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Dar Lux Bus, Dar es salaam To Arusha, Nairobi, Booking, Offices, Contacts & Routes

DAR LUX CO. LTD is a unique modern generation of Tanzania private Bus Company, fully owned, managed and run by highly visionary Tanzania entrepreneurs with support from well experienced professionals, consultants, and experts.

Our core and main business is the provision of superior Passenger and Parcel Delivery at East and Central Africa.

One of our top priorities is the safety of our passengers. We have therefore imposed strict quality controls and assessments on our drivers. All drivers undergo in-house training and regular refresher courses, over and above the normal passenger licence requirements, to further safeguard passengers.

Core Values
Our well-motivated, trained and experienced staffs are our key assets and social capital. We are proud of their ethical performance based attributes which includes being:-

      Business Oriented and professional outlook in appearance and approach.
      Fair and accountable for the decisions they make in their areas of responsibilities.
      Honest, polite, competent, committed, motivated, accessible and prompt in company products and services delivery.
      Ability to treat its Customers clients, colleagues and company stakeholders with utmost dignity, respect, integrity, humility and care.

 Our Services
1. Passengers

Dar Lux is committed to provide the best transport solutions and parcel delivery to clients in order to gain competitive advantage on both a local and international level, our service has to be of world class standards.
We are ensuring that our staff are competent to deal with all aspects of the business. They are trained to be fully conversant with geographical layout, road conditions and permit requirements for cross border travel.

2. Parcel Information
Do you need to transport an important document, parcel or package? Dar Lux offers a parcel delivery service between our offices nationwide, East and Central Africa.
We can ensure that whatever you send with us will reach its destination safely and will be available for collection within a time.

They are now operating even abroad by introducing a new route from Dar es slaam to Nairobi. They compete with Dar Express, Modern Coast, Saibaba and Tahmed.

Dar Lux Root and Contacts:

Dar es salaam - Mwanza
Dar es salaam - Mbeya
Dar es salaam - Arusha
Dar es salaam - Nairobi
Dar es salaam - Tunduma

Dar Lux Offices & Contacts:

 Plot No. 29363.
Tanzania and China Friendship Textles Flats,
Shekilango Business Area,
Morogoro Road, P.O.Box 12233,
Dar es Salam, Tanzania, East Africa

Phone :
+255 789 495 059
+255 658 495 059
+255 744 666 643

Call Centre : +255 22 2926479 / 80

WhatsApp : +255 789 495 059

0716495059, 0788495059
Web: www.darlux.co.tz

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