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Kimbinyiko Bus Dar es salaam To Dodoma Online Booking

Kimbinyiko VIP Bus
Kimbinyiko VIP Bus

Kimbinyiko International Coach Is a Dodoma based Bus Company which link the city with another major Towns and Cities In Tanzania. Their main routes being Dodoma To Dar es salaam.

They are providing safe, reliable and trusted bus services to their customers and passengers.

This company has been established in the early of 2010’s when Yutong bus manufacture take over the transportation Industry in Tanzania.

Kimbinyiko main Offices and Depot located in Dodoma but they also have sub offices in Dar es salaam and other areas where their buses used to go.

Kimbinyiko International Coach Fleet Line

This bus companies own and operates the most Luxury and clean buses with a Semi Luxury rank according to SUMATRA in Tanzania.

Their fleet are of Chinese Yutong buses with a 2 by 2 seating arrangement while some of them have 2 by 1 seating arrangement for VIP services.

They offer on board entertainment like Television services from their LCD Tv, Good Music from their sound system fitted on each seat.

All of their buses have A/C services all the way long to give you a fresh and smart travel.

Snacks and drinks are also available on their buses served to you by friendly bus host/hostess along with free WiFi to enjoy a smart internet and USB charging system on each seat.

Kimbinyiko International Coach Service Line

Their main aim is to provide you a convenient, affordable prices and straightforward bus service.

If you have any queries during the planning of your journey, keep on contacting them through their contacts listed at the end of this post.

Should you still need further assistance, Their friendly customer service team will gladly help with any problems or uncertainties you may have!

They provide daily scheduled long distance travel between Dodoma to other towns and cities in Tanzania. They have a Morning buses departure as well ass Afternoon bus departure.

Their buses also provide Parcels transportation services to all destinations where their buses used to go.

Kimbinyiko International Coaches and Buses are available for hire, Yo can contact their offices for Tourism, School Trips, Institutional uses and other Tours & Safaris trip.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Dodoma To Dar es salaam
Dodoma To Mbeya
Dodoma To Mwanza
Dodoma To Iringa
Arusha To Dodoma
Mbeya To Mwanza

Kimbinyiko Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

P.O. Box 4075, Dodoma

+255768523008 (Dodoma)

+255752459202 (Mbeya)+255767126183 (Moshi)

+255759315861 (Dar es Salaam)


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