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Friday, February 15, 2019

List Of Public Bus Transportation Companies In Ghana, Party, Rental, Station & Tour

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Ghana have lot of Travell options either Public or Private all over the country. Although not all drivers are licensed but most of the driver in major and registered companies are licensed to drive those vehicles. Insurance and registration stickers are displayed in the front windscreen of all vehicles in Ghana, allowing easy verification that the vehicle is current.

Most Of Buses in Ghana are usually used for long distances travell and between most major cities. There are plenty of bus companies that offer the same routes.

Almost all buses in Ghana are generally comfortable, fast and safe and their tickets cost range between GHS14 (US$6) and GHS24 (US$20.50), depending on what type of bus you choose.  Customers and travellers should remember buses in Ghana charge an extra fee for luggage.

In Ghana there are several different bus companies like Kingdom Transport Services, City Express, Metrobus and Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU). However, State Transport Company (STC) and many more but these are the most trusted bus companies.

Bus Companies in Ghana can be grouped into two,  In first group there are bus companies with better quality buses. These kind of companies have ticket offices where tickets can be bought in advance or just before the departure. It's better to buy tickets in advance, especially if traveling before or during peak season, holidays etc, when ticket can be sold out faster.

This first group of buses have comfortable seats (V.I.P. bus company being one of them), air condition, they more likely depart on actual time, are relatively fast and don’t stop on the way to pick up more people. Each of bus companies usually has only one station in one city and different bus companies are usually not situated together at the same station.

Please note that you will always have to pay extra for your bigger pieces of luggage. At the STC company, STC staff will weight you luggage and you will pay per kilogram. It is not too expensive, but you are in Ghana, so you can always negotiate with staff. VIP bus and GH Express don't weight but just have fixed prices for the luggage, depends on the size.

In the second group of bus companies in Ghana, there are other (smaller) companies. Their buses are at lower quality and don't use timetables. Tickets cannot be bought in advance since these bus companies don't have  their own offices. Buses also pick up more people on the way and can be very slow, but tickets are cheaper.

The above named companies provide Public bus services but their buses also are available for Rent and tourism purpose all the day. There are also some bus companies which have been registered for private use only like Tourism uses, Hiring services for school, Institutions, churches and other groups.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Young Shall Grow Motors Price List, Booking, Website, Offices, Owner & Contacts

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The Young Shall Grow Motors is a transportation company in Nigeria, the young shall grow company started operating in 1972, later extend it service across all cities in Nigeria. Currently The Young Shall Grow Motors have extend their service to other Africa countries, .

 Their Drivers are professionally trained, well informed, and empowered sufficiently. At Young Shall Grow Motors they are committed to providing quality service. Their friendly staff will give full individual attention to all of your transportation needs.

Young Shall Grow Motors Transport Limited was found in 1972 by the Chairman, Chief Dr. Vincent Amaechi Obianodo MON (Member Order of the Niger), a business Mogul with a Midas touch. He is the Chairman of YSG Transport, Rockview hotels, YSG Dredging, Vineegas, Vineeoil, and YSG properties. He was the co-owner of Cellcom Telecoms, a Fixed CDMA Telecommunication Company which was later sold to Visafone in 2006.

The Young Shall Grow Motors Courier Services

Aside from passenger transport, Young Shall Grow Motors also provides Courier services. If you would like to make use of their courier services, may choose to use any of the following means;
Contacting them at their head office
Sending an email to
Calling them on 014531091

The Young Shall Grow Motors Price List And Routes

From Jibowu, Lagos to
Nanya, Abuja- N6,300.00
Port-Harcourt, Rivers- N4,500.00
Owerri, Imo- N4,500.00
Amichi, Akwa-Ibom – N5,000.00
Enugu, Enugu- N4,500.00
Osha, Ebonyi- N4,500.00

From Utako, Abuja to;
Jibowu, Lagos – N6,300.00
Port-Harcourt, Rivers – N4,500.00
Owerri, Imo – N4,500.00
Amichi, Akwa-Ibom – N5,000.00

From Rivers, Port-Harcourt to;
Nanya, Abuja- N4,950.00
Jibowu, Lagos – N4,500.00
Owerri, Imo – N4,000.00
These Price Lists May be subjected to changes at any time depending on the circumstance prevailing in the Industry.

