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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cheapest, List Of Bus Companies In Zimbabwe, Prices, Fares, Tickets, Timetable

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Are You Travelling To Zimbabwe or You are in Zimbabwe Thinking to travell within your country, Just calm down and read this short details on how to travell and explore the beautiful scenery of Zimbabwe. This country is the one among all African countries which depend on road network to make a travell in Urban and Rural areas. Therefore Bus travell become so important for people to make a smooth travell between places uin a safe and comfortable ways.

In Zimbabwe there are two main types of buses in the country which are express and local. Express services are run according to a set timetable and tickets need to be purchased before departure. Local buses have no schedule and generally wait until they’re full to leave. These local buses can be found at markets and in the center of major towns.

Those express or luxury buses operate according to published timetables. Check carefully, however, as most bus companies have both local also known as chicken buses and luxury coaches. Taking Pioneer and ZUPCO as an example have both luxury and chicken buses.

Local buses normally depart when full from township markets outside the centre of a town. These are old public buses which often stop at every intersection and carry almost everything from wheelbarrows to sofas. They are often the only affordable way for local people and the only means of transportation available in rural areas. Travel if you would like the experience and you will be received with friendly smiles and politeness as always and everywhere in Zimbabwe but they are not usually that roadworthy and very often extremely late due to frequent breakdowns.

Intercity shuttles: If You Consider hiring a shuttle company to transport you between cities in Zimbabwe, There is a lot of shuttle services company which offer a great services.  Day trips and tours to assorted cities are also on offer, see the individual Zimbabwe city travel guides for more info on these.

Informal transport: Many Zimbabweans travel in minibuses called ETs (Emergency Taxis). These are best kept for locals and seasoned travellers because they are not well used by tourists (and they drive very fast!). If you would like to read more about public transport in Zimbabwe, please see this external blog post.

Minibus taxis are available for intracity transport, and are relatively inexpensive by European standards and they provide a cheap, though a not necessarily safe or very comfortable way of seeing the true Zimbabwe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trip Trans Bus Harare To Beira Contact Details, Timetable, Booking, Fares & Offices

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Trip Trans Is a bus company which provide daily scheduled services from Harare to other towns within Zimbabwe and They also provide a cross boarder services to Malawi and Zambia respectively.

Trip Trans bus company started as a shuttle services mini bus operator with some few Toyota Hiace serving within Harare and Beira as well. In the recent years of 2010's, They have expanded their service by acquiring a big machine to invest in a long distance trips.

They are now dominating the transport Industry in Zimbabwe as on of the best bus services provider in Zimbabwe with a good reputations from their customers.

Trip Trans Bus Fleet

This bus company doesn't have a single type of bus model, They own a mix of fleet of various makers from China. They have Zhongtong all models, Yutong All models and Higer bus respectively for African edition.

Their buses are smarts and have reclining seats for you to enjoy a comfort travel whenever you are travelling with them. Enough Legs space will give you a chance to enjoy smart travell with them you are enjoy Television services from a big screens on the bus.

Don't forget their buses also fitted with a modern sound system to give you fresh music to enjoy the long trip. 

Trip Trans Bus  Services

This bus company specialized mainly in the transportation of passenger to different towns all the way from Harare city in Zimbabwe. They have daily departure for local routes within Zimbabwe to all towns where their buses have destinations. They have a  well scheduled services and also they have a cross boarder services to Blantyre city in Malawi and Lusaka city in Zambia.

Trip Trans Bus also provide Parcel transportation services to all towns where their buses used to go with daily services at a fair prices. Always they are taking care of you parcels whenever you transit with them.

