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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cairo Gateway Bus Station Map, Address, Locations, Routes, Contacts, Review & Schedule

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Cairo Gateway Bus Station is a large and modern bus terminal within the Cairo city in Egypt. It looks more like a mall than a normal bus station as you can find shops and other amenities (including clean bathrooms) in the station. The terminal is located at the ground level of the Cairo Gateway Plaza (The Terminal & other places in the Plaza  is well marked in English and Arabic).

This bus station where you can buy the tickets and board the bus is also known as Turgoman Bus Station. The local people usuaaly use the Turgoman name. You are advised to use this name when you call a taxi and direct them.

The booking officess to buy ticket is located at the main entrance of the bus station. When you enter the station, you have to go through security checkpoint like the one in airports. Then you will be presented with multiple windows on the left and right side of the entrance gate with various bus station companies that go to different destinations in Egypt.

Address & Directions To Get To Cairo Gateway Bus Station

  If You are coming from Zamalek: Call up a taxi and tell him that you are going to Turgoman. The price will be around 10LE. If the traffic jam is not so bad, you will reach the station in 15 minutes.

  If you are coming from Dokki: Call up a taxi and tell him you are going to Turgoman.The price will be around 12 – 15LE. If the traffic jam is not so bad, you will reach the station in 20 minutes.

    If You are coming from Downtown: You can walk. It will take you 20 minutes. If you call a taxi, the price will be around 5LE.

Popular Bus Companies At Cairo Stations

Cairo to Alexandria and Marsa Matruh
West Delta Bus Company    Almaza Bus Station (Heliopolis)
Ramses Square

Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh
Super Jet Bus Company    Almaza Bus Station (Heliopolis)
Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman)
Ramses Square

Cairo to Taba
East Delta Bus Company    Almaza Bus Station (Heliopolis)
Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman)

Cairo to Hurghada
Super Jet Bus Company    Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman
Upper Egypt Bus Company    Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman)
Gesr El-Suez Bus Station (Heliopolis)
El-Gouna Bus Company    Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman)

Cairo to Marsa Alam
Upper Egypt Bus Company    Cairo Gateway Bus Station (El-Torgoman)
Gesr El-Suez Bus Station (Heliopolis)

Cairo to Kharga, Dakhla, And Bahariya
West Delta Bus Company    Almaza Bus Station (Heliopolis)

Cairo Gateway Plaza Contacts For Direction & Enquiry

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman)
3 Wabour El-Torgoman St.
Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo
Tel: (002) 0225742758, (002) 0229242663
002) 0227735668, (002) 0227735669

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Plan Trip To Egypt With Private Transportation Companies & Bus Services For Tourism

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Arabic Nation Egypt has a big network of public transportation with a number of buses, minibuses and a large network of roads in addition to the ring road which encircles the major parts of Cairo. The Ideal and best places to find transport to almost any place in the city are Ramsis Square and Abd El Moneim Riyad Square. You can visit the places and ask for your destination and as people are very friendly, they will help you.

There is enough bus companies which provide a number of handy routes that link the big cities to just about everywhere else in the country. Travelling for a long journey can often take several hours longer then scheduled due to hold ups at police check points and flat tyres on the desert roads.
Although the idea of using public transport in Egypt sounds impossible to some, with some insider knowledge it is easily done.

Buses serves the capital, run by the government companies (Governmental Transport Organization), and (Greater Cairo Autobus Co) from about 05.30 to 01.00 daily. They are frequent but well patronized to the point of bursting and during rush hours it is often a case of entering where a space can be found, speed is essential. The number of the bus and the destination is written in Arabic on the front in the space above the driver.

In Egypt there is a plenty of government owned bus companies which compromise an extensive network of routes. The long distance service is quite popular with both locals and tourists, and during peak season tends to get quite crowded with tickets selling out fast. Most buses are comfortable, with the exception of some which blast loud videos throughout the journey.

