Abay Bus Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar Phone Number, Ticket Office & Booking

 Abay Bus transport Plc is an Intercity bus services which foundd and operate in Ethiopia as well as neighbouring countries. Abay Bus is operated by highly qualified professionals in various disciplines and many years of experience in the transport sector.

Abay Bus is all about making long distance journey safe, dependable, comfortable and fitting with a very hospitable service for a reasonable price.

Abay Bus operate their company and services by integrity, honesty and reliability. With these moral in mind, They are set to serve their passengers with adoring spirit.

Abay Bus Ethiopia Fleet Line

Abay Bus uses modern chinise Yutong bus and other model to deliver it's services to their customers. All of their buses are fitted with Air Conditioner as well as they have enough legroom for your comfort.

While you travel with Abay Bus, They will care for you by srving you with On board entertainment like Television services, Music system soft drinks and snacks.

Abay Bus Ethiopia Routes

Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
Addis Ababa To Lalibela
Addis Ababa To  Harar
Addis Ababa To Gondar
Addis Ababa To  Mekele
Addis Ababa To Hawassa
Addis Ababa To  Arba Minch
Addis Ababa To Omo Rate
Addis Ababa To Nairobi
Addis Ababa To  Khartoum

Abay Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Addis Ababa International Bank SC

Abay Bus Ticket Office Abay And Tana Yrgebeya Maekel 

Bahir Dar, Wereda 02 Bahir Dar 1872

Phone: +251 11 156 3414


 Mobile 0911 222 306
Mobile 0911 139 155
Mobile 0911 887 071
Mobile 0911 350 897
Mobile 0911 486 022
Fax 011 273 2088

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