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Munenzwa Bus Harare To Cape Town Contacts & Booking


Munenzwa Bus Luxury Coaches (Go Well Go Traveller) Is one among the giant bus companies in the Southern African countries playing the Zimbabwe To South Africa Routes. It is one among the biggest competitor of Chihwa Tours and Mzansi Express in those routes.

Apart from those routes, Munenzwa Luxury Coaches also plays some great routes in their local areas of Zimbabwe. They run a semi luxury coach and some of them with ordinary level buses. 

Munenzwa Bus Fleet Line

They have 2 by 3 and 2 by 2 bus seaters with well trained driver for long and short trip. Their buses are fitted with on board entertainments like Television Services, Music system and many more.

Some Munenzwa Luxury Coaches bus are full of A/C services throughout the trip, And they also have usb charging system in every seat for their customers. 


Munenzwa Bus Services Service Line

This bus company specialize in Passenger Transportation, But they also do in Courier service for Parcel and passenger baggage transportation.
All of their long distance buses has a pulling trailer for this services. This services is reliable and is available on every trip for this bus company between Zimbabwe And South Africa.

They have a well scheduled trips between these two countries and their Passengers can make a Booking at the day of traveling or Yo may Pre-Book Your Ticket for proper arrangement of your trip.

Booking can be made at any terminal or by contacting their offices or Agents through Phone numbers listed below this post.

Munenzwa Bus Luxury Coaches Routes

Harare To Cape Town
Harare To Johannesburg
Harare To Polokwane
Harare To Gweru


 Munenzwa Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Munenzwa  Luxury Coaches
Address: Willowvale Rd, Willowvale, Harare, Zimbabwe
City of Zimbabwe
,Post Office box: St205, Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone number:
0466 9201

Kuda 062 669 1610
Shadie 084 633 6486
Ian 083 530 6663

Eastern Cape
+27 63 325 5381

+263 772 597 880

+263 772 225 635

+263 718 003 318

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