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Monday, April 15, 2019

Friends Bus Kampala To Mwanza Contacts, Booking, Tickets, Offices, Routes, Timetable & Prices

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Friends Coaches Uganda LTD is a passenger bus company that travels to Dar es salaam, Bukob, Mwanza, Dodoma, Juba and as far as Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and many other destinations all the way from Kampala city. Friends bus company provider fast, reliable, safe and convenient journeys from kampala to the above mentioned destinations. Their Terminal and booking offices located at Old Kampala behind old Kampala police station.

For assured comfort and safety mindful bus, choose friend coaches for convenient traveling
Friends Coaches , Your safety is their priority and your comfort assured. They have a well customized coaches for Long Distance trip with a comfortable seats and on board entertainment as well.

Friends Bus Services Fleet Line

Being One Of the Biggest and Giant bus company in Uganda, Friend Coaches own a mix of fleet and they have Scania, Nissan Ud and Chinese Yutong and Zhongton in their list. For a sort distance they often uses their Chinese bus model but for a long distance routes Nissan Ud and Scania is their best choice.

Their Buses are well designed for their customer comfort and a lot of features are available as listed below:
2 by 2 Reclining seats with enough Legsroom
Television Services to entertain you
Good sound system to play a good music & Tv support
Some of the with A/C like those Chinese one

Friends Bus & Coaches Services

Friends Coaches provide a daily transport services in Uganda with various destinations abd also they do provide a cross boarder services in East Africa and nearest regions like Congo, Zambia and Sudan.

They have a daily scheduled services within Uganda for their Local route and in East Africa as well but they have a specific day schedule in other country like Zambia and Congo.

They also transit Parcel and small luggage at a fair prices to all the regions where they have a destinations or their buses passes through to their destinations. Contact them with the number provided below to arrange your trip or even a transfer of your Parcels.

Friends Bus Services Routes & Average Prices

Route From Kampala To:
Dar 165,000
Morogoro 155,000
Singida 105,000
Kahama 80,000
Nzega 100,000
Dodoma 125,000
Bukoba 30,000
Mwanza 65,000
Geita 55,000
Chato 55,000
All Prices In Ugx, You can convert to your country currency

Friends Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

P.O.Box 3555 kampala Uganda
located at plot 152 khamis Rood, block 9 kampala uganda
Address: Gadafi Rd, Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256 782 693337

Agent Ubuingo:  +255713013541

Friday, April 12, 2019

Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Mikoani Sumatara Pdf, Za Mizigo & Daladala 2019

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Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) is a Tanzanian Multi-sectoral regulatory agency which was established by an Act of Parliament (No. 9) of 2001 to regulate Rail, Road and Maritime transport services.

SUMATRA Act came into force on 15th August, 2004 as per Government Notice No. 297 published on 20th August, 2004.

To be a world class regulator in surface and marine transport services.

To regulate the surface and marine transport sub sectors for efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation services.

The Role, Functions and Scope of SUMATRA are set out in the Act and sector legislation.

The SUMATRA Act 2001, sets out the following as role of the Authority.
a) promoting effective competition and economic efficiency;
b) protecting the interests of consumers
c) protecting the financial viability of efficient suppliers
d) promoting the availability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers.
e) Enhancing public knowledge, awareness and understanding of the regulated sectors including as to
(i) the rights and obligations of consumers and regulated suppliers;
(ii) the ways in which complaints and disputes may be initiated and resolved;
(iii) the duties, functions and activities of the Authority.
f) taking into account the need to protect and preserve the environment
g) taking into account the need to regulate safety and security in the transport sector.

According to Section 6-(1) of the Act, the functions of the Authority are as follows:
a) to perform the functions conferred on the Authority by sector legislation.
b) subject to sector legislation ?
(i) to issue, renew and cancel licenses.
(ii) to establish standards for regulated goods and regulated services.
(iii) to establish standards for the terms and conditions of supply of the regulated goods and services.
(iv) to regulate rates and charges.
(v) to make rules.

c) to monitor the performance of the regulated sectors, including in relation to:-
(i) levels of investment.
(ii) availability, quality and standards of services
(iii) the cost of services
(iv) the efficiency of production and distribution of services, and
(v) other matters relevant to the Authority

d) to facilitate the resolution of complaints and disputes.
e) to take over and continue carrying out the functions formerly of the Tanzania Central Freight Bureau set out in section 4, 4A and 4B of the Tanzania Central Freight Bureau Act, 1981.
f) to disseminate information about matters relevant to the functions of the Authority.
g) to consult with other regulatory authorities or bodies or institutions discharging functions similar to those of the Authority in Tanzania or elsewhere.
h) to exercise port state control of all foreign ships and flag state control of all Tanzanian registered ships.
i) to regulate and approve marine services, safety equipment and marine services providers.
j) to coordinate maritime search and rescue operations.
k) to administer the Act.
l) to perform such other functions as may be conferred on the Authority by this Act or any other law.

