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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

List Of Best Bus Companies In Uganda, Destinations, Travel Advice, Trips, Transportation

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Uganda Domestic road travel is cheap compared to other means, but departures aren't always on schedule. On average you pay 2 to 3 Euros per 100 km. It is best to by your ticket the day before departure. There are two classes of bus travel Minibus or kigati which travel fixed routes, and Main coaches or buses. There is also Self drive and hiring a private car with a driver are other options.

Most of the roads are of variable quality and radiate from Kampala, although the network is sparse in the north. Some major roads are paved, the majority of minor and side roads are unpaved and can be bumpy and pot holed, so drive with caution, especially in the rainy season. Remember that there are still some army and police checkpoints on roads. When you hyave a self drive, always keep vehicle doors locked and valuables out of sight.

Main buses and sometimes Minibus most of them being a Toyota Coaster connect major towns on a daily basis. The longer your journey is, the more likely it will be on a bus rather than a minibus. Buses generally leave Kampala at fixed departure times, however when returning from provincial destinations, they usually leave when full. There are many reckless drivers, but buses are safer than minibuses.

Almost all towns, cities and villages in Uganda are linked by bus. The main coaches are preferable compared to the smaller shared taxes regarding security and comfort. Especially recommended are the post coaches, for which you can obtain tickets at every post office. Departure is normally at the post office as well.

There are also international connections, for example to Nairobi (Kenia) or Kigali (Ruanda). Details, addresses and fares you can establish through known travel guides for Uganda or locally.

You can also travell in Uganda by a Minibuses which leave when full. As soon as you are a fair distance away from towns, where police spot checks are less likely, more passengers will be crammed in. As is clearly painted on their doors, minibuses are licensed to carry 14 passengers, but travelling with fewer than 18 is rare, and the number often well exceeds 20. For all but the shortest journeys, you're better off taking a bus as they stop less frequently and are safer due to their size. Many minibus and bus drivers drive too fast to leave any leeway for emergencies.

Special hire taxis are also available in Uganda especially in the Northern regions. They are the most expensive means of travelling in and around Uganda. It can be a bit cheaper if you’re sharing with someone so you split the cost. Hotels usually know some special hire taxis that are trustworthy that they can recommend to you, or call up for you. So if you are staying at a hotel, most times all you have to do is inform the reception of your need and they will call up a taxi for you but you probably will not get the best price. The rates are negotiable; it is only the yellow taxi company in Kampala that has metered rates for its taxis.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Crown Bus Services Nairobi To Moyale Online Booking, Contacts, Parcel, Fares, Offices & Routes

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Crown Bus Service Ltd Kenya (CBS) was initially founded in the year 2004 by two people wo are now a directors with the aim of providing personalized and customer based passenger service.

At a later stage, the company management, encouraged by the passion of providing first class passenger service, fully started operations in August, 2006.  The company’s first operation route was decided to be the Nairobi to Mombasa with the head office located in Nairobi.

With over 30 years of experience in transport business, the directors penned the company name, Crown Bus Service to sum up the ideals the company stands for in providing excellent passenger service. Such ideals are standing high as of today with proven record of quality service.

Crown Bus Services Fleet

Being one of the Best Kenyan bus company, They have invested heavily in Scania bus models with locally assembled bodies from Master Fabricator, Choda and other Kenyan body builder. Thought it's a Local made but their buses are of high quality and standard with passenger friendly facilities.

All of their buses have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs room. At the back of each seat there is USB charging system to give you a free power for your smartphones.

While you are traveling with Crown Bus Services, You will enjoy on board entertainment l8ike Television services from a large screen as well as Good music from their good sound system.

Don't forget, They have free WiFi for you to enjoy a smart internet all the way long to your Destinations.

Crown Bus Services They Offer

Passenger Transport Services
They provide passenger transport services to more than 20 destinations within Kenya and Uganda.  They are committed to offer Safe, Reliable and Affordable service in the transport industry. Their staffs are well trained and equipped to support this noble objective.

Courier/Parcel Services
Their parcel services are highly appreciated and approved by their customers. In addition to the buses, They operate 4 trucks that are exclusively dedicated for carrying large size parcels that cannot fit bus compartments. Their customers can call any of their branches and track their parcels at any time.