Types Of Bus Services Provide In Egypt

Deluxe Buses Class
This type of buses connect main destinations throughout the country. Most have a strict no smoking rule, some buses on long routes have toilets, Full A/C services, though they are seldom very clean. On longer routes they have a 15 to 20 minutes stop every three hours .
They have on board entertainment like Television services and Music system, Earplugs are a good idea if you want to sleep, as is an extra layer, as overnight buses can often be very cold from the A/C.

Standard Buses Class
This is the cheapest type of buses on long routes, and most on shorter routes, can be markedly more uncomfortable, overcrowded and noisy than long distance deluxe buses, and stop frequently. For trips under two hours or so, minibuses or servees are usually preferable.

City Buses
There is also several of the biggest Egyptian cities have bus systems. Practically speaking, you might use them only in Cairo and Alexandria. They are not particularly visitor friendly, as numbers are displayed only in Arabic numerals, the routes are unpublished and the buses themselves are often overcrowded.

These buses have no orderly queue to board, in fact, quite the opposite and the bus rarely rolls to a complete stop, whether you are getting on or off. If you do make it on, at some point a conductor will manage to squeeze his way through to sell you your ticket.

Egypt Taxis and Car Rental
In Egypt, Taxis are certainly the cheapest and most efficient. All taxis have official markings and are different colors in different cities. Travelers should be wary of fake cabs which try to extort money from tourists. Some have meters, but most do not, so it is best to negotiate a price before departure to avoid conflict with the driver after the journey.

The International Car Rental Companies are represented in Egypt, including Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Budget. Vehicles can be picked up from the local airport or through travel agencies. While the quality of the roads is generally good, the same cannot be said for the standard of driving. Travelers choosing to drive themselves should be particularly careful when commuting through the busier cities.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inter Africa Bus Bulawayo To Mutare Contacts, Booking, Offices, Timetable & Routes

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Inter Africa Bus services Ltd previous started as Mukumba brothers Transport Ltd Is a Zimbabwe based bus company which have been in the transport industry for more than 15 years. This said to be one of the giant and biggest company in Zimbabwe by having many buses and dominating all routes within the country.

Apart from servicing passenger in Zimbabwe, They also have a Cross boarder routes To South Africa, Zambia and Egypt. They have a good services starting from their offices to on board where they have a professional servants who will take care of you all the way long.

Inter Africa Bus Fleet

This company have a mix of fleet starting from Scania buses to the Chinese machine like Zhongtong and Yutong buses. Their Scania Buses have Marcopolo, MCV and Irizar manufactured bodies with unique and modern design.

All of their Buses have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs room for your comfort travell and their seats are reclining. Some of them have charging system for you to access power to boost you smartphones.

While you are travelling with Inter Africa Buses, You will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services on a large plasma Tv as well as good music from their sound system.

Some of their coaches have an A/C services to give you fresh and cool weather while you are on the way to your destinations, Free WiFi also available to some of their coaches.

Inter Africa Bus Services

This bus company offer a Passenger transport services within Zimbabwe and also Cross boarder transport to some countries like South Africa, Zambia and Egypt. They have daily scheduled services within their local routes in Zimbabwe and to Zambia. They have monday route to Egypt and other days to South Africa.

Apart from passenger transport services, They also transport Parcel to all of the destinations where their buses reach within and outside Zimbabwe. Their prices are fair which can be affordable to any one.

Inter Africa Bus Routes

Harare To Port Elizabeth
Harare To Johannesburg
Harare To Cairo
Harare To Lusaka
Harare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kadoma
Harare To Kwekwe
Harare To Gweru
Harare To Hwange
Bulawayo To Hwange
Kadoma To Bulawayo
Kwekwe To Bulawayo
Gweru To Bulawayo
Harare To Beitbridge
Mutare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kariba
Harare To Nyamapanda
Kadoma To Beitbridge
Harare To Mutare
Harare To Victoria falls
Harare To Magunje
Chegutu to Beitbridge
Gokwe to Bulawayo

