Rayan Coach Bus Garissa To Nairobi Contacts, Online Booking, Tickets, Timetable & Offices

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Rayan Coach Ltd Is a Kenyan Bus Company which provide daily intercity services between Nairobi City and Garissa. The company is relatively new in the transport Industry but in the short period of time, They have managed to build a gud reputation among customers for their best services.

Rayan Coach Have daily departure during the morning, afternoon and even evening time in Both cities. Rayan Bus become the most competitor on the Nairobi To Garissa route providing a big challenge to other companies playing on that routes.

Rayan Coach Fleet Line

Rayan Coach begun operations with two Man units dual axle fabricated by Master Fabricators, But they are now owning more than 10 units of Luxury buses with a well customized and comfortable interior.

Their Buses have different colors ranging from orange to red color but they are all have the same comfort level when you choose to travel with them. When You have chosen to travel with Rayan Bus, You will enjoy the following services & features:
Large Sliding Window
2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Large Legroom For Comfortability
Charging System On Each Seats
 Routes From Nairobi to Garissa
Large Slim Multiple Television
Air Conditioning Services
Modern Sound System With Self Listening Speaker

Rayan Coach Service Line

The Company provide daily intercity bus services between Nairobi City and Garissa passing through different towns before reaching their destination. Departures available during the morning, afternoon and evening time on both cities.

Booking Services are available on their offices at all Bus Terminal in Garissa and Nairobi as well as on the Go pick up point. You can also make your booking by contacting their offices through contact numbers listed below or by getting in contact with their agent.

Rayan Coach also provide Parcel Transfer services between the cities with a Fair Prices to all of their customers depending on the Nature and size of your Parcels.

Rayan Coach Bus Routes & Timetable

Nairobi To Garissa

Garissa to Nairobi

Rayan Coach Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Address: Nairobi, Kenya
Second St, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 745 129233

For Booking Call:
Tel: 0745 129 234
Garissa Till No: 313228
Nairobi Till No: 546449

Golden Coach Nairobi To Wajir Contacts, Online Booking, Tickets, Office, Timetable & Routes

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Golden Coach is a young and innovative public bus operator that was founded in June 2017. Starting with a humble beginning, the company has grown and now owns a fleet of 10 buses. It's been an amazing journey since

Their team of friendly staff, have enabled them to give you unparalleled service and they are the reason why you always travel with them.

But they are in the business of moving people, not buses. That means everything they do are from the smiles of their staff to their signature buses, That is designed with a human touch and with their passengers in mind.

Golden Coach Fleet Line

The Company have enough Number of Buses in their list to serve you all routes where their company used to go. They have Scania bus model and Fuso Bus model which have built to give you a comfort travel during your trips.

Their Buses have a modern design with beautiful interior, All of their buses are Locally made bythe Kenyan Body Manufactures. All Of their buses have the following features:

Multiple Television For Entertainment
VIP Treatment
On Board Wifi Available
2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Power outlets
Extra Legroom

Golden Coach Service Line

They are providing Daily Public Transport services from Nairobi To Other Counties in Kenya and Neighboring countries like Rwanda and Uganda. Their buses used to go to Wajiri, Garissa, Mombasa and many more towns.

Their service also includes parcel services, which they ply between Nairobi, Garissa and Wajir. They charge a fair prices to all customers depending on the type and size of your Parcels.

Golden Coach Kenya Routes

Nairobi To Garissa

Nairobi To Wajir

Garissa To Mombasa

Golden Coach Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Head Office
Address: Eastleigh,general wairungi,opp equity bank,next to shell,
General Waruingi St
Nairobi, Kenya

Email: info@goldencoach.com

For Booking (Telephone): +255 724152137

City Link Bus Garissa To Nairobi Contacts, Tickets Booking Offices, Timetable & Fares

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Citylink Bus has been providing luxury inter city coach travel in Kenya since 2019 and they have managed to build a reputable brand in their country. The company is serving Garissa To Nairobi route since it's establishment to the moment.

Their Multi Colored buses have become synonymous with high quality, reliable and affordable bus travel. The company has innovated their services over the days and now operates high frequency express services linking Kenyas capital city to Garissa.

City Link Bus Fleet Line

City Link Bus Company feature a fleet of luxury, modern & high class buses. Most Of Their buses are made by Scania with a Locally assembled bodies by Master Fabricators Limited Kenya.

Their fleet depart daily from Garissa Bus Station To Nairobi city and Vise Versa with a well maintained Timetable. Below are the features available on their buses:

42 Seat Belted Reclining Seats
High Deck Design
Fully Carpet Inside Bus
Air Conditioning
50 Inc LCD Screens
Road camera
DVD Player
iPod Entertainment System
Remote Guide Mic
Dedicated Host Seat
Free WiFi
USB Charge On Each Seat
VIP Seats
Highway Communications
CCTV Cameras.

City Link Bus Service Line

Based in Garisaa, City Link Bus operates one main routes offering more than 6 daily departures. They offer Express services from Garissa to Nairobi City With a Morning and afternoon departures.

You can make a booking of your Tickets at their offices located on each bus terminals of the two cities, Or by meting with their Agents who can help to book your tickets Or even by calling them through those contact number listed below.

City Link Bus Also offer Parcel Transfer services between Garissa and Nairobi city with a fair price charges depending on the types and size of your Parcels.

City Link Bus Routes

Garissa To Nairobi
Nairobi To Garissa

City Link Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

River Rd, P.O. Box: 13708, 00800 Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 20 - 219548

Call: +254 716 545028

Email: info@citylinkcoach.com

Garissa Coach Bus To Nairobi Contacts, Online Booking, Office, Tickets, Timetable & Fare

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 Garissa Coach is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation between Garissa and Nairobi route, serving nearly 10 locations. It has become an icon of bus travel, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to our customers.

With a public transport service spanning more than 5 years, They deliver a wide range of services and programs to provide for the transportation needs of individuals and businesses. 

Garissa Coach Fleet Line

The Company have a well modernized classic fleet to serve your transportation needs. They always used to operate their services with Scania bus model with a local assembled bodies in Kenya, Most Of their buses are made by Master Fabricators.

Their Fleet are of Semi Luxury Class and some of them claimed to be a full Luxury coach. Most of their Coaches have the following features and services:

Large LCD Screen To Refresh Your Mind With Fresh Music & Movies
Some Of The Them Have Mini Screen On Every Seats
Good Sound System For Music & Listening
Free WiFi Services
2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Charging System Available On Every Seats

Garissa Coach Service Line

They Offer a daily intercity Passenger transport services between Garissa and Nairobi City With a fair prices to all. They have a morning and afternoon departurein all destinations.

While Garissa Coach is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service, the company also provides several other services for its customers. G-Coach Courier Express service offers value priced same day and early next day parcel delivery to thousands of customers.

They work hard to deliver a world class customer experience throughout their entire system, and their customer service charter is their promise of quality service. They are committed to giving you a service that's efficient, safe, reliable, and comfortable.

Garissa Coach Bus Routes & Timetable

Garissa To Nairobi

From Garissa To Nairobi
6:00 Am
8:00 Am

From Nairobi To Garissa

Garissa Coach Offices & Contact Number

No need for you to Go at eastleigh
Just call +254 721211770
And pay your fares through lipa na Mpesa till No. 569130

They will pick you wherever you are

Garissa Office: +254 716561775

Overseas Bus Nairobi To Kisumu Routes, Contacts, Online Booking, Offices, Timetable & Prices

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Overseas Bus Company Provide daily intercity transport services from Kenya's Capital city Nairobi to other counties in Kenya. They are in the Transport Industry since 2019 when the company split from the well known Transport company 'Transline Classic'.

This is the second company to be formed from Transline Classic just after the formation of Ena Coach who also split from Transline Classic. Before the establishment of Overseas Bus Comapny, Details reveal that the owner of Overseas were in Partnership with other businessmen running the Transline Classic Bus Company.

