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Freeway Coaches Lenasia Day Trips, Contact Details

Freeway Coaches is a passenger bus service provider based in Johannesburg South Africa.

They specialise in bus charter services all over South Africa and across their boarders into Africa. They provide an exclusive services to their passengers who undergor mutual contract with them.

Freeway Coaches Also provide a public transport in South Africa with a daily schedule for those specific established routes. They have a good services to their customers as well as good host/hostel who runs the business.


Freeway Coaches Fleet Line

Thought they were using their Local produced bus from MCV, They are now expand their investment and now they have heavily invested in Scania buses with Irizar and Marcopolo bodies. All of thses fleet are of Luxury class with enough on board entertainment.

While you are traveling with Freeway Coaches, You will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services, Good music from their sound system, An A/C services throughout the trips and many more.

Some of their buses are fitted with USB charging system which may give you an opportunity to boost you smartphones with enough charge all the time. Don’t
forget that even First Aid to a victim is available on the bus.


Freeway Coaches Service Line

They specialize in bus charter services all over South Africa serving for Institutions, Schools, Universities, Churches, Workers, Tourists and other groups of people.

They have a very professional host/hostess who will care for your trips and hope you will be comfortable all the way long.

They also provide a public transport services to the communitiea in South Africa as they have as daily schedule in various city and towns in South Africa.

They also provide the transportation of Parcels and small cargo (Courier Services) within South Africa. All of their prices are fair to all people in the communities.


Freeway Coaches Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

C/O Camilla And Gemsbok Street
Lenasia Gauteng 1821 ,
Lenasia , Gauteng

Phone: +27 11 852 5417
+27 84 817 0028

Fax No.: +27 118525287

Email: [email protected]

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