Inter Africa Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

1745 Prospect Way, Waterfalls Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 42 004 110
               +263 736 009 688
          24HR Service

Address: 1041/2, Mineral Rd, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 39 262 140

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Upper Egypt Bus Hurghada To Luxor Timetable, Hotline, Routes, Booking & Prices

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The Upper Egypt Travel (or Bus) Company for Tourism and Transportation was founded according to the Ministry of Transport resolution number 14 of 1979, deposited on March 15,1979. The company is subject to the law for joint stock companies and is affiliated to the holding company for maritime and land transport, which is one of the public enterprise sector companies under law 203 of 1991.

The company's head office is located at Nasr City- Cairo. In addition there are fifteen branches distributed across three sectors as follows:
1. Cairo & Red Sea sector (Giza, Cairo, Fayoum and Red Sea)
2. North sector (Beni Suef , Maghagha , Menya , Mallawi , Assuit , and new vally oases)
3. South sector (Sohag, Qena, Naga Hamady, Esna and Aswan).

In 1997 the Upper Egypt Bus Company had a fleet composed of Mercedes-Benz O302, Scania and Renault vehicles, the latter with Renault and Ikarus bodywork. For Luxury transport there were Renault with Taiwanese Feng Rong bodywork.

Upper Egypt Bus Company Routes:

Cairo – Safaga

Luxor – Hurghada

Cairo – Nile Valley

Aswan – Abu Simbel

Cairo – Farafra


Upper Egypt Bus Company Offices & Contact Numbers For Booking & Prices Enquiry

Primary address
Egypt Housing and Development Company Building
El Youssef Abbas Street 4
4th Floor
Egypt Nasr City
Region Cairo

    Tel: +20 2-2260-9297
    Fax: +20 2-2260-8820

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo    0225760261

4 Dr. Mohamed Khairy St., El-Manyal, Cairo  
0223645988, 0223649720

El-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo  

Complaints Service, Mounira, Cairo

Landmark: Beside Ministry Of Manpower and Immigration, 4 Youssef Abbas St., Nasr City, Cairo    0222609298, 0224041624, 0224042754, 0222609297

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo   

Mahattet El-Meyah St., El-Saff, Giza   

Landmark: Beside El-Fardous Hotel, El-Nasr St., Dahar, Hurghada  

Umm Kolthoum, Downtown, Quseir 

South Safaga, Safaga  
0653257054, 0653257053

El-Omoumy St., North Safaga, Safaga 

El-Mahatta Sq., Shark District, Assyout  

26th Of July St., Kom Ombo, Aswan   

Kasr El-Hagar St., Downtown, Aswan 

Salah Salem St., El-Wastah, Beni Suef  

El-Mahatta St., El-Mermah, Beni Suef 

El-Hawatem Sq., Downtown, El-Fayoum

Batal El-Salam St., Downtown, El-Fayoum  
0846332264, 084333557, 0843608583

Gamal Abdel Nasser St., El-Massalah, El-Fayoum

El-Omoumy Rd., Bani Mazar, El-Minya  

El-Shawany St., Magaghah, El-Minya  
0867550267, 0867555126

Landmark: Beside Banque Misr, El-Galaa St., Mallawi, El-Minya
    0862632571, 0862643886

Saad Zaghloul St., Downtown, El-Minya

Landmark: Below Tourism Police Station, El-Mahatta St., Luxor
Mostashfa El-Homeyat St., Esna 

El-Mahkama St., Nagaa Hamady, Qena 

El-Mostashfa El-Amiry St., Downtown, Qena

El-Fouadeya St., Gerga, Sohag

Landmark: In Front Of Sohag General Hospital, El-Noqrashy St., Gharb District, Sohag    0932332021

El-Mahatta St., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid 

El-Gamea El-Kabir Sq., El-Dakhla, El-Wadi El-Gadid 

El-Basateen District, El-Kharga, El-Wadi El-Gadid

Suez Cairo Desert Rd., Faisal, Suez  
0623664258, 0623676821

East Delta Bus Cairo To Taba Hotline, Schedule, Online Reservation, Booking & Routes

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Is a joint stock company (public business sector) of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport under the provisions of Law 203 of 1991 with a licensed capital of LE 160 million and an issued capital of 82.74 million pounds. It was established in 1961 and has a license to practice (A) 9001. The company aims to carry out public and private transport works for passengers by buses and cars in regular routes or in special operations for trips, tourism, etc.