The Young Shall Grow Motors Terminals, Offices And Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Anambra (Onitsha T1 EA/ONT)
Location: Onitsha, Anambra
Phone Number: 08033374545
Email Address:

Abia (Ohafia T3 EA/OHA)
Location: Ohafia, Abia
Phone Number: 08068866176
Email Address:

Abia (Aba T1 EA/ABA)
Location: Aba, Abia
Phone Number: 08055004724
Email Address:

Abia (Umuahia T2 EA/UMU)
Location: Umuahia, Abia
Phone Number: 08068866176,08054600345
Email Address:

Abuja (T1 NO/ABJ)
Location: Abuja
Phone Number: 08034066992, 08055004867
Email Address:

Abuja (Kubwa T2 NO/ABJ)
Location: Kubwa, Abuja
Phone Number: 08032550170
Email Address:

Adamawa (Yola T1 NO/YOL)
Location: Yola, Adamawa
Phone Number: 08064821855
Email Address:

Akwa Ibom (OronT3 EA/ORON)
Location: Abuja
Phone Number: 08034066992, 08055004867
Email Address:

Akwa Ibom (Uyo T1 EA/UYO)
Location: Uyo, Akwa Ibom
Email Address:

Anambra (Ekwulobia T6 EA/EKW)
Location: Ekwulobia, Anambra
Email Address:

Anambra (Umunze T4 EA/UMU)
Location: Umunze, Anambra
Email Address:

Anambra (Awka T3 EA/AWK)
Location: Awka, Anambra
Email Address:

Anambra (Neni T2 EA/NEN)
Location: Neni, Anambra
Email Address:

Bauchi (Bauchi T1 NO/BAU)
Location: Bauchi, Bauchi
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Benue (Boko T1 SN/IGB)
Location: Boko, Boko
Email Address:

Benue (Boko T1 SN/IGB)
Location: Boko, Benue
Email Address:

Benue (OtukpoT2 SN/OTU)
Location: Otukpo, Benue
Email Address:

Benue (Makurdi T3 SN/MAK)
Location: Makurdi, Benue
Email Address:

Burkina Faso (Wagadugu T1 BA/WAG)
Location: Wagadugu, Burkina Faso
Email Address:

Crossriver (Calabar T1 EA/CAL)
Location: Calabar, Crossriver
Phone Number: 08037516687, 08055004717
Email Address:

Crossriver (Ogoja T2 EA/OGO)
Location: Ogoja, Crossriver
Phone Number: 07030167080
Email Address:

Delta (Asaba T1 SS/ASA)
Location: Asaba, Delta
Email Address:

Ebonyi (Abakaliki T1 EA/ABK)
Location: Ebonyi, Abakaliki
Phone Number: 08068025733
Email Address:

Edo (Benin T1 SW/BEN)
Location: Benin, Edo
Email Address:

Enugu (Enugu T1 EA/ENU)
Location: Enugu, Enugu
Phone Number: 08033203189
Email Address:

Ghana (Accra T2 GH/ACC)
Address: 76 Neoplan Station Road, beside Avenor Chemist, Accra, Ghana.
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: +233247749523,233272961486
Email Address:

Ghana (Accra T1 GH/ACC)
Address: Accra Kumasi Road, Achimota, by Boomerang Night Club (Caprice), Accra, Ghana.
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: +233249085920
Email Address:

Ghana (Kumasi T1 GH/KUM)
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Email Address:

Ghana (Techiman T2 GH/TEC)
Location: Techiman, Ghana
Phone Number: +233247749523,233272961486
Email Address:

Imo (Okigwe T2 EA/OKI)
Address: Opposite St. Joseph Catholic Church, Okigwe, Imo
Location: Okigwe, Imo
Phone Number: 08039107526
Email Address:

Imo (Akokwa T3 EA/AKO)
Address: Opposite St. Joseph Catholic Church, Okigwe, Imo
Location: Okigwe, Imo
Phone Number: 08039107526
Email Address:

Imo (Orlu T6 EA/ORL)
Address: No 4 Amaigbo road, Umuna, Orlu, Imo.
Location: Orlu, Imo
Phone Number: 08039107526
Email Address:

Imo (Owerri T1 EA/OWE)
Location: Owerri, Imo
Phone Number: 08060069773
Email Address:

Imo (Anara T5 EA/ANA)
Location: Anara, Imo
Email Address:

Ivory Coast- Cote d’ Ivoire (Abidjan T1 CDV/AB)
Address: Gare Sade Avenue 1, Trechville, Rue 40, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone Number: +22507974675, +22545878107
Email Address:

Ivory Coast- Cote d’ Ivoire (Abidjan T1 CDV/AB)
Address: Mirador Opposite Import office, behind Gendarmerie, Adjame
Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone Number: +22508724544
Email Address:

Kaduna (Kaduna T1 NO/KAD)
Location: Umuahia, Abia
Phone Number: 08036438074
Email Address:

Kano (Kano T1 NO/KAN)
Location: Kano, Kano
Phone Number: 08027391868,08033282677
Email Address:

Kogi (Lokoja T1 NO/LOK)
Location: Lokoja, Kogi
Email Address:

Lagos (Alaba Int. T18 La)
Location: Alaba, Lagos
Phone Number: 08170765674

Lagos (Alafia T15 LA SW)
Location: Alafia, Lagos.
Phone Number: 08033834298

Lagos (Badagry)
Location: Badagry, Lagos

Lagos (Cele B/Stop T12 LA CELEBSTOP)
Location: Cele B/Stop, Lagos Cele B/Stop

Lagos (First Gate T12 LA/ FG)
Location: First Gate, Lagos

Lagos (IBA T9 LA / IBA)

Location: Iba Estate, Lagos.