Overseas Bus Company Fleet Line

The Company runs a modern local made Scania buses with a well customized interior desing to give you a comfort travell between towns and cities. Most of their buses are designed and fabricated by well known Kenyan company called Master Fabricator.

Their Buses made with the latest technology to leave you fresh and not tired with your trip whenever you have chosen to travell with them.  All Of Their Buses includes the following features and services to refresh their Passengers:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Charging System Available On Each Seat
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Sound System For Music Listening & Announcement
On Board A/C Services
Free WiFi On Some Of Their Buses
Free Soft Drinks & Snacks Available On Board

Overseas Bus Company Service Line

Since It's establishment in 2019, The company provide daily intercity passenger transport in Kenya between different cities and towns. They are providing their services to cities like Nairobi, Kisumu, Homabay, Kisii and many other.

They have Morning departures in most of the towns and some with afternoon as well as night departures. Booking of the Tickets can be made at their offices located in all Bus terminals and some offices out of the terminals. You can also contact their Agents who can help you to make your booking and taking you to the bus for boarding.

The Company also provide Courier Services which were available before the establishment of the Passenger transport company. They are now doing Courier services using the PSV by transferring small Parcels to different destinations.

Overseas Bus Comapny Routes

Nairobi To Siaya
Mombasa To Siaya
Nairobi To Mbita
NairobiTo Kisumu
Nairobi To Nakuru

Overseas Bus Comapny Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Head Office Nairobi
PO BOX 814
Nairobi, Kenya
Call +254 725 392007

Email: info@overseascourier.co.ke

Purbeck Breezer Bus 30,40, 50, 60, Bournemouth To Swanage Timetable, Contact Number & Routes

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Purbeck Breezer Tour Bus Is Operated by Morebus Company which offer visitors and locals alike the opportunity to experience stunning scenery and the beautiful countryside of the Isle of Purbeck as well as the world famous New Forest National Park.

The origins of Morebus can be traced back to 1916, when a bus company called Bournemouth & District Motor Services was founded; this became Hants & Dorset Motor Services in July 1920 as the network of routes expanded. Hants & Dorset was always highly regarded for offering a reliable and friendly service. The Southern Railway bought into the company in the 1930s and Hants & Dorset became state-owned in 1948.

From 1 January 1969 Hants & Dorset became part of the National Bus Company, and in 1972 the bus livery was changed from the longstanding and familiar green to poppy red. Hants & Dorset was broken up into smaller units from April 1983, one of which was the Wilts & Dorset Bus Company whose area of operation included the present morebus network and sister company Salisbury Reds in Wiltshire.

The Wilts & Dorset Bus Company was bought by its local management team in 1987, and has been part of the Go-Ahead Group since August 2003.

Purbeck Breezer Bus Services & Tickets

Hop on board of Purbeck Breezer buses to experience the views of the beautiful Isle of Purbeck steeped in natural beauty, bursting with wildlife, full of historic picturesque villages and places to visit.

Purbeck Breezer Bus Tickets
The Purbeck Breezer routes are part of the morebus network and the tickets can be used interchangeably. The network is split into zones with Zone A including most of Poole, Bournemouth, Sandbanks and Christchurch. Zone ABC covers all of Swanage, Wareham, Studland, Weymouth and beyond.

Singles and returns are available, but with a dayrider, you can hop on and off all day long! You can even get a group dayrider for up to five people travelling together to save you money on your travel. If you're a frequent traveller, you can take advantage of our period passes with weekly, monthly, three-monthly and annual tickets available.

Purbeck Breezer Bus Routes

Breezer 30*
Swanage to Dorchester via Wareham, Wool, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and Weymouth
Runs during summer.

Breezer 40
Swanage to Poole, via Corfe Castle, Wareham and Langton Matravers
Runs all year round

Breezer 50
Bournemouth to Swanage, via Sandbanks and Studland
Runs all year round

Breezer 60
Rockley Park to Sandbanks, via Poole, Lilliput and Canford Cliffs
Runs all year round

Breezer 70*
Bournemouth to Poole, via Alum Chine and Canford Cliffs
Runs during school summer holidays.