If You want to Know bus fares rates from one station to another just follow the procedures below:

Send text messages as follows:

Write a word: NAULI, leave space, where you start the journey, leave space, where you stop, then send this message to 15276

Example: Nauli Tanga Mwanza


Ota High Class Bus Dar es salaam To Bukoba Contacts, Booking, Tickets, Timetable, Office & Routes

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 Ota High Class Is a Passenger transportation company which has been in the Industry since 2011 by that time playing the Dar es salaam to Iringa routes. This company started the long distance trips from Dar es salaam with their Mini buses before they made a huge innovations in their Fleet list.

Ota High Class take a pride in the fact that they are punctual, efficient, reliable, luxurious, clean, secure and customers friendly while others can hardly combine any three of those above traits. They are pride of the ability to provide even more to our esteemed customers

Ota High Class Bus Fleet

It is one among the Tanzania's bus company which have a good stock of Coaches in their list, Though they were started with a few Mini buses but they have managed to make a huge Investment by adding Chinese bus models like Zhongton, Yutong and Higer.

All of their buses are of Semi Luxury Class with a lot of on board features to make your trip safe and comfortable. They have a professional drivers and well experiences Bus host/hostess who will take care of you from the starting point to your destinations. Below are features and services available on their buses:
Television Services from 7 Plasma Tv
A/C Services with Individual control devices
USB Charging system for your smartphones
2 by 2 Reclining Seats with enough Legsroom
Free WiFi On their buses
Good Sound system for your entertainment
Free Bytes & Soft Drinks provided for free

Ota High Class Service Line

They proud to be Tanzania favorite transport bus company, offering quality unique services at a lower price. They provide scheduled daily transport services to passenger who travell from Dar es salaam to Northern Highland and Lake zones.

They have a pick up point at some major towns where their buses pass through to their destinations. They also transit Parcels and other small baggage for a fair prices, The security of your Parcels belong to them.

Ota High Class Bus Routes & Average Prices

Dar es salaam To Iringa Ths. 18,000
Dar es salaam To Bukoba Tshs. 60,000
Dar es salaam To Songea Tshs. 50,000
Dar es salaam To Njombe Tshs. 28,000

Ota High Class Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Kilwa RD, Mbagala rangi tatu
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Phones: +255657245117 +255713996173 +255654295064

For Booking To Bukoba:  0715 606 465 | 0715 503 321

Booking To Other Regions:
Office: Buguruni Mataa Near New Popex hotel
0654295064 | 0718 789 444 | 065 222 9496

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Chaula Express Bus Iringa To Dar es salaam, Morogoro Contact Number, Booking, Tickets & Office

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 Chaula Express was established more than 20 years ago by that time serving the Southern Highland regions of Mbeya and Iringa with a daily trips. They started as a small company with a few mini buses providing services in the region before they expanded their services into a big company.

Chaula Express has now innovated their services by Investing into a modern Coaches for a long distance trips from Iring and Mbeya to Dar es salaam region. Before the purchase of Chinese bus models, They were using Scania buses with locally assembled bodies at Dar Coach manufacture.

Chaula Express Bus Fleet

Though They still have Scania bus model for the intra-regional services in Northen Highland, The company now have expanded their fleet level by adding Chinese Higer and Yutong buses for the Dar es salaam route.

All of their buses are of Semi Luxury class and the new Chinese Higer and Yutong features the following amenities and services:
Television Sercices to entertain you all the way long
Free WiFi to give you access to internet
2 by 2 reclining seat with enough Legsroom
USB Charging system for your smartphone
A/C Services with Individual control devices
Soft Drinks & Bytes are provided for free

Chaula Express Bus Service

They are providing Scheduled daily bus services from the Southern Highland to Dar es salaam and short routes within the Southern Highland regions. They have offices located in Mbeya, Njombe, Iringa, Morogoro and Dar es salaam, You can make your Booking by visiting their offices or by calling those phone numbers provided below.

