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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trip Trans Bus Harare To Beira Contact Details, Timetable, Booking, Fares & Offices

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Trip Trans Is a bus company which provide daily scheduled services from Harare to other towns within Zimbabwe and They also provide a cross boarder services to Malawi and Zambia respectively.

Trip Trans bus company started as a shuttle services mini bus operator with some few Toyota Hiace serving within Harare and Beira as well. In the recent years of 2010's, They have expanded their service by acquiring a big machine to invest in a long distance trips.

They are now dominating the transport Industry in Zimbabwe as on of the best bus services provider in Zimbabwe with a good reputations from their customers.

Trip Trans Bus Fleet

This bus company doesn't have a single type of bus model, They own a mix of fleet of various makers from China. They have Zhongtong all models, Yutong All models and Higer bus respectively for African edition.

Their buses are smarts and have reclining seats for you to enjoy a comfort travel whenever you are travelling with them. Enough Legs space will give you a chance to enjoy smart travell with them you are enjoy Television services from a big screens on the bus.

Don't forget their buses also fitted with a modern sound system to give you fresh music to enjoy the long trip. 

Trip Trans Bus  Services

This bus company specialized mainly in the transportation of passenger to different towns all the way from Harare city in Zimbabwe. They have daily departure for local routes within Zimbabwe to all towns where their buses have destinations. They have a  well scheduled services and also they have a cross boarder services to Blantyre city in Malawi and Lusaka city in Zambia.

Trip Trans Bus also provide Parcel transportation services to all towns where their buses used to go with daily services at a fair prices. Always they are taking care of you parcels whenever you transit with them.

Trip Trans Bus Routes

Harare To Mutare  To Chimoio  To Beira
Harare To Lusaka
 Harare To Chimanimani
Harare To Gweru To Bulawayo To Gwanda
Mutoko To Harare
Bulawayo To Masvingo To Mutare
Harare To Burma valley
 Harare To Ruwange
Lusaka To Bulawayo
Harare To Ruchera To Chinhenga To St. Marys To Nyanga
Harare To Mutoko To Nyamapanda
Harare To Mutoko To Nyamapanda
Nyanga To Harare
Harare To Blantyre

Trip Trans Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Harare: +258 773986769, +258 733 019 550

Beira : +258 847387470, +258 844860711

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jonda Bus Tours Lusaka To Mfuwe Contact Details, Booking, Offices, Prices & Timetable

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 Jonda Bus Tours provide a daily scheduled passenger transport services in Zambia from Lusaka To other cities and town within the country. They also have a cross boarder transport services from Lusaka to Lilongwe Malawi and Kitwe Zambia to Johannesburg South Africa.

Jonda Bus Tours Is the best bus service company regarding several good reputations from their customers. They have a well trained professional personnel who are working hand uin hand with their management to ensure you get the best services from the company.

Jonda Bus Tours Fleet

Jonda Bus services have the modern fleet of different seaters and all of them being Scania bus models with well customized bodies from Marcopolo brand as well as Irizar brand. All of their fleet undergo a scheduled maintenance to keep them fit for their scheduled trips within and outside Zambia.

Their buses have reclining seats with enough Legs room to give you a comfort travell and enjoyable trips. Some of their buses have USB charging system on each seat to give you access of powering your smartphones.

All of their latest buses have large plasma Televisions which aimed to give you a fresh entertainment like Movies, Series, Music, Documentary and many more. Don't forget their buses are also fitted with good sound system for you to enjoy a good music.

Free WiFi Services are available on their buses to give you acces of exploring the world through internet while you travell with them.

Jonda Bus Tours Services They Offer

Their core purpose is the transportation of Passengers within the SADC regions from their motherhood country Zambia. They have daily departure for Zambia Routes and a specific day scheduled departure for South Africa and Malawi as well.

Apart from Passenger transport services, They also provide Parcel transportation services within Zambia and to South Africa and Malawi. Their buses have a pulling trailers for bulk luggage carriage.

