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Are You Travelling To Zimbabwe or You are in Zimbabwe Thinking to travell within your country, Just calm down and read this short details on how to travell and explore the beautiful scenery of Zimbabwe. This country is the one among all African countries which depend on road network to make a travell in Urban and Rural areas. Therefore Bus travell become so important for people to make a smooth travell between places uin a safe and comfortable ways.

In Zimbabwe there are two main types of buses in the country which are express and local. Express services are run according to a set timetable and tickets need to be purchased before departure. Local buses have no schedule and generally wait until they’re full to leave. These local buses can be found at markets and in the center of major towns.

Those express or luxury buses operate according to published timetables. Check carefully, however, as most bus companies have both local also known as chicken buses and luxury coaches. Taking Pioneer and ZUPCO as an example have both luxury and chicken buses.

Local buses normally depart when full from township markets outside the centre of a town. These are old public buses which often stop at every intersection and carry almost everything from wheelbarrows to sofas. They are often the only affordable way for local people and the only means of transportation available in rural areas. Travel if you would like the experience and you will be received with friendly smiles and politeness as always and everywhere in Zimbabwe but they are not usually that roadworthy and very often extremely late due to frequent breakdowns.

Intercity shuttles: If You Consider hiring a shuttle company to transport you between cities in Zimbabwe, There is a lot of shuttle services company which offer a great services.  Day trips and tours to assorted cities are also on offer, see the individual Zimbabwe city travel guides for more info on these.

Informal transport: Many Zimbabweans travel in minibuses called ETs (Emergency Taxis). These are best kept for locals and seasoned travellers because they are not well used by tourists (and they drive very fast!). If you would like to read more about public transport in Zimbabwe, please see this external blog post.

Minibus taxis are available for intracity transport, and are relatively inexpensive by European standards and they provide a cheap, though a not necessarily safe or very comfortable way of seeing the true Zimbabwe.

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