Trip Trans Bus Routes

Harare To Mutare  To Chimoio  To Beira
Harare To Lusaka
 Harare To Chimanimani
Harare To Gweru To Bulawayo To Gwanda
Mutoko To Harare
Bulawayo To Masvingo To Mutare
Harare To Burma valley
 Harare To Ruwange
Lusaka To Bulawayo
Harare To Ruchera To Chinhenga To St. Marys To Nyanga
Harare To Mutoko To Nyamapanda
Harare To Mutoko To Nyamapanda
Nyanga To Harare
Harare To Blantyre

Trip Trans Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Harare: +258 773986769, +258 733 019 550

Beira : +258 847387470, +258 844860711

Monday, February 4, 2019

Tenda Bus Services Mutare To Musina Contacts, Booking, Offices, Fares, Timetable & Owner

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Tenda Transport Company Is a Zimbabwe based bus company which established on the early of 1980. This is the one among the oldest bus company which still operate their services in Zimbabwe. They are serving many local routes in Zimbabwe and they hyave a cross boarder service to South Africa and Zambia.

Back in the 80s Tenda used to have a real monopoly on the busiest highway in the country at the time, connecting the capital Harare and the 3rd largest city Mutare. To their credit Tenda was efficient, fast and always on time. There were probably the most stylish and fancy bus company in Zimbabwe.

Tenda Bus Services Fleet

Tenda Is one among the few companies which own Leyland DAF type of vehicle, Most of this bus play the rural routes where most of their roads are not in a good conditions. They also have MAM and Scania bus models with Marcopolo bodies and MCV bodies as well. They also have Chinese Higer bus which seem to be the most luxury in their list.

Most of their fleet which serves major towns and cities in Zimbabwe and also cross boarder services are of Semi Luxury and Luxury lass with on board entertainment. These buses have Television services and music from modern sound system.

Passenger can enjoy the 2 by 2 seating arangement on some of their buses while other have 2 by 3 seating arrangement with enough Legs space. Most of their modern fleet have reclining seat while those ordinary DAF doesn't have a reclining seats.

Tenda Bus Services They Offer

They offer a daily services and departure to all destinations where their buses have routes. Their main service is the transportation of passenger within Zimbabwe and on the SADC regions as well. They have a fair prices to all customers regarding to the amount declared by National authorities.

Tenda Bus also provide Parcel Transportation services to all routes where their buses goes. They guarantee a safe and reliable parcel services with a fair prices which can be affordable by any one within and out of Zimbabwe.

Tenda Bus Services Routes

Harare To Johannesburg
Harare To Lusaka
Harare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kadoma
Mutare/Harare To Kwekwe
Mutare/Harare To Gweru
Harare To Hwange
Harare To Beitbridge
Mutare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kariba
Harare To Nyamapanda
Harare To Mutare
Mutare/Harare To Victoria falls
Harare To Magunje
Mutare To Beitbridge

Tenda Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Tenda Bus Service
Address: 112 Mutare Rd, Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe
City of Zimbabwe

Post Office box: AY37, Amby, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone number:

+263 4 486 816

+263 772970040
+263 773817602

Monday, January 28, 2019

ZUPCO Head Office Harare Contact Details, Ceo, Fares, Product And Services & History

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The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company popular known as ZUPCO Bus services is a road transport company incorporated and registered in Zimbabwe with the mandate to provide rural, urban and regional passenger travel services. Since independence, ZUPCO has remained the single largest bus services operating the country both in terms of size of fleet of buses and the spread of operations throughout the country.

With its Head Office at 109 Belvedere Road in Harare, ZUPCO runs its activities through two main divisions, namely the Northern Region based in Harare and the Southern Region based in Bulawayo.

Since 2011, ZUPCO has been embarking on a strategic course aimed at recapitalizing the business and refocusing its activities in order to exceed the expectations of its customers. This has seen the purchase of a modern fleet of buses, which are plying the rural, urban and regional routes. The recapitalization programme is on going, with an additional fleet of buses underway to boost the existing capacity. In line with their passenger centred focus, our work ethos has evolved into a solid commitment towards the following key deliverables:

(a) Customer Satisfaction;
(b) Service Excellence;
(c) Employee Development;
(d) Operating environmentally friendly vehicles.

ZUPCO Bus Fleet

Their current fleet of buses was custom made for ZUPCO by a Chinese vehicle manufacturer, First Automotive Group Corporation. The company which has been in existence since 1956 was previously known as First Automotive Works (FAW), from which we derive the name that is on their blue and gold fleet.