Lagos (IKORODU) T 11 LA / IKO

Location: Alaba Alagoe, Lagos
Email Address:

Lagos (IKOTUN) T 5 LA / IKO

Location: Ikotun, Lagos.
Email Address:

Lagos (Jibowu) T10 LA / JIB

Location: Jibowu, Lagos
Phone Number: 07095138023

Lagos (Mile 12) T16 LA/M12

Location: Mile 12, Lagos

Lagos (Ojuelegba) T8 LA / OJU

Location: Ojuelebga, Lagos,
Phone Number: 08033352485, 08055004769
Email Address:

Lagos (Oshodi) T7 LA / OSHO

Location: Oshodi, Lagos
Phone Number: 08055004692 , 08023181284
Email Address:

Lagos (Otto) T2 LA / OTT

Location: Otto Iddo Lagos
Phone Number: 08033332239 , 08033280184 08088644444
Email Address:

Lagos (Ajah) T13 LA/ AJAH

Location: Ajah, Lagos
Phone Number: 08069757342

Lagos (Agege) T13 LA/AG

Location: Agege, Lagos

Lagos (New Road) T4 LA / NEW

Location: New Road, Lagos
Phone Number: 08033302420, 08050004720
Email Address:

call 09024097929 to book a flight

Lagos (Ijora)

Location: Ijora, Lagos
Phone Number: 08033271430, 08055004767
Email Address:

Maiduguri (Maiduguiri T1 NO/MAD)

Location: Maiduguri ,Borno
Phone Number: 08067779700
Email Address:

Mali (Barmako T1 MA/BA)

Address: Sonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamaicora, Bamako.
Location: Maiduguri ,Borno
Phone Number: +22320206793, +22376435514
Email Address:

Nasarawa (Maraba T1 NO/MAR)

Location: Maraba, Nasarawa
Phone Number: 07031565582
Email Address:

Niger (Minna T1 NO/MIN)

Location: Minna, Niger
Email Address:

Ogoja (Gboko T1 NO/GB)

Location: Gboko, Ogoja
Email Address:

Ogun (Sango Otta T1 SW/SO)

Location: Sango Otta, Ogun
Email Address:

Oyo (Ibadan T1 NO/IBA)

Address: Opposite Nigerian Breweries, Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo.
Location: Ibadan, Oyo
Phone Number: 08037797090, 08079751771
Email Address:

Plateau (Jos T1 NO/ JOS)

Address: Sonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamaicora, Bamako.
Location: Jos, Plateau
Phone Number: 08065587947
Email Address:

Rivers (Port Harcourt T1 EA/ POR)

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers
Phone Number: 08032753110
Email Address:

Sokoto (Sokoto T1 NO/ SOK)

Location: Jos, Plateau
Phone Number: 08035765368
Email Address:

Togo (Lome)

Location: Lome, Togo
Email Address:

Yobe (Damaturu T1 NO/ DAM)

Location: Damaturu, Yobe
Email Address:

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Efex Executive Benin To Ghana Booking, Price List, Website, Contacts & Offices

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Efex Executive is one of the prominent transport companies in the Nigeria. Apart from Nigeria, their service extends to Ghana and several African countries like Togo, Cote D’Ivoire and Benin Republic.

Efex began providing transport services over thirty years ago and they have maintained a standard of excellence and efficiency over the last three decades.

Their transport service is top notch and their customer service is excellent. One of the things, Efex Executive does for its travellers especially those that have to travel outside the country is to handle all issues relating to their immigration and border travel.

Efex Executive Fleets

Efex Executive parades one of the best state-of-the-art fleets on the West Coast. Their Buses are fully air-conditioned, spacious and made suitable for long journey. They are also very suitable for business travel and tourism. They have on- board Video and Music players to entertain and refresh our customers, Also their buses and cars has an AC services.

Efex Executive Bus Rentals

Efex bus rentals is equally available to our esteemed customers who may want to go on a group vacations, excursions or any other ceremonies.

EFEX Charter Service offers a wide variety of alternate transportation services from 15 seater hummer buses, to 30 seater civilian buses charters. Our drivers are highly trained professionals ready to provide you with that quality experience.

They Guarantee Your Arrival to Your Destination Will Be Safe and On-Time. They are available 24/7 for last minute or unexpected changes.

