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Lamavuso Transport & Bhekizizwe Bus Mpumalanga Contact Number, Owner & Email Address

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 BAZD M Group (Pty) Ltd, trading as Bhekizizwe, is a holding company established in June 2015 which currently operates Luxury Bus Transport Service in conjunction with Lamavuso Transport.

Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport aims to build strong business relationships with existing mutually agreeable private companies. Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport is a private company anchored on strong family value system that believes in ethical behavior and sound business principles while creating value for its customers through sustainable and sound business partnerships.

Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport Fleet

They operate modern fleet which range from 14 seater to 69 seater, Their mini bus are Toyota Quantum, and they have local made Scania bus for 28 and 35 seater, 69 seater which is Scania MCV and also they have Scania Marcopolo G6 and G7.

All of their buses are fitted with an A/C services for their passengers to enjoy Cool weather throughout their trips. They are also have on board entertainment like Television Services, Sound system and other cool features.

Their buses also have enough Reclining seat with enough leg room.

Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport Services

They provide transport services to various destinations within the Republic of South Africa.

Dedicated Route Bus Services
Their bus routes ibased on Cape Town, Mthatha and back, Durban, Johannesburg, Germiston, Pietermartzburg and other major towns within South Africa.

Staff Transports
They provide a staff transport service that cater to staff members transport needs, This services is available with special agreements between Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport with the particular Staff.

Scholar Transport
They provide transport for scholars in all towns and cities where their buses have routes. And this services is available with special agreements between Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport and particular School, College or University.

Bus Hire
They also offer a private hiring service for their busses. You may fill out a booking form to request bus hire

Charter Services
They also offer a Bus Charter to all groups of people who need this services. Normally they enter into a certain agreement for this services.

Bhekizizwe & Lamavuso Transport Offices & Contact For Booking & Enquiry

Address: 58a Piet Retief Street, Standerton, 2429, South Africa
City of Mpumalanga
,Post Office box: 1453, Standerton, 2430

+27 61 430 7982

+27 61 4176894

+27 62 992 6534

[email protected]

[email protected]


Monday, December 10, 2018

Norman Luxury Tours Contact Details, Offices, Address, Booking, Tickets & Schedule

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 Norman Luxury Tours Is a transport company which began it's operations in 2002 after the owner  realised a deep  need for transportation services in the Greater Tzaneen area and Limpopo province as a whole . Four years later Mr Norman Motau , the man behind the service , bought more buses as the need for transportation services continued to grow. This was the start of a journey that would lead to the 36 plus bus fleet that is servicing the areas of Lenyenye , Sekgosese , Bolobedu , Kgapane , Tzaneen , Polokwane and the entire country of South Africa .

Norman Luxury Tours Fleet

They have invested in the mix of fleet as they have their Local made Scania MCV with 2 by 3 seating configurations and also they have Scania Marcopolo Buses with 2 by 2 reclining seats. All of these types of fleet are equipped with On board entertainment like Television services, Sound system and many more.

All of their buses have an A/C services for their passengers, Some of them have Charging system for passengers to charge their smartphones while they are traveling with Norman Luxury Tours.

Norman Luxury Tours Services

Norman Luxury Tours operates all over South African routes to transport people to various tourism destinations , school tours , scholar transport and other destinations.The company provides scholar transport from as far as north as Musina and  all the five districts ( Capricorn , Mopani , Sekhukhune , Vhembe and Waterberg) of Limpopo province . 

Special Bus Hire Service are also available for special trips and occasions across the border into SADC region (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia , Swaziland and Zambia.

Their Services Mainly Focus On:
Transportation of goods and services
Luxury Tours
Transportation Contracts

Their Target Market Include:

Norman Luxury Tours Address, Office & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

588 Senwamokgope Township, Sekgosese
Modjadjiskloof, 0835

Phone: +27 15 874 0030

Email: [email protected]


Mosmat Luxury Coaches Bus From Johannesburg To Giyani Contact Number, Prices & Timetable

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Mosmat Luxury Coaches is a bus company based in Limpopo province. The company was estabilished in 2002. Their buses make daily within South African Territory as a public transport and they are also available for private hire for various purpose.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Is one among the biggest bus company in Limpopo which is highly respected for the good services to it's passengers. Their buses are available for all 7 days of the week within all routes which they have established their services.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Fleet

They have invested much in modern luxury coaches to make all trips to their customers are safe and comfortable to them. Their coaches undergo scheduled maintenance to make those fleet safe for traveling the long trips.