As parcel safety is core issue, they have adopted properly coded and secure system for tagging parcels, to ensure all shipped parcels arrive at the right destination and for the right owner. They also have high quality CCTV and other types of surveillance systems that guard their warehouses and parcel storage. All their services are on the go 24/7. For the comfort of their customers, They also do contact clearing agencies at border crossing in the case our customers need help.

Bus Hiring Services
In addition to passenger and parcel services, Their company also leases buses for travel agencies, tour groups, hotels, government agencies, international organizations, religious groups, colleges and universities, and the business community.  They are flexible to accommodate their customers’ demand in this regard.

Crown Bus Services Destinations / Routes

The company is operating to more than 20 destinations within Kenya and Uganda, Most of them being located in Kenya Republic. Below are some towns and cities where Crown Bus provide their services:

    Mbale (Kenya)
    Mbale (Uguanda)

Crown Bus Services Deals and Discounts

    Best Deal
Do You Know That You Will Get One Free Ticket After Every 10 Tickets? Keep Your Tickets and show them when you have 10 tickets.

    Super Discount
Introductory offer of KES 1000/TZS 20000/UGX 30000/RwF 7000 on their new route Nairobi to Bungoma.

    Loyalty Customers Discounts
Book Nairobi to Mombasa or return during the day and get KES 400/TZS 8000/UGX 12000/RwF 2800 discount on the return ticket.


Crown Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Head Office
Monrovia Street, Lagos House-Near Salvation Army.
Crown Bus Service Limited
P.O. Box 634, 00100 Nairobi - Kenya.

Email us:

For Booking
+254 722 719944
(020) 2212253
(020) 2212203

NAIROBI    +254722719944
(020) 2212253
(020) 2212203

MOMBASA    (+254) 0412222406
+254710 982008
+254721 909700

KISUMU    +254(057) 2023933

KAKAMEGA    +254(056) 31323

MUMIAS    +254 (056)641083

BUNGOMA    +254 (057) 2500808

SIAYA    +254727 641886

CHIVAKALI    +254 (020) 2442383

Monday, January 7, 2019

Easy Coach Stage Nairobi To Arusha Online Ticket Booking, Paybill Number, Parcel Services & Routes

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Easy Coach LTD Is  a passenger transport and courier service provider registered in the Republic of Kenya with an extensive branch network in Western and Nyanza provinces.

They offer reliable and comfortable scheduled transport services to both day and night passengers destined for Kisumu, Maseno, Malaba, Mumias, Kakamega, Mbale, Bungoma, Eldoret, Moi’s Bridge, Kitale, Bondo, Usenge, Kapsabet, Kaimosi, Busia, Bumala, Kisii, Migori, Rongo, Sirare, Ugunja, Siaya and Kampala.

Easy Coach has partnered with Uchumi Supermarkets, Nakumatt Holdings, Naivas Supermarkets and Ukwala Supermarkets in their 15 branches across the country and operates booking and parcels services in order to bring thjeir services closer to our customers. If you come physically to any of the locations you can be able to purchase your travel ticket or deliver your parcel/(s).

Easy Coach Fleet

They have invested much of their capital on Long distance buses and some of their capital invested on Mini buses for Shuttle and courier services. Most o their Long Distance Buses are Scania with Locally assembled bodies in Kenya and their mini buses are Toyota Quantum.

This in one among the best travel company in Kenya with their Semi and Luxury buses fitted with 2 by 2 seating arrangement and enough Legsroom to enjoy a smart travel.

Their buses also have on board entertainment like Television services and some of their bus have mini television on every seat. They also fitted a good music system for you to refresh you while you on the Go.

Don't forget that when you travel with Easy Coach, You will enjoy a free WiFi all the way long to your destinations.

Easy Coach Services

Public Transport
 As their core business, they run a modern fleet of fully maintained buses, which are replaced once they attain two and a half years. Easy Coach is the only operator with a strictly enforced timetable and standby buses in the event of a breakdown.

 Contract Hire
 They have the capacity to take over your high-volume transport needs on demand. This will not only free up assets and simplify operations, it will also free up resources, which can then be deployed exclusively to advance your organization’s core business. They service long-term contracts for transporting groups of people, be they company staff or students.

 Private Hire
They cater for individual groups or corporate private hires for meetings, seminars, weddings, funerals and excursions.

