Flecha Amarilla Lagos De Moreno A León Teléfono, Facturación & Destinos

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The Flecha Amarilla bus line is part of the group of the same name, whose origin dates back to 1932, responsible for offering an economic service in the central zone of Mexico and the Bajío, making intermediate stops between the cities where it has facilities within the terminals.

The coverage range of Flecha Amarilla is slightly less than that offered by its sister line of service superior to the first class known as Primera Plus, but it covers many of the cities in which this line has as destinations offering its complementary service to people who travel small distances or need a lower cost service, with continuous stops throughout their journey.

Flecha Amarilla Fleet Line

Flecha Amarilla is constantly venturing into the investment of Modern buses and development and implementation of technology to achieve greater efficiency in Passenger transfer as well as sending parcels and couriers to more than 300 destinations in the national territory.

They have different types of buses in their Fleet list ranging from a mini buses to full type coaches. They do have Scania, Mercedes Benz and Volvo dressed in Marcopolo, Irizar and other bodies.

Their Buses are of Luxury Class fitted with a Modern and Latest Technology to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

The services that characterize its first class units are: Lunch during the tour, Reclining seats, Television services, Air conditioning, Individual sound equipment, Bathrooms, Free Wifi Services And many more.

Flecha Amarilla Service Line

Grupo Flecha Amarilla is one of the pioneering motor transport companies in Mexico and a market leader. They have the best service on each of its routes, traveling throughout the center and shoal of the country.

They do provide daily Passenger Transportation service in most cities and towns within Mexico, They also offer Parcel transfer services as well as courier services to more than 250 destinations in Mexico.

Among the main destinations of Grupo Flecha Amarilla, stand out: Mexico City, Querétaro, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, León and Puerto Vallarta.

Flecha Amarilla Mexico Routes

Mexico City To Guadalajara
Puerto Vallarta To Guadalajara
Morelia To Guadalajara
Guadalajara To Mexico City
Querétaro To Mexico City
San Luis Potosí To Mexico City
Mexico City To Querétaro
Guadalajara To Querétaro
San Luis Potosí To Querétaro
Guadalajara To Puerto Vallarta
Mexico City To Puerto Vallarta
Aguascalientes To Puerto Vallarta
Guadalajara To Mexico City
 Querétaro To Mexico City
 San Luis Potosí To Mexico City

Flecha Amarilla Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

    Mexico City
    Uranium # 207
    (55) 51 19 15 07 (08 and 09)

    Monterrey, N.L.
    Av. Venustiano Carranza Nte. # 943
    (81) 12 32 00 17

    Guadalajara, Jal.
    Dr. R Michel # 2627
    (33) 38 37 67 30

    Leon, Gto.
    Av. Zion # 402
    (477) 1 48 11 00

Customer service
    Call Center: 477 710 0060
    León Mexico Guadalajara Monterrey

Primera Plus De Guadalajara A México Teléfono, Facturacion, Destinos & Schedule

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Primera Plus Is a Mexican bus company which was established in 1934 when Autobuses Flecha Amarilla, S.A de C.V. was founded. After several changes and mergers with different cooperatives, it emerged in 1991 as the First Plus in the Executive Service category, of which it is the market leader.

With more than half a century of operations, Primera Plus is one of the national leaders in the motor transport sector with the highest service excellence. Traveling in first class by road is possible thanks to the Primera Plus Buses, because regardless of the service chosen, when traveling in one of the units belonging to the Yellow Arrow Group, a trip is guaranteed with the maximum safety, style and comfort that distinguish First plus.

Primera Plus Fleet Line

Primera Plus have Luxury Buses like Volvo With only 32 seats, the space was the most applauded attribute, They have 8 high definition screens were placed for passenger
They also have Irizar PB was chosen for its quality and productivity. Primera Plus presented the longest foreign bus in Mexico, an Irizar PB XL, 15 meters long. Despite its size the number of seats is only 34. two singles.

They also have Irizar i8 which is bigger than the Irizar PB, taller, wider and longer, but they kept the 30-seat configuration, two singles. Additionally, the seats are now more ergonomic, the individual screens larger and the interior more luxurious.

Primera Plus have the following on board features and services:
Air conditioning
Toilets for women and men
Audio and video equipment, monitors
TV screens, reading lights
Lunch service
All of them have two emergency exits
A first aid kit
Seat belts and a fire extinguisher

Primera Plus Service Line

Primera Plus buses offer the opportunity to travel through most of Mexico at very good prices and without forgetting the safety and comfort of its users.

The company also offer Parcels transportation services all over Mexico regions at an affordable prices depending on the nature and size of your Parcels.