Jonda Bus Tours Routes & Timetable

Lusaka To Chipata
1st Bus> 05.00hrs
2nd Bus> 06.00hrs
3rd Bus> 10.00hrs

Cipata To Lusaka
1st Bus> 05.00hrs
2nd Bus> 06.00hrs
3rd Bus> 07.00hrs

Chipata To Mfuwe
1 Bus> 13.00hrs

Mfuwe To Chipata
1 Bus> 05.00hrs

Lusaka To Mfuwe
1 Bus> 05.00hrs

Kitwe To Johannesburg
Lusaka To Lilongwe

Jonda Bus Tours Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

+260 97 7412616
+260 97 7401360
+260 97 9005555
+260 96 6142612

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jobela Star Bus Idutywa To Cape Town Booking, Office, Contact Number, Owner, Price List,

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Jobela Star Bus Services Is a 100% Black owned bus company, it is a leader in local and long distance bus travel from the City of Cape Town to destinations in the Eastern Cape around South Africa and also operating cross boarder route from Johannesburg to Malawi.
Jobela Star bus strives to build continual relationships with its passengers, continually gaining an understanding of the passenger's needs of travel and as well as future requirements.

Jobela Star Bus Fleet & Services

Jobela Star bus Services has a coach/luxury buses fleet well serviced Buses in the warehouse in Cape Town and Johannesburg, They have clean buses and trailers & arriving on time to destinations.  All their vehicles are fitted with on-board computer systems, satellite tracking monitored in-house as well as 24hour cellphone contact. Their drivers are all well experienced, trained long distance drivers that are fully aware of the service required to satisfy their customers.

While You are traveling with Jobela Star Bus, You will enjoy On Board entertainment like Television services, Music system and many more. Their buses are fitted with an A/C services all the way on travel, On board charging system for you, On Board Fridge and Also Toilets for short call.

Apart From a Local and Long Distance community travel, Jobela Star Bus also available for Private Hire For Individual Groups and Community as well. Their buses are available for Tourist travel, Special Events, School Tours and many more.

Jobela Star Bus Insurance

Jobela Star Bus does not provide general insurance cover for its passengers, their property or luggage. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she is adequately insured.

Jobela Star Bus Cancellation, Re-booking and Refunds

 A passenger has the right to cancel an advance booking, If You Should want to cancel your ticket, Jobela Star Bus will charge you 20% of the amount of your ticket and you are required to cancel your ticket at least 24 hours before your departure time.
 If You Should want to re-book for the next available date, Jobela Star will charge you’re an additional 10% of the amount of your ticket.
All return ticket holders have 48 hours to change or cancel return tickets and should you proceed in changing your return date there's a 10% penalty fee and a 25% cancellation fee.

Jobela Star Bus Check in and departure time

All passengers should check in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the Bus.
 Passengers can check in at Jobela Star Bus counters or with a Jobela Star Bus operator (driver).

Jobela Star Bus Routes

 Cape Town To Ngqamakwe-Gcuwa & Idutywa via Tsomo
 Cape Town To Ingcobo & Mthatha via Queenstown
Johannesburg to Malawi

Jobela Star Bus Address, Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Ltha Park
Cape Town, 0100

Contact Details
South Africa: +27 84 443 4440 /1
Malawi: +26 599 104 4010/1

Monday, November 12, 2018

Munorurama Bus From Johannesburg To Malawi Booking, Prices, Fares, Contacts, Tickets & Timetable

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Munorurama Bus Is one among the oldest player in the transportation Industry for the Southern African countries. Being registered in South Africa, This bus company plays the long distance routes between South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Munorurama Bus Type Of Fleet

They have invested much in Scania buses with Marcopolo bodies, Irizar Bodies and MCV bodies which are locally made in South Africa. All of their buses undergo scheduled maintenance just after a several trips.

Their Buses are of Semi Luxury Class with 2 by 2 seating configurations and some of them have 2 by 3 seating configurations. They are fitted with reclining seats with enough legroom, They have an A/C services, On Board entertainment like Television, Music System and many more.

They are available for Special Hire for those who used make special travel. Their buses available from 52 seaters up to 70 seaters.