They are using Scania buses with Marcopolo assembled bodies as well as Irizar bodies, Some of them with Local assembled bodies. Some of these coaches have 2 by 3 seating configurations and others have 2 by 2 seating configurations.

Their seats are reclining, And also their buses have an A/C services throughout the trips. Entertainment are available on the bus, and you will enjoy Television services, music and many more. Their buses have WiFi services for their passengers to enjoy free internet all the way long.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Services

This bus company based on Public Transport in the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces, They provide daily transport services to their passengers to and from various destinations with those provinces and neighboring towns and cities.

They also offer a special hire to their passengers with special needs ot traveling to their best destinations. Their buses are available for Group tours within South Africa, Hiring for special groups like Workers, Schools, Universities, Churches and many other groups.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Routes

Malamulele To Gauteng
Chiawelo station To Malamulele
Chiawelo To Polokwane.
Malamulele To Soweto
Orlando stationo To Malamuleleo
Orlando stationo  To landelelana
Tshiawelo To Malamulele
Limpopo To Gauteng
Soweto To Limpopo

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Offices & Contact Details For Booking & Enquiry

Mosmat Luxury Coaches
House No 2056 Lenyenye Township Limpopo 0857

+27 83 2775227
+27 83 8780431
+27 83 8780 431
WhatsApp  +27 83 2275772

Email: [email protected]
            [email protected]

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Limpopo Coaches Luxury Bus For Hire, Owner, Contact Details, Prices, Booking & Quotes

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 Limpopo Coaches Bus Services started it's operations in 2003 with Mr BH and Mrs C Groenewald being the founders and owners of the company. Both members were involved in another family business and they decided to start a company on their own. Mr and Mrs Groenewald spotted a need for luxury private charter services in Limpopo, most of the coaches had to be hired from Gauteng, which made it very expensive. Their Company has received a Golden Arrow Award every year since 2006.

The two members are very active in the running of the business. Mrs Cornelie Groenewald is running the office and is mainly involved in bus scheduling and Quotations. Mr Bennie Groenewald is involved in workshop, Human Resources, buying of parts, buying of equipments and buying of new coaches. 

Limpopo Coaches Fleet

Limpopo coaches CC' fleet consist of coaches fitted with luxury reclined seats, aircorn, toilet, TV monitors and music systems. All buses have Airsuspension and enough luggage space for all passengers on board.
They cater for the Luxury Market, yet they strive to increase their market by keeping our prices low so that we can also make Luxury traveling affordable for the less advantaged communities.

Traveling with Limpop Coaches is safer, And they offer their clients a R100 000 000.00 passanger liability to cover costs in case of accidents.

Limpopo Coaches Services They Offer

Day Tours
They offer their clients transportation services for day tours, when they travel to and from, on the same day

Over period Tours
They offer transportation for clients going on vacation for a period of over one day, when they visit a certain place a spend days touring

Cross Boarder Tours
They also take their clients on tours outside South Africa, Their coaches and drivers are updated regularly for cross border regulations and rules

Limpopo Coaches Also provide their services to the following groups / categories:
    School Tours
    Church Tours
    Conference And Family Tours

Limpopo Coaches Address, Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

6 Zune Street, Magna Via - Polokwane
Phones: +27 (0)15 (298) 8299
              +27 (0)15 (298) 8298
         Email: [email protected]

For emergency transport please use one of the numbers below to contact us. feel free to contact us after office hours of any day.

Emergency Number:Bennie

Emergency Number:Corneli


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Vista Shuttle & Tours Namibia Contact Details, Prices, Timetable, Offices & Services

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 VISTA Shuttle & Tours Is a Namibian transport company which provide a shuttle services Windhoek and other tourist cities and towns within the country. It is one among the best shuttle provider with well customized fleet for passenger comfortability.

When you travel with Vista Shuttle & Tours, You will enjoy yourself in their comfortable, reliable and friendly services of their Quantum Hiace. They do provide viewing treats for your trip, with their DVD screens installed for each passenger (watch a movie of your choice), They also offer a light bevarage for our passengers on the road.

Vista Shuttle & Tours Services They Offer

They offer a Public transport services from Windhoek to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund In Namibia.  Their min bus have a well scheduled time for departure and traveling, They have morning, afternoon and evening schedule for their passengers.

