Zambia To Namibia Express Bus Booking, Timetable, Contact Details, Prices / Fares & Office

Zambia - Namibia Express Bus Is a passenger transport company linking between Windhoek and Lusaka city Via Livingstone and Katima Mulilo. This is one among those bus companies playing this route with a well established network of agencies and officies.

Zambia - Namibia bus working under the umbrella of Pioneer Motor Services who manage and maintain the working schedule of this bus company. 

Zambia - Namibia Express Bus Fleet

They have invested much in Scania bus models with Marcopolo assembled bodies as well as Mv bodies. They also invested in Chinese bus model like Higer.

They buses are configured with 3 by 2 seating arrangement and are also fitted with an A/C services. On board entertainment available while you are traveling with Zambia - Namibia Express Bus, They have Television services and music all the way long.

Zambia - Namibia Express Bus Routes & Timetable

Windhoek To Lusaka
Monday & Thursday

Lusaka To Windhoek
Sunday & Wednesday

Zambia - Namibia Express Bus Address, Offices & Contacts For Booking

Windhoek Office
Zambia Embassy Building
22 Sam Nujoma & Mandume Ndemufayo
 Phone: +264 813 249 703

Zambia Office
Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminal
Phone: +260 977 800 042
            +260 979 760 333

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