Efex Executive Services

Pick up from Airport
Corporate Travel
Business Function
Interstate and Town services
Church groups
Sporting Events

The Charter Bus Service is available for travel 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. And also they have a night travel for a long distance routes.

Efex Executive Main Routes

Accra To Lagos
Accra To Asaba / Onitsha
Benin City To Asaba / Onitsha
Benin City To Lagos
Benin City To Accra
Asaba / Onitsha To Lagos

Efex Executive Offices & Contact Numbers

Head Office
Efosa Express Head Office
77 Murtala Mohammed way, Beside Oando Filling Station, Opposite Presbyterian Church, Yaba
Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 023401
08150466492, 08150466490

All Their Branches
Adabraka Accra
V434/3 Liberty Link Road Near Roxy Cinema Adabraka , Rong Road Express,Silver Cup Bus-Stop,Opposite Paloma Hotel,Accra Ghana, Accra, Accra, Pin: 23321

Paloma Accra
Ring Road Express, Silver Cup Bus Stop, Opposite Paoma Hotel, Accra, Accra, Pin: 23321
New Park Asaba
Benin-Asaba Expressway, , Beside NNPC Filling Station,, Asaba, Delta, Pin: 320231

Old Park Asaba
Ibusa Road, Koka Junction, , Asaba, Delta, Pin: 320231

Iyaro Benin
Efex 02,96 Uselu-Lagos Road,, 4 Urubi Street, Iyaro, Benin, Edo, Pin: 300212
815 046 6486    

Uselu Benin
Efex 02, 96, Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin, Edo, Pin: 300211

Idi Oro
Idi-Oro Market,Mushin, Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 100253

Iyana Ipaja
174 Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Iyana-Ipaja Bus-Stop, Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 100278

Mile 2
Km 3 Badagry Expressroad Mile 2, Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 102114

Ojodu Berger
Ojodu Berger Bus-Stop, Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 100213

430 Ikorodu Road Ojota,, 416 Ikorodu Road Ojota,, Lagos, Lagos, Pin: 100242
815 046 6491    
Ramat Benin
, Ramat, Edo, Pin: 300211
(+234) 815 046 6484

M Plaza Coach Transport From Accra To Kumasi, Booking, Contacts & Fares

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M Plaza Coach Is an  Inter-city Express Passenger Bus Services from the Company’s purpose-built modern terminals at all its destinations. M Plaza Coach is also available for Hiring of Coaches and Buses on request as well as Promotion and organization of package tours

As the best provider of inter-city bus service in Ghana, M Plaza Coach are proud to provide you with a safe, luxurious and affordable travel experience.

M Plaza Coaches and Buses

M Plaza Coach have over 50 coaches and buses to date. They proud to have luxury coaches and they assure you that all of their coaches are of Luxury class.

M Plaza Coaches/Buses feature:
    Air-conditioning with individually controlling knobs.
    Reclining seats; no middle seats
    Refrigeration to serve refreshment on board
    Entertainment: video, music, radio
    Communication: phone on board

M Plaza Coach Seating Capacities:
    40 Seaters
    50 Seaters
    55 Seaters
    60 Seaters

M Plaza Coach Terminals

The company has its own purpose-built modern terminals at the destinations of routes plied. To-date, the route plied is Accra-Kumasi, and as such, both destinations have terminals built by the company and are labeled M PLAZA TERMINAL.

Facilities at Each Terminal:
    Fenced, concrete-paved, flood-lit spacious terminals for 24-hour operations.
    All-weather secured ticketing area for purchasing ticket in comfort.
    Spacious passenger waiting lounges with comfortable seating and entertainment provision including video, music, and radio.
    Help Desk to handle customers with disabilities and others in need.
    Convenience Shop.
    All-weather embarking and disembarking bay
    Security Post

Customers with Disabilities
Special provisions have been made at each terminal to offer assistance to travelers with disabilities as below:

Help On-Board:
It is expected that, unless the passenger with disability is not accompanied by a personal help as is normally the case, the M Plaza hostess on board, or  in her absence, the driver himself will stop whenever critical, to offer help to such persons especially when the person is terminating his travel not at the terminal but elsewhere, where help will not be forth coming especially in the instance of  as removing the wheel chair from the luggage hold and assisting the passenger to sit in it.

M Plaza Offices & Contacts Number

Head Office:
Location:   Dzorwulu, Accra, next to Word Miracle Church
Fax:   763416

Accra – Avenor Terminal
Location:  Near the new overhead foot bridge at Kpehe, Nsawam Road.

