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List Of Richest & Public Transportation Companies & Agencies In Nigeria (Road Network)

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It Can Be Easy Of Difficult to Travell by road in Nigeria especially in public transport when you are going for a long trip from one city/town to another. In fact this happens when you fail to plan properly by not taking a good bus. One of the crucial thing in travel planning is to choose a very reputable transport coach, bus or a company.

In Nigeria Road transport business has now moved from just transporting people from one place to another to a customer service packed and value-added services. Travellers and Customers can now choose which transport company to use based on the quality of their services and their buses, customer’s welfare on transport, safety records and, of course, their prices.

Despite of Air and Water travell, Road transport connecting all major cities with long distance services. Each city has public transport buses which provides an economical way of getting around. However traffic in most cities is horrendous, so you have to allow a lot of time for even short journeys since the buses only travel on main roads and sit in traffic.

Many inter city buses run across the country, but more often than not the vehicles are not roadworthy and the drivers tend to be on the reckless side. This also applies to local city buses and shared minibuses. Overall, a number of expats in Nigeria will tell you that taking the bus is not an option.

There is also the option of traveling by a shared taxi in between cities, where the driver will depart once the vehicle is full of people wishing to travel to the same destination. To find these services head to the motor park. Otherwise you can travel around cities in molues and danfos, which are private minibuses that operate similar to shared taxis, although take more people. You can find these vehicles easily, as they are always painted yellow, although comfort is sacrificed when riding one.

As for private road transport, Nigerian cities offer numerous taxis, which are much safer. The same cannot be said of okadas (motorbike taxis), infamous for their breakneck driving style. In any case, you can either hail a taxi or okada from the street, or order one by telephone. Taxis can either be metered or require you to negotiate the fare with the driver.


List Of Public Bus Transportation Companies In Ghana, Party, Rental, Station & Tour

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Ghana have lot of Travell options either Public or Private all over the country. Although not all drivers are licensed but most of the driver in major and registered companies are licensed to drive those vehicles. Insurance and registration stickers are displayed in the front windscreen of all vehicles in Ghana, allowing easy verification that the vehicle is current.

Most Of Buses in Ghana are usually used for long distances travell and between most major cities. There are plenty of bus companies that offer the same routes.

Almost all buses in Ghana are generally comfortable, fast and safe and their tickets cost range between GHS14 (US$6) and GHS24 (US$20.50), depending on what type of bus you choose.  Customers and travellers should remember buses in Ghana charge an extra fee for luggage.

In Ghana there are several different bus companies like Kingdom Transport Services, City Express, Metrobus and Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU). However, State Transport Company (STC) and many more but these are the most trusted bus companies.

Bus Companies in Ghana can be grouped into two,  In first group there are bus companies with better quality buses. These kind of companies have ticket offices where tickets can be bought in advance or just before the departure. It's better to buy tickets in advance, especially if traveling before or during peak season, holidays etc, when ticket can be sold out faster.

This first group of buses have comfortable seats (V.I.P. bus company being one of them), air condition, they more likely depart on actual time, are relatively fast and don’t stop on the way to pick up more people. Each of bus companies usually has only one station in one city and different bus companies are usually not situated together at the same station.

Please note that you will always have to pay extra for your bigger pieces of luggage. At the STC company, STC staff will weight you luggage and you will pay per kilogram. It is not too expensive, but you are in Ghana, so you can always negotiate with staff. VIP bus and GH Express don't weight but just have fixed prices for the luggage, depends on the size.

In the second group of bus companies in Ghana, there are other (smaller) companies. Their buses are at lower quality and don't use timetables. Tickets cannot be bought in advance since these bus companies don't have  their own offices. Buses also pick up more people on the way and can be very slow, but tickets are cheaper.

The above named companies provide Public bus services but their buses also are available for Rent and tourism purpose all the day. There are also some bus companies which have been registered for private use only like Tourism uses, Hiring services for school, Institutions, churches and other groups.

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List Of Bus Companies, Services, Travel & Fares In Tanzania (Semi, Luxury & Ordinary)

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Tanzania have many Bus Companies and Coaches that connect Towns, Cities and Villages in all zones of the country. The Passenger transport Industry In Tanzania is dominated by Major Bus Companies and other newly emerged bus companies and coaches. They are all providing the best services to struggle for their best reputations though other companies and coaches have poor bus services.

