Lagos Bus Services Timetable, Routes Map, Station, Office & Website

 Lagos Bus Services Limited also known as (LBSL) is a Nigerian Passenger transport provider which was incorporated in 2016 as a Transport Asset Acquisition, Operations, and Advisory Services Company to provide a much needed compass and guide to the operation of Bus Services in Lagos.

As Lagos evolves into a smart city, LBSL is positioned to create a very competitive space in the Transport Industry where urban mobility guarantees a market for mass transit transport operators with availability and pricing as key decision drivers. 

LBSL is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the orderliness, proper coordination and progress of the Transport Industry in Lagos.

Lagos Bus Services Fleet Line

The company runs a Fleet of over 300 buses all in Lagos state, They have a large number of Scania Marcopolo buses which are built to serve the city.  They are bus rapid transit and all of their fleet are built to serve those BRT Infrastructure.

Their Buses are clean and well maintained within their workshop in Lagos, They have enough Seating capacity as well as enough space for those who didn't got a chance to have a seats.

Lagos Bus Services Line

At the heart of the LBSL mandate are commuters, everyday Lagosians who rely on Bus Services to get to and from their homes and places of interests.

By engaging mass transit operators and ensuring a market that is free and rewarding for all, the commuter is guaranteed the best Bus Services at the best prices and in very comfortable atmosphere. Among other responsibilities, the Lagos Bus Services Limited is set to;

They have a professional working team of a well trained Personnel, Their Team is ready to:
    Rebrand and Professionalize the Transport Service
    Provide information to Bus Users
    Adequately train Bus Drivers and Bus Service Operators

They proud to be  the first point of call for Reliable Transit in Lagos.

Lagos Bus Services Routes

Berger To TBS
Berger To Oshodi
Oshodi To TBS
 Oshodi To Berger
Leventis To Berger
Alapere To TBS
 Ikeja To Alausa
Oworonshoki To TBS
Oworonshoki To Oshodi
Oworonshoki To Beger
Park & Ride To TBS
Leventis To Oshodi
TBS To Berger
TBS To Oshodi


Lagos Bus Services Office & Contact For Enquiry

1st Floor, Tisco Plaza,
6 Alhaji Ashabi-Cole Street,
CBD Alausa, Ikeja,
Lagos State.

Phone: +234 (0) 704 1446 009


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