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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bus From Dar Es Salaam To Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, Tunduma & Distance

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Trip From Dar Es Salaam To Tunduma is a whole day travel by bus and even a private car. It is a long distance trip and this include some other routes which are within the Dar es salaam to Tunduma Route.

As this route passes through Morogoro regions, There are other routes which also are independent like Dar es salaam to Iringa, Dar es salaam to Njombe and Dar es salaam to Mbeya All these routes are known as Southern Highland routes.

These routes are dominated with Semi Luxury buses, Most of them being a major competitor in thses routes and some remained few buses are of Ordinary level. There is an one way buses from Dat es salaam to Tunduma via Morogoro, Iringa and Mbeya.

Distance by bus from Dar es salaam To Iringa is 502km, To Njombe is 716km, To Mbeya is 829 while to the final destination Tunduma is 929km.

Below are the list of some of recommended bus companies to travel with from Dar es salaam to Southern Highland Zone:

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bus From Dar Es Salaam To Morogoro, Dodoma, Singida, Mwanza & Distance

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Are Youn Looking for a Bus transport from Dar es salaam to Morogoro town and other towns and cities along the Lake Zone regions? Here you are and we give you a list of some recommended bus companies to use while you are traveling along those routes.

Dar es salaam To Mwanza is one among the longest routes in Tanzania and buses are travel for either one or two days. Despite that Long Distance travel, there are some routes within that Long distance trip.

These routes doens't have a Full Luxury bus class, Many of their buses are Semi Luxury and other are ordinary level buses. But many Semi Luxury Buses has on board entertainment and other services like drinks, bites, Ac and WiFi. Their seat arrangement are 2 by 2 while those Ordinary level are 3 by 2.

Distance on bus travel From Dar es salaam to Morogoro is 193km, To Dodoma is 583km, To Singida is 702km while to the final Destination Mwanza is 1145km. The distance from Dar es salaam up to Singida by bus is a single day travel but to Mwanza it will depend on the circumstance.

Below are some Busm companies which provide services from Dar es salaam to Morogoro, Dodoma, Singida and Mwanza:

Bus From Dar Es Salaam To Moshi, Arusha, Nairobi & Distance

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Are You looking for a Bus from Dar es salaam to either Moshi town, arusha or even Nairobi citu in Kenya?. We give you a list of some bus companies which travel in those routes.

These routes are among the most popular in Tanzania, When you are traveling in these routes you will get a various choices of bus standards. Most of the buses company operating in these routes are using Semi Luxury buses and few of them are using Fully Luxury buses.

There are also some companies which use Ordinary Level  with 3 by 2 seats arrangement. Trip from Dar es salaam to Moshi took almost 9 hours and to Arusha it's about 11 hours. The final destination in Nairobi bus travel took almost 16 hours.

The distance from Dar es salaam to Moshi By bus is 552km, And if your trip reach to Arusha the distance is 631km. The final destination in Nairobi it cover 900km. All buses are traveling during a day and some hours in night up to 00:00hrs.

Below is a list of some Bus Companies traveling from Dar es salaam to Moshi, Arusha and Nairobi:

Modern Coast Bus Nairobi - Dar es salaam, Contacts, Booking, Offices & Photos. 

Happy Nation Express Dar es salaam - Arusha, Bus, Booking, Offices & Contacts. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

NBS Bus Services Tabora To Dar es salaam, Booking, Offices & Contacts.

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NBS Company Limited is one among the Legendary bus companies in Tanzania. The company start it's operation longtime ago in 1985. Since that time to date NBS co ltd still serving passengers and it's customers in a great manner.

Before the coming of Chinese buses to Tanzania, NBS Co Ltd was using Scania and Nissan UD buses model in all major routes. Most of them having 2x3 seating arrangement with few services inside the buses.

But in the recent year NBS Co Ltd innovated it's services by Investing in Modern chinese Yutong and Higer buses which are very comfortable to passengers. These buses has on board entertainment like Television, Music System, Charging system, Ac as well as passengers are offered soft drinks with bites.

NBS Co Ltd Routes:

Tabora - Dar es salaam
Arusha - Bukoba
Tabora - Mwanza
Tabora - Arusha
Tabora - Kigoma
Tabora - Mpanda

NBS Co Ltd Offices & Contacts:

Magomeni, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

P.O. Box 800, Tabora
+255 (26) 2605132
0754-384369 / 0773-435577(DS

Tilisho Safaris Dar es salaam To Rombo, Booking, Offices & Contacts.

