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O. A. Travel & Tour is a Ghanaian registered Company specializing in the provision of transport management services to the general public and the mining industry.  Its head office is in Kumasi. Apart from the general public transport services within Ghana, O.A. Travel & Tours is also providing transport services to the mining companies in AngloGold Ashanti Limited in Obuasi and Golden Star Limited at Bogoso.

Opoku Agyemang who is a renowned businessman founded O.A. Travel and Tours. After its formal registration, as a transport service it was then named O .A. Travel and Tours. Initially it was operating under the GPRTU, till it started on its own, which has been successful over the years. O.A. has grown from strength to strength over the years with such hardworking staff.

OA Travel And Tour Fleets

 Currently O.A. has over 400 buses of different brands/types. Periodically additional buses are imported and the increment is seen as measures to boost up the smooth operation of the existing buses. These are high standard
 Buses imported from Asia, Indian and Europe.

The interior decorations of O.A. buses are highly remarkable. Very nice quality curtains are used. There are also video and television sets in the buses to ease boredom of passengers travelling long distances.

Seats in O.A. buses are extremely comfortable. There are first class seats in the buses. The seats are adjustable as well. A passenger could easily adjust a seat and sleep in the bus  undertake training programs for O.A. drivers. There are also intensive frequent training programs for them

OA Travel And Tour Team & Staffs

O.A. Travel & Tours has a very dedicated and hardworking management board that has an oversight responsibility of seeing to successful operational activities of the company.

has a technical section that is made up of highly skilled technical men responsible for the daily technical measures responsible for the smooth running of the buses. O.A. can boast of hardworking men who are experts on the fields.

OA Travel And Tour Safety Measures

 O.A. Travel and Tours takes into consideration safety issues as a top most priority and has therefore embarked on a very high safety standards over the years. Some measures taken by O.A Travel & Tours are:





As part of the high safety precautionary measures put in place by the management of O.A. Travel and Tours there are some road monitors in some buses. These monitors are like a television sets that enable the driver to have a long view of the road and also an accurate back view of the road. This device helps the driver to see the road very well and also detect an upcoming vehicle especially in negotiating very sharp curves and bends. The monitor serves as part of the safety standards set up by O.A. to increase its safety on the roads.

OA Travel And Tour  Routes

Kumasi To Aflao

Accra To Kumasi

Accra To Drobo

Accra To Sunyani

Accra To Berekum

Accra To Yeji

Accra To Dolmaa

Accra To Bolgatanga

Accra To Tamale

Accra To Techiman

Accra To Nkroranza

Accra To Wa

Accra To Paga/Navilongo

Accra To Goaso/Mim

Accra To Burkinafaso

OA Travel And Tour Phone  Numbers For Booking

0302 236 917
0244 284 713

0322 041 925 
0243 177 620

0244 178 949  
0208 924 221

0242 767 694 
0208 083 644 

Yeji /Atebubu
0244 872 717
  0201 538 900  
0244 828 461 
0278 046 361 
0246 593 444     
0242 754 874

0207 140 091
  0543 822 332

    0243 863 666

    0240 686 651


Bolga /Paga
  0208 294 602

 O. A. Travel and Tours
 P. O. Box SE 204
Suame - Kumasi
Ghana -W/Africa
 Location: Near Asafo Labour Office
Tel : +233-(0)322 041 925
O. A. Travel and Tours 
P. O. Box NK  25
Accra  - North Keneshi
Ghana - W/Africa
Location: Near CFAO Circle
Tel  : +233-(0)302 236 917

E-mail : info@oatravels.com

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