Munorurama Bus Services

Munorurama Bus offer public transport for long distance passenger in the Southern Africa Regions within South Africa and neighboring countries. They are also available for special hire to Individual groups or even social groups.

Munorurama Bus Routes

Johannesburg To Lilongwe
Johannesburg To Mzuzu
Johannesburg To Blantyre
Johannesburg To Harare
Lilongwe To Harare
Lilongwe To Lusaka
Some Routes Within South Africa Will Be Updated Soon.

 Munorurama Bus Offices, Address & Contact Number For Booking & Enquiry

Postal AddressPO Box 30723,
Chichiri, Blantyre,

Phone: +265 91 0031
              +265 83 4190
Cell: +265 888 893 737
Tel :     +265 1 773 915

South Africa
Address 17 Levos Street - Bramfontein
City: Johannesburg
Administrative region: Gauteng
Phone 033 345 6777

munorurama transport in Braamfontein, SouthAfrica
Address: 116 harrison st braamfontein johannesburg, Braamfontein,
Phone: 011 4030859

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mulaudzi Transport Service From Johannesburg To Venda Tickets, Booking, Hire, Office & Timetable

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Mulaudzi Transport is a commuter transportation company committed in providing dependable transport services within its community, just as it has done for many decades, since it started operating back in 1953. As every scholar deserves reliable and safe transportation to school and every worker to their place of work, Mulaudzi Transport will ensure you get to and from where you intend going.

The company’s main office is based in Tshavhalovedzi in the Limpopo Province and also offers supporting offices which operate in Biaba, Louis Trichardt, Thohoyandou and Mutale.
Mulaudzi Transport started its humble beginnings as a sole proprietorship back in 1953. Based in Limpopo, the business was run by one man offering viable commuter transport within his community. Over the past few decades the business has grown from strength to strength, and is now a much larger company still offering reliable and efficient transportation services in and around Tshavhalovhedzi, Biaba, Louis Trichardt, Thohoyandou and Mutale.

Mulaudzi Transport Service  They Offer

They are committed to offering their clients the highest-quality service possible and provide an array of transportation services which include:

    Daily commuter transportation operating at scheduled times in the morning, afternoon and evening.
        Workers transport to and from their workplace;
        Scholars transport to and from school;
        Various daily transport services to hospitals, town, etc
 Long-distance commute from Matavhela to Johannesburg / Zuurbekom.
    Private hire commuter transportation for events or functions to any destination of your choice.
    Cross-border commuter transportation to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Mulaudzi Transport Service Fleet

They have a number of buses in their operation, each providing various capacity seating options suited to your requirements. The following options are available:

    65 seater standard
    70 seater semi-luxury
    80 seater
    111 seater articulated / trolleybuses
    Trailers for extra luggage


Mulaudzi Transport Service Routes

Johannesburg To Venda
Johannesburg To Mutare
Johannesburg To Harare
Johannesburg To Malawi

Mulaudzi Transport Service Ticket sales

Ticket sales and bookings are done through their offices based in Biaba, Louis Trichardt and Thohoyandou. You can also contact them through the contacts below for your booking.

Mulaudzi Transport Offices, Address & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Mulaudzi Transport Service
P.O.Box 75 Nzhelele
Limpopo 0993
South Africa

Tel:  083 227 0571
        083 227 0644
       083 227 0606

Fax:   015 973 0668


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Enos Bus Services Johannesburg To Malawi Address, Owner, Contact Details, Booking & Timetable

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Enos Bus Services is an independent existing business that provide a luxury buses for transportation of group of people, organizations, Mining, municipalities, universities and Public Transport in South Africa and nearest countries. 

Enos Bus Services also have it's sub company of passenger transport named Graca Executive which work hand in hand with the parent company to serve their customers. They are all uses the same color as their identity for local and international buses.