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Tilisho Safaris Bus Services launched several years ago as an Intracity bus company serving Moshi town and it's nearest towns like Rombo, Marangu, Tarakea and many more. But in the recent years Tilisho Safaris innovated it's services and being an Intercity bus services company.

Tilisho Safaris expanded their routes from Rombo to Dar es salaam by buying new Chinese buses. They are using Yutong buses for their intercity routes and their buses are ranked as Semi Luxury class by SUMATRA.

While you are traveling with them, You will enjoy on board entertainment like television services, music system, Charging System, Free Drinks and their buses has an AC all the way long.

Tilisho Safaris Routes:

Dar es salaam - Rombo via Bagamoyo
Dar es salaam - Tarakea via Chalinze
Arusha - Rombo via Moshi
Karatu - Rombo via Moshi

Tilisho Safaris Offices & Contact:

 Dar es salaam ubungo bus terminal No 10 - 0712 276157
Tarakea no 0769958224 
Mashati 0657275648 
Mkuu 0785792080 or 0755103890 
Marangu 0765564801

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tawakal Bus Mombasa To Dar es salaam, Booking, Offices & Contacts.

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Tawakal Bus Services Is an East African Bus Company which serve passengers between Kenya and Tanzania. It has always been their philosophy to have a successful transportation company, there are 3 basic rules:1.Provide a reliable service2.Have safe courteous drivers3.Have clean, comfortable Vehicles

General Information
The Luxury, Faster, Safer and Environmentally-Friendly Bus Company. When you travel with us you enjoy the “classic” service of Pwani Tawakal Mini Coach.Our employees are committed to service and customer satisfaction. Let our professional, uniformed drivers help you with your luggage and transport you quickly and safely to your destination.It has always been our philosophy that to have a successful transportation company.

Tawakal Buses has an Ac services all the way long, On Board entertainment likeTelevision, Music system etc. They offer soft drinks and their buses has charging system.

Tawakal Bus Routes:

Dar es salaam - Mombasa via Tanga
Mombasa - Malindi
Mombasa - Lamu
Mombasa - Tanga

Tawakal Bus Offices & Contacts:

Dar es salaam - +255 715 422 550
Tanga - +255 713 422 540
Mombasa - +254 722 550 111
Lamu - +254 0424 633 380
 Malindi - +254 705 090 122

Raqeeb Royal Class Tanga to Arusha, Booking, Offices, Contacts, Routes & Tickets

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Raqeeb Royal Class Is a Legendary bus company in Tanga To Arusha route. Raqeeb Royal Class started it's operations about ten years ago and still serving those customers who are moving To and From Tanga city.

At the start Raqeeb Royal Class was using Scania bus model with local assembled bodies before Investing in Chinese Yutong buses in the recent years. They operate in two classes, The Ordinary and Semi luxury class. 

Their Semi Luxury Coaches has On Board Entertainment and some of them have an AC services all the way long.

Raqeeb Royal Class Routes:

Tanga - Arusha via Moshi

Raqeeb Royal Class Offices & Contacts:

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spider Coach Bus Company Nairobi To Dar es salaam, Booking, Offices, Contact & Timetable

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Spider Coach Ltd Is an international bus company which operates and serves customer across East Africa region. It is one among the oldest bus companies which still operate in East Africa, Spider Coach was a great challenger of Dead companies like Akamba Bus and Kampala Coach.

Spider Coach now is in a great competitions with other company like Tahmeed, Dar Express, Dar Lux, Saibaba and Modern Coast in the Dar es salaam to Nairobi route. Apart from Nairobi route, Spider Bus still dominate other major international routes.

Spider Coach uses Nissan Ud buses model with 2x2 seating arrangement, Their seat are very comfortable with a desired legroom, enough gaps with neighbor seat and they are soft. Spider coach buses has an on board entertainment, First Aid, Soft Drinks and many more.

Spider Coach Ltd Routes:

Kampala - Nairobi
Dar es salaam - Nairobi via Arusha
Dar es salaam - Kampala via Bukoba, also Nairobi
Dar es salaam - Lilongwe via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Lusaka via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Harare via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Lubumbashi via Tunduma
Direct route from Kampala to All above Cities.

Spider Coach Offices & Contacts:

Kampala - +256775185750
Nairobi - +254726208541
Dar es salaam - +255786500001