They also carry out all kinds of tourism works and services of all types and all their degrees. The company can obtain any license or commitment to operate any of the common transport lines, Pain Aadat and tenders and the entry and conduct commercial, industrial, financial and real estate business related to its purpose and the realization of the commercial agencies with specialized in auto spare parts industry.

They are agents for international road transport companies where we have a fleet of modern cars bus up to 1000 and we have considerable experience in the fields of tourism, foreign and domestic tourism, Hajj and Umrah

East Delta Bus Egypt Routes

     Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh
    Cairo to Suez
    Cairo to Port Said
    Cairo to Ismailia

    Cairo to El Arish
    Cairo to St. Catherine
    Cairo to Ras Sidr
    Cairo to Nuweiba

    Cairo to Mansoura
    Cairo to Dahab
    Sharm el-Sheikh to the new peace position
    Zagazig to Sharm El Sheikh

East Delta Bus Egypt Offices & Contact For Booking

 The main center of the company
Address: 4 El Tayaran Street, Nasr City, Cairo
Internal number: 0222609576/0222611883/0222611882
Fax: 0222611885
Chairman of the Board: 0224056374
Head of Tourism Sector: 0222605592
President of the International Sector: 0222635176
Operating Room: 0222633254
Tourism Office: 0222623128

Tourist Office and Flight Reservation
Nature of the site: Reservation of air and ships
Address: Al Darmalli Street - Downtown - Cairo
Tourism Office: 0223923027

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo  
  (002) 0225778347

Emtedad Ramses St., Abbasseya, Cairo
   0223424753, 0223422592, 0223428589

Almaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo 

El-Tagnid Sq., Gesr El-Suez, Cairo

4 El-Tayaran St., Nasr City, Cairo 
  0222611881, 0222611882, 0222611883, 0222611886

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo 

Landmark: In Front 0f Kaliobeya Security Administration Banha, Kaliobeya  

El-Guish St., El-Mansoura, El-Dakahleya  
0502216654, 0502319598

El-Galaa St., Damietta

Abou Khalil Station, El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya  
0552261486, 0552261485

El-Horreya Sq., El-Zagazig, El-Sharkeya

Ezzbet Atef El-Sadat, Arish 

Landmark: End of Downtown Station, Ras Sidr  

Landmark: El-Ruwaisat Station, El-Ruwaisat, Sharm El-Sheikh 
  0693665350, 0693665351

Downtown Station, St. Catherine

Landmark: Beside Dahab Hospital, Ahmed Zewail St., Masbat, Dahab  
0693640250, 0693641808

Taba Station, Downtown, Taba  

El-Minaa El-Raaisy St., Harbour, Nuweiba

Fayed Station, Fayed, Ismailia  

El-Sekka El-Hadid, El-Tal El-Kabir, Ismailia 

El-Salam District, Ismailia 

Mubarak Station, Moubarak District, Port Said 

Misr Suez Desert Rd., Faisal, Suez  

West & Middle Delta Bus Timetable, Hotline, Contact Number, Booking, Prices & Routes

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West & Middle Delta Company is one of the passenger transport companies of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport. It has been operating since the 1950s as a private sector company and then in 1961 as a subsidiary of one of the Ministry of Transport and then as a public sector company in 1979 and then as a public sector companies In accordance with Law 203 of 1991.
  Central Delta Company was incorporated into the Western Delta Bus Company as of 16/4/2005. Since then, a large company has doubled with the company's fleet. Its lines extend to connect the governorates of Central Delta and West Delta to its breadth and density. Thus, the new company consolidates and reorganizes its efforts to improve And the variety of services provided to different categories and levels in the passenger transport market.