Enos Bus Services Fleet & Drivers

Enos Bus Services & Graca Executive invest in the modern bus models for comfortable trip of their costumers. They use Scania Marcopolo buses like G7 and Torino, Scania MCV with locally assembled bodies in SA and other types of fleet. They also have small shuttle mini bus for short distance travel.
Their drivers are experienced with EC licenses and professional driving permits all around South Africa. Together their Mission is to maintain the highest possible standards in the provision of an effective and efficient transport service to communities in the Province on selected routes by:

  1. Providing an enabling environment conducive to the provision of an affordable, convenient and safe mode of public transport.
  2. Keeping abreast of trends and developments in the sector to meet changing customer and stakeholder needs; and Creating of strategies that lend support to socio- economic growth in the South Africa principles to create a secure future for the company and its people”.
They have a specialized team of professional Motor mechanic, who works on daily biases to make sure that their vehicles do not get breakdown or stuck.

Enos Bus Services They Offer

Enos Bus Services offer the following services:
Public transport used for touring or any trips around or outside South Africa. They offer a guarantee for their products and services they deliver. They endeavour to supply the correct product for the application maintaining the highest possible quality standards. They offer a fair prices for the services and products they provide to their customers.

Enos Luxury Coaches shall offer quality product and services and value of money, at least comparable with that of its own competitors.

Enos Luxury Coaches also offer a hiring services for their fleet from a mini bus to the big one for Individual group or even a organization, schools, churches, sports and other groups.

Enos Bus Services Routes

Enos Bus Services & Graca Executive plays both Local and International routes. Thought we are still looking an information for local routes but below we listed an international routes for these bus companies.
Johannesburg To Blantyre
Johannesburg To Harare

Enos Bus Services Office, Address & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Physical Address Stand No. 300,
Phiphidi Sibasa, 0970 Limpopo
CONTACT PERSON Maanda Nndwambi
Tel: +27159631129 | +27826909664

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Zambia Malawi Bus (Kobs) Contact Number, Fare, Timetable, Routes, Offices & Booking

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Zambia-Malawi (Kobs) Coach Services is one of the few bus companies catering for Lusaka To Lilongwe route. The company also has a route to the Copperbelt from Chipata. Kobs' high level of customer service includes advance ticketing, mobile ticket payments, a daily business class service from Lusaka to Chipata and en-route safety measures. Customers can also purchase tickets using Airtel Mobile Money. All coaches offer comfortable seating space with reclining chairs.

The company recently extended its route to include Lusaka to Ndola, enabling passengers from Chipata to conveniently make their way to Ndola.

    Offers a business class bus service
    Customers with 10 tickets qualify for a complimentary trip
    A reliable and efficient service with a fleet of seven

Kobs Coach Routes and Schedules

The Zambia (Lusaka) to Malawi (Lilongwe) bus runs daily. Departure times are:

    Sunday – 06:00am
    Monday – 10:00am
    Tuesday – 10:00am
    Wednesday – 06:00am
    Thursday – 06:00am
    Friday – 06:00am
    Saturday – 10:00am

Lusaka to Chipata route - daily at 05:00am, 06:00am, 10:00am and 14:00hrs

Chipata to Lusaka route – daily 05:00am 06:00am, 10:00am and 12:00hrs

Kobs Coach Rates/Fares

These Price may varies depending on the circumstance
    From Lusaka to Luangwa – ZMW160
    From Lusaka to Nyimba – ZMW165
    From Lusaka to Petauke – ZMM175
    From Lusaka to Sinda - ZMW180
    From Lusaka to Katete – ZMW185
    From Lusaka to Chipata – ZMW210
    From Lusaka to Muchinji Boarder – ZMW240
    From Lusaka to Lilongwe – ZMW320
    From Lusaka to Lundazi - ZMW230

Ticket purchase using Airtel Mobile Money

Kobs Coach Services has a new service where customers can purchase tickets using Airtel Mobile Money using the following steps:
    Step 1-Dial 778
    Step 2-Select pay bills
    Step 3-Select others
    Step 4-Enter KOBS
    Step 5-Enter amount in Kwacha, for example, K5000
    Step 6-Enter pin
    Step 7-Ref Number (from Post advert)

