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Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) is the major public transport bus service operator for Cape Town, South Africa, providing commuter bus services throughout a large part of the City of Cape Town metropolitan area.

Founded in 1861, and owned by South African holding company Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited, the company operates a fleet of over 1000 buses on 1300 routes, with a daily ridership of around 220,000 people Golden Arrow is currently the only scheduled passenger transport operator in the Cape Metropole to have achieved prestigious government and industry recognized Road Transport Management System (RTMS) accreditation. The fleet is also the single largest accredited to date.

Golden Arrow Bus Smart Card

You can pay cash fare on all Golden Arrow buses. If possible please try to have the correct change or as close as possible as drivers only carry a small float for safety reasons.

When boarding a bus you simply tap your card onto the card reader at the entrance of the bus – a green light will indicate that your card has valid products available and you will be able to board.

Golden Arrow Bus Gold cards can be obtained from the same points at which clipcards were previously purchased.

Cash fares differ according to the time at which you travel. Peak period starts at 16:00 and ends at 08:00. Off peak starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00. The fare collection system switches fares automatically  - if you have any concerns in this regard please retain your ticket and call 0800 656463 or send an email to

You can load products onto your card at any Golden Arrow Bus approved sales agent or sales point. Please visit our website or call 0800 656463 for your nearest sales point.  

Golden Arrow Bus Routes

 Airport Ind to Bellville
  Airport Ind to Bluedowns
  Airport Ind to Cape Town
  Airport Ind to Delft
  Airport Ind to Khayelitsha

Batavia School to Simonstown
Beacon Valley to Cape Town
Beacon Valley to Claremont
Beacon Valley to Tafelsig
Beacon Valley to Town Centre
Belgravia Ind to Athlone Ind
Belgravia Ind to Town Centre

Cambridge to Atlantis
Cambridge to Killarney
Cambridge to Montague Gdns
Cambridge to Ndabeni
Cape Gate to Town Centre
Cape Town to Airport Ind

Darling to Cape Town
Darling to Killarney
Dassenberg to Cape Town
Dassenberg to Killarney
Da Gama Park to Fish Hoek
Da Gama Park to Perdekloof
Da Gama Park to Simonstown
Da Gama to Fish Hoek

Golden Arrow Bus Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

 Head Office:
103 Bofors Circle, Epping Industria
PO Box 1795, Cape Town, 8000.
    Tel: (021) 5078800
    Fax: (021) 5348818

Operational Centre:
Arrowgate Depot, Pallotti Road., Montana Estate
    Tel: (021) 937 8800
    Fax: (021) 934 4885

Emergency Operating Contact Number:
    078 215 0055

Feedback and Enquiries: 
0800 65 64 63

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