 Sight-seeing Tour
They provide transport and tour-guiding services to several sites. These could be places with, cultural, geographical or historical appeal. Their friendly, customer-oriented staff will make sure they make the tour worthy.

An add-on to our existing portfolio, commercial vehicle branding is emerging as one of their fastest-growing revenue streams. Easy Coach has quickly established itself as a leader among public transporters in this category as firms seek to flaunt their corporate livery and seek maximum exposure.

 Courier/Parcel Service
As an add-on to our efficient, reliable, timely and predictable passenger transport service, they run a fairly priced parcel delivery business that has inevitably acquired the same accolades.
They have drop-off and collection points at selected Uchumi, Nakumatt, Naivas, Ukwala supermarket branches.

 Personalized Delivery Service
An escalation of our courier/ parcel service, this is a variant targeted at the busy executive. The potency of a product that delivers parcels to the doorstep in crowded and busy urban settings cannot be gainsaid.

Easy Coach Routes

From Nairobi to Upcountry
homa bay

kampala to kisumu

busia to kampala

nakuru to kampala

nakuru to malaba

nakuru to kitale

nakuru to mumias

nakuru to mbale

nakuru to kakamega

Easy Coach Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Telephone Contacts at the Letters and Parcels Courier Services Division are:
+254788545402, 254738200156, 254738200302

Bondo 738200316
Bumala 789366996
Bungoma 738200310
Busia 0738200315, 05523098
Eldoret 0532030411(fax), 0738200308
Kaimosi 738200323
Kakamega 0738200313, 05630837 (fax)
Kampala +256776727270, +256757727273
Kapsabet 0738200322, 05352260
Kericho 052 20417, 0738200316
Kisii 736046164
Kisumu 0738200317, 0738999703,0726354307,057 2026136 (fax),
Kisumu 057 2023983,0738200154
Kisumu 0733227649, 0738302750
Kitale 0738200309,0726354309,054 30066 (fax),
Malaba 738999705
Maseno 057351216, 0738200320
Mbale 0738999704, 05651487 (fax)
Migori 736046143
Moi's Bridge 732538253
Mumias 0738200318/9, 056641361 (fax)
Nairobi 0738200301, 0726354301, 0202210711,  0202210712 (fax)
Nakuru 0738200312,0726354312,0726354303,0738200303, 051 2211500 (fax),
Narok 736141333
Rongo 738200083
Siaya  0738200304
Sirare 736046132
Ugunja 738200324
Usenge 738200316
Webuye 738200321

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Guardian Angel Coach Nairobi To Kampala Online Booking, Contacts & Parcel Services

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The Guardian Angel Coach Is a Bus Service Company which provides travelers with genuine comfort they deserve, from booking to when the passengers board the bus. Travelers will not need to go all the way to booking offices.They can make a phone call and book.Payment after booking can be done via M-Pesa

The Guardian coach has been providing quality  transport services in Kenya. Started with only three buses, the number has been growing steadily. With both coaches and tablets hitting the road they cover a number of routes in Kenya.

The Guardian Angel Coach Fleet

This Bus company have invested much of their capital in Scania buses with Local Assembled bodies from Master Fabricator in Kenya. They have a nice buses which gives their passengers a comfort travel within Kenya Boundaries as well as in the neighboring countries like Uganda & Tanzania.

Their Buses are fitted with 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legsroom for all passengers. Each seat have been supplied with charging system for you to enjoy a smart connection with your phones.

While you travel with The Guardian Angel Coach, You will enjoy On board entertainment like Television services, Good music from their sound system and many more. Their buses are also fitted with WiFi services which is free for passengers.

The Guardian Angel Coach Services

This is a public transport company serving passengers in all major cities and towns with Daily departures in all of their destinations within Kenya and across the country boundaries.

Besides the passengers they also offer their parcel services. Their Parcel service target both corporate and individual customers who may wish to send their packages from counter to counter. This means that you can send your parcel from any of their destinations to other destinations and advise your consignee to collect them from their counter by presenting the necessary identification.