Zambia Malawi (Kobs) Offices & Contacts

BP 26/03 Mumbwa Road, Chinika, Lusaka, Zambia
Get google map directions
+260 966 794043, +260 971 248200, +260 971248201
Open today: 00:00-00:00
PO Box 35736, Lusaka, Zambia

Farm No. 682/N/33
Turn Off
P.O. Box 35736, Lusaka, Zambia
Cell: +260 955 794 042

Kwezy Bus Blantyre To Lilongwe Fares, Contacts, Schedule, Routes, Booking & Offices

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Kwezy Bus Company Is a wholly-owned Malawian company which is focused on becoming Malawi's most successful bus company with affordable rates, second to none hospitality and well experienced drivers that make sure that your safety should be their number one priority.

Alongside their service orientated regional teams, They have well trained personels that are qualified enough to offer the highest levels of customer service. They have assembled a local management team steeped in low-cost road travel management, engineering and operational expertise.

Kwezy Buses Fleet

With a fleet of modern buses that allow you to travel from point A to B with the highest level of comfort and safety.

They keep their passenger's best interest at heart by making sure they provide you with the most memorable travel experience. Their buses are self-contained with a surround entertainment system like Televisions and music system, reclining seats, reading lights, AC Services and many more just to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Kwezy Buses Routes And Schedules

    Blantyre to Lilongwe
    Lilongwe to Blantyre
    Lilongwe to Mzuzu
Mzuzu to Lilongwe 


Kwezy Bus Offices, Contacts & Booking

P.O.Box 31256, Malawi
Phone:  Blantyre  0111 404 708
          0886 780 355
    Lilongwe: 0111 404 709
          0886 780 356    

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sososo Coaches Lilongwe To Blantyre Bus Prices, Contacts, Schedule, Routes & Booking

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Sososo Bus Services Is one among the largest operator in Malawi. Sososo Is Operating full Coach, They offer all coach related services such as Refreshements (Drinks and Snacks), Courier Services and music.

Sososo Coaches have enough legroom and luggage spaces. They are proud to be a Coach and They keep time.
They call you to Try their services and they assure that they will take you to your destination with our stable and comfortable buses.

Improving every day is the key to success, and the key to greater things. If you have a slump, don't let it get to you. Learn from the errors, try again in a different angle and avoid making the same mistakes. It's all good. We will learn along the way that we are prone to not having a perfect day here and there. Be honest, keep it real, and brush it off.

Sososo Coaches Stations And Departures

In Blantyre their departure place is Petroda filling station near the clocktower and in Mzuzu it's Mzuzu Dry cleaners near St Andrews CCAP. departure time is Strictly 7:00am daily.
ln Lilongwe they stop at Game store and we depart for Blantyre at 1:00pm and for Mzuzu we depart at 12:00 noon. Arrival for both Blantyre and Mzuzu is 5:30pm

Sososo Coaches Routes

Mzuzu To Blantyre 7:00am daily
Blantyre To Mzuzu 7:00am daily
Mzuzu To Lilongwe 7am & 2pm
Blantyre To Lilongwe 7am & 1:30pm
Lilongwe To Mzuzu - 12:00noon & 7am
Lilongwe To Blantyre 1:00pm & 7am.

Mzuzu we start from Mzuzu Dry cleaners near St Andrews CCAP, In Blantyre we start from Petroda filling station near Clocktower and in Lilongwe we start from Game stores.

Sososo Coaches Offices & Contact Numbers

Sososo Coaches Have Offices In Blantyre, Lilongwe & Mzuzu

Their Contact Number For Enquiry & Booking:

0994193745, & 0888 33 71 72

Saturday, September 15, 2018

AXA Bus Lilongwe To Mzuzu Fares, Prices, Contacts, Schedule, Routes, Booking & Offices

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 AXA Coach Service is the largest intercity bus service in Malawi. ‘AXA Coach Service’ is a registered brand name for a group of buses, which operate different services: Super Executive Coach, Executive Coach, Special Coach, Deluxe and Country commuter. The company’s headquarters are located in Blantyre and they have branches in Lilongwe and Mzuzu and bus depots in all major trading centers throughout the country.

