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Njombe Express Dar es salaam Contact Number & Booking

 Njombe Express come into power of Passenger Transportation services in the early of 2010’s, It is one among the best bus company which transfer Passenger from Njombe region to other regions in Tanzania especially Dar es salaam city where is their destination.

They have a wide range of customers following their best services and customer care on their route. Though they came into power with a Scania buses but the company have made a huge innovation in their fleet list by replacing the Old buses with a new Chinese machines.

Njombe Bus Fleet Line

Following the Chinese companies to take over the bus manufacturing Industry, Njombe Express added a new Chinese Zhongtong buses to serve their Njombe To Dar es salaam routes. Their fleet list now is a fully of Zhongtong bus only.
Their Buses operates on a Semi Luxury Class, They have a good customer care personnel who will make you feel comfortable all the way long. All of their buses have the following on board features:
2 By 2 Seating Configuration With Reclining Options
On Board Air Conditioner (AC)
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Soung System For Refreshment Of Mind
Enough Legsroom For Comfort Travell
Free WiFi For Internet Connection Of Your Smartphones
Free Drinks & Snacks

Njombe Bus Service Line

Njombe Express specialize on Passenger Transportation services from Njombe region to other regions in Tanzania especially Dar es salaam. tHey also have stops in Makambako, Mafinga, Ipogoro, Mikumi, Morogoro, Chalinze & Kibaha where their agents used to serve their customers.

You can make a booking of your tickets in Advance or during the day of Travell at their offices or by contacting their Agents in every bus stops. Also a Passenger can make a booking by calling them directly through those phone numbers listed below this post.

Njombe Express also provide Parcel transportation services to all regions where their passes have stops. They do charge a fair prices to all depending on the size, nature and weight of the Parcels.

Njombe  Bus Routes

Njombe Express Operates In The Following Routes In Tanzania:
Njombe To Dar es salaam
Stops In: Mafinga, Makambako, Ipogolo, Mikumi, Msamvu, Chalinze & Kibaha

Njombe Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

 Njombe Express Office
P.O.Box 1346
Phone: 0754 202 970, 0655 169 754
Mafinga 0752 004 004
Njombe 0755 400 307
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