Being custom made for Zupco, Their current fleet is well kept and maintained using on site technical back up and support by a dedicated team from FAW who work closely with their engineers to ensure that all their buses are in to notch condition to ferry their valued customers to all destinations inside and outside Zimbabwe.

Lux Line takes the affordability, reliability and safety you have come to know and trust and combines it with added comfort and convenience! For them Lux Line, reminds them that what makes the journey enjoyable is not getting there in one piece but how you get there. So in addition to the great service you get on their standard buses, Lux Line brings you the following extra comforts of life:
Spacious Reclining Seats
No more hand luggage in the isle
Individual lighting and air conditioning
On board extras like Television, Music System, Toilets, & many more

Apart from the television, there is a radio to serenade you all the way to your final destination. No need to wait for a truck stop or food outlet, Lux Line is a one stop shop. Whether you want hot or cold water, Lux Line has your back!

ZUPCO Bus Products & Services

ZUPCO has a fleet of over 200 buses in Zimbabwe sourced from a range of local and international suppliers.   Since 2010, the company has been in a strategic partnership with Chinese bus manufacturer FAW, enabling it to purchase modern vehicles for use in its operations.
Through this wide base of buses, ZUPCO has tailored its operations to offer the following range of services:

The Rural Bus Service
ZUPCO has purposefully invested and is constantly looking into ways of providing a safe and reliable service for their previously neglected rural folk. Thus the company provides daily scheduled bus service to many rural areas dotted around the country.

Urban Passenger Service
In line with being a market driven player in the industry, the company has also sought to alleviate the suffering of the urban consumer who is made to pay hiked fares during peak hours by commuter omnibuses. The company has therefore reintroduced the urban bus routes at an affordable fare during the morning and evening peak hours.

Regional Bus Operations
The company offers affordable, direct, safe and reliable bus services to regional countries such as Zambia and Malawi.

Bus Hire Services
In addition to their normal scheduled bus runs, ZUPCO also offers their clients the opportunity to hire their buses at affordable rates for their corporate functions, weddings, funerals, and other events

ZUPCO Bus Routes, Fares & Time Tables

Being the single largest provider of road passenger services in Zimbabwe, ZUPCO has a wide network of routes under its operations.  One of their key successes, since independence, has been the provision of transport services to rural communities.  This has seen previously inaccessible areas now becoming more open and therefore better able to participate in the national economy.

ZUPCO Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Head Office
109 Belvedere Road
PO Box 3298, Harare
Tel: 263 4 751 293/ 6.
Fax: 263 4 730 151

Tel:  086 44 777 777

Northern Division
9 Hood Road, Southeron, Harare.
Tel: 086 44 051 454
Southern Division
Stand No. 2200A Khami Road
PO Box 1779, Bulawayo
Tel: 263 9 67291/3/8 or 086 44 053 899.
Fax: 263 9 76101


Sunday, January 27, 2019

DNC Coaches & Bus From Port Elizabeth To Zimbabwe Contacts, Booking, Timetable & Prices

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 DNC Luxury Coaches Is a Zimbabwe based bus services company which serve travellers within the country and cross boarder trips. Thought It based in Zimbabwe, The company also have it's base in South Africa where they operates in some major cities.

DNC Luxury Coaches started  their operations for more than a decade and they are earning great reputations from their customers. This is ithe one among those best bus companies which serves the Zimbabwe To South Africa routes with scheduled departures.

DNC Luxury Coaches Fleet

They have a mix of fleet and all of them being a Scania bus model with different bodies from various makers. They have Scania Marcopolo G6, G7 and Touring version, They also have Scania Irizar and MCV.

Their buses have reclining seats with enough Legs room to give you a comfort travell especially when you board for a long trip. Their buses have an A/C services as well as USB charging system for some of their buses.

On board entertainments are also available for you to refresh your mind, They fitted Large plasma Television for you and also good sound system to give you fresh music all the way long.

DNC Luxury Coaches Services

They are providing intercity bus services within Zimbabwe with daily departure to all towns where they have destinations and stops. They provide you a safe travell with booking services available at their offices and by making a call to them to have your seats.

