using a credit card. Other options, less quicker, is to book by phone.

Chihuahuenses Bus Routes

Tijuana To San Luis Río Colorado
Ciudad Juarez To Durango
San Luis Potosi To Aguascalientes
Tecate To Tijuana
San Luis Potosi To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez To Tijuana
Tijuana To Durango
Fresnillo To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez To Guadalajara
Tecate To Mexicali
Mazatlan To Guadalajara
Durango To Tijuana
Durango To Mazatlan
Tijuana To Tecate
Hermosillo To Agua Prieta
Tijuana To Chihuahua
Fresnillo To Guadalajara
Mexicali To Tecate
Tijuana To Magdalena De Kino
Parral To Chihuahua
Río Grande To Fresnillo
Mexico City To Tijuana
Ciudad Juarez  To Parral
Durango To Mexico City

Chihuahuenses Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Interior de la República: 800 507 5500
México Distrito Federal: 5729 0807

Autobuses Futura Select Telefono, Facturacion, Horarios y Destinos

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Autobuses Futura Select Is a Mexican passenger transport company which began its journey in 1992 with the vision of being the most avant garde line of motor transport in Mexico.

To date, it has managed to spread throughout a large part of the Mexican territory thanks to its commitment to innovation in service. In the launch of its new image, important developments in safety, comfort and entertainment for users stand out.

Autobuses Futura Select  is the bus line that offers you the greatest comfort, safety and entertainment you need to enjoy your trip, with cutting-edge technology.

Autobuses Futura Select Fleet Line

The company own and operates large number of Fleet including Scania and Volvo bus models. Their buses are made up with a well designed Marcopolo and Irizar bodies to give you a comfort travel all the way long.

Safety on board
All Futura Select buses have maximum security mechanisms, meeting the highest standards to take you safely to your destination.

Professional operators
The drivers of all Futura services are constantly trained and evaluated to know and comply with all the safety regulations on the roads.

Futura Select has reclining leather seats, with more space between rows to make your trip more comfortable.

Comfort on the road
Enjoy the trip from start to finish on board Futura Select, with all the amenities to make you have the experience with the greatest comfort.

Entertainment and connectivity
Each Futura Select seat features a touch screen with movies, music, books, and games for on-the-go entertainment. In addition, you can connect to the internet through the bus WiFi network.

Experience a new concept of comfort with the space and entertainment necessary for your trip.

Air conditioning
 Regardless of the weather outside, adjust the airflow in your space
Separate spaces for men and women with diaper changer

Electric connections
Charge the battery of your electronic devices and do not lose contact

Autobuses Futura Select Service Line

They offer a well customer oriented services which cover large mexican territory to give you the best choice of traveling. Their services are available on the daily basis with a morning, afternoon and night schedules in a major cities.

They do transport both Passengers and Parcels at a good prices to all people, Their passenger coach offer an executive services to give you what your heart desire on traveling moment.

You can make a booking of your ticket at their offices or by calling them through those contact numbers listed below this post.

Autobuses Futura Select Routes

Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta

Guadalajara to Mexico City

Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey

Mexico City to Guadalajara

Durango to Mazatlán

Mazatlán to Durango

Puebla to Acapulco

Puebla to San Luis Potosí

Monterrey to San Luis Potosí

Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo

Autobuses Futura Select  Office & Contact For Enquiry

Interior of the Republic: 800 507 5500

Mexico City: 5729 0807

To Get A Quotes, Call:
In Mexico City (55) 5729 0723

Omnibus de México Monterrey a Houston Teléfono, Facturación & Paquetería

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Omnibus de México is one of the largest bus companies in Mexico. Omnibus de México was founded on March 3, 1948 by its president, Mr. José Guadalupe López Velarde

Traveling with Omnibus de México also means traveling with a peace of mind. Omnibus de México started On January 29, 1986, Omnibus de México began with the sale of tickets with a system called BOLEBUS, which stopped selling tickets that were written by hand and ventured into the sale of tickets via the computerized system, being the first company to adopt that technology.

Omnibus de México is the first company to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the service of Foreign Transportation of First Class Passengers, as well as in the execution of Quality Management, Travel and Operation Services, Service Monitoring and Administration de Recursos, Applicable in Mexico Bus. Thus, it is the only company in the industry to be certified in each and every one of its processes to maintain continuous improvement that allows it to be the leading company in the industry.

Omnibus de México Fleet Line

Omnibus de Mexico has a large bus fleet and runs both first class and executive class intercity buses. These motor coaches have everything you might need during the bus trips.

They have On Board Free Wi-Fi which is usually the first thing people ask for, and luckily, most of the Omnibus vehicles provide internet access.

In case you are worried your battery will run out, there are power outlets to keep your phone or laptop charged.

