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Peace Mass Transit Lagos Tom Owerri Booking, Contacts, Price List & Owner

Peace Mass Transit (PMT) ltd was formed in the year 1995 to give commuter services to the general public mostly within Nsukka, Enugu and Onitsha areas. PMT initially acquired buses from Foton International of China. As at today, PMT acquires its Hummer buses from Toyota Nig. Ltd, while some other range of buses are acquired from outside the country.

When PMT acquires new buses, the buses are first put on distant routes such as Lagos to Abuja, Lagos to Nsukka, and Enugu to Ibadan. After twelve months of operation on these long distant routes, these set of buses are withdrawn to apply local routes such as Nsukka to Enugu, Enugu to Abakiliki, Enugu to Onitsha, Nsukka to Enugu-Ezike, etc. Twenty four months later, the buses are finally taken off the road. PMT has regular staff strength of 600 and contract staff of 2000.

Peace Mass Transit Online Booking

Customers may choose to book your ticket with Peace Mass Transit using their two online booking options. Either book directly via their official website ( or use a third party bus ticket booking site such as
If these options are not suitable for you, tickets can also be book directly at the various Peace Mass Transit terminals located near you.

Peace Mass Transit Fleets

All Peace Mass Transit buses are spacious and air conditioned. Some are fitted with tinted windows and drapes to protect from the harsh rays of the sun.  Subtle music is played to relax the passengers on their smooth journey. Peace Mass Transit buses are equipped with a speed limiter to ensure that drivers do not exceed 120km/hour.

Courier Services At Peace Mass Transit

Peace Express Services Ltd (PESL)is another subsidiary of Peace Group NG, it offers courier services. This subsidiary was established in 2006. It provides courier services to both passengers and non-passengers of Peace Mass Transit. The courier office of Peace Mass Transit is located in Enugu.

Peace Mass Transit Routes & Prices List

Onitsha – N1,310

Enugu – N1,560

Calabar – N2,000

Owerri – N810

Warri – N1,560

Awka – N1,460

Onitsha – N660

Uyo – N1,410

Calabar – N1,960

Warri – N1,960

PHC – N1,800

Enugu – N1,060

Enugu – N2,100

Owerri – N1,900

Umuahia – N1,600

PHC – N2,000

Warri – N3,700

Umuahia – N2,050

PHC – N1,550

Awka – N1,250

Owerri – N1,950

Calabar – N3,650

Warri – N2,650

Enugu – N1,650

Owerri – N1,400

PHC – N1,250

Umuahia – N950

Calabar – N800

Please note that prices may be subject to change. They may be contacted for further information via email or a phone call.

Peace Mass Transit Contacts  & Offices

 Peace Motors Address: NO.2 DESTINY LAY OUT EMENE ENUGU 
Peace Motors Call Phone Number: 07007322362, 07007322362
 SMS Number: 07034157751 
Email:, (,

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