Zuberi Bus Services Dar es salaam To Mwanza, Contacts, Booking & Offices.

Zuberi Express provides the transportation service to travelers who connect between Mwanza and other parts of Tanzania every day.  Zuberi Express is one of best companies that provide professional and affordable services and they have created concrete reputation for safe drive and punctuality to all of their arriving locations.

Zuberi Express vision is to create strong brand awareness to the public by improving the professional coach service and customer care facilities. Zuberi Express specializes in offering transportation service to their customers to satisfactory level.

Most of Zuberi's Buses are Semi Luxury with On board entertainment.

Zuberi Bus Routes;

Mwanza - Dar es salaam
Mwanza - Moshi
Musoma - Dar es salaam
Dar es salaam - Shinyanga

Contacts & Offices

P.O. Box 306, Mwanza
+255 (28) 2542572

P.O. Box 95888
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
0767 812 351

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