Kumasi Asafo Market Terminal

Location:  Behind Asafo Market

Hotels in the Mariset and M Plaza chain.
M plaza Hotel, Roman Ridge Accra,
Tel: 233 21 775922  Fax:  763416

Mariset Plaza Osu, Ako-Adjei Park, Klanaa Street
Tel: 774552

Mariset Hotel, East Cantonments, near NAFTI

M Plaza Coach Online Booking

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Metro Mass Transit Tamale To Kumasi Fares, Contacts, Routes & Managing Director

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The Metro Mass Transit Limited is a public transportation company in Ghana. The company was set us to provide reliable and affordable means of transport for commuters within villages, towns, and cities as well as provide intercity movement.

The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Agyekum Kuffour in 2001 directed the re-introduction of public mass transport system in the metropolitan and municipal areas of Ghana. This directive culminated in the establishment of Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT) in 2002 to share a common goal to ensure that public transport is accessible to all and that the pedestrian and traffic environments are designed and managed to enable people reach and use public transport safely and with confidence.

Metro Mass Transit InterCity Bus Service

This service connects two cities/towns extending over a distance of 140 km. E.g. Kumasi–Sefwi Asawinso; Sunyani – Hamile; Tamale – Accra; Bolgatanga – Accra; Wa – Accra; Tamale- Kumasi; Accra – Ho and Cape Coast – Accra.

This service accounts for 42% of the Company’s operations and transports an average of six hundred thousand passengers per month.

Metro Mass Transit Shuttle Bus Service

This is a high frequency bus operations which connects central bus terminals to city outskirts. It provides medium-distance (25 – 100 km) transportation service to and from settlements surrounding a (regional) capital. E.g Tema – Accra; Obuasi – Kumasi; Sunyani – Kumasi; Takoradi – Tarkwa; Swedru – Accra; Winneba – Accra.

Metro Mass Transit Inter Urban or Rural – Urban Bus Service

This bus service links rural areas to urban centres (usually on rough roads) with low but constant frequency between distances of 40 – 139 km. The service is meant to open up villages and districts for socio-economic activities. That is, routes usually in deprived regions in Ghana.

This covers about 28% of MMT’s operations and transports an average of eight hundred thousand passengers per month.

Metro Mass Transit Intercity Routes

Kumasi To Sefwi Asawinso
 Sunyani To Hamile
Tamale To Accra
Bolgatanga To Accra
Wa To Accra;
Tamale To Kumasi
Accra To Ho 
Cape Coast To Accra
Tema To Accra
Obuasi To Kumasi
Sunyani To Kumasi
Takoradi To Tarkwa
Swedru To Accra;
Winneba To Accra

Metro Mass Transit Accra Head Office Contact Numbers

Kaneshie Awudome Road, Accra

Phone Number
0302 237539

0302 237539

    T 0302 237539
    T 0302 259015
    F 0302 220157

OA Travel And Tour Accra To Tamale, Contacts, Fares, Booking & Tickets

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O. A. Travel & Tour is a Ghanaian registered Company specializing in the provision of transport management services to the general public and the mining industry.  Its head office is in Kumasi. Apart from the general public transport services within Ghana, O.A. Travel & Tours is also providing transport services to the mining companies in AngloGold Ashanti Limited in Obuasi and Golden Star Limited at Bogoso.

Opoku Agyemang who is a renowned businessman founded O.A. Travel and Tours. After its formal registration, as a transport service it was then named O .A. Travel and Tours. Initially it was operating under the GPRTU, till it started on its own, which has been successful over the years. O.A. has grown from strength to strength over the years with such hardworking staff.

OA Travel And Tour Fleets

 Currently O.A. has over 400 buses of different brands/types. Periodically additional buses are imported and the increment is seen as measures to boost up the smooth operation of the existing buses. These are high standard
 Buses imported from Asia, Indian and Europe.

The interior decorations of O.A. buses are highly remarkable. Very nice quality curtains are used. There are also video and television sets in the buses to ease boredom of passengers travelling long distances.

Seats in O.A. buses are extremely comfortable. There are first class seats in the buses. The seats are adjustable as well. A passenger could easily adjust a seat and sleep in the bus  undertake training programs for O.A. drivers. There are also intensive frequent training programs for them

OA Travel And Tour Team & Staffs

O.A. Travel & Tours has a very dedicated and hardworking management board that has an oversight responsibility of seeing to successful operational activities of the company.

has a technical section that is made up of highly skilled technical men responsible for the daily technical measures responsible for the smooth running of the buses. O.A. can boast of hardworking men who are experts on the fields.

OA Travel And Tour Safety Measures

 O.A. Travel and Tours takes into consideration safety issues as a top most priority and has therefore embarked on a very high safety standards over the years. Some measures taken by O.A Travel & Tours are:





As part of the high safety precautionary measures put in place by the management of O.A. Travel and Tours there are some road monitors in some buses. These monitors are like a television sets that enable the driver to have a long view of the road and also an accurate back view of the road. This device helps the driver to see the road very well and also detect an upcoming vehicle especially in negotiating very sharp curves and bends. The monitor serves as part of the safety standards set up by O.A. to increase its safety on the roads.

