DMJ Bus Johannesburg To King Williams Town Schedule, Contact, Prices, Routes & Owner

DMJ Transport started providing services to commuters in and around Cape Town since 1989. The company was formally registered in 1996 and still remains an independent, family owned business.

The company prides itself for providing daily, reliable and efficient services between the Eastern Cape and Western Cape as well as between the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Moreover, passengers are conveyed at a reasonable fare without compromising their safety or comfort using a fleet of the very latest coaches.

DMJ Bus Fleet

DMJ Transport have different classes of their buses, Below are the classes they have for their passengers:

DMJ Bus Greenliner
Our top-of-the-range luxury coaches offer passengers 5-star luxury.

    Spacious two by two seating
    Toilet facilities
    Seating ranging from 52 to 70 seats
    Comfortable reclining seats
    Silent rear mounted engines
    On-board entertainment

DMJ Bus R Range
The stylish R Range offers passengers a smooth and silent experience on board our 4-star luxury coaches.

    Spacious three-by-two seating
    Toilet facilities
    Comfortable reclining seats
    Silent rear mounted engines
    On-board entertainment

Our reliable coaches provide safe, reliable, semi-luxury comfort to our passengers.

    Spacious three-by-two seating
    Comfortable reclining seats
    On-board entertainment

DMJ Bus Baggage Policy

Baggage includes all items which accompany a passenger whilst aboard DMJ Transport coach, either within the baggage compartment or carried on board by the passenger. A passenger is allowed to convey two pieces of luggage (excluding carry-on luggage).

    The maximum weight for one piece should be 40kg with maximum dimensions of 80cm x 60cm x 30cm.
    The first 30kg is not charged, however an additional charge will be levied for each kilogram that exceeds 30kg. DMJ Transport reserves the right to refuse the conveyance of luggage that exceeds the dimensions and weight stipulated above.

DMJ Bus Routes

Route 1:
A: Cape Town via Queenstown - Umtata/Mount Frere
18 - 19 hours
B: Cape Town via Tsomo - Idutywa
13 - 14 hours
Route 2:
C: Cape Town via King William's Town - Idutywa
13 - 14 hours
Route 3:
A: Pretoria via Tsomo - Idutywa
11 hours
B: Pretoria via Engcobo - Umtata
11 - 12 hours
C: Pretoria via Fort Beaufort - Idutywa
13 hours
D: Pretoria via East London - Idutywa
12 hours
Route 4:
A: Cape Town via Port Elizabeth/East London - Mount Frere
16 hours
Route 5:
B: Cape Town via Victoria West/Kimberley - Pretoria
15 hours
C: Cape Town via Bloemfontein - Pretoria
14 - 15 hours

DMJ Bus Ticket Purchases and Coach Stop Locations

DMJ Transport offers ticket sales to over 26 destinations within Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng provinces.

DMJ Bus Online Booking
Note: For locations without a ticket counter, purchases can be made directly from coach staff prior to boarding. Note that only cash sales may be possible as no POS terminals are available on the coaches. DMJ Transport strives to accommodate all passengers with disabilities or special needs. To arrange for travel assistance, please inform the hostess prior to the commencement of the journey. NB! Lookout for the latest news regards the rollout of a new country wide ticketing distribution sales network soon to be in operation. This will facilitate easy convenient access to all locations within South Africa

Standard / Normal Discounts
Pensioner – 2%
Student – 2%
Child (Aged 6 to 12) – 6.5%
Child (Aged 3 to 5) – 10%
Infant – FREE

DMJ Bus Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Fare and schedule information or general inquiries
Phone; 021 419 4368/9

Phone; 021 419 4368/9

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