The company's lines cover the western sector, And Central Delta in addition to trips between Egypt and Libya and trips to the North Coast

The automated booking service at the main stations in Alexandria, Cairo and Matrouh is now offered through the automated booking system and via the internet.

The company's premium cars offer many services for flights: 
Sightseeing tours to all sights and attractions throughout
Arab Republic of Egypt Regular weekly flights between Alexandria and Libya Tripoli Bani Ghazi 

The company offers a special service during  The summer.

It operates through the head office in Alexandria and its branches are located in Cairo, Alexandria and Matruh governorates, El-Menoufia, El-Gharbia and Kafr El-Sheikh. Its fleet activity also reaches the Red Sea, Sinai and Aswan, and includes passenger transport between provinces, tourist transport and domestic and foreign trips.

The number of the company's areas: (8) Alexandria - Raml - Damanhour - Cairo - Western - Mahalla El Kubra - Kafr El Sheikh - Menoufia.
Number of branches: (18) 3 branches of the Alexandria area - 10 branches of Damanhour area - 2 branches of the western region -
1 branches of the Cairo area - 2 branches of the Menoufia area.

West & Middle Delta Bus Routes

Cairo to Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh
Cairo To  oasis
Cairo To Alexandria

West & Middle Delta Bus Offices & Contact Numbers

Almaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo  

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo    0225752157

Abdel Moneim Riad Sq., Downtown, Cairo   

1343 Corniche El-Nil, Shoubra, Cairo   
 0113085777, 0124550020

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo  

5 Mourad St., Giza Sq., Giza   
 0225759751, 0225795730, 0235706223

El-Qabbary Rd., Moharram Bey, Alexandria  
  033633993, 039601331

Saad Zaghloul Sq., Raml Station, Alexandria 

1 Victor Emanuel St., Semouha, Alexandria   
 034241727, 034206677, 034271071

Semouha Sq., Sidi Gaber, Alexandria  

Landmark: Inside Marakia Touristic Village, Km 51, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd., North Coast    033741721, 0101482436

Km 2, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd., North Coast  

Champs Elysees St., Marina 2, Marina, North Coast   

Km 106, Cairo Alex Desert Rd., Wadi El-Natroun, El-Beheira   

Badr City, El-Beheira  

El-Qantara, Downtown, Kafr El-Sheikh  

Sadat City Station, Sadat City, El-Monofeya  
  0482600116, 0482600234

Stations Complex, Shebeen El-Kawm, El-Monofeya  
  0482318141, 0482262004

Kafr Essam St., Tanta, El-Gharbeya   

Souk El-Gomla Station, Tanta, El-Gharbeya   

Monday, September 24, 2018

Blue Bus Egypt Hurghada To Alexandria Hotline, Number, Schedule, Prices & Reviews

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Blue Bus is the premier public transport company, providing luxurious and yet affordable long-distance travel in Egypt connecting Greater Cairo with most famous destinations on the Red Sea; Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Establishing a unique national passenger transport network.

Blue Bus is a subsidiary of Blue Sky Group, a member of the International Federation of Tour Operators (FTA), and being a pioneer & dynamic organization since 1971, Blue Sky Group had to move fast a step ahead of others. We were pioneers in stepping into the Red Sea and Sinai areas, which offer a lot of selective tourists and where the organization is very well established.

Blue Bus operates regularly scheduled passenger service; the company also establishes several exclusive services for its customers, introduced for the first time to the Egyptian market. And the company also offers charter packages for businesses, groups and traveling events at competitive rates.

Buses are regularly maintained for quality control on every day before starting a new trip. They are also tracked and monitored 24/7 at our operations department; the speed limit is also tracked through our GPS system.

