Imani Plus Bus From Mbeya To Dar es salaam Booking, Contact & Office

Imani Plus Is a Tanzani's registered bus company which provide daily intercity passengers transfer between the Dar es salaam city and Mbeya City in the Southern Highland Zone. The company have introduced their Long distance travel in the early of 2019 with a Chinese machines.

Though They are relatively new in Mbeya To Dar es salam route, The company is well known by the Southern Highland travelers. They are in the transport Industry for more than 5 years serving Mbeya city with it's neighboring towns. The company is also known as Imani Travel for their local buses which are plying in Southern Highland only.

Imani Plus Bus Fleet Line

The company bought a brand new machines from Chinese bus manufactures, They have and operate an Asia Star bus model which are modern and well customized to give travelers a comfortable and safe trip.

Their buses are well managed by a team of professional workmen to keep them frest for their daily trips. They have a professional drivers, On board host/hostess and office servants who are ready at any time to listen and help you.

Imani Plus Fleet are made and designed for a luxury travel and leave you with a memorable mind on your trips. Below are some of the features as well as services which are available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging Port On Each Seat
Free On Board WiFi Services
7 Television On Each Side Of The Bus
Good & Modern Sound System For Listening
Free Soft Drink Are Provided
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Air Conditioning Services

Imani Plus Bus Service Line

For the daily safe trips from Dar es salaam to Mbeya and Vice Versa, You may choose to travel with Imani Plus. They are providing a comfortable way of travel between the two cities passing through other different major towns like Morogoro, Mikumi, Iringa, Makambako and other.

They have a daily morning schedules in both cities with a booking services which are available in their offices located within the terminals. They also have other offices which are out of the terminal for Mbeya regions.

You may also choose to book online by calling them directly through those contact numbers listed below this post. Booking may be made prior or on the specific date of travel.

Imani Plus also provide Parcels transport services between the two cities and other towns in between. They do charge a fair prices to all kind of Parcels.

Imani Plus Bus Routes

Dar es salaam To Mbeya
Mbeya To Dar es salaam

Imani Plus Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Dar es salaam ▶ 0692050585
Mbeya Office ▶ 0658701022

Other Phone ▶ 0752 644 418

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