Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Asante Rabi Express Arusha - Mwanza, Booking, Offices, Contacts & Routes.

Asante Rabi Express Is a bus company among those buses which operates between Northern Zone and Lake Zone. The company serve daily routes between Arusha City and Mwanza City at a fair cost. 

Thought Asante Rabi Express is almost a Young company in Intercity services, But it managed to impose a great challenges and competition with other company in the region. They have great competition with Mghamba Buses, AM Coaches, Arusha Express and other.

Asante Rabi Express Routes:

Arusha - Mwanza via Singida
Shinyanga - Mwanza
Arusha-Shinyanga via Singida

Asante Rabi Office & Contacts:

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