Chaula Express also they do transit Parcels to all regions where their buses used to go, They have a fair prices to meet all the needs of every body.

Chaula Express Bus Routes

Mbeya To Dar es salaam
Iringa To Dar es salaam
Iringa To Mbeya

Chaula Express Bus Office & Contacts For Booking

Ubungo Agent:  Mr. Samwel Elias
Phone Number: +255 713 013 541

Nyehunge Express Bus Mwanza To Morogoro Contact Number, Booking, Ticket, Routes & Office

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 Nyehunge Express Is a Transport Company which is based in Mwanza Region and it has been in the Industry for more than 10 years. Initially the company was intra-region bus services, Serving passenger within the region but later on Nyehunge Express innovated their services by transporting their passengers out of Mwanza region.

Nyehunge Express now is one among the giant and a leader in Mwanza to Morogoro routes with a daily scheduled service during the morning. They also provide services to other regions and towns of the Lake Zone, They are one among the best and respected company in the regions.

Nyehunge Express Bus Fleet

Upon the establishment of Nyehunge Express,, The company was using Scania bus model with locally assembled bodies but after the coming of Chinese bus in the Industry they made a huge innovations.

They have changed their fleet types to Chinese model of Yutong Bus and also they have added a King Long buses. Their buses are of Semi Luxury Class and they have featured with modern on board amenities to make your trip safe and comfortable.

Their Buses have 2 by 2 reclining seats with enough Legsroom
A/C services with Individual control spcae
Free WiFi To enjoy internet
7 Television To entertain You
Audio System for a good music
USB charging system to charge your phones
Soft Drinks & Bytes available for free

Nyehunge Express Bus Services

Nyehunge Express Is a passenger transport company and they ar in the Industry to serve passenger with a daily services in those routes where their buses used to go. They have a good customer services with sm,art staff to take care of you from their ofices to your destinations.

They also specialize in Parcel Transportation from those regions where they have ofices and agencies to all the destinations where their buses used to go. Enjoy smart services with smart experience from Nyehunge Express Buss.

Nyehunge Express Bus Routes

Mwanza To Morogoro - Average Price Tshs. 40,000
Mwanza To Dodoma
Mwanza To Ngara

Nyehunge Express Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Mwanza Office: +255 654 154 169

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Frester Bus Dar es salaam To Bukoba Contacts, Booking, Tickets, Timetable, Price & Offices

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 Frester Bus Services Is a Sub division Frester Investment Company Limited with headquarter in Dar es salaam and other offices in Mwanza. Frester bus services is one among the leading companyr of Passenger transport services in the Lake Zone, They are serving Mwanza regions to other Lake Zone Regions like Shinyanga, Kagera, Geita and other towns.

Frester Bus Company have a professional drivers and other on board as well as office servant who will help you to have a safe travell to all regions where their buses used to go. Safety in their priority to their customers and you will enjoy a good customer services staring from their offices, agents and on board by their host/hostess.

Frester Bus Lines Fleet

Frester Bus Company have a mixed fleet in their list but the most dominant type is Chinese Zhongtong Bus model, They also have Chinese Yutong Bus and Few Scania Bus Models.

Most of their Buses are Clean and smart and they got Pre Inspection before they leave for a particular trip. All of their buses are of Semi Luxury Class with well customized on board features depending on the type of the bus, Their Zhongtong model is the most customized buses. Below are the feature which available on their buses:
Television Services, Some with up to 7 plasma Lcd
A/C services, Some doesn't switch on their A/C
USB Charging System, Some doesn't have
Reclining seats with enough Legsroom
2 by 2 seating configurations

Frester Bus Line Services

Frester Bus are established for daily scheduled passenger transportation services between Mwanza City and other regions in Tanzania. They offer a Public Transportation to their customer with a fair prices which is Industry rated.

Passenger can book their Tickets in their offices located in all bus stations or their agents. You can also book your tickets by giving them a Call by using those number provided below. Their tickets are available to book in advance depending on the date yo have planned to travell.

Apart from Passenger Transportation, The company also transit Parcels to all regions where their buses used to go. They also have other division for Cargo Transportation locally and across the boarder.