Blue Bus Egypt Classes

First Class
Luxurious, Wide, Single Seat
Direct, Non-Stop Trip
Private Screens
Free Snack & Drinks
USB Port
Trip Tracking Service

Business Class
Direct, Non-Stop Trip
Private Screens
Free Snack & Drinks
USB Port
Trip Tracking Service

Comfort Class
Free Snack & Drinks
Trip Tracking Service

Blue Bus Egypt Cancellation or refund is allowed

24 hours before the trip time : you'll get full refund without any cancellation fees.
From 4 to24 hours before the trip: you'll be charged by 10LE or 15LE depends on the route and the class of your trip.
Less than 4 hours before the trip: In case of full cancellation, ticket will be subject for 50% refund fee from the ticket total cost. In case of changing the date, ticket will be subject for 25% deducted from the ticket subject for editing.
Refund is not available after your trip time

Blue Bus Egypt Luggage Policy

Passengers can check in 2 pieces of luggage (up to 50 lbs each) for no extra fee plus one small carry on. For more info please check our terms & conditions.

Blue Bus Egypt Routes

 Cairo to Alexandria
Cairo to Sharm EL-sheikh
Sharm to other Cities in the Sinai
Cairo to Hurghada 
Luxor to Hurghada
Hurghada to Alexandria
Cairo to Marsa Alam
Cairo to the Oasis

Blue Bus Egypt Offices & Contact Numbers

Head office
44 Shehab st, Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt

Go Bus Egypt From Cairo To Dahab Schedule, Hotline, Contact, Prices & Online Booking

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Go-Bus Company is a shareholding company working in the field of public transport under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport since 1998. It is the first private sector company working in the field of public transportation operating in Egypt, Jordan, and KSA, it has a long history in its field of work with respectable customers valuing our unique services and features. The work focus of Go-Bus is the client, welfare of the client, and satisfaction.

Fast and reliable
Go Bus offers Buses like the Elite Plus, Business and Royal Class services which are direct to the drop-off station, making the trip short and enjoyable with our top luxurious classes.

Easy and simple booking
Enjoy booking with Go Bus wherever you go. With its wide stations coverage, website and mobile app, it allows customers to easily book their ticket with the click of a button.

Available 24 hours a day
All of Go Bus’ stations are open 24 hours to conveniently serve their customers whenever they choose to book their ticket.

On-board services
Aboard the Elite Plus, Business and Royal Class, Go Bus an attendant to serve the customers with a free meal and drinks along the way. The Elite Plus Class also offers free wifi service, individual LCD screens installed in each seat and super comfortable seats with the availability of single chairs.

 Go Bus Classes

Business Class
This class offers buses with luxurious wide seats and salons. This bus is oriented to have multiple four seats facing each other with a table in the middle. In addition to a salon at the end of the bus that holds 6 luxurious wide seats with a table in the middle. The journey is direct, with an attendant offering free drinks and a free meal.

Elite Plus
This bus provides free wifi service, individual LCD screen installed in each seat and super comfortable seats with the availability of single chairs. It also offers a free snack on this service to keep you busy along the journey. we travel everywhere all over Egypt, and offer fast, reliable, and convenient booking ways whether its by phone, mobile application.

Royal Plus
This service is preferred for the distinctive and comfortable seats the bus offers. It is air-conditioned and contains a bathroom. The journey is direct to the drop-off station, and an attendant is present on board to offer a free meal and drinks to the customers. Go-Bus offers a free snack to keep you busy along the journey.

