Phadziri Bus Services Pretoria Contact Details, Tickets, Prices, Booking, Office & Timetable

Phadziri Bus Services is a privately owned passenger bus transport service. With an outstanding record of safety, service & reliability,it has become the leading service provider in the coach industry & have a route to Zimbabwe (Hararre) 

Phadziri Bus Services started the transportation activities since 20-04-1995 as a small company serving some parties of South Africa. But now the company has grown up and it has expanded it's services to neighboring countries like Zimbabwe.

Phadziri Bus Services Fleet

Phadziri Bus Services operates different types of coaches, They have Luxury and ordinary buses in most of of the local routes in South Africa. Their Luxury Coaches is for Long distance trip and these coaches equipped with Reclining seats,On board entertainment like Television, Music system and other, A/C Service all the way long and First Aid services to their customers.

Phadziri Bus Services ordinary buses operate in the local routes and this are special for carrying scholars, workers, and providing commuter services in South African Provinces. They also have City buses for point to point transport services.

Phadziri Bus Services They Offer

Phadziri Bus Services offer long distance trips within South Africa and also cross boarder trips to Zimbabwe. In South Africa they do travel in the largest cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Limpopo and many more, They have inter and intra city bus and mini buses for their customers.

Phadziri Bus Services also are available for Hiring within South Africa serving for Special Groups, Churches, Schools, Sports Teams, Tourist and other social groups. Their buses are available seven days of the week.

Phadziri Bus Services offer Insurance coverage to their customers in case of accident or any other circumstance relating to that, They do care for their customers.

Phadziri Bus Services Routes

Johannesburg To Harare
All Other Routes Within South Africa Will Be Updated Soon.

Phadziri Bus Services Office, Address & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Address: 38 Kruger St, Makhado, 0920, South Africa
City of Limpopo
Post Office box: 360, Makhado, 0920
Tel 1: 015 516 2449
Fax 1: 015 516 2449
(27) 15 516 24 58
(27) 15 516 05 57

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