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Insight Luxury Coaches Bus From Katima Mulilo To Windhoek Contacts, Booking & Timetable

Insight Luxury Coaches operates in Namibia, Zambia and South Africa. Insight Luxury coaches focuses on offering road transportation with first class bus and coach services in Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Their coaches services offer a high level and high end booking, pre boarding and on board luxurious customer services unprecedented in the SADC region.

The company website states Insight Luxury Coaches is a luxury coach operator that provides an unmatched experience of luxury travel. Its mission, it says, is to create a profitable and sustainable global brand for buses, coaches and road transportation of passengers. The buses operated from Windhoek to Zambia via Katima Mulilo, among other routes.

Insight Luxury Coaches Fleet

They are using Luxuiry Modern buses most of them from Scania and Man with well assembled bodies from Irizar, Mcv, Marcopolo and other.

Their buses are well fitted with 2 by 3 seating configurations and some of them are fitted with 2 by 2 seating configuration. Their seats are reclining and also equipped with an A/C for fresh air for their customers.

While you are traveling with Insight Luxury Coaches, You will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services, music and many more.

Insight Luxury Coaches Service

Their Buses are available for Long distance passenger transportation in Namibia and other SADC countries as named above.

Their bus also available for Private Hire and Tours for those who like to book for private travel in the regions.

Insight Luxury Coaches Routes

Windhoek To Lusaka Via Katima Mulilo
Windhoek To Katima Mulilo
Windhoek To Pretoria
Windhoek To Oshakati
Kitwe To Johannesburg
Oshikango/Oshakati To Cape Town

Insight Luxury Coaches Offices, Address & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Chez Ntemba VIP Lounge, Opposite Roman Catholic Hospital,
Windhoek, 9000,
Call +264 61-259388, +264 814775350, +264813457031 for bookings.

+260 975 966 742, +260 977 495 301

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