They also have Cross Boarder services from Zimbabwe To South Africa with specific schedules in some days of the week. They have Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Departure. Tickets available at their offices and also you can call them for booking.

DNC Luxury Coaches also provide Parcel Transport services with their buses to all the destinations with Zimbabwe and South Africa. Their have a fair prices for you.

DNC Luxury Coaches Routes

Port Elizabeth To Harare Via Grahamstown & Queenstown
Johannesburg To Harare, Gweru, Chegetu, Kwekwe & Kadoma

DNC Luxury Coaches Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry
South Africa: Call +27 73 601 1121

Zimbabwe: +263 83 929 7584

Saturday, January 26, 2019

CAG Coaches & Bus Harare To Kariba Timetable, Contacts, Booking, Offices, Owner & Routes

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CAG Coaches & Bus  Is a leading company that provides safest convenient, efficient and high quality public transportation service in Zimbabwe and SADC Region.

They are Connecting customers with the people, places and services that enhance the quality and enjoyment of their lives by providing equipment, technology, professional knowledge and experience required to manage and operate safe, comfortable and cost efficient ground transportation system.

CAG Coaches & Bus Fleet

Their fleet comprises of 45 seater, 54 seater, 57 seater, 63 seater, 65 seater, 66 seater and 70 seater with the below features on selected coaches:

    Secure luggage storage
    USB smartphone charging sockets on each seat
    Trained professional drivers
    Safe travel environment and unbeatable safety record
    Comfortable seat
    Easy 24-hour reservation facility
    Audio and visual entertainment
    Reclining seat

CAG Coaches & Bus Services

Public Transport Services
Their main service is daily transportation of people within Zimbabwe by connecting them with different locations in the Country and outside the Country. Their have daily departure in all cities and town where they have destinations. Apart from passenger transport services, CAG Travellers also transport Parcels to all of their bus destinations.

Educational School Tours
Educational tours can open up thrilling and learning curves for students and schools at large which means something to them. Teachers and schools choose CAG because they support them every step of the way as they plan their fully accredited educational tour. Students love CAG because their experience forever changes lives and parents value CAG because their all inclusive trips feature guaranteed lowest prices.

Private Hires
CAG provides the best way to tour their scenic country, because they offer a superior private hire service to international and local tour operators, travel agents, corporations, schools and private groups. They are committed  to providing a safe, comfortable and dependable service will guarantee that your tour is a success.

The CAG fleet offers a wide range of luxury vehicles, ranging from 60-seater luxury coaches. These modern coaches surpass world class standards in passenger comfort and safety. All coaches are equipped with the latest technology, including specialized safety equipment, heating and air conditioning, video and audio entertainments systems, reclining seats fitted with individual safety belts, and individual arm rests and reading lights.

CAG Coaches & Bus Routes

    Harare To Kariba
    HarareTo Bulawayo
    Harare To Bulawayo To Victoria Falls (On-board Refreshments)
    Harare To Gokwe To Chitekete (On-board Refreshments)
    Harare To Bonda To Sagambe
    Harare To Bonda To Mandeya
    Harare To Mutare To Katiyo
    Harare To Murehwa To Avilla
    Harare To Murehwa To Fombe
    Harare To Muzarabani To Chadereka
    Harare To Mukumbura To Hoya
    Harare To Mukumbura To Chiwenga
    Bulawayo To Binga
    Bulawayo To Gokwe To Chitekete
    Karoi To Kazangarare To Chibara

 CAG Coaches & Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Main Depot
1223 Tynwald South
Harare, 00263
Phone: +263-772-693-149 | +263-772-804-867 | +263-772-952-215 | +263-772-242-520
Willowvale Depot
260 Empowerment Way, Willowvale
Harare, Zimbabwe 00263
Phone: +263-772-590-108 | +263-773-151-599
Special Service Routes
Rainbow Towers Group Hotel
Harare, Zimbabwe 00263
Phone: +263-775-760-247 | +263-735-116-891 | +263-718-626-546
Bulawayo Depot
13961 Westham Road, Thorngroove
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 00263
Phone: +263-774-342-353 | +263-774-330-374

For Bookings Call : +263-772-952-215

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inter Africa Bus Bulawayo To Mutare Contacts, Booking, Offices, Timetable & Routes

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Inter Africa Bus services Ltd previous started as Mukumba brothers Transport Ltd Is a Zimbabwe based bus company which have been in the transport industry for more than 15 years. This said to be one of the giant and biggest company in Zimbabwe by having many buses and dominating all routes within the country.