OA Travel And Tour  Routes

Kumasi To Aflao

Accra To Kumasi

Accra To Drobo

Accra To Sunyani

Accra To Berekum

Accra To Yeji

Accra To Dolmaa

Accra To Bolgatanga

Accra To Tamale

Accra To Techiman

Accra To Nkroranza

Accra To Wa

Accra To Paga/Navilongo

Accra To Goaso/Mim

Accra To Burkinafaso

OA Travel And Tour Phone  Numbers For Booking

0302 236 917
0244 284 713

0322 041 925 
0243 177 620

0244 178 949  
0208 924 221

0242 767 694 
0208 083 644 

Yeji /Atebubu
0244 872 717
  0201 538 900  
0244 828 461 
0278 046 361 
0246 593 444     
0242 754 874

0207 140 091
  0543 822 332

    0243 863 666

    0240 686 651


Bolga /Paga
  0208 294 602

 O. A. Travel and Tours
 P. O. Box SE 204
Suame - Kumasi
Ghana -W/Africa
 Location: Near Asafo Labour Office
Tel : +233-(0)322 041 925
O. A. Travel and Tours 
P. O. Box NK  25
Accra  - North Keneshi
Ghana - W/Africa
Location: Near CFAO Circle
Tel  : +233-(0)302 236 917

E-mail :

Saturday, August 11, 2018

VIP Bus Ghana Accra To Kumasi, Prices, Schedule, Contact, Terminal & Fares

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VVIP Jeoun Transport Company Limited in Ghana provide for their customers a bus that has comfortable seats, air conditioning, they keep time, large seats, extra leg room and they provide direct transportation without detours or long stops. These services are not necessarily provided for in the trotros (minivans) and taxis.

VIP transport fares in Ghana are higher priced as compared to the normal buses. Normally, the roads are not well done. Therefore, some transport companies have tried to cure that menace by providing VIP buses in Ghana. Travelling down a road that is not well tarmacked can be tedious hence the large comfortable seats with enough leg room.

On a hot day, the air conditioning in such buses is essential. Therefore, VIP buses in Ghana may not be flight but they maximize on ensuring that the VIP experience is exciting and comfortable.
No pre-booking available, just show up at the terminal. 

VIP Jeoun Transport services Fleets

The company uses several buses from KIA Grandbird-Executive and Tour
Hyundai Noble-Tours
Young man Buses/Skyliner
Deawoo Fx Cruiser
Yuton Buses,Locally acquired
Scania Buses,(Only Operators of the Executive models in Ghana)

VIP Jeoun Transport Services

VIP Company provide the following services to their customers:
Parcel services
Education tourism
Cooperate Charter
Religious Tours
Social events tours
Their buses are ready for private tours, personal uses, Group uses with special agreements with the company. They are ready for hiring.

VIP Jeoun Transport Services Routes & Prices/Fares

Executive Only
VIP Premium -Airport (shell)- Kumasi Ghc 65
VIP Executive Accra- Kumasi Ghc 40
VIP Executive Accra - Tamale Ghc 85
VIP Executive Accra to Wa Ghc 90
VIP Executive Accra - Sunyani Ghc 50
VIP Executive Accra - Techiman Ghc 50
Accra, Ghana-Tamale-Executive Ghc 85
Accra to Bolga Executive only Ghc 110

Long Haul's/Tours/Economy
VIP Tour Accra - Kumasi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Accra to Ash Manpong Ghc 35
VIP Tour Accra to Tepa/Mim/Goaso Ghc 40
VIP Tour Accra to Sefwi Ghc 45
VIP Tour Accra to Wa 85
VIP Tour Accra to Takoradi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Accra to Bogoso/Tarkwa Ghc 40
VIP Tour Accra to Obuasi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Drobo Ghc /Brekum ghc 45
VIP Tour Dormaa 45

International Route
VIP Accra to Lagos, Nigeria
VIP Lagos to Accra, Ghana

VIP Jeoun Transport Services Offices & Contact Numbers

Access Bank Location
Mobile Money Payment available on 0557925263,Gilbert/Sammy/Jossy
Contact 0540644677 Direct
0207966150 Kweku

