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Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus Online Booking Contact

Mallessa's Line Luxury Bus

Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus Is a Passenger transportation company registered in the mainland Tanzania with their main offices in Dar es salaam, Dodoma and Kahama.

The company take over the long distance bus travel in the mid of 2022 when they have managed to bought a new Chinese Yutong buses and second hand buses from the giant company in the country.

Currently the company give a strong competition to other companies plies on the same route for Luxury services especially form Dar es salaam to Chato, Dodoma, Geita and Kahama.

Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus Fleet

It is one the best companies in Tanzania which own and operates a Luxurious buses on the Long Distance Travel. Their Buses are newly imported from China with Custom interior design.

Their buses comes with customized interior features to give their customers what they desire on their journey. No need to stop for a short call, all can be done over the on board toilets.

Below are the Amenities and Services which available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Audio Visual For Entertainment And Announcement
Air Conditioner Services
Free On Board WiFi For Your Smartphones
Free On Board Soft Drinks And Snacks
Overhead Reading Lights And Luggage Compartment

Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus Services

The company provide daily bus services from the Business city (Dar es salaam) to the upcountry regions like Dodoma, Mwanza, Geita and many other regions.

The company provide both Passengers and Parcels Transportation at an affordable prices. They have only morning departures in all bus station except those the station between their routes.

Their buses are also available for Special Hire to Schools, Organizations, Churches, Individual Groups and others.

Ticket Booking can be made at their offices located in every bus stations or you can make Online Booking by calling those Contact Numbers listed below this post.

Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus Live Routes

Dar es salaam To Geita
Dar es salaam To Dodoma
Dar es salaam To Kahama
Dar es salaam To Chato
Dar es salaam To Ushirombo
Dar es salaam To Lunzewe
Dar es salaam To Bwanga

The company Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Mallessa’s Line Luxury Bus
📞Shekilango 0743702651
📞Mbezi 0743702651, 0685220337, 0718436050
📞Geita 0625027339
📞Kator 0745489242
Mallessa's Line Luxury Bus Interior View

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