The Guardian Angel Coach Routes

The Guardian Coach has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and as a consequence they have increased both their fleet of buses, introduced tablets as well as increase the routes that they ply. They started with:
NairobiTo Nakuru-Kericho-Kisumu-Mbale-Kakamega-Nairobi route but they have increased their converge to cover the following towns/centers:-





The Guardian Angel Coach Office & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

River road Opp. BARCLAYS BANK
TEL 0722221290
Country Code Is: +254

Ticket management - 0718880256

Kisii:0708008015, 0708008001  
Kijauri:0708 84617
Sotik: Coming Soon
Keroka: 0708006499, 0708006351

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ritco Bus Rwanda Website, Contacts, Booking, Schedule, Routes, Offices & Tickets

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Rwanda Interlink Transport Company (Ritco) Is the successor to the government company ONATRACOM. RITCO is a joint venture between the Government of Rwanda and the Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC).

The company, established to mitigate public transport woes for rural folks yesterday unveiled 20 new buses for the launch.

Ritco was set up following the liquidation of the public transport company, ONATRACOM In 2016.

The Cabinet meeting of 16 December 2015 approved the establishment of a joint venture between the Government of Rwanda and Private Investors on Public Transport. In this regards, Ritco was established in order to continue providing public transport services, especially in rural areas.

Ritco Express Bus Routes

Kigali – Birambo
Kigali To Kampala
Kampala To Cyanika
Cyanika To Goma
Goma To Kampala
Gisoro To Kampala
Gisoro To Mbarara
Mbarara To Kampala
Kampala To Kabale
Kampala To Kanyaru
Kigali To Mbarara
Kigali To Kabale
Kigali To Muhanga
Kigali To Ruhango
Kigali To Nyanza
Kigali To Huye
Kigali To Nyamagabe
Kigali To Kanyaru
Muhanga To Ruhango
Muhanga To Nyanza
Muhanga To Huye
Muhanga To Nyamagabe
Ruhango To Nyanza
Ruhango To Huye
Huye To Nyamagabe
Huye To Nyanza
Huye To Kanyaru

Ritco Express Bus Offices & Contact Number For Booking & Enquiry

Located on  Nyamirambo Street

P.O. Box 619

Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250-252575411

Friday, September 28, 2018

Horizon Express Kigali To Huye Contacts, Booking, Prices, Offices & Routes

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Horizon Express is one of the public transport companies licensed by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA), the country’s public utility regulator. The motive behind its creation was the high demand of public transport services that prevailed at that time, in relation to the public transport companies that were operating along the routes linking the Southern Province and Kigali City. It commenced its operations on the 23rd of June 2006.

The Services Offered By Horizon Express

1. Public transport services
There are 18 ticket sales and booking outlets as well as 6 branches in Kigali, Ruhango, Muhanga, Nyanza, Huye and Nyamagabe.

Their vehicles depart every 30 minutes except for Kigali-Muhanga; Muhanga – Kigali routes where our vehicles depart every 15 minutes

2. Courier services in collaboration with Horizontal Courier Company, Their sister company.
Horizon Express Ltd in partnership with Horizontal Logistics Limited  provide local courier service solutions to customers across Rwanda. With local courier service as well as nationwide courier and delivery services.
The Horizon Express Ltd team of Courier Service agents is skilled and professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines with our speedy delivery service.

In the framework of delivering efficient, reliable and secure public transport services to their esteemed clientele, Horizon Express Limited is equipped with an electronic ticketing system which facilitating in issuing tickets to passengers. The company is also endowed with a tracking system that helps its management to control the movement and the speed of its vehicles so as to reduce or minimize the risk of accidents and to ensure the peace of mind of our passengers and the operated routes.

Horizon Express Bus Routes & Prices

Kigali To Huye
  2 510 frw

Kigali To Nyamagabe
   3 040 frw

Kigali To Nyanza
   1 670 frw

Kigali To Ruhango
   1 350 frw

Kigali To Muhanga
   930 frw

Huye To Muhanga
   1 410 frw

Huye To Nyamagabe
   510 frw

Huye To Ruhango
   970 frw

Huye To Nyanza
   670 frw

Nyamagabe To Muhanga
   1 900 frw

Nyanza To Nyamagabe

Nyanza To Ruhango
   350 frw

Muhanga To Ruhango
   500 frw

Ruhango To Nyamagabe
   1 480 frw

Nyamagabe To Gasarenda
   400 frw

Nyamagabe To Karambi
   300 frw

Huye To Gasarenda
   890 frw

Horizon Express Bus Offices & Contact Numbers For Booking & Enquiry


B.P. 3496 KIGALI

Bureau Huye   : 0788653484 / 0788504111

Bureau Kigali : 0784041036 / 0788303223

E-mail :

Virunga Express Bus Gisenyi To Musanze Contacts, Booking, Prices, Offices & Routes

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Virunga Express Ltd is a group of companies; its head office is based in the heart of Kigali at Rue du Lac RWERU.

