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Ethio Bus Addis Ababa To Hawassa Contacts, Ticket, Booking & Office

Ethio Buus is one of the largest long distance bus companies in Ethiopia. Ethio Bus operating between major cities as well as small towns in Ethiopia. They have Luxury and confort Buses for your Travell.
The luxury tourist routes  run between Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian cities of Mek’ele, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dire Dawa, Harar,  Dessie, Semera, Arbaminch, Shire, Woldia, Bale, Jimma, and Awasa. They also have buses to Khartoum.
Ethio Bus has luxury buses where travel needs meets luxury, comfort, and convenience. For the first time in Ethiopia, Ethio Bus bringing you aircraft like luxury on wheels.
Anybody who opts to travel by Ethio Bus, be sure to view Selam Bus as a more preferable option due to the many enticing features incorporated in the bus.

Services Provided On Ethio Bus:   

Recliner seats with head rest and arm support
    VCD/DVD movies and music
    Air Conditioning
    Snack and water

Ethio Bus Routes:

Addis Ababa To Sudan
Addis Ababa To Mekele
Addis Ababa To Gondar
Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
Addis Ababa To Dire Dawa
Addis Ababa To Debre Markos
Addis Ababa To Hawassa
Addis Ababa To Dessie

Ethio Bus Contact Address & Phone Number:

Ticket offices address
1.Meskele square amebesa building
2, piazza tayetu hotel
3,leghare yiha city center 1flower


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