In addition to the great offer and attractive prices, special offers, discounts and promotions are very frequent, which undoubtedly makes Primera Plus buses much more attractive to travel. Take advantage of promotions and discounts and get the most out of your trips.

Primera Plus Mexico Routes

Mexico City To Morelia
    Mexico City To Guanajuato
    Mexico City To San Miguel de Allende
    Mexico City To San Luis Potosí
    Celaya To Mexico City
    Guadalajara To Morelia
    Mexico City To Guadalajara
    Guanajuato To San Miguel de Allende
    Queretaro To Toluca
    Aguascalientes To Mexico City
    Mexico City To Quéretaro
    Aguascalientes To Guanajuato
    Aguascalientes To Toluca
    Colima To Guadalajara
    Mexico City To Puerto Vallarta
    Celaya To Guanajuato
    Morelia To Querétaro
    Guadalajara To San Miguel de Allende
    Mexico City To León
    Aguascalientes To Morelia

Primera Plus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

For telephone reservations you have its Call Center service that will guide you through its options. The number is as follows:

 Call center in Mexico: 01 800 375 7587
    Call Center for USA: (+52) 477 710 0060

  Boulevard La Luz 2011,
Colonia Las Fuentes,
Postal Code 37270,
León Guanajuato

Estrella Blanca Teléfono, Facturation, Rastreo, Paqueteria, Schedule & Tickets

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Estrella Blanca Group was established in 1940 to transport passengers in Mexico, The business was initially started with Pachuca to Querétaro route. Then It has been transformed since 1949, incorporating and creating the main bus lines in Mexico to offer the widest coverage. Later on the company expanded their services to routes in the Central, West, North and Gulf regions of the Mexican Republic.

Until now, the main mission of Estrella Blanca is to provide an excellent service and stay at the forefront for the benefit of passengers.

Over the years the company grew by adding new partners to the project such as Transportes Chihuahuenses in 1978 and Tres Estrellas de Oro in 1994 and creating new brands such as Turistar in 1989, which offers executive service, and Futura in 1992, which provides a first-class service and is currently the group's largest brand.

In 2011 Grupo Estrella Blanca went a step further by creating its Select service, which has buses equipped with cutting-edge technology for supreme levels of safety and comfort.

Estrella Blanca Fleet Line

Estrella Blanca Group has modern, safe and comfortable coaches, Their fleet guarantees a fabulous experience during the journey. Their buses are designed for Long Distance Trips, When You board their buses you will find the following features:

Air Conditioner Facilities
Comfortable Reclining Seats
Overhead Reading Lights
On Board Toilets & Washroom
Multiple Television On Each Side

Estrella Blanca Has three different types of Coaches and below are some details of their classes:

Premium Services
Their Premium Service is comprised of 36 seat fabric covered buses, 4 televisions distributed throughout the bus, and air conditioning, plus W.C.

The Select Services
The Select Service are buses with leather seats, larger, with individual screens, internet on board, snack service when boarding the bus, air conditioning, W.C. exclusive for men and one for women.

The Mix Services
The MIX Service are 32 seat buses with a special configuration; since there are 16 leather front seats with Select service characteristics and 16 fabric seats with First service characteristics.

Estrella Blanca Service Line

The company provide daily Local Passenger transport services in Mexico as well as Cross Boarder Passenger transportation to United States Of America. The company is well known for their comfortable, modern and unique buses which are comprised with alot of on board features and services.

The company also transport Parcels to different destinations using their Passenger buses, They Offer a reliable services with an affordable prices for local and cross boarder transit.

Booking Of their Tickets can be made at their offices in every destinations, You can also make a booking of your Tickets online through their website listed below. Their website is only available in Spanish Language.

Estrella Blanca Mexico Routes

Aguascalientes to Guadalajara
Fresnillo to Zacatecas
Guadalajara to Puebla
Manzanillo to Colima
Manzanillo to Guadalajara
Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo
Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey
Pachuca to Northern Mexico
Puebla to Querétaro
Tijuana to Ciudad Juárez
Tijuana - Culiacán
Tijuana - Ensenada
Tijuana to Guadalajara
Tijuana to Tepic

Estrella Blanca Office & Contacts For Enquiry

Email: vive@estrellablanca.com.mx

Interior of the Republic: 800 507 5500
Mexico Federal District: 5729 0807

    Avenida Poniente 140 859 02300 Azcapotzalco

Estrella Blanca Booking, Schedules & Facturation

ADO Bus Cancun To Tulum Telefono, Facturación, Schedule & Route Map

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Autobuses de Oriente popular known as ADO is one of the largest and best  bus companies in the Mexico. The company have a large fleet of buses ranging from first class, executive class and economy class.