Frester Bus Line Routes

Bukoba To Dar Es Salaam
Kahama To Mwanza
Kahama To Musoma
Mwanza To Bukoba

Frester Bus Offices & Contact For Booking & Enquiry

For Booking: +255 764 01 60 61, +255 622 01 60 61

Agent Ubungo Bus Terminal: +255 713 01 35 41

First Choice Bus (Apollo) Dodoma To Dar Es Salaam Contacts, Booking, Tickets, Timetable & Office

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First Choice Bus Company also Known as Apollo Is a Dodoma based passenger transport company which was established on the year 2016 playing the vital role of PSV on the Dodoma to Dar es salaam routes. 

Few years just after the establishment of the company, They take over a major customer base in this route and they have imposed a great challenge to the dominant company like Shabiby Line and ABC Upper Class.

Safety is their priority to their customers and they have well trained servant to serve you when you take your trip with them either to Dodoma or Dar es salaam and some stop between the journey.

First Choice Bus (Apollo) Fleet

The company own a smart and modern bus which will leave you comfortable all the way long. Upon it's establishment, The company bought Chinese Yutong bus F12 model and later on they added the advanced model of F12+ series.

They buses are well customized with on board features to keep you fresh and feel good while you travell with First Choice Bus. Their buses are equipped with the following features:
7 Television, 3 On each side of the bus
A/C Services to cool down hot weather
USB charing system to keep your smart phones powered
Reclining seats with enough Legsroom
Some of Them With On Board Toilets

Also On board services like Offering soft drinks and bytes to their passengers available on all of their buses.

First Choice Bus (Apollo) Services & Timetable

The company established mainly for the provision of Passenger transportation services between the Dar es salaan and Dodoma city with daily departure and scheduled services. They have a first class services as well as second class services depending on the type of the bus you have selected to travell with it.

Apart from Passenger Transportation services, They also transit Parcel between the two cities with a fair prices to all. Security of your Parcels is the key concern of their company.

First Choice Bus (Apollo) Routes
Dar es salaam To Dodoma 9.30 hours Luxury
Dar es salaamTo Dodoma 12.30 hours Semi Luxury
Dodoma To Dar es salaam 10.00 hours Luxury
Dodoma To Dar es salaam 8.00 hours Semi Luxury

Luxury Prices/Fares Tshs. 25000
Semi Luxury Prices/Fares Tshs. 20000

First Choice Bus (Apollo) Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Dodoma Office: 0674 794 748

Ubungo Dar es salaam: 0655757474

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Marangu Coach Bus Dar es salaam To Moshi Contacts, Booking, Timetable, Tickets & Office

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Marangu Coach Is a Passenger Transportation company which have been in the Industry since the late of 2015. Despite of the company name Marangu Coach, This bus company serve their passengers in the main routes of Dar es salaam To Arusha via Moshi with daily bus schedule.

Marangu Coach is a relatively new company in the Industry but in the few years, The company managed to have a good reputation in the passenger transportation services. Most of the customers using this company enjoy the good services and better customer care from their servants.

Marangu Coach Bus Fleet

 Upon the establishment of Marangu Coach, The company started with Yutong Buses, These were the F12 model and after few years of operations the company added to their list a new buses. These also are Yutong Buses but this time with the latest model of F12+ with well customized on board features.

Their buses are of Semi Luxury class with a lot of on board features like: 7 Television to entertain you all the way long, A/C services to cool down hot weather condition, Good sound system to refresh your mind.

They also switch on free WiFi for their customers to enjoy smart internet and USB charging system available on each seat of the bus.

They are also provide a soft drinks and bytes to their customers for free.

Marangu Coach Bus Services

They are providing daily scheduled bus services from Dar es salaam To Arusha and Vice versa. Their buses are leaving Dar es salaam via Bagamoyo and sometimes via Chalinze to Arusha with main stop in Moshi town.

Thy have a specific Timetable for leaving each terminal and passenger can book their tickets at their offices located in each terminal or you can call the below provided number to make your booking.

Apart from Passenger transportation service, They also transit Parcel with a fair prices to all towns where their buses goes or have a stop.

Marangu Coach Bus Routes

Arusha To Dar Es Salaam via Bagamoyo/Chalinze
Moshi To Dodoma via Arusha

Marangu Coach Bus Offices & Contact For Enquiry

Marangu Coach Office: +255 754 470 417

For Booking at Ubungo Bus Terminal Call: