List Of Richest & Public Transportation Companies & Agencies In Nigeria (Road Network)

It Can Be Easy Of Difficult to Travell by road in Nigeria especially in public transport when you are going for a long trip from one city/town to another. In fact this happens when you fail to plan properly by not taking a good bus. One of the crucial thing in travel planning is to choose a very reputable transport coach, bus or a company.

In Nigeria Road transport business has now moved from just transporting people from one place to another to a customer service packed and value-added services. Travellers and Customers can now choose which transport company to use based on the quality of their services and their buses, customer’s welfare on transport, safety records and, of course, their prices.

Despite of Air and Water travell, Road transport connecting all major cities with long distance services. Each city has public transport buses which provides an economical way of getting around. However traffic in most cities is horrendous, so you have to allow a lot of time for even short journeys since the buses only travel on main roads and sit in traffic.

Many inter city buses run across the country, but more often than not the vehicles are not roadworthy and the drivers tend to be on the reckless side. This also applies to local city buses and shared minibuses. Overall, a number of expats in Nigeria will tell you that taking the bus is not an option.

There is also the option of traveling by a shared taxi in between cities, where the driver will depart once the vehicle is full of people wishing to travel to the same destination. To find these services head to the motor park. Otherwise you can travel around cities in molues and danfos, which are private minibuses that operate similar to shared taxis, although take more people. You can find these vehicles easily, as they are always painted yellow, although comfort is sacrificed when riding one.

As for private road transport, Nigerian cities offer numerous taxis, which are much safer. The same cannot be said of okadas (motorbike taxis), infamous for their breakneck driving style. In any case, you can either hail a taxi or okada from the street, or order one by telephone. Taxis can either be metered or require you to negotiate the fare with the driver.


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