ADO bus company have been driven and brought emotions from kilometer to kilometer with the same emotion since 1939. The story began with the first of their trips, made from Mexico City to Veracruz with a journey that would last ten and a half hours.

Today ADO reach hundreds of destinations and move towards new directions, the task is not easy, but everything makes sense when they say. They are a Mexican company that shares its values ​​with you and accompanies you on every journey aboard their latest generation buses, offering you a unique experience from start to finish.

Autobuses de Oriente Fleet Line

ADO run different types of buses, They have Volvo, Mercedes Benz and other types of vehicle in their list. Most of their buses have a modern and beautiful bodies from the World most popular manufactures like Irizar, Marcopolo and other.

From the first class to economy class, the name of these buses are: ADO Platinum, ADO GL, ADO e OCC. ADO Platinum and ADO GL are wonderful and very very comfortable!! ADO e OCC are regular buses with WC.

ADO Platino (Platinum)
    Access to Platino (VIP) lobby
    27 reclining seats in rows of 2 or 1
    Extra legroom
    Folding table
    Onboard WiFi
    Regular and USB charging outlets
    Personal monitor with entertainment system
    Bathrooms for men and women (with changing table)
    Onboard cafeteria
    Travel kit, including a pillow and blanket
    Here’s a promo video 

ADO GL (Great Luxury)
    40 reclining seats
    Regular and USB charging outlets
    6 monitors
    Bathrooms for men and women (with changing table)
    Onboard cafeteria
    Complimentary beverage

ADO & OCC (Regular First Class)
    44 reclining seats
    3-4 monitors
    1 bathroom

All Regular ADO Buses
    Air conditioning
    Blackout Curtains
    Reading lights
    Overhead luggage compartment

Autobuses de Oriente Service Line

ADO Bus company is not only move passengers, They carry stories, reunions, dreams and the great pleasure of knowing new ways of seeing life. They do provide daily long distance bus travel in Mexico as well as Parcel transfer services.

You can buy your tickets online on the ADO bus website, The website language is only available on Spanish. They also have a smartphone App where you can make a booking. Their App also is available in Spanish Language.

You can also buy the tickets at the box office at the bus station. The Booking services is alaso available by calling their offices directly through those contact numbers listed below this post.

Autobuses de Oriente Destinations

They cover the largest parties of  Mexico. From smaller towns to major cities, ADO has coverage in all the eastern half of Mexico. You can affordable, safe, and reliable travel in the following states: Campeche, Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Mexico City, Michoacan, Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, State of Mexico, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, and Yucatan.

The Major metropolitan areas served include the following: Mexico City, Puebla, Mérida, Cuernavaca, Tampico, Veracruz, Acapulco, Villahermosa, Reynosa, Cancún, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Xalapa, Oaxaca, Pachuca, and Tlaxcala.

Autobuses de Oriente Office & Contacts For Enquiry

To BOOK a Bus Ticket ADO website

Contact Telephone: +52 (983) 832-9877 or +01 98 38 325 110 ext 2403

ADO Chetumal; +52 (998) 887-1149 ADO Cancún

ADO Bus tickets can be purchased in Belize:
-Belize City: Gilberto Carlos Pérez, Cell Phone: 600-8100

- Orange Walk: San Francisco Restaurant, Tel: 302-2240 and Cell Phone: 624-8200

- Corozal: Cruzob Travel, Cell Phone: 607-7930

If dialing Belize from abroad add Belize Country Code 501 to above Telephone or Cell Phone numbers.

ETN Turistar Bus Puerto Vallarta To Guadalajara Phone Number & Schedule

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ETN and Turistar Is a Line of Luxury Buses dedicated to the Transport of Passengers, They have an area specialized in Parcel and Light Courier shipments with service occurring in their offices distributed along their routes.

ETN Turistar was founded in 1991 with the purpose of transporting passengers in the luxury service modality, being the first company of its kind in Mexico, both for the services it proposed and implemented in the market.

Currently, ETN Turistar is on its route of operation market leader. They say Thanks to the comprehensive quality of its service, certified with the international ISO 9001: 2015 standard, it has become prestigious in society, which has contributed to positioning its name and concept in the minds of its passengers.

ETN Turistar Bus Fleet Line

ETN Turistar has state of the art buses with the highest technology, with a configuration of 24, 30, 33 and 35 seats, footrest, individual reading light, individual air conditioning, seat belt, toilets for men and women, welcome snack, self-service cafeteria, glass holder, magazine rack, LCD screens and / or individual screen, individual audio, video system, internet on board and speed regulated at 95 kms / hr.