Apart from servicing passenger in Zimbabwe, They also have a Cross boarder routes To South Africa, Zambia and Egypt. They have a good services starting from their offices to on board where they have a professional servants who will take care of you all the way long.

Inter Africa Bus Fleet

This company have a mix of fleet starting from Scania buses to the Chinese machine like Zhongtong and Yutong buses. Their Scania Buses have Marcopolo, MCV and Irizar manufactured bodies with unique and modern design.

All of their Buses have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs room for your comfort travell and their seats are reclining. Some of them have charging system for you to access power to boost you smartphones.

While you are travelling with Inter Africa Buses, You will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services on a large plasma Tv as well as good music from their sound system.

Some of their coaches have an A/C services to give you fresh and cool weather while you are on the way to your destinations, Free WiFi also available to some of their coaches.

Inter Africa Bus Services

This bus company offer a Passenger transport services within Zimbabwe and also Cross boarder transport to some countries like South Africa, Zambia and Egypt. They have daily scheduled services within their local routes in Zimbabwe and to Zambia. They have monday route to Egypt and other days to South Africa.

Apart from passenger transport services, They also transport Parcel to all of the destinations where their buses reach within and outside Zimbabwe. Their prices are fair which can be affordable to any one.

Inter Africa Bus Routes

Harare To Port Elizabeth
Harare To Johannesburg
Harare To Cairo
Harare To Lusaka
Harare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kadoma
Harare To Kwekwe
Harare To Gweru
Harare To Hwange
Bulawayo To Hwange
Kadoma To Bulawayo
Kwekwe To Bulawayo
Gweru To Bulawayo
Harare To Beitbridge
Mutare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kariba
Harare To Nyamapanda
Kadoma To Beitbridge
Harare To Mutare
Harare To Victoria falls
Harare To Magunje
Chegutu to Beitbridge
Gokwe to Bulawayo

Inter Africa Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

1745 Prospect Way, Waterfalls Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 42 004 110
               +263 736 009 688
          24HR Service

Address: 1041/2, Mineral Rd, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 39 262 140

City Bus Harare To Gaborone Booking, Offices, Contacts, Timetable, Prices & Routes

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 City Bus is a luxury passenger bus company operating from Zimbabwe to Botswana and vice versa. They offer the best way of traveling, affordable and reliable service. They offer a daily services To and From all of their destinations within Zimbabwe and Botswana with a fair prices to all.

Their Bus operate in a cross boarder route basically from Zimbabwe To Botswana and Vice versa. Thought there are other company operating within Zimbabwe To Botswana route but City Bus seem to be the best among all due to their customer reputations to them.

City Bus Coaches & Fleet

They are using a mix of fleet all of them being made by Scania vehicle manufacture with bodies from Irizar and Marcopolo manufacture. All of these fleet are clean and well maintained by the team of mechanical supervisor of City Bus.

Their Coaches have 2 by 3 seating arrangement  and enough space for your legs. When you travel with City Bus you will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services and good music from their music system. Free WiFi also available on board for you to enjoyu a smart internet all the way long.

City Bus Services

City Bus company provide Passenger transport services between Zimbabwe and Botswana with daily departure in all two countries. They have stations in all towns where their buses pass to their destinations between those two countries, They also have local routes in Zimbabwe.

City Bus also provide Parcel Services in all of their routes where their buses are passing through, Their buses have trailer which carry up to 1000kgs. These trailer are used for transporting those Parcels and other baggage of the passengers.

City Bus Routes, Departure & Prices

Just a reminder, their time schedule is check in 5.00am ,departure 5.30am at Harare Roadport.Mbare departure is 6.30am.