Virunga Express Ltd. started activities on August, 8th, 2001; created by Niyitegeka Bonaventure a young entrepreneur only 25 years old, inspired by a similar existing company "Volcano Express" when he was at National University of Rwanda.

The company started with express transport business. Now apart from the transport service, the group offers a wide range of services including Courier Express services and Money Transfer Service with 30 VMT Offices countrywide and 4 offices in the region (Goma, Kampala, Nairobi, and Bujumbura).

Their vans are ones of the most comfortable in the whole country and when you travel with Virunga Express, you always reach your destination on time.  To MusanzeTheir experienced staff offers a vast choice of Travel services designed to satisfy your highest standards.

Time and speed are our driving forces when delivering your mails and parcels to their destinations.
Simple Courier    500
Complex Courier    1000
Simple Check    1000
Complex Check    3000
Small Box    2000
Big Box    3000
Electronic Device    5000
Dollars    30

Virunga Express Routes & Prices / Fares (RWF)

Kigali  To  Musanze     Every 30 Minutes    1 700
Kigali  To  Rubavu    Every 30 Minutes    3 000
Kigali  To  Gicumbi    Every 30 Minutes    1 000
Musanze  To  Kigali    Every 30 Minutes    1 700
Musanze  To  Rubavu    Every 30 Minutes    1 100
Rubavu  To  Kigali    Every 30 Minutes    3 000
Rubavu  To  Musanze    Every 30 Minutes    1 100
Gicumbi  To  Kigali    Every 30 Minutes    1 000

Virunga Express Offices, Contact Numbers For Booking & Enquiry

Virunga Busines Groupe
P.O.Box: 121 Musanze
Contacts: +250 788 51 08 73 (Ruhengeri),
+250 788 59 77 88 (Gisenyi), 
+250 788 43 19 60 (Kigali)

Virunga Express Customer Services
    Passenger transportation.
    Car hire for groups. For more information call +250 788 43 19 60 or write to us

    Transport for special occasions around the country. For more information call +250 788 43 19 60 or write to us

    Organized tours. For more information call +250 788 43 19 60

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Volcano Express Kigali To Muhanga Contacts, Tickets, Timetable, Booking, Offices & Routes

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Volcano Express Is one of the most reliable and affordable courier and Public transport service providers in Rwanda. They have years of experience in the business of transport services, and aim to provide their clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium Transport services.

Volcano Express offer  best Public Transport services, along with other ancillary services,  solutions to their clients, which we design as per their requirements and business ecosystem to help cut their cost, arrive at time.

Volcano Express Courier
It is a same day service available 10hrs a day, 365 days a year, including bank holidays; depending on availability, on any location in our area servies. When you delivering with Volcano Express – you’re working with specialists in international courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services.

Volcano Express Cargo
Team of cargo experts are always available to help you with any queries you might have. We would study your requirements and provide you with a quote that would not only suit your budget, but would also save you considerable amount of money in the long term. And, we guarantee that.

Volcano Express Route In Rwanda & Uganda

Kigali To Kampala
Kampala To Cyanika
Cyanika To Goma
Goma To Kampala
Gisoro To Kampala
Gisoro To Mbarara
Mbarara To Kampala
Kampala To Kabale
Kampala To Kanyaru
Kigali To Mbarara
Kigali To Kabale
Kigali To Muhanga
Kigali To Ruhango
Kigali To Nyanza
Kigali To Huye
Kigali To Nyamagabe
Kigali To Kanyaru
Muhanga To Ruhango
Muhanga To Nyanza
Muhanga To Huye
Muhanga To Nyamagabe
Ruhango To Nyanza
Ruhango To Huye
Huye To Nyamagabe
Huye To Nyanza
Huye To Kanyaru

Volcano Express Contact Number For Booking & Enquiry

Volcano Express, Itd.
In Rwanda, Office location:KN 4 Ave M. Peace Plaza

In Uganda, Office location: Old Kampala, Near Gadafi mosque opposite Kobil petrol station

Booking | +256753813059 | +256770835989
Special Contact | +256772834655