Call for booking and reservation 0540644677

VIP Premium,Airport
Call for pre booking and reservation

Harbour City,Tema Community Center
Contact the following numbers

VIP Jeoun Transport Services Departures

Here are some bus schedules for VIP buses:
Accra to Kumasi VIP Tour 4am to 12am
Accra to Kumasi VIP Executive 24hrs
Accra to Kampong VIP Tour only ,7am and 9am
Accra Techiman 9am and 9Pm
Accra to Sunyani,VIP Executive 24/hrs
Accra to Wa 5pm
Accra to Brekum 9am
Accra to Cape/Tadi/Tarkwa /Bogoso 12noon
Accra to Goaso/Jim 6:30 pm
Accra Sefwi Wiaso,Juaboso,Asawinso 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Up country
Kumasi to Takoradi 12midday
Kumasi to Hamile 6pm
Kumasi Bolga,1pm
Kumasi to Sunyani,6am to 6pm
Kumasi to Accra VIP Tour 4am to 12midnight
Kumasi to Accra Executive 24/hr service

STC Bus Accra To Abidjan Terminal, Fares, Booking, Departures, Contacts & Routes

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STC (ISTC) Intercity Bus began in 1909 as a Government Transport Department to cater for the needs of the central Government. In 1965, it was made a body corporate by Legislative Instrument (L.I) number 414 of 9th March 1965 to run commercial passenger services and was then called the State Transport Corporation (STC).

In January 1968, the Government also created a haulage division to cater for the haulage of both dry and wet cargo. This was also handed over to STC to manage as a bulk haulage division, to function alongside the passenger division. STC was later incorporated in June 1995 as a Limited Liability Company under Ghana’s Companies Act, 1962, (Act 179) in the name, State Transport Company Limited. Over the years, the company has gone through changes and is now known as the Intercity STC Coaches Limited since 2003 October.

STC Bus Bus Services

Intercity STC coaches limited has both domestic and international bus services to various  cities in Ghana and some West African cities such as Abidjan, Cotonou Etc.

STC Bus Domestic Operations

Our stations are located in the regional capitals and cities of Ghana

STC Bus International Operations

Our   international stations are located in these countries : Cote D’lvoire, Benin,  Burkina Faso and Togo. Niger and  Nigeria will be operational soon.

STC Bus Student Transport Services

School transport has been one of the core corporate functions. We offer bus services to schools  i.e. Universities, Polytechnics, Junior and  Senior high schools.

STC Bus Package And Parcel Express

The Package / Parcel Express targets all corporate bodies that require rapid delivery of large, medium and small parcels to destinations in and around the company’s service stations. This includes major courier companies, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, financial institutions, security services, Government ministries, automobile companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals.

STC Bus Safety

A success factor which is associated with the company is the bus safety record achieved by our drivers since the company was reestablished just after Ghana gained political independence.  The excellent safety record of the company’s buses on the road has been the key factor of making many customers to make ISTC the preferred choice when they wish to travel. Our drivers have been one of the best in Africa.

STC Bus Local & International Routes

Accra To Kumasi
Accra To Tamale
Accra To Takoradi
Accra To Tarkwa
Accra To Cape Coast
Accra To Bolgatanga
Accra To Paga
Accra To Wa
Accra To Nandom
Tarakodi To Tamale
Tarakodi To Bolga
Bolga To Kumasi
Kumasi To Aflao
Cape Coast To Bolga
Kumasi To Tamale
Kumasi To Nandom
Cape Coast To Tamale
Tema To Tarakodi
Tema To Cape Coast
Tema To Kumasi
Tema To Tamale
Tema To Bolga
Tema To Paga
Tudu To AflaoTudu To Kpndo
Tudu To Nkwata
Accra To Abidjan
Accra To Cotonou
Abidjan To Lome
Abidjan To Zabre
Abidjan To Kumasi

STC Bus Offices, Contacts, Booking

Head Office Accra Main
No. 1 Ajuma Crecent
opposite Awudome Cemetery
TEL :0557943605 / 0557943606
 0573100375 / 0573100398
P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road
West Industrial Area,Accra

Kumasi Station
Oforikrom Terminal
Workshop and Administration
Adum Terminal
in the central Business District of Kumasi
    TEL :0557943607 / 0573100383 / 0573100390

Tudu Station
Located in the heart of the Accra central business
district right opposite the kimbu senior high school
    TEL: 0573100340

Achimota Station
Located at the New Achimota Lorry Park 
    TEL : 0245376833 / 05771443799

STC Bus Customer Services Numbers

Excellent Customer Services



STC Bus Booking, Fares, Timetable And Departures

For Booking Contact the above provided means of communications, But You Can also have Online Booking by Clicking Here.

For Departures, Schedules, Fares Details and time, Just follow this link.

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ABC Transport Lagos To Abuja Booking, Offices, Contacts & Price List.

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ABC Transport Plc ( commonly called ABC ) began the road transport business on February 13, 1993.  ABC Transport operates bus services in various locations both within and outside Nigeria. The company also offers comfortable lounges in different cities like Lagos (Jibowu & Amuwo-Odofin), Aba, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Onitsha, Umuahia, Jos, Mbaise, Bolade, and Accra (Ghana). Its head office is located at  Owerri, Imo State. It provides road travel services to local locations such as Calabar, Owerri, Awka, Mbaise, Umuahia, Jos, Uyo, PortHarcourt, Okene, Kaduna, Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Onitsha and others. International destinations include Ghana,  Togo, and the Benin Republic.