Apart from a Public transport they offer, They also offer an organized Tours within and outside Namibia. They have tours from Namibia to South Africa, Zambia and other neighboring countries for Local and International Tourists.

Their Buses are also available for Hire to Individuals and even group of people. They do rent their buses to Schools, Churches, Workers and any other groups.

Vista Shuttle & Tours Timetable & Prices

07:00 am from Windhoek to Walvis Bay (N$250)
13:00 from Walvis Bay to Windhoek (N$250)
Windhoek to Swakop (N$240)
Swakop to Windhoek (N$240)

Vista Shuttle & Tours Contacts For Bookings & Enquiry

Call/SMS +264 812411399
                 +264 812888511
   [email protected]

McClune Shuttle Windhoek To Oshakati Contact Details, Prices, Offices & Timetable

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McClune’s Shuttle Services Is a Namibian Transport company which offers a reliable shuttle between Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvisbay that guarantee satisfaction and channel on a local and international scale. A true alternative to passenger transportation that offers a high level of practical experience, know how, confidentiality.

Their vehicles has been branded and are easy to identify, which express ownership, legality, longevity and professionalism. Clients must know by making use of McClune’s Shuttle Services is a much more professional and hassle free way to reach their destinations safely.

Their Safety measures and driving skills are also of a very high standard. Their vehicles are equipped with the required and necessary permits that allow them to transport passengers along these routes and also are equipped with First Aid Kids and fire extinguishers.

They offer 14 Seater Quantum Bus; Air-conditioned; and comfortable seats with individual seat belts.

They operate 7 days a week.
(Please take note we do not travel on Saturdays afternoons.)

McClune Shuttle Departure & Timetable

Walvis Bay to Windhoek
Depart 1:
07h00 (pick up starts from 06h00)
All passengers to be seated at 06h45

Depart 2:
14h00 (pick up starts at 13h00)
All passengers to be seated at 13h45

Bus stops at spur Restaurant in Walvis Bay

Swakopmund to Windhoek
Depart 1:
07h00 (door pick up starts randomly from 06h00)

Depart 2:
14h30 (door pick up starts randomly from 13h30)
Please note:
This is not the bus coming from Walvis Bay!

Windhoek to Swakopmund / Walvis Bay
Depart 1:
07h00 (pick up starts from 06h00)
All passengers to be seated at 06h45

Depart 2: 14h00 (Bus stop pick ups only at 13h50)
All passengers to be seated at 13h50

McClune Shuttle Services

McClune’s Shuttle Services provide comprehensive transportation for the individual, couples and groups to and from the Coast via Usakos, Karibib, Okahandja and Windhoek.
Their service operates during office hours with no surcharge for early or late travel times.

Pick up & Drop off
To ensure that you, their valued customer connect with your respective departure on time passengers should be ready for pick up at their residence, hotel or agreed pick up location at least 20 to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time.

Domestic Flight
Passengers arriving via domestic flights: Your driver will be clearly visible and will be displaying a welcome board with the passengers name. It is important that you make contact with your driver.

International Flight
Passengers arriving via International flights: Your driver will be clearly visible and will be displaying a welcome board with the passengers name. It is important that you make contact with your driver. If you are unable to make contact with your driver or are delayed in passing through customs please contact McClune’s Shuttle Services.

Pick up & Drop off Locations
Door to Door Service in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay Service

Designated pick up points in Usakos, Karibib, Arandis and Okahandja

International Airport Hosea Kutako and Eros Airport, as well as at the Walvis Bay airport.

McClune Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

P.O.Box 5130
Walvis Bay / Namibia

Tel: +264 64 221 713
Fax: +264 64 221 712
Cell: +264 81 128 7916

Monday, December 3, 2018

Carlo's Shuttle and tours Windhoek To Walvis Bay Prices, Contacts, Booking & Offices

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Carlo’s Shuttle & Tours Is the easiest and most effective way to get to your destination In Namibia. They provide safe and economic transportation solutions .
They pride themselves in friendly, personal shuttle services and transfers. Knowing you are in safe, capable hands helps, you to relax and enjoy your transfer.

Carlo’s Shuttle & Tours cc is fully registered with all the required transport authorities. Carlo’s Shuttle & Tours cc is also registered at the Namibian Tourism Board - NTB registration NR: SHU00180

Carlo's Shuttle and tours Services Offered

They offer Personalized, Professional, Reliable and Punctual Shuttle/Transfer services.
    Airport Shuttle services to and from all airports in Namibia
   Their  drivers are awaiting the guests in the Arrival terminal of the Airport with their name/s printed on a welcoming signboard 

    Private transfers / Exclusive transfers (tailor made to suit your needs & budget)
    VIP Transfers
    Crew Changes
    Organized groups.
    Pensioners 50% discount.

Carlo's Shuttle and Tours Routes & Timetable

They depart daily from WIndhoek to Walvis bay or Swakopmund at 7am as well as 14h30.

Depart daily from Walvis bay to Windhoek at 7am as well as 14h00.

Depart Daily from Swakopmund to Windhoek at 8am as well as 15h00.

Their main shuttle route is between Walvis Bay/Swakopmund and Windhoek. Their drivers are all fully licensed and highly trained transport providers.

Carlo's Shuttle and tours Address, Office & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

65 Union Street
Walvis Bay

Tel: +264 64 20 5537
Fax: +264 88 629 979
Cell: +264 81 270 4395
Email:  [email protected]

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Welwitschia Shuttle Service From Swakopmund To Windhoek Prices, Contact Details & Timetable

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Welwitschia Shuttle Service Is a one stop transport solution between Windhoek and Swakopmund. Safe and reliable service on a daily basis, The one shuttle where the owner is personally involved.
They also do Airport transfers as well as Private transfers.

They are under management of Owner and Founder Manda Bauer. They make sure to maintain the highest safety standards possible. All of their vehicles are non smoking.

They do door-to-door pickups on request, please arrange this when you do your booking.

Welwitschia Shuttle Service Fleet

The vehicles they use are top of the range Toyota Quantum 2.7 13 seater transporters which are being maintained meticulously. All of their drivers are very experienced and handpicked and are in possession of a Public Drivers Permit as required by law.

They are therefore very proud to be able to say that as of now they have had good accident free record. They also have a Cartrack System installed on all their vehicles so that all vehicles can be tracked and monitored constantly.
Their vehicles are also all equipped with airconditioning and safety belts which they ask you to wear at all times.

Welwitschia Shuttle Service Routes, Timetable & Stops

Swakopmund / Windhoek / Swakopmund( Every Day )
Departure Swakopmund 07h00 - Arrival Windhoek 11h00
Departure Windhoek 14h00 - Arrival Swakopmund 18h00

For those passengers who are booked on the afternoon flight from Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport, They use the Roof of Africa Hotel in Windhoek as layover location should they so wish. They then use Omahuka Transfers to deliver them from there safely at the airport.

For those of our passengers who arrive at the airport early in the morning, They use Omahuka Transfers again to deliver them at Roof of Africa should they so wish, from where they safely deliver them to Swakopmund.

Swakopmund / Walvis Bay ( Monday - Friday, except Public Holidays )
Bus 1 - Departure Swakopmund - 06h00
Bus 2 - Departure Swakopmund - 07h00
School Bus - Departure Swakopmund - 06h10
School Bus - Departure Swakopmund - 13h15
Bus 3 - Departure Swakopmund - 16h00
Bus 4 - Departure Swakopmund - 17h00

Walvis Bay / Swakopmund ( Monday - Friday, except Public Holidays )
Bus 1 - Departure Walvis Bay - 07h00
Bus 2 - Departure Walvis Bay - 08h00
School Bus - Departure Walvis Bay - 06h40
School Bus - Departure Walvis Bay - 14h00
Bus 3 - Departure Walvis Bay - 17h00
Bus 4 - Departure Walvis Bay - 18h00

For all Swakopmund passengers. the bus stop is at the Woolworths parking area right in the town centre.

For all Windhoek passengers, the bus stop is at one of Windhoek's most famous landmarks, namely the German Lutheran "Christuskirche" church in Fidel Castro street, right in the centre of Windhoek.

Pickups and Drop-offs can also be made along Windhoek route, which are on the B2 via Usakos, Karibib and Okahandja.

Arrangements can be made for door-to-door pickups, please arrange beforehand.

Welwitschia Shuttle Service Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Physical Address:
35 Sam Nujoma Ave

Postal Address;
P.O. Box 107

Tel No: +264 64 405105
Fax No: +264 64 405110
Mobile no: +264 81 263 1433

EMail: [email protected]