Mabasi Mapya Ya Mbeya Express - New Buses - Sumbawanga to Dar es salaam.

Following a lost in Many major routes in Tanzania due to several difficulties facing the company, Finally Mbeya Express back again in the Industry with a new model buses. Mbeya Express was a leader and Dominant in the routes like Dar es salaam - Songea, Mbeya - Dar es salaam, Sumbawanga - Dar es salaam, Mbeya - Arusha and Iringa - Dares salaam.

Mbeya Express lost it's leadership early in 2014 in those routes, But it was operating in Sumbawanga regions with the nearby towns. Earrly this June surprised it's customers by showing the their new buses and the bringing back Sumbawanga - Dar es salaam routes.

Still the company Invested in Nisaan Ud buses, Now with more On board entertainment and refreshment. Their busesnow has Usb Port Charges, Television Services, Soft Drinks, Bites etc.

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