AXA Coach Service started as a scheduled passengers service operator in late 2006.
AXA caters to the travel needs of diverse sections of the travelling public in Malawi, this includes the elite, the middle class and the general population cutting across all age groups.

AXA Bus Corporate Hire

Yes! People book our buses for cooperate functions and special events. We have hired out buses out to football clubs, churches, schools, NGO’s and the corporate world at large.

AXA Bus Loyalty Program

Yes, They offer free tickets or half priced tickets to our frequent customers. We are now going electronic to allow our customers to be assigned identity numbers for ease of bookings, communication and earning rewards.

AXA Bus, Types Of Coaches And Fleets

Super Executive
This brand targets the executive traveler, the upper class in the country. Currently we operate between the two major cities: Blantyre and Lilongwe, with a frequency of two departures per day from either end.

Amenities on super executive coaches include air conditioning, wash room facilities, USB port for charging Ipads, tablets and mobile phones, reading lights, and entertainment including TV and radio. Drinks and snacks are also served on board.

This service targets the middle class traveler, commuting between the three major cities in the country (Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu). We operate on a daily frequency of two coaches from Blantyre and Mzuzu respectively, passing through Lilongwe. Facilities include air conditioning, TV and radio.

This service targets the seasoned budget conscious middle class traveler commuting between Blantyre and Lilongwe. We operate on a frequency of two departures per day from Blantyre and Lilongwe respectively. Amenities include TV/radio and air conditioning.

AXA Bus Fares, Prices  And Departures Time

    MK 13,000 in either direction on the Super Executive Coach

    MK 8,000 in either direction on the Special Coach    

    Stage fares for cummuter and deluxe services upon request.

AXA Bus Departures
    0700, 0730, 1630, 1800 everyday from Blantyre

    0700, 1100,  1200, 1630 everyday from Lilongwe

    0500, 0600, 1900 everyday from Mzuzu

AXA Bus Routes

Blantyre To Lilongwe Via Zalewa & Ntcheu

Blantyre To Mzuru via Zomba & Lakeshore

Blantyre To Mzuzu Via Zalewa, Lilongwe & Mzimba

Blantyre To Karonga Via Mzuzu

Lilongwe To Karonga Via Mzimba & Mzuzu

AXA Bus Offices, Contact Numbers & Booking

Our main booking offices are in:

Blantyre, Chichiri,  AXA House,

Call us for booking details:

Phone: +265 87 9888
         +265 87 4254
         +265 87 9540
Fax:  +265 87 9544

Box 390 Lilongwe, Lilongwe, Malawi
Phone 0995445231
Mobile phone 0995231884
Fax  0772442

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Taqwa Bus Services Dar es salaam To Lusaka Schedule, Contact, Booking, Offices & Routes

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Taqwa, they are the large painted Tanzanian buses of bright colours and decorated between kitsch and exoticism, through is African right through. Take them in Bujumbura go Dar- are - Saalam (36h of about crossing) or go from junctions Tanzania in Southern Africa. For information, do not hesitate to contact Saïdi, with the first number listed. Departures are "at Siyoni" main square, starting from the big international buses, between the industrial district and Buyenzi (avenue of the OAU).

The company which has been operating the Kigali - Dar es Salaam route via the Rusumo border post recently opened a number of other long routes to Lusaka in Zambia, Lilongwe in Malawi, and Lubumbashi in DRC via Gisenyi.

It has existed for over 25 years operating a big fleet of luxury buses within East, Central and Southern Africa countries.

Taqwa Bus Services Routes:

Dar es salaam To Lusaka
Dar es salaam To Bunjumbura
Dar es salaam To Lilongwe
Dar es salaam To Kigali
Dar es salaam To Nairobi
Dar es salaam To Kampala
Dar es salaam To Lubumbashi

Taqwa Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Address: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
City of Tanzania
,Post Office box: 19619, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Phone number: 022 212 0937
+255 653 855 556