*Routes only run during summer

Purbeck Breezer Bus Contacts For Enquiry

General Enquiries: 01202 338 420

Email: enquiries@morebus.co.uk


Liverpool City Sights Bus Tour Groupon, Box Office, Promo Code, Times, Map, Red & Blue Routes

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Liverpool City Sights Is a British Tour Company which operate the hop-on-hop-off open top tour buses in Liverpool. Priding themselves in offering 2 Open Top Tour routes, The blue route live guided City & Beatles Tour and the Red route multilingual Hop-On-Hop-Off City Tour, the company provides something for every visitor. Check their website for more information including FAQs, tour times, service disruptions, accessibility needs and more

The Company is Accommodating all visitors to Liverpool there is also a multi-lingual pre-recorded city tour available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin for all to enjoy and savour some glorious scouse history along the way while taking in some of the iconic sights that make this place one magnificent city!

The Company have different tour stops and destinations which allows you to see the city at your own leisure across the time of your visit. Their Tours is Including 28 stops such as China Town, home to Europe’s oldest Chinese community, the Metropolitan Cathedral, St Luke’s Church also know to locals as the Bombed out Church and the Royal Albert Dock, home to the Tate, Beatles Story, Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum.

Liverpool City Sights Blue Route - City & Beatles Tour

Their live Tour Guide will warmly welcome you on board of their Blue Route City and Beatles tour. You will hear about the social history of the city and where the Beatles were born and raised, stayed and played. See all the city’s historic sights, including our Unesco World Hertiage waterfront and their two magnifcent Cathedrals, before they whisk you off to the leafy suburbs of south Liverpool - home of the Fab Four.

The Blue Route Tour Features The Following:
    Ticket valid on BOTH the Blue Route & Red Route tours
    Live Guided tour in English.
    Tour takes 90 minutes to complete the full route.
    Board the Blue & Red City and Beatles bus at Gower Street on the Royal Albert Dock
    All buses are fully accessible
    Ticket valid for 48 hours of first use

Liverpool City Sights Red Route - City Tour

This tour is a Multilingual, Hop-On, Hop-Off tour of the City of Liverpool. With their pre-recorded commentary They will point out and talk you through the historical landmarks and attractions including The Royal Albert Dock, our iconic UNESCO waterfront, the world-famous Cavern Club, the World Museum, both of their magnificent Cathedrals, The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, China Town and much more. Plus look out for our  select buses with Live English Guide.

    Pre-recorded commentary available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin.
    Live Guide (on select buses)
    Tour takes 50 minutes to complete the full route.
    Upgrade to the Blue Route from £4pp
    Board the Red City Tour bus at Gower Street on the Royal Albert Dock
    All buses are fully accessible
    Ticket valid for 24 hours of first use
    Dogs are allowed on all of our buses
    Tickets can be purchased on any of our stops

Liverpool City Sights Available Tours

Bespoke Educational Tours
On This Tour They will point out and talk the children through the historical landmarks and attractions including The Royal Albert Dock, our iconic UNESCO waterfront, the world-famous Cavern Club, the World Museum, both of our magnificent Cathedrals, The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, China Town and much more.

They also offer an extended tour that travels through to the leafy suburbs of south Liverpool - home of the Fab Four, where the Beatles were born and raised.

VIP Tours
Want to tour the city like a VIP? They offer a live guided tour in one of their luxury vehicles so you can take in the sights of the city in style. See all the city’s historic sights, including our Unesco World Hertiage waterfront and our two magnifcent Cathedrals, before we whisk you off to the leafy suburbs of south Liverpool - home of the Fab Four.

