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Oda Bus Ticket Office Addis Ababa, Phone Number, Reservation & Address

ODAA Integrated Transport S.C Is an Ethiopian Passenger transport company which has been in the Industry since the early of 2018. Odaa Bus Services has officially started operation in the transportation business just after they have purchased their 50 Volvo Marcopolo boarded fleet.

The company bought the buses from Volvo, a Swedish car assembler, for 400 million Br. Having 55 seats and equipped with various on board entertainment features.

ODAA Bus Company Ias a part of the economic revolution in the Oromia Regional State Of Ethiopia.

ODAA Bus Fleet Line

The Company have large number of  Volvo, a Swedish car assembler. Most of their buses have 55 seats and equipped with on board Entertainment features and services.

ODAA with their modern fleet line provide standard transportation service by applying software applications like passenger ticketing with networking And mobile application which will aid the company in efficient fleet management for maximum benefit maximization to the shareholders.

Below are some of the Features and Services which are available on their latest buses:

Air Conditioner (A/C) Services
Multiple Slim Television on each side of the bus
Free WiFi Available On Board
Good Music Played On Their Sound System
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
USB Charging System
Reading Light & Alert Alarm

ODAA Bus Service Line

The Company engage in Passenger transport services from the Capital city of Ethiopia to other cities and town in the country. The company have daily trips with Morning departure an all cities where their buses used to go.

Booking of the Tickets can be made at their offices or agents who are available in all Terminals as well as their other offices out the bus terminals especially in the city centre.

Passengers can also book their Ticket through Online portals and their App available on the Playstore.

The company also provide Parcels Transport services using their buses to all destinations where their buses used to go. Their prices are fair and is affordable to every one.

ODAA Bus Routes In Ethiopia

Addis Ababa To  Mekele
Addis Ababa To Gonder
Addis Ababa To Neqemit
Addis Ababa To Dire Dewa
Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar.

ODAA Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Addis Ababa 0993 94 96 96
Kality 0993 94 96 98
Hawassa 0993 94 96 88

Dire Dawa 0993 94 96 85


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