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Riverside Shuttle Nairobi To Arusha Contacts & Prices

Riverside Shuttle is one of the major shuttle bus operators between Moshi and Nairobi. It has been in operation for more than 28 years.

A fleet of minibuses take people to / and from their destination hotels if necessary. The main leg of the journey is in a 25 – 36 seater bus. Their drivers have an excellent safety record and are in continuous radio contact with their headquarters.

Riverside Shuttle will assist you with the border formalities which are kept to a minimum. They also arrange private vehicle hire to any destination in Kenya and Tanzania with a fair prices.

Riverside Shuttle Service Line

In the arrivals hall a Riverside representative will look out for you. However it is best to wait in the Paul Cafe/Restaurant. The Riverside bus usually stops outside but there can be last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

It is your responsibility to be at the bus at least 15 minutes before the departure since the bus will not wait. Please provide them with your flight details.

Riverside Shuttle is loaded and departs near the Parkside Hotel on Monrovia Street. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

The bus is loaded and departs from outside the Bella Luna hotel. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

The bus is loaded and departs from the YWCA building. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

Hotel Transfers
Riverside Shuttle will meet you or drop you off at most central hotels in Nairobi, Arusha. They must know in advance where you are to be picked up and you should be ready to travel at the hotel reception 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the service.

On the booking pages you will have a drop-down list of hotels in Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi to select from. If your hotel is not on the list please select the nearest convenient location for you to get to.

Border Crossing Issues
It is essential you have the correct documentation at the border crossing. It is best to obtain visas in advance but they can be issued at the border, in which case please ensure you have the correct amount of money and in the correct currency.

Please check the latest advice on visa procedures before your travel date. The Riverside service will not be able to wait indefinately at the border in the event of documentation or visa problems.

Riverside Shuttle Booking Procedures

Please read the “Booking Conditions” and “Booking Form” carefully.

Complete your booking over secure server. Only credit card or PayPal payments are accepted. In the unlikely event a place is not available on your chosen journey we will offer you an alternative or not charge you and inform you of the situation.

On receipt of your payment They will confirm your booking by email with a bus voucher, an invoice and a receipt. The Voucher will serve as your ticket and should be shown to the Riverside staff.

Cancellations of Riverside Shuttle Should you wish to cancel your booking advise us in writing immediately.

If cancellation is notified more than 10 days before departure there will be a full refund minus USD 10 per person booked. 3-10 days full refund minus USD 15. Under 3 days we give no refund.

They reserve the right to cancel a service at any time prior to 10 days before departure in such case They will refund any moneys paid to them. In such case no further compensation will be paid.

Riverside Shuttle will suggest a suitable alternative and advise you immediately. Should the alternative result in travelling on different dates or at different times which are not suitable to you.

You may withdraw from the booking with full refund of all moneys paid, provided they are notified within 7 days.

This offer does not apply to simple schedule changes nor amendments to schedules caused by civil strife, war, riots, weather or technical delays, strikes, natural disasters or emergency or for any other reason over which Riverside and their agents have no control.

Riverside Shuttle Private Hire
Riverside has a fleet of buses available for private hire. Enquire with them for further details and for a price quote.

Nairobi to (or from) Arusha

Nairobi to (or from) Moshi

Arusha to (or from) Moshi Kilimanjaro

Notes: Your payment will be handled by Paypal either using your own Paypal Account or using your credit card. Your payment will be processed automatically.

Paypal will send you a receipt of payment made. You will also receive an email confirming your booking details. Please print this email to present to the driver when you board the bus.

The purchase must be made at least two working days in advance of the first date of travel. Privacy Policy


Please check carefully the date and journey details you have requested. Once issued tickets are non-refundable.

If any error is made in completing the form we will inform you of the error and you will not be charged. Please read the Booking Conditions before making your ticket purchase.

Riverside Shuttle Routes & Fares

Arusha to Nairobi

Arusha to Nairobi JKA Airport

Moshi to Nairobi

Moshi to Nairobi JKA Airport

Riverside Shuttle Moshi to Arusha

Arusha to Moshi

Nairobi JKA Airport to Moshi

Nairobi JKA Airport to Arusha

Riverside Shuttle Nairobi to Moshi

Nairobi to Arusha

Note: Fares may slightly differ depending on the situation in the transport Industry.

Riverside Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Kenya Office:
Lagos House
1st Floor-Room No. 1
Jivanjee Gardens
Monrovia Street
Tel: +254722328595 or +254725999121

Tanzania Office:
ACU Building
Ground Floor Room No. 2
Sokoine Road
Tel: +255754270089 or +255757091120

Riverside Shuttle EWP Office for booking
SA20 0SP, UK
Tel: +441550721319
email: [email protected]

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