Travelling by Bus in Tanzania will give you three options to choose depending on your budget, either travel on the cheap side with Ordinary Class buss which have 2 by 3 seating arrangement, Or Semi Luxury bus with a economy budget and the coaches have 2 by 2 seaters and the last one is Luxury Class where all features are available on the bus with 2 by 2 seaters while other have 1 by 2 seating arrangement with on board toilet.

Usually there is no bus office or cash register to buy tickets after 9.00 PM. You have to buy tickets from a street vendor, but be careful to check it twice as there are scams about false vendors, who sell you fake ticket and disappear. It is best to approach the bus and talk to driver directly or getting into the bus offices directlty. Always keep the ticket until you are on the bus and bus conductor checks it out.

Most of the long distance Luxury and Semi Luxury buses make fewer stops, are less crowded and depart on schedule. Some have on board toilets and A/C, and the nicest ones are called luxury buses. On other side,  the only option is ordinary buses, which are often packed to overflowing, stop often and run to a less rigorous timetable.

Fares are basically fixed, although overcharging happens, But also you may find yourself in negotiations with the Ticket sellers and you may get a discount on prices you pay for a single routes.


South African Bus Companies, Services, Tours, Routes, Booking, Tickets & Association

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South Africa Is one among the African countries where most of it's people and the foreigner who are coming to the country are depending on road network to ravell to various cities, towns and villages for various purpose. This road network conveniently offering travellers to ability to reach all corners of the country.

There are extensive road network in South Africa which means that bus or coach travell is a simple and often very cost effective option for travellers. Buses and Coaches become the travelling option for the more economically conscious locals and many international travellers choose coach tours or bus travel as a hassle free option. It's a wonderful way of relaxing and taking in the astounding scenery between destinations.

In South Africa there are a number of bus and coach operators, offering a great range of products for every price point. Some of these trips even include being served coffee, juice, snacks and biscuits with a selection of movies to entertain you while en route to your destination.

There are daily Public transport for the communities and every people to travell to various destination within South Africa and Cross boarder services. There are also bus companies for hiring to serve you in your private trips like Tourism, Wedding, Sports, Special Events and many more.

If you are planning to enjoy your holiday across South Africa wanting to explore the cities, towns and even villages, There are also bus companies which offer this services with a fair prices.

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Swanns Bus Services Contact Details, Booking, Offices, Prices, Sightseeing Tours & Trips

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 Swanns Bus Services is established to serve the community to the very best of their ability by regularly upgrading and servicing their vehicles. All their drivers are experienced and well trained.

Although Swann's has been in business for more than 15 years, They are by far the most well known and trusted bus company in the Langeberg Municipality area.

The business was started by the brothers André and Juan Swanepoel. They recognized the urgent need for reliable public transport in this area. Swann's started with one sixty and two twenty five seaters and grew to a company with more than fourty vehicles.

Swanns Bus Services Fleet

Their fleet of more than 40 buses range from 14 seaters to 80 seater’s. All busses are maintained on a maintenance schedule to ensure your safety. Each bus undergo a pre trip inspection before leaving for a trip.
Below are the types of the fleet that Swann's Bus Services Operate in South Africa:

Swanns Bus Services 80 Seaters
Comfortable high back seats
Flip down LCD monitor
PA system
TV (limited)
Luggage space

Swanns Bus Services 60 Seaters
PA System
Luggage Space
Comforatble Seats

Swanns Bus Services 65 Seaters:
Same as 60 seaters

Swanns Bus Services 32, 22 and 14 Seaters
Same as 60 seaters
With CD Player/Radio
Trailer (Optional)

Swanns Bus Services They Offer

At Swann's Bus Company, They offer a variety os Services to their customers and below are some of the services they used to offer:
Transport of Scholars
School Excursions
Organized Tours (Local and Long Distance)
Sightseeing Trips
Clubs, Sport teams, Church groups and other different institutions.

They operate locally in the Langeberg Municipality area (Montagu, Ashton, Bonnievale, Robertson and McGregor) but also do long distance trips and tours.

They know how to treat their passengers in a very personal and professional way. The success of their business is based on the reliability and service levels obtained by their vehicles and drivers.