Reclining bus seats and greater legroom make your traveling experience more comfortable all the way long.
On board toilets are available so that you do not have to wait for a bus stop. First class buses also offer snacks, coffee, and headphones.

Their buses operates under full  A/C and they offer individual screens, and power outlets on every seat.

Some f their buses offer 63 seats that transform into sofa beds and each one is installed in a private cabin; it has individual entertainment screens, exterior security cameras, steps to the second floor with light tape around the edges, wheelchair ramp and security systems.

Omnibus de México Service Line

This bus company serves over 70% of the Mexican territory, which means that Omnibus charter buses can take you almost anywhere within the United Mexican States. Coach buses are equipped with modern amenities that will make your journey enjoyable and fast.

They offer passengers transportation by satisfying their needs with a standard of quality, safety and comfort. Using the latest technology equipment with highly qualified and committed personnel every day, meeting the expectations of growth and profitability of our shareholders to become leaders in the field of passenger auto transport.

At Omnibus de México, They work to meet the requirements and expectations of customers. Transporting them safely, punctually and comfortably, oriented towards the continuous improvement of the SGC ISO 9001: 2008

Omnibus de México Bus Routes

    Buses to Guadalajara
    Buses to Ciudad Juarez
    Buses to Torreón
    Buses to Chihuahua
    Buses to Tampico
    Buses to Pachuca
    Buses to Tepic

    Buses to Monterrey
    Buses to Zacatecas
    Buses to Nuevo Laredo
    Buses to San Luis Potosí
    Buses to Durango
    Buses to Poza Rica
    Buses to León

    Buses to Mexico City
    Buses to Santiago de Querétaro
    Buses to Aguascalientes
    Buses to Saltillo
    Buses to Reynosa
    Buses to Ciudad Valles
    Buses to Morelia

Omnibus de México Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Avenida Central 56 Nueva Ind
Vallejo Gustavo A Madero Ciudad
de Mexico, DF 7700 Mexico


Atención a clientes México
Sin costo al 800 765 66 36
CDMX 51 41 43 00
U.S.A. 011 52 55 51 41 43 00

Flecha Amarilla Lagos De Moreno A León Teléfono, Facturación & Destinos

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The Flecha Amarilla bus line is part of the group of the same name, whose origin dates back to 1932, responsible for offering an economic service in the central zone of Mexico and the Bajío, making intermediate stops between the cities where it has facilities within the terminals.

The coverage range of Flecha Amarilla is slightly less than that offered by its sister line of service superior to the first class known as Primera Plus, but it covers many of the cities in which this line has as destinations offering its complementary service to people who travel small distances or need a lower cost service, with continuous stops throughout their journey.

Flecha Amarilla Fleet Line

Flecha Amarilla is constantly venturing into the investment of Modern buses and development and implementation of technology to achieve greater efficiency in Passenger transfer as well as sending parcels and couriers to more than 300 destinations in the national territory.

They have different types of buses in their Fleet list ranging from a mini buses to full type coaches. They do have Scania, Mercedes Benz and Volvo dressed in Marcopolo, Irizar and other bodies.

Their Buses are of Luxury Class fitted with a Modern and Latest Technology to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

The services that characterize its first class units are: Lunch during the tour, Reclining seats, Television services, Air conditioning, Individual sound equipment, Bathrooms, Free Wifi Services And many more.

Flecha Amarilla Service Line

Grupo Flecha Amarilla is one of the pioneering motor transport companies in Mexico and a market leader. They have the best service on each of its routes, traveling throughout the center and shoal of the country.

They do provide daily Passenger Transportation service in most cities and towns within Mexico, They also offer Parcel transfer services as well as courier services to more than 250 destinations in Mexico.

Among the main destinations of Grupo Flecha Amarilla, stand out: Mexico City, Querétaro, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, León and Puerto Vallarta.

Flecha Amarilla Mexico Routes

Mexico City To Guadalajara
Puerto Vallarta To Guadalajara
Morelia To Guadalajara
Guadalajara To Mexico City
Querétaro To Mexico City
San Luis Potosí To Mexico City
Mexico City To Querétaro
Guadalajara To Querétaro
San Luis Potosí To Querétaro
Guadalajara To Puerto Vallarta
Mexico City To Puerto Vallarta
Aguascalientes To Puerto Vallarta
Guadalajara To Mexico City
 Querétaro To Mexico City
 San Luis Potosí To Mexico City

Flecha Amarilla Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

    Mexico City
    Uranium # 207
    (55) 51 19 15 07 (08 and 09)

    Monterrey, N.L.
    Av. Venustiano Carranza Nte. # 943
    (81) 12 32 00 17

    Guadalajara, Jal.
    Dr. R Michel # 2627
    (33) 38 37 67 30

    Leon, Gto.
    Av. Zion # 402
    (477) 1 48 11 00

Customer service
    Call Center: 477 710 0060
    León Mexico Guadalajara Monterrey