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Jaguar Bus Kampala To Kigali Contacts & Booking Prices

Jaguar Bus also known as Jaguar Executive Coaches Provide a reliable and comfortable public transport service which people can look to as a viable and convenient transport alternative to the buses.

They will continually monitor the needs of the traveling public and review our service delivery on a regular basis in order to maintain people’s interest in our public transport service.

Rwandan regional travel company Jaguar Bus Executive Coaches which runs a fleet of over 30 buses between Kigali and Kampala is the transport network of choice for you then.

According to Jaguar Executive Coaches, the firm is in the equipped its vehicles with WiFi networks connected to what appears to be a HSDPA modem.

Jaguar Bus Executive Coaches Fleet Line

The company own and operates a variety of buses and coaches in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. They have a Local Made and imported buses from China.

They do operates different classes of bus ranging from economy to business class. Their fares are charged depending on the type of the bus you have chosen.

Jaguar Bus Coaches are designed to give you what you are expecting from them, Below are some features which are available on their buses:

2 By & 3 Seating Configuration, Some Are Reclining
Arm Rest On Some Of Their Buses
Television Services For Entertainment
Modern Sound System For Music & Listeing
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Free Drinks & Snacks On Some Buses

Jaguar Bus Executive Coaches Routes

Kampala To Kigali

Kampala To Bunjumbura

Kampala To Goma via Kisoro

Kigali to Kabale/Lake Bunyonyi

Kabale to Mbarara

Jaguar Bus Executive Coaches Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Jaguar Executive Coaches
Plot 30/32 Namirembe Road, Kampala
Tel: +256 414 425855
Fax: +256 414 231414
Email: [email protected]

Located on Avenue de la paix
Kigali, Rwanda

Jaguar Executive Coaches For WhatsApp
+256 790610738

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