Imani Coach Mombasa To Meru Contacts, Online Booking, Office & Fare

Imani Coaches Limited Is a Mombasa based bus company providing daily public intercity services between Mombasa city to other counties in the coung. They are in the bus Industry for about ten years with a good reputation among customers.

Imani Coaches began with the Mombasa to Chiakariga route where it was dominating the route and winning the hearts of many. Later on the company expanded their services to other major cities and towns in Kenya including the Capital city Nairobi.

Imani Coaches is now among the best bus companies in Kenya with different bus fleet including the ranging from Nissan UD to Scania bus models.

Imani Coaches Fleet Line

The company own a mix of fleet in her list with a well known bus ran by Nissan UD's engine, They also have Scania buses. All of their buses are locally made by their most famous body fabricator in Kenya 'Master Fabricators Limited.

They run a very luxury and comfortable buses to leave you stress free whenever you are on the way or reached your destination. Though their buses are locally made but they are on the same level with those buses imported from abroad. Their buses have the following features and services:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats
Charging Sockets On Each Seats
Enough Legroom For Your Comfort
LCD Screens For Entertainment
Free WiFi Services

Imani Coaches Service Line

Being based in Mombasa City, The company serves Passengers and other customers from the city to other parties in Kenya. They do provide daily services with an affordable prices which can be paid by any one.

Booking of their Tickets are available on all of their offices in Bus terminals and other outside of the terminals. When you have no time to visit their offices for booking, You can reach them by making a Call through those Phones numbers listed at the end of this post for any enquiry including Booking.

The company also provide Parcels transfer services to all the destinations where their buses used to go. They charge a fair prices depending on the nature and size of your Parcels.

Imani Coaches Routes & Average Prices

Embu To Mombasa    Departure: 06.00PM  
Price: Ksh.1400

Meru To Mombasa   
Departure: 04.00PM  
Price: Ksh.1400

Isiolo To Mombasa
Departure:  03.00PM
Price: Ksh.1500

Mombasa To Nairobi
Departure:  09.30PM
Price: Ksh.1000

Mwea To Mombasa
Departure:  07.00PM
Price: Ksh.1400

Ishiara To Mombasa
Departure:  05.00PM
Price: Ksh.1400

Kathwana To Mombasa
Departure:  04.30PM
Price: Ksh.1400

Chiakariga To Mombasa
 Departure: 04.30PM
Price: Ksh.1500

Tunyai To Mombasa
Departure: 03.30PM
Price: Ksh.1500

Mitunguu To Mombasa
Departure:  03.00PM
Price: Ksh.1500

Chuka To Mombasa
Departure: 05.00PM
Price: Ksh.1400

Nkubu To Mombasa
Departure:  04.30PM
Price: Ksh.1400

Imani Coaches Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Mombasa: 0727033838

Nairobi: 0720944168

Embu: 0707192239

Meru: 0729855012

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