A choice of vehicles to hire including:
Open Top Buses - up to 72 seats
White Rolls Royce Phantom
Black or White Stretch Limousine
Luxury coach - 34 seats
Vintage Bus - 49 seats
Party Bus - 60 seats
Mercedes People Carriers - 8 seats

Group Bookings
If you are booking for a party of 10 or more guests, please contact them on the yellow Link below for group booking discount rates. For bookings of over 30 people or more, why not hire your very own private tour of the City, and make a even bigger saving. See Private Hire for more information.

Private Hire
Not only do you get to see all the city’s historic sights in your very own personal tour but you may even save on your total ticket price.

Both Blue Route - City & Beatles Tour, and Red Route City Tours are available as Private Hire Tours. Please contact us on the form below

A choice of vehicles for Private Hire include:
• Open Top Buses - up to 72 seats
• White Rolls Royce Phantom
• Black or White Stretch Limousine
• Luxury coach - 34 seats
• Vintage Bus - 49 seats
• Party Bus - 60 seats
• Mercedes People Carriers - 8 seats

City Sights Online Booking

Liverpool City Sights Offices & Contact For Enquiry

The Royal Albert Dock
L3 4AE 
United Kingdom

L3 1DP

Phone: +44 151 298 1253

Daytripper Liverpool To Peak District Coupon Code, Prices, Contact Details, Organised Trips & Schedule

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Daytripper Liverpool Is an UK based Tour Company which offers day trips and weekends away from Liverpool to different parts of the U.K. as well as local tours of Liverpool and events. Their trips are open to all but especially designed for University and language school students who want to experience as much of the U.K. as they can during their stay in Liverpool.

The trips are by coach and guided, while balancing the trip with free time to explore the destination. They have a range of prices to suit all budgets and offer private tours for group bookings. They offer trips to Scotland, Wales, York, Chester, the Peak District, Alton Towers, the Lake District, Stonehenge, London as well as walking tours in Liverpool.

Daytripper Liverpool Service Line

Experienced Guides and Local Tours of Liverpool
Do you need an activity leader for walking tours, Museum tours, English activities, or simply to supervise indoor and outdoor pursuits? They provide activity leaders for English based activities for private groups, language schools and Universities. Their current walking tours are around 90 minutes in Liverpool and they have 4 to choose from:
-The Cathedrals Tour
-The Waterfront Tour
-The Baltic Triangle Tour
-The Cultural Tour

Beatles tours available on request – from city centre tours to Beatles Taxi Tours. Please get in touch for any requests.

They also offer a full day tour of Liverpool by coach. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Children,  families and accessibility
They welcome children and families on their trips and offer a reduced rate for children when accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, some trips are more suitable for children, You contact them for advice on which trips are best for your child’s age and interests.

Unfortunately most of the coaches they use do not have wheelchair access. However, They may be able to accommodate a wheelchair user for a small private group. You can get in touch with them to discuss any other special requirements you may have.

Their coaches usually have toilets and air conditioning.

Daytripper Liverpool All Day Trips

Scheduled Day trips available all year round:
    The Lake District – Grasmere and Rydal
    The Lake District – Keswick Boat Trip
    Snowdonia National Park
    Conwy and Landudno
    The Peak District
    Caernarfon Castle
    Weekend trip to Edinburgh (1 night stay)

Extra day trips in Spring and Summer or for Private Groups:
    Blackpool Pleasure Beach
    Manchester with a stadium tour
    Alton Towers
    Llangollen Canal Trip
    Bath and Stonehenge (1 night stay)

Daytripper Liverpool Booking & Quotes

Group trips - Private group bookings are available, contact them for a quote.

Meet ups - free afternoon and evening meet ups in Liverpool! Everyone is welcome. They are on Meetup.com Come and join the community on the following yellow link! 
MeetUp Link

Walking Tours - Private walking tours of Liverpool available to book, just contact us.

Daytripper Liverpool Office & Contact For Enquiry

 LILA*, 2nd floor New Barratt House, 47 North John Street, Liverpool L2 6SG
Company Number : 10941754

Email: info@daytripperliverpool.com

Daytripper Liverpool Tours & Booking