ETN Turistar Luxury, offers a differentiated luxury service, among which are:
Individual entertainment service on board.
Frequent Flyer Scheme "ViajaMas".
VIP waiting rooms in more than 15 terminals around the Republic, which have air conditioning, screens, wireless internet and toilets.
Exclusive departures in the D.F. and Guadalajara.

ETN Turistar Bus Service Line

ETN Turistar's area of influence is deployed throughout the central, low, western, northwestern, north-eastern, and peaceful parts of the country, providing the most extensive network of origins and destinations, in more than 70 destinations distributed in 23 states of the territory Mexican: Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Durango, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Nayarit, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Veracruz, Colima, Michoacán, State of México, DF, Morelos, Puebla, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

ETN and Turistar sell tickets by bus, at their different ticket offices and points of sale to destinations such as: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Morelia, San Luis Potosí, León, Aguascalientes, Culiacán, Toluca, among others, covering 80% of the national territory.

They have an area focused on Bus Rentals for school services, excursions, conferences, etc. and they also have an area specialized in the sale of Bus + Hotel packages, thus covering the greatest needs of their Clients and Corporate.

Their Loyalty program 'ViajaMas' a program developed for ETN and Turistar clients which grants benefits when traveling, the more trips, the more points you can accumulate, which can be exchanged for bus tickets.

ETN Turistar Bus Routes T Destinations

Bus Tickets to Aguascalientes
    Bus Tickets to Cuernavaca
    Bus Tickets to Culiacán
    Bus Tickets to Guadalajara
    Bus Tickets to Guanajuato
    Bus Tickets to León
    Bus Tickets to Manzanillo
    Bus Tickets to México Norte
    Bus Tickets to México Poniente
    Bus Tickets to México Sur
    Bus Tickets to Monterrey
    Bus Tickets to Morelia
    Bus Tickets to Puebla
    Bus Tickets to Puerto Vallarta
    Bus Tickets to Querétaro
    Bus Tickets to San Luis Potosí
    Bus Tickets to San Miguel de Allende
    Bus Tickets to Tequisquiapan
    Bus Tickets to Tlaquepaque
    Bus Tickets to Toluca
    Bus Tickets to Torreón
    Bus Tickets to Zapopan

ETN Turistar Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Mexico City Office
Phone Number: 01(55) 5719 5359 / 60

Guadalajara Office
Phone Number: 01(33) 3600 2444

Osaka Bus Dar es salaam To Musoma Contacts, Booking Office & Tickets

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Osaka Bus Company Is one among the oldest service provider of Passengers as well as Parcels transportation in the Mainland Tanzania. They are in the transportation Industry for more than 20 years, Their main route was Dar es salaam to Arusha before they have expanded their services to other regions.

They are now a leading Bus company in the long distance travel in Tanzania plying those routes to Musoma and Bukoba from the business city of Dar es salaam.  They provide daily Passengers and Parcels transportation, They also provide Cargo transportation services by their Trucks which goes to all regions of Tanzania and to the neighboring countries.

Osaka Bus Fleet Line

The company have a variety of Buses in their Fleet list, They have Scania buses with a locally manufactured body and also they have a Chinese brands like Yutong  and Zhongtong buses.

They have a two classes fleet ranging from a Semi Luxury to Ordinary classes. Most of their buses are Semi Luxury and fe of them being an Ordinary classes. Their buses undergo a regular maintenance at their own workshop by a Professional technician.

They have a good trained Drivers and personnel to serve and help you whenever you have chosen to travel or uses their services. Below are some of the features which available on their buses:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats For Semi Luxury
3 By 2 Seating Configurations For Ordinary Class
Good Sound System For Listening
Television Services For Entertainment
Charging System On Some Buses
Free Soft Drinks Available On Board
Overhead Reading Lights

Osaka Bus Service Line

The company specialize in providing Passengers transportation services as well as Parcels transportation services. Their fares and prices are of standard rate and it can be affordable by and one who are interested to use their services.

They have Morning departure for most of their routes and few afternoon departures for some routes like the Dar es salaam to Arusha. Booking services are available at their offices located in each bus terminal, Booking Agents who are available in most bus station and also you can make Booking by calling them directly through those contact numbers listed belwo this post.

You can either make a booking during the travel date or Pre book for travel at your respective date.

