East Delta Bus Cairo To Taba Hotline, Schedule, Online Reservation, Booking & Routes

Is a joint stock company (public business sector) of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport under the provisions of Law 203 of 1991 with a licensed capital of LE 160 million and an issued capital of 82.74 million pounds. It was established in 1961 and has a license to practice (A) 9001. The company aims to carry out public and private transport works for passengers by buses and cars in regular routes or in special operations for trips, tourism, etc.

They also carry out all kinds of tourism works and services of all types and all their degrees. The company can obtain any license or commitment to operate any of the common transport lines, Pain Aadat and tenders and the entry and conduct commercial, industrial, financial and real estate business related to its purpose and the realization of the commercial agencies with specialized in auto spare parts industry.

They are agents for international road transport companies where we have a fleet of modern cars bus up to 1000 and we have considerable experience in the fields of tourism, foreign and domestic tourism, Hajj and Umrah

East Delta Bus Egypt Routes

     Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh
    Cairo to Suez
    Cairo to Port Said
    Cairo to Ismailia

    Cairo to El Arish
    Cairo to St. Catherine
    Cairo to Ras Sidr
    Cairo to Nuweiba

    Cairo to Mansoura
    Cairo to Dahab
    Sharm el-Sheikh to the new peace position
    Zagazig to Sharm El Sheikh

East Delta Bus Egypt Offices & Contact For Booking

 The main center of the company
Address: 4 El Tayaran Street, Nasr City, Cairo
Internal number: 0222609576/0222611883/0222611882
Fax: 0222611885
Chairman of the Board: 0224056374
Head of Tourism Sector: 0222605592
President of the International Sector: 0222635176
Operating Room: 0222633254
Tourism Office: 0222623128

Tourist Office and Flight Reservation
Nature of the site: Reservation of air and ships
Address: Al Darmalli Street - Downtown - Cairo
Tourism Office: 0223923027

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo  
  (002) 0225778347

Emtedad Ramses St., Abbasseya, Cairo
   0223424753, 0223422592, 0223428589

Almaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo 

El-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo

4 El-Tayaran St., Nasr City, Cairo 
  0222611881, 0222611882, 0222611883, 0222611886

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo 

Landmark: In Front 0f Kaliobeya Security Administration Banha, Kaliobeya  

El-Guish St., El-Mansoura, El-Dakahleya  
0502216654, 0502319598

El-Galaa St., Damietta

Abou Khalil Station, El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya  
0552261486, 0552261485

El-Horreya Sq., El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya

Ezzbet Atef El-Sadat, Arish 

Landmark: End of Downtown Station, Ras Sidr  

Landmark: El-Ruwaisat Station, El-Ruwaisat, Sharm El-Sheikh 
  0693665350, 0693665351

Downtown Station, St. Catherine

Landmark: Beside Dahab Hospital, Ahmed Zewail St., Masbat, Dahab  
0693640250, 0693641808

Taba Station, Downtown, Taba  

El-Minaa El-Raaisy St., Harbour, Nuweiba

Fayed Station, Fayed, Ismailia  

El-Sekka El-Hadid, El-Tal El-Kabir, Ismailia 

El-Salam District, Ismailia 

Mubarak Station, Moubarak District, Port Said 

Misr Suez Desert Rd., Faisal, Suez  

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