Mghamba Express Mwanza To Moshi, Booking, Contacts, Offices & Routes.

Mghamba Express Is one of the best and oldest company for Travelling between Moshi and Mwanza City. They started to transit passenger long time ago, The time when that roote dominated by Mghamba and AM Bus. 

They Transit both passengers and Parcels at a fair price, With Mghamba your destination is in your hand. The company have two classes bus, Semi Luxury bus and Ordinary bus. Their buses operate for all seven days of the week.

Mghamba Express Routes:

Moshi - Arusha - Mwanza
Moshi - Geita
Arusha - Mwanza
Arusha - Kahama

Mghamba Booking & Contact;

Call -  0752 0209065.

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