Osaka Bus Tanzania Routes

Dar es salaam To Arusha Via Moshi
Dar es salaam To Bukoba Viia Kahama
Dar es salaam To Mwanza Via Dodoma
Dar es salaam To Gonja 

Osaka Bus Offices & Contact Foe Enquiry

P.O. Box 1341
Moshi, Kilimanjaro

For Booking Call:
+255 718 512 743
+255 754 275 404

Satco Bus Dodoma To Mwanza Contact Number, Online Booking & Office

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 Satco Express Bus Is a Tanzanian Transport company based in Dodoma Region, They Provide daily passengers transportation services from the Capital city of Tanzania to other region in the country.

Satco Express Is a subsidiary of Shabiby Line, One of the popular and giant company in Tanzania.  Satco Express have it's own management teams and CEO apart from the Parent company.

The company is in the transport Industry for more than five years and they have managed to build a good reputation among customers. They have a cleans and modern fleet to give you a comfort travel between your destinations,.

Satco Express Bus Fleet Line

It is one among the best companies which own a comfortable and Luxurious fleet in the country. All of their buses are Chinese brands, And they have a Yutong and Higer models in their list.

Most Of Their Buses are relatively new, Bought directly from China and some are acquired from the Parent company, Shabiby Line. They have a Semi Luxury buses with a modern features to make your Journey more comfortable.

When you choose to travel with Satco Bus, You will enjoy on board features and services from their friendly Host/Hostess all the way long. Below are some amenities and services which available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Ports On Each Seat
Free On Board WiFi Services
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern Sound System With Overhead Speaker
Overhead Reading Lights
Air Conditioning Services All The Way Long
Free Soft Drinks & Snacks
On Board Toilets For The Luxury Class

Satco Express Bus Service Line

The company provide daily Passenger Transportation services from Dodoma City To other regions in the country. They have morning departures in all bus terminal and their coaches are available for boarding 1 hour before Departure time.

You can make a booking of your Ticket at their offices located in all bus terminal and some offices located out of the terminals especially in the city centre. You can also book your Tickets by calling them directly through thse contact numbers listed below this post.

Satco Express also offer a Parcel transportation services at an affordable price to all destinations where their buses used to go. Their Coaches are also available for Hire and private uses.

Satco Express Bus Routes

Dodoma To Mwanza Via Kahama
Dodoma To Mbeya Via Mtera/Iringa
Dodoma To Tunduma Via Iringa
Dodoma To Bukoba

Satco Express Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Satco Express
Head Office: Dodoma

Booking Contacts:
+255 685 673 027
+255 620 272 034

Imani Plus Bus From Mbeya To Dar es salaam Booking, Contact & Office

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Imani Plus Is a Tanzani's registered bus company which provide daily intercity passengers transfer between the Dar es salaam city and Mbeya City in the Southern Highland Zone. The company have introduced their Long distance travel in the early of 2019 with a Chinese machines.

Though They are relatively new in Mbeya To Dar es salam route, The company is well known by the Southern Highland travelers. They are in the transport Industry for more than 5 years serving Mbeya city with it's neighboring towns. The company is also known as Imani Travel for their local buses which are plying in Southern Highland only.

Imani Plus Bus Fleet Line

The company bought a brand new machines from Chinese bus manufactures, They have and operate an Asia Star bus model which are modern and well customized to give travelers a comfortable and safe trip.

Their buses are well managed by a team of professional workmen to keep them frest for their daily trips. They have a professional drivers, On board host/hostess and office servants who are ready at any time to listen and help you.

Imani Plus Fleet are made and designed for a luxury travel and leave you with a memorable mind on your trips. Below are some of the features as well as services which are available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Port On Each Seat
Free On Board WiFi Services
7 Television On Each Side Of The Bus
Good & Modern Sound System For Listening
Free Soft Drink Are Provided
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Air Conditioning Services

Imani Plus Bus Service Line

For the daily safe trips from Dar es salaam to Mbeya and Vice Versa, You may choose to travel with Imani Plus. They are providing a comfortable way of travel between the two cities passing through other different major towns like Morogoro, Mikumi, Iringa, Makambako and other.

They have a daily morning schedules in both cities with a booking services which are available in their offices located within the terminals. They also have other offices which are out of the terminal for Mbeya regions.

You may also choose to book online by calling them directly through those contact numbers listed below this post. Booking may be made prior or on the specific date of travel.

Imani Plus also provide Parcels transport services between the two cities and other towns in between. They do charge a fair prices to all kind of Parcels.

Imani Plus Bus Routes

Dar es salaam To Mbeya
Mbeya To Dar es salaam

Imani Plus Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Dar es salaam ▶ 0692050585
Mbeya Office ▶ 0658701022

Other Phone ▶ 0752 644 418