Swanns Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Physical Address
158 First Avenue
Goree Farm,

Contact Numbers
Tel: +27 (023) 111 0006
Cell:+27  (071) 203 9260
Fax: +27 (086) 603 1715


Monday, February 11, 2019

Detour Travel & Tours South Africa Reviews, Booking, Prices, Contact Details, Offices & Tickets

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 Detour Travel and Tour Bus Company began their operations in 2008 and provides a wide range of professional transport and chauffeur services to business travellers, holiday makers and schools. They are based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, in the Republic of South Africa and are accredited members of Durban Tourism, Tourism KwaZulu-Natal, and the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

They are a family owned business that draws on their extensive local knowledge gathered over many years in the transport industry. They are focused on providing reliable, safe, flexible and convenient transport to and from your chosen

Detour Travel & Tours Fleet

For your peace of mind and personal safety, their fleet are kept in excellent condition with regular service intervals by their vehicle agents. They maintain full vehicle and passenger insurance cover in accordance with the requirements of SATSA. They also perform regular roadworthy inspections on all their vehicles before they are permitted to leave their premises on their journey. Each of their vehicles has a valid permit issued by the South African Department of Transport, as required by law.

Their choice of customized vehicles includes:
    Luxury air conditioned buses
    Covered trailers to transport group passenger luggage
    Executive, air conditioned cars
    Standard sedans

Their wide range of vehicles from executive cars to tour buses allows them to cater for the individual traveller as well as larger groups.

Detour Travel & Tours Services

 Their transport services include airport transfers to your hotel or destination, a chauffeur service for business or pleasure, travel to conference or team building events, school sport tours and excursions as well as sightseeing tours to popular destinations around the province of KwazuluNatal, other parts of South Africa,

    Private transfers from King Shaka Airport to any destination countrywide and cross borders
    Countrywide group travel, including cross border trips. Below are full list of their services:

Airport transfers: 
An airport shuttle service that can transport any size group of people to / from Durban’s King Shaka International Airport. They provide a meet and greet service with name boards at the arrival gates, getting your journey off to a convenient start.

Designed for the discerning traveler, whether business or personal. Their executive cars provide that extra comfort between meetings or that shopping spree, allowing you to get on with more important things whilst being driven from point A to point B.

Business transport:
From conferences to team building, They provide transport for large groups as well as staff travelling alone. Their professional drivers will ensure itinerary times are followed, making sure your travel plans don’t get in the way of business.

School tours: 
They cater for all school trips including sport and bonding tours and day excursions. Their reliable vehicles and professional drivers will give you peace of mind that your learners are in safe hands.

Holiday tours:
They provide transport for tourists with their own itinerary as well as those who aren’t sure where they’d like to travel. They offer tours throughout Kwazulu Natal and South Africa and will tailor the itinerary to your budget.

Detour Travel & Tours Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

22 Fairlight Road,

Tel/Fax : +27 31 4645686
Cell : +27 82 922 3055
Email :

Ez Shuttle Services Port Elizabeth Booking, Contact Number, Routes, Reviews & Prices,

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Ez Shuttle Services currently provide an airport shuttle service in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit/Mbombela, Bloemfontein and George which provide you with continuity when travelling within South Africa. They are the only airport shuttle provider with a full online booking facility, providing you with real time confirmations as well as SMS confirmation of your order. This is all done through the use of a state of the art scheduling system which was developed, and is continually improved upon, ensuring that your booking experience is seamless and hassle free.

Their car rental/hire service operates out of 40 branches nationally and they can provide vehicles to match your specific requirements.

They now also offer Gautrain Station transfers, which really help considering that their buses only travel on very specific and limited routes. Also, bearing in mind that your flight might be leaving very early, try give them a call to come and pick you up from your home to the station – door to door!

Ez Shuttle Services Fleet

EZ Shuttle fleet are selected based on durability, reliability and style. Conveniences such as leather interior and climate control are standard within the EZ Shuttle fleet, while no vehicle exceeds a 12-month maximum service term.

All vehicles are meticulously maintained, with daily inspections, and monthly servicing being the norm. Their drivers take great pride and responsibility for the vehicles under their guard and ensure that each transfer is undertaken in a clean and tidy vehicle.

