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Buscor Bus Nelspruit To Malelane Contacts & Ticket Prices

Buscor (Pty) Ltd is a leading passenger bus company operating in the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa with the head office in Nelspruit.
Buscor shares the vision of the Department of Transport namely to have a world class transport system for Mpumalanga Province, planned with the community, industry and labour which is integrated, reliable, affordable and safe.
Matsebula’s Bus Service was originally started in the late 1960’s by Messrs Samuel, Michael and their father, Mpopoli Matsebula. They were later joined by their younger brother, Joseph Matsebula.  Matsebula’s Bus Service operated services between Pienaar, Daantjie and Lekazi to Nelspruit, as well as services in the Nkomazi area.
Sticks Nyalunga Bus Service was operated by the Nyalunga brothers, namely Solomon, Ben and Paul Nyalunga. The Nyalunga brothers operated services from Kabokweni and Pienaar area to White River.
It is in this company where Fred Kinnear and Abel Erasmus acquired a 50% stake.  The two companies, Matsebula Bus Service and Stick Nyalunga amalgamated in 1980 to form what is today known as BUSCOR (Pty) Ltd under the leadership of Fred George Kinnear.

Buscor Bus Operations

They are operating Commuter services in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga.  The operational area stretches from Hazyview in the north to Barberton in the south, and from Ngodwana in the west to Komatipoort in the east.
Depot and terminus facilities exist at Nelspruit, Malalane, White River, Barberton and Komatipoort. The Company is structured into three integrated business units divided along geographical lines between White River, Nelspruit and Malelane.
These structures ensure concentrated and hands-on management in a specific area.
Each business unit has four departments Technical, Operations, Administrative and Human Resources department. The financial function  as well as major body repairs on buses are centralised.
At each unit,  Line Managers report to an experienced Senior Manager who in turn reports to the Managing Director. This structure has over the years, been  found to be the most efficient.
A punctual, sufficiently scheduled service plays a major role in the total efficiency of the economy. This is a priority for Buscor  [Pty] Ltd. when we draw up schedules.

Buscor Bus Fleet Line

They have a total of 56x 78 Seater buses (MAN Explorer 26.310 LE4 Solo) in the fleet with an average age of 7.2 years – mainly used to operate the daily scheduled service, but also used to do Private Hires over weekends and during school holidays.
A total 303 x 114 Seater buses (MAN Explorer 34.350/310 LE4 Bus Trains) in the fleet with an average age of 5.2 years – mainly used to operate the daily scheduled service, but also used to do Private Hires over weekends and during school holidays.
They also have 25x 104 Seater Buses (MAN 25.410 Bus Train (E-bus)) in the fleet with an average age of 10.2 years. The above will gradually replace these vehicles.
A total 22x 138 Seater Bi Articulated Buses (MAN 25.410) in the fleet with an average age of 7.6 years (rebuilt buses). These Buses operate on special Permits and operate on designated routes as approved by the Department of transport.

Buscor Bus Disabled services

They now have four buses that are accessible to people  using wheel chairs and we have placed an order of two more buses to assist people living with disabilities.

Buscor Bus Charter

This division was established solely to cater for our increasing Private Hire market. Popular destinations include:
    The Kruger National Park
    The Panorama Route, which includes the Blyde River Canyon
    3 Rondavels
    Bourke’s Luck
    Pilgrims Rest
    and many others – which makes visiting the Lowveld an enjoyable experience.
Due to contractual agreement with the Department of Transport, normal scheduled services takes preference over Private Hires. For this reason they could not utilize their scheduled buses for Private Hires during the week and subsequently this Department was established.
All these vehicles are equipped with luxury reclining seats, a small Fridge, Air Conditioning, DVD players with multi screens as well as a public address system with 2 wireless remotes per bus.
Most of these vehicles have Cross Border Permits, which allow us to transport passengers to neighbouring Countries without any hassles. We also have Permits allowing us to tour the whole of South Africa.
They also have agreements with  Protours Coach Charter (Pty) Ltd, a division of Buscor (Pty) Ltd,  in Pretoria, Cape Town, East London and Durban to enable us to cater for a large portion of their beautiful country.

Buscor Bus Routes and Tariffs



Rocky’s Drift
White River

Komati Mill
Komati Mill Farms
Komatipoort Farms
Heidel Eggs

Buscor Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Tel. no :      013-753 6000
Fax no :      013-754 1024
E-mail:      [email protected]
PRO/COMPLAINTS :      [email protected]
Physical address
          8 Bulpin Street, Nelspruit, 1200
Postal address  P O Box 1319, Nelspruit, 1200
24 hour Control room :      013-754 6246/6247/6248
Office Hours:      013-754 6200
Fax No:      013-752 6996
Email addresses:      [email protected]
Fax no:      086 621 6197
Email :      [email protected]
Ticket Office :      013-754 6251/55
Ticket Office fax:      013-754 6249
Bus hires:      013-754 6234/754 6253
Bus Hires fax:      013-752 4918
Bus hires emails:      [email protected]
Email :      [email protected]
Buscor Charters     :      [email protected]
Buscor Bus Physical address
          c/o Petroleum Street & Bester Street, Nelspruit, 1200
Control room:      013-754 6246/6247/6248
Office Hours :      013 754 6266
Fax No:      013 754 6297
Email addresses:      [email protected]
Fax no :      086 555 3130
Email:      [email protected]
Ticket Office :      013 754 6276/77
Ticket Office fax :      013-750 1066
Bus Hires fax:      013-751 3821
Bus hires emails:      [email protected]
Bus Hires (H/View):      013-737 7327
Bus hires Fax (H/View):      013-737 7477
Physical Address
          c/o Theo Kleynhans Street & Avocado Avenue, White River
Postal address
          P O Box 1319, Nelspruit, 1200
Control room :      (013) 754 6261/2
Office Hours :      013-790 0284
Email :      013-790 0286
Fax No :      013-790 0422
Fax No. (Stores):      013-790 0511
Komatipoort Tel. no:      013-754 6292
Komatipoort Fax:      013-793 8026
Email addresses:   [email protected]
Bus hires:      013-754 6263
Bus hire fax:      086-271 5247
Bus hires emails:
Physical address:
Koedoe Street, Malalane, 1320
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