Harare To Chegutu, Kadoma & Gaborone - P300/$30
Kwekwe and Gweru To Gaborone -P250/$25
Bulawayo To Gaborone -P200/$20
Harare To Pelapye -P250/$25
Please Note That: These Prices is not permanent, They may be changed at any time depending on the Market situations prevailing at a particular time.

City Bus Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Zimbabwe Contact Details
Harare Telephone
+263 772 751 027
+263 719 106 950

+263 4 798 478

Botswana Contact Details
Plot number 324/9
Near Super Save
Next to Thusa Filling Station

+267 72 698 782
+267 74 399 773

+267 31 88 243

Monday, January 21, 2019

King Lion Bus & Coaches Zimbabwe To Zambia Contacts, Booking, Offices, Schedules & Owner

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 King Lion is a passenger transport company servicing local and regional routes which started operating in 2013. Their strategic goal is to become the passenger operator of choice within the region. Their mission is to serve God and to add real value to all their key stakeholders by providing high quality service that meets and exceeds their passengers’ needs and expectations.

Their first bus started operating on the 8th of June 2013 as a sole trader under King Lion D.T Family Trust. In November 2014 the buses where registered as King Lion Motorways.

King Lion Bus & Coaches Fleet

They have a modern fleet from Scania vehicle manufacture with a mix of bodies from Irizar and Marcopolo body maker. All of their fleet are cleans with professional servants. Below are the featuires which are available on their fleet:

8 Emergency Exits
On Board Entertainment
Reading Light Per Seat
Air Dusk
Vehicle Tracking
Seat Belts
Reclining Seats
Foot Rests (Irizar)

King Lion Bus & Coaches Services

Passenger Transportation
Their main service is Passenger transportation within Zimbabwe and the neighboring countries like Zambia, Mozambique and other. They are now servicing Zimbabwe and Zambia respectively with daily schedules and departure in all cities and town where they have destinations.

Trailer Hire: King Lion 10 000 kg Boxed Trailer
They provide a range of trailer hiring services, catering to large travelling groups or families. Their service is safe and secure, all to ensure that you rest easy and indulge in the luxury that their coaches have to offer, with the comforting knowledge that your luggage is protected and intact.

Bus Hiring: Weddings, Church, School Trips, Leisure, Sports, Funerals.
They have a professional and effective bus-hiring service just for you, and their wide range of services covers various events, including weddings, church and school trips, leisure or sports trip as well as funerals and memorials. King Lion is here to ensure that your group journeys are safe, comfortable and efficient. They have got you covered through any event.

Delivery Services
King Lion Coaches can help transport that important document, parcel or package. As a dedicated and standards driven operator, Their coaches are well maintained and work hard to meet time obligations. As a result of this and by popular demand, They now offer parcel delivery services on routes they service.

    Length = 2m
    Width = 1.5m
    Height = 1m

Please take note that weight as well as dimensions are taken into account when a quote is worked out.

King Lion Bus & Coaches Main Routes

    Harare To Lusaka
    Gweru To Lusaka

Other Routes Include The following Cities & Towns:
Mutare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Kariba, Harare, Beitbridge, Plumtree.


King Lion Bus & Coaches Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Head Office
Cnr Robert Mugabe Way & 5th Street

Landline:  +263 4 307 001

Mobile: +263 772 635 472
              +263 712 616 413


Booking Offices

Harare Roadport
Cnr Robert Mugabe Way & 5th Street, Harare
+263 783 837 488

Town Centre
+263 779 628 006

Emerald Hill
+263 782 588 588
+263 712 616 413
+263 772 635 472

Intercity Bus Terminus
+260 973 419 762


Citylink Coaches & Bus Harare To Hwange Contacts, Online Booking, Offices, Timetable & Fares

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City Link Bus Services is a well established company in Zimbabwe which has been operating since 2008. Though City link originally started with one coach, its vision was to be the leading luxury passenger transport in the region. However, throughout the years the company has experienced periods of significant growth and expansion that has enabled it to purchase over 10 new coaches and increase workforce.