In addition to vehicle performance, care and comfort, passenger safety is prioritised, and as such each EZ Shuttle vehicle is covered for R10 million passenger liability insurance per incident. Their fleet is fitted with state-of the art tracking software, allowing our 24 hour manned call centre to track their every move.

EZ Shuttle has extensive experience in providing coaches to groups ranging from 7 individuals to more than 3000 delegates on a single day. Whatever your large groups need, they can provide it and they do so across the country both with their own coaches as well as our extensive network of contracted partners. They currently provide various coaching options including Semi Lux 13, 22 and 60 seater coaches. They also have 37 seater full lux coaches available on their fleet across the country.

These coaches include (depending on the model) features such as:
    Reclining seats
    Individual seatbelts
    USB Charging ports at every seat
    On-board WiFi
    Fridge on board
    DVD/USB/Bluetooth Player

Ez Shuttle Services They Offer

They specialize in airport transfers & shuttles for individuals and groups of up to 60 at a time. They also provide conference and bespoke transport solutions for individuals and groups as big as 3000.

EZ Shuttle has extensive experience in providing coaches to groups ranging from 7 individuals to more than 3000 delegates on a single day. Whatever your large groups need, they can provide it and they do so across the country both with their own coaches as well as our extensive network of contracted partners.

Their coaches can be booked for sporting events, conferences and corporate events for groups of up to 3000 delegates. Meet and greet services are also available across South Africa at all major destinations including airports.

They also regularly provide coaching solutions for touring purposes across South Africa as well as across their borders into their neighboring countries such as Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Ez Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Head Office
Phone : +27 (0)12 346 0899
Voip Phone : +27 (0)87 160 0233
Fax : +27 (0)866 611 707
Email :

Physical Address
184 Bronkhorst Str
Nieuw Muckleneuk

Postal Address
PO Box 72525
Lynnwood Ridge
Pretoria, 0181
South Africa

Customer Care & Support
Phone : 0861 EZ SHUTTLE / 0861 397 488 (24 hours)

International: +27 12 346 0899

Fax : 0866 611 707

Email :

To Cancel a Booking
Please send a email to

Contact Customer Care
0861 397 488

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Stabus Tours Lenasia To Braamfontein Contact Number, Booking, Hite, Prices & Owner

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Stabus Tours & Bus Services Is a South Africa Bus Company which was established in 2003 to provide employee and student transport services to the charter industry. ​ The company started by providing student transport to a few major schools in the Gauteng region. ​

They are now one of the largest passenger transport companies in the industry serving the communities and special group of people who are willing to use their services. They have a well trained personnel who are working hard to bring about good and comfortable services to their customers.

Stabus Tours Fleet

They have a​ Fleet of 200+ vehicles with an average age of 4 years​. Their Fleet are well maintained by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)​
Financially stable and healthy which enables them to take on large projects without any difficulty.

Their buses use latest technology and they are clean and smart all the time. They have Luxury buses with 2 by 2 seating arrangement and Semi Luxury Buses with 2 by 3 seating arrangement.

On board entertainments are available on their buses and Passengers can enjoy Television services and Music from their modern devices fitted on their buses.

Passengers can enjoy Free WiFi services when they on board for their trip, and USB charging systems are available in every seat on the bus. Don't forget their buses have an A/C services.

Stabus Tours Services They Offer

All their buses are available for special hire for wherever you may need to go. They cater for a variety of sizes of groups from all walks of life, going to all different kinds of events.
Whether it is a corporate function, Professional or School Sporting Event, Tour, Airport Transfer or Social Function, They will take you to your destination comfortably and return you safely.
They also provide the following services:
City Tours
Day Trips
Long Distance Tours
Public Bus Services
They are passionate about making unforgettable dream holidays in Africa come true. Their wide selection of enthralling guided holidays, tours and safaris showcases the many, diverse splendours of Southern Africa. Each authentic, completely hassle-free guided holiday experience takes in top destination highlights; and offers their guests safe luxury transport, excellent accommodation and fine dining, fully supported by professional, caring service.

Stabus Offices &n Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Corner Of Clifton & Bartlett Streets Mayfair 2108
P.O.BOX 1821 Florida 1710

Tel: +27 11 837 9934, +27 11 249 9610
Fax: +27 11 837 9701