ABC Transport was awarded the Best Transporter in Nigeria by the Chartered Institute of Transport, Nigeria and has consistently won the National Bus Operator of the Year Award along with other accolades.

ABC Trasport classifies its coach services into;  Executive Express, Shuttle services, Coach West Africa, Cargo Express, Sleeper services and Sprinter service. Its bus capacity ranges from  14 to 52 seater vehicles.

Travelling with ABC Transport
 Online booking options are available on the ABC Trasport website.  One might also prefer to book ABC Trasport bus tickets via 3rd party online ticketing partner.
ABC Transport also offers discounted fare to students and Youth Corpers. Children also a receive a discount of 50%.

Coupled with its affordability, ABC Trasport also provides comfort for all its passengers. All vehicles are air-conditioned, the Executive Express vehicles are also fitted with DVD players.

ABC Courier Services

ABC Trasport company provides courier services through their subsidiary called ABC Express Courier Limited (ABEX) which was established in 1997. ABEX promises 24 hour delivery of packages to almost all locations within the country.

ABC Express Courier Limited is located at 330 Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos.  They can also be contacted via info@abexexpressng.vom

ABC Transport Routes:

Lagos to Awka/Onitsha (Executive Express) – N7000
Lagos to Aba – N5600
Lagos to Calabar – N6950
Lagos to Owerri – N5600
Lagos to Mbaise – N4600
Lagos to Umuahia – N4600
Lagos to Enugu (Executive Express) – N7000
Lagos to Jos – N7950
Lagos to Benin – N6150
Lagos to Port Harcourt – N5950 (Sprinter Service), N7050 (Executive), and N6600 (Sleeper)

Abuja to Awka/Onitsha (Executive Express) – N5500
Abuja to Aba – N5600
Abuja to Calabar – N6800
Abuja to Owerri – N7050
Abuja to Ibadan – N7100
Abuja to Lagos – N7100 (Executive), N6600 (Sprinter), and N7600 (Sleeper)
Abuja to Umuahia – N5600
Abuja to Enugu (Executive Express) – N5500
Abuja to Port Harcourt – N6100

Lagos to Accra – N13,950
Lagos to Cotonou – N10,250
Lagos to Lome – N13,750

ABC Transport Offices & Contacts:

Location:  Abia
Phone number:  07029116651, 08229116651, 08142552421
Email address:

Location: Abia
Phone number: 07038571144, 08035448821
Email address:

Location:  Abuja
Phone number: 095242020, 092634148, 08142552437
Email address:

Location: Abuja
Phone number: 07030890239
Email address:

Location: Abuja
Phone number: 08142552447
Email address:

Location: Akwa Ibom
Phone number: 08067060526
Email address:

Location: Akwa Ibom
Phone number: 07038894946
Email address:

Location: Anambra
Phone number: 08064834870, 08064699718
Email address:

Location: Anambra
Phone number: 046482784, 07038570482
Email address:

Location: Cotonou, Benin Republic
Phone number: +22897035013, 93699554, 97387842
Email address:

Location: Cross River
Phone number: 08069189038
Email address:

Location: Edo
Phone number: 08036788464, 08062968337
Email address:

Location: Delta
Phone number: 0706-622-1578
Email address:

Location: Enugu
Phone number: 08142552424
Email address:

Location:  Enugu
Phone number: 042255069
Email address:

Location: Ghana (Accra)
Phone number: 0244739143, 0208765930, 021227236, 009233243708737
Email address:

Location : Imo
Phone number: 08063786378
Email address :

Location: Imo
Phone number: 08064327270

Location: Kaduna State
Phone number : 08034910292, 08139083445, 08037791010
Email address:

Location: Kogi State
Phone number: 07038570375, 0809597096, 08038808013
Email address:

Location: Lagos
Phone number: 018793070, 08101312485
Email address:

Location: Lagos
Phone number: 01-8793076, 08053001000, 08142552436
Email address:

Location: Lagos
Phone number: 017911365, 8793078, 8793070, 07038570556, 08033722122
Email address:

Location: Lagos
Phone number: 08023422666
Email address:

Location: Lagos
Phone number: 01-7741320, 8793072
Email address:

Location: Nassarawa
Phone number: 0703-857-1256
Email address:

Location: Oyo State
Phone number: 08142552449
Email address:

Location: Plateau
Phone number: 09034910292
Email address:

Location: Rivers
Phone number: 0806591043, 08140066940
Email address:

Location: Togo
Phone number: +228 9076956, 9171741, 9255998
Email address: