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Rea Vaya Soweto To Braamfontein Contacts, Routes & Prices

Rea Vaya which means “we are going”, offers fast, safe and affordable public transport on a network of bus routes across Johannesburg.

It is a City project aimed at providing better public transport, reducing congestion on public roads, improving the environment and creating jobs.

Buses run along dedicated routes to ensure speed of service, while the enclosed stations are designed to be spacious and welcoming.

The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) is designed to provide a high quality and affordable transport system, which is fast and safe.

In order to deal with the increasing transport problems faced in Johannesburg today, the City is pleased to introduce the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System.

Rea Vaya Buses will run in exclusive, dedicated lanes in the centre of existing roads. Smaller feeder buses will bring people from the outer areas to the stations on the trunk routes. This will extend Rea Vaya’s network to areas far beyond the main trunk routes.

Buses will be either 75- or 112 capacity vehicles, depending on passenger volumes and will operate from about 150 stations, positioned half a kilometre apart. They will run every three minutes in peak times and every 10 minutes in off-peak times and it will be possible to catch a bus from 5am to midnight.

Rea Vaya Bus Routes

Their Routes are dived into:
Trunk routes (marked with a T) – the main routes from one destination to another;
    Complementary routes (marked with a C) – that add extended, circular routes to the main route; and
    Feeder routes (marked with an F) – which are routes from outer suburbs that join the trunk route at a key station.
T1: Thokoza Park to Ellis Park East
This route is coloured red.
The cost for travel is R12.90 one way.
Ellis Park East to Thokoza Park
T2: Thokoza Park to Braamfontein via Soweto Highway
T3: Thokoza Park to Parktown & Library Gardens East
C1: Ellis Park East to Dobsonville
Dobsonville to Ellis Park East
C2: Dobsonville to Maponya Mall
Maponya Mall to Dobsonville
C3: Circular route through the inner city
C4: Windsor West & Cresta to Parktown & City (Eastbound)
City & Parktown to Cresta and Windsor West (Westbound)
C5: Florida North to Parktown & Library Gardens (Eastbound)
 Library Gardens to Parktown & Florida North (Westbound)
Rea Vaya Local neighbourhoods: the feeder routes
F1: Naledi toThokoza Park
Thokoza Park to Naledi
F2: Protea Glen to Thokoza Park
Thokoza Park to Protea Glen
F3: Jabavu to Lake View
Lake view to Jabavu
F4: Mofolo to Boomtown
Boomtown to Mofolo
F6: Lea Glen to Bosmont
F7: Amalgam to Bosmont Station (Westbound)buttonHeadlineMoreInfoFrom 13 January 2014
Bosmont Station to Amalgam (Eastbound)
F8: Westbury Station to Greymont (Eastbound)
Greymont to Westbury Station (Westbound)
F9: Mapetla to Thokoza Park (Eastbound)buttonHeadlineMoreInfo
Thokoza Park to Mapetla (Westbound)
F10: Pimville to Lakeview (Eastbound)buttonHeadlineMoreInfo
Lakeview to Pimville (Westbound)
F11: Bellevue / Yeoville to City (Westbound)
City to Yeoville / Belluvue (Eastbound)
F12: Parktown Distribution Route (Eastbound)

Rea Vaya Bus schedules

Rea Vaya operates weekdays from Monday to Friday from 5am to 9pm and weekends 5am – 6pm.
Buses run at a 5-minute frequency (
every 5 minutes) during peak hours, which are from 5am to 08:30pm.
Buses run at a 15-minute frequency (every 15 minutes) during off-peak hours, which are from 08:30am to 14:59pm.
On Saturdays, buses run from 5am to 7pm at a 30-minute frequency (every 30 minutes).
On Sundays, buses run from 6am to 7pm, at a frequency of 30minutes (every 30 minutes).

Rea Vaya Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

For general Rea Vaya queries, phone the Joburg Call Centre on 0860 JOBURG (0860 562 874).
For emergencies, phone 011 375 5911.
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