Classic Class
This service provides a bus that is air-conditioned, equipped with a video player, and premium seats with a free meal and an attendant serving free drinks. The trip on this bus only stops once for a bathroom break on its way to the station. Go-Bus offers a free snack to keep you busy along the journey. Go-Bus travels everywhere all over egypt, and we offer fast, reliable, and convenient booking ways whether its by phone, online, or through Go-Bus mobile application

Deluxe Class
This service provides an air-conditioned bus that is equipped with a video, bathroom and comfortable seats for the convenience of the customer in addition to a free snack, hospitality of Go-Bus to the customer. Go-Bus travels everywhere all over egypt, and we offer fast, reliable, and convenient booking ways whether its by phone, online, or through Go-Bus mobile application

Safe & Convenient Payment Choices

Credit Card
100 % Safe & Secure

The most famous payment
method in Egypt

At Home
We will send a money
collector with the tickets

Go Bus Routes In Egypt

    Cairo to Hurghada
    Cairo to Sharm-Royssat
    Cairo to Alexandria
    Cairo to Luxor
    Cairo to El Gouna
    Cairo to Porto El Sokhna
    Cairo to Marsa Allam

    Hurghada to Cairo
    Sharm-Royssat to Cairo
    Alexandria to Cairo
    Luxor to Cairo
    El Gouna to Cairo
    Porto El Sokhna to Cairo
    Marsa Allam to Cairo

    Cairo to Qena
    Qena to Cairo
    Cairo to Marsa Matrouh
    Marsa Matrouh to Cairo
    Cairo to Marina 7
    Marina 7 to Cairo
    Cairo to Nowiba

Go Bus Offices, Contact Numbers For Booking & Prices Enquiry

Booking Channels Website  
 Call Center 19567 (24/7) 
Offices Fawry offices Travel Agencies (as our partners)

Superjet Bus From Cairo Airport To Alexandria Schedule, Hotline, Website, Booking & Routes

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Superjet Lines is a large common carrier of passengers by bus in Egypt and a number of Arab countries. It is operated by Arab Union Land Transport. The main station in Cairo is in Almaza, Heliopolis, close to Cairo Airport. Curremtly this company has no an official website for their day to day activities and providing information to their customers.

Superjet Bus Routes

Abdel Monem Ryad    To Alexandria
Abdel Monem Ryad   To El Gouna
Abdel Monem Ryad   To El Quser
Abdel Monem Ryad   To Hurghada
Abdel Monem Ryad    To Marsa Alam
Abdel Monem Ryad    To Porto El Sokhna
Abdel Monem Ryad    To Ras Ghareb
Abdel Monem Ryad    To Safaga
Abdel Monem Ryad    To Sharm El Sheikh
Alexandria    To Cairo
El Gouna   To Cairo
El Quser    To Cairo
Hurghada    To Cairo
Marsa Alam    To Cairo
Naser City    To El Gouna
Naser City   To El Quser
Naser City   To Hurghada
Naser City    To Marsa Alam
Naser City    To Porto El Sokhna
Naser City   To Porto El Sokhna
Naser City   To Ras Ghareb
Naser City    To Ras Sudr
Naser City   To Safaga
Naser City   To Sharm El Sheikh
Porto El Sokhna    To Cairo
Porto El Sokhna  To   Cairo
Ras Ghareb   To Cairo
Safaga    To Cairo
Sharm El Sheikh  To   Cairo

Superjet Bus Offices & Contact Numbers For Booking

9 El-Maleka St. Faisal, Giza  
  0239760087, 0105124931

Almaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo   
 0222909017, 0222909013

Landmark: Inside Abdel Moneim Riad Station, Abdel Moneim Riad Sq., Downtown, Cairo    0225751313

149 Ramses St., Downtown, Cairo  

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo    0225798181

3 Khaled Ibn El-Walid St., Heliopolis, Cairo   
 0222660214, 0222660212, 0222662025

Giza Sq., Giza   

Moharram Bey Station, Moharram Bey, Alexandria   
  033633551, 033633552

374 El-Horreya Rd., Mostafa Kamel, Alexandria 

Abou Qir St., Sidi Gaber El-Mahata, Alexandria  

El-Nasr St., Dahar, Hurghada   

Landmark: Gate 2, Champs Elysees St., Marina, North Coast   

Landmark: Beside Delta Sharm Resort, Umm El-Sid Hill, Sharm El-Sheikh   
 0693661622, 0699205742

Mubarak, Mubarak District, Port Said