Citylink Coaches Fleet

Citylink Coaches have invested their Capital in a modern specialized coaches made by Scania with bodies from Marcopolo and Irizar manufactures. Their buses are clean and are well maintained with their mechanical team.

Their coaches are full f A/C to give you fresh and cool weather all the way long in your trip. And when you board Citylink bus, Yopu will enjoy on board entertainment like Television services, Good music from their sound system and many more.

Their buses have USB charging system to give you power outlet to boost your smartphone while you are enjoying a free WiFi from their routers.

Citylink Coaches have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs room to give you a comfort travel from the start point to your destinations.

Citylink Coaches Services

City Link is really committed to you their valued customers. They work together internally within their own business and externally by working in the true partnership with their customers.

They basically based on Passenger transport services mainly from Harare and Bulawayo to other Towns in Zimbabwe. They have daily departure in all of the cities and towns where they have their destinations.

They also specialiazed in Courier services where they are doing a parcels transportation with their coaches in all of the destinations where their buses reach.

Loyalty & Discounts
They have a Loyalty program with their coach as it have outlined below:
Senior Citizens (60 years and above)     $5 discount.

RTG Staff     $5 discount.

Minors     $5 discount

All unaccompanied minors (5-12 years) pay full fare.

Travel with them ten times and you will get a complimentary ticket.

Citylink Coaches Routes & Fares

Harare To Bulawayo     $30/$35
Harare To Kadoma     $20/$25
Harare To Kwekwe     $25/$30
Harare To Gweru     $25/$30
Harare To Hwange     $50
Bulawayo To Hwange     $20
Kadoma To Bulawayo     $25
Kwekwe To Bulawayo     $25
Gweru To Bulawayo     $20
Please Note That: The above mentioned Fares are not constant, These may be subjected to changes at any time depending on the market situations prevailing in the Industry.

Citylink Coaches Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Customer Care:
Country Code Is +263

Harare Head Office
3rd Floor
Travel Plaza
Cnr J Chinamano
Mazowe Street

Customer Care Emails :


Booking Offices:
Rainbow Towers
1 Pennefather
Samora Machel Ave
Tel: 04- 772633
0773 083 478
0776 999 000

New Ambassador
88 Kwame Nkrumah
Box 872
Tel: 04- 708121
Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre
P. O Box 874
Crnr Byo Road/ Eiffel Flats
Tel: 068-22106

    The Golden Mile
P. O. Box 238
Gweru Road
Tel: 23711-3
Clonsilla Chicken Inn
9 Doundary Road
Tel: 0776 999 111

    Bulawayo Rainbow
P. O. Box 1876
Crnr J. Tongogara/ 10th Ave
Tel: 09-881273
0776 999 666

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Extra City Buis Harare To Bulawayo Booking, Offices, Timetable, Contacts & Fares

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 ExtraCity Luxury Is a passenger bus company which offers affordable and safe daily to and fro luxury tranportation between Harare, Bulawayo, Hwange and Victoria Falls.

 ExtraCity Bus Services whose sole mandate is to provide you with a luxurious, comfortable, reliable and safe travel solution. They work together as a team to make your journey an unforgettable experience.

Their key focal point is to make you happy always, before the ride, during and after the ride. The greatest compliments they can get are the ones when a customer says they got their name and number from another customer. They are dedicated to your satisfaction and safety, which is what sets their company apart.

 ExtraCity Bus Services Fleet

Excellence of a decade of service has firmly builttheir company's reputation as one of Zimbabwe's finest transport providers and innovators. Their continuous fleet upgrading policy allows them to operate an ultra modern fleet of luxury coaches. Their coaches are all fresh, comfortable and clean.

Extracity luxury coaches is commited to a more enjoyable travel of our passengers. It is in this respect that all the coaches are equipped with HD plasmas, a full Dolby 7.1, digital surround sound system, and soon enough, Wi-fi hotspot access.

ExtraCity offers passengers a personal service, comfortable conditions, with rectilinear seats to provide the most relaxing and productive trip possible.

 ExtraCity Bus Services They Offer

CitybTo City Destinations
Their exquisite fleet operates daily between three major destinations, that is, Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, let alone other destinations en route. Other stops include Norton, Chegutu, Kadoma, Kwekwe, and Gweru.

Hiring Services
Extracity coach hire service provides cost effective travel solutions to a wide variety of client groups from corporate businesses attending conferences, launches, meetings, ceremonies, days and nights out, to school trips, weddings, tours, church services and other private parties.

 ExtraCity Bus Services Routes & Timetable

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, midday and afternoon from Bulawayo

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, midday and afternoon from Bulawayo; morning and evening from Victoria Falls

Morning and evening from Harare; morning and evening from Victoria Falls

Morning and evening from Victoria Falls; morning, afternoon and evening from Bulawayo

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, afternoon and evening from Bulawayo

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, afternoon and evening from Bulawayo

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, afternoon and evening from Bulawayo

Morning and evening from Harare; morning, afternoon and evening from Bulawayo


 ExtraCity Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

120 Samora Machel Ave,  Opposite Showgrounds

5 Lobengula Street, Bulawayo

+263-242-749490; +263-292-882222


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pioneer Coaches & Bus Harare To Musina Booking, Contacts, Timetable, Fares & Routes

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Pioneer Coaches is a customer oriented Zimbabwean passenger transport operator committed to the provision of safe reliable transport services to its markets. They achieve this through ongoing investments in their fleet, first class maintenance and back up service facilities and resources that are dynamic and fully qualified to achieve growth and supply quality service. As a member of Pioneer Corporation Africa, Pioneer Coaches seek to become an invaluable partner to the community it serves.

Pioneer Coaches started operating in Zimbabwe over 15 years ago and they have earned themselves a reputation for being a friendly, professional, customized, passenger transport service provider. They deliver a seamless service with a smile in the widest range of travel products. What makes Pioneer Coaches outstanding are without doubt, its people. Pioneer Coaches staffs are highly professional and trained in good customer relations to offer an efficient and reliable service.

Pioneer Coaches Fleet

Their fleet is mainly comprised of the Yutong Coaches and Scania range of Irizar, Marcopolo and Torino coaches which have a back up service guarantee from Unifreight Engineering within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Their coaches are full of entertainment and you will enjoy on board Television services with a good music from their sound system. They have fitted an USB charging system on their fleet to give you access to charge your smartphone to enjoy a free WiFi services all the way long with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Their coaches have 2 by 3 seating arrangement while few of them have 2 by 2 seating arrangements. Reclining seats are available on 2 by 2 seaters with enough legs room.

Pioneer Coaches Services

Offering the most competitive rates and great value for money, for a variety of tours, Pioneer Coaches has transport solutions for everyone, be it for corporate clients tours & staff transport, funeral travel, school tours, sporting trips, individual travelers, families or groups of any size within Zimbabwe and across the borders.

Thought they have based on Passengers transport services within Zimbabwe and South Africa with a cross boarder transport services, They also have a Courier services within and between those two countries.

Pioneer Coaches Routes

Harare To Bulawayo
Harare To Beitbridge
Mutare To Bulawayo
Harare To Kariba
Harare To Nyamapanda
Harare To Gweru
Kadoma To Beitbridge
Harare To Mutare
Harare To Victoria falls
Harare To Magunje


Pioneer Coaches Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Zimbabwe Head office
114 Dagenham Road
Wllowvale, Harare
Tel: +263 4 663780-2
South Africa Head Office
Corner Leyds and Braamfontein,
South Africa
Tel: +27 11 333 8001
Fax: +27 11 333 8023

Ticket Sales
Roadport: +263 783 732 720
Bulawayo: +263 783 732 721
Masvingo: +263 773 041 462
Mutare: +263 783 732 722
Beitbridge: +263 772 751 865
Gweru: +263 775 948 394
Kariba: +263 772 575 210
Birchenough Bridge: +263 777 647 986
Wengezi: +263 773 504 342
Chinhoyi: +263 773 873 198
Park station: +277 3979 3604
Pretoria: +277 9633 2995
Newtown: +278 3662 5004
Musina: +263 772 751 865
Marketing : +263 773 445 454