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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Abay Bus Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar Address, booking, Ticket & Contact

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 Abay Bus transport Plc is an Intercity bus services which foundd and operate in Ethiopia as well as neighbouring countries. Abay Bus is operated by highly qualified professionals in various disciplines and many years of experience in the transport sector.

Abay Bus is all about making long distance journey safe, dependable, comfortable and fitting with a very hospitable service for a reasonable price.

Abay Bus operate their company and services by integrity, honesty and reliability. With these moral in mind, They are set to serve their passengers with adoring spirit.

Abay Bus Fleets

Abay Bus uses modern chinise Yutong bus and other model to deliver it's services to their customers. All of their buses are fitted with Air Conditioner as well as they have enough legroom for your comfort.

While you travel with Abay Bus, They will care for you by srving you with On board entertainment like Television services, Music system soft drinks and snacks.

Abay Bus Routes

Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
Addis Ababa ToLalibela
Addis Ababa To  Harar
Addis Ababa To Gondar
Addis Ababa To  Mekele
Addis Ababa To Hawassa
Addis Ababa To  Arba Minch
Addis Ababa To Omo Rate
Addis Ababa To Nairobi
Addis Ababa To  Khartoum

Abay Bus Offices, Address, Contacts & Booking

Addis Ababa International Bank SC

Abay Bus Ticket Office Abay And Tana Yrgebeya Maekel 

Bahir Dar, Wereda 02 Bahir Dar 1872 +251-011-5549773

 Mobile 0911 222 306
Mobile 0911 139 155
Mobile 0911 887 071
Mobile 0911 350 897
Mobile 0911 486 022
Fax 011 273 2088

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mash Poa/Cool Bus Nairobi To Kampala Booking, Offices, Schedule & Contacts.

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Mash East Africa is a company started in 2003. Since its inception it has seen tremendous growth, not only in Kenya but east Africa at large. The company boast of more than 40 air-conditioned, well serviced state of art buses with Plasma screens.

It does not come by surprise  that the growth has seen the company being awarded a trophy and a certificate as one with the best well maintained buses in the Coast Province from the East Africa Road Safety award 2009.

Mash East Africa unlike other transport companies is run by professionals anda has the best set-up management team most of whom had their training abroad and worked for the giant Stage Coach International (UK) in Kenya.

Mash Poa / Cool Routes:

Mombasa - Nairobi
Mombasa - Malaba
Mombasa - Mumias
Mombasa - Kisumu
Mombasa - Kitui
Nairobi - Malindi
Nairobi - Kampala
Kampala - Kigali

Mash Poa/Cool Offices & Contacts:

+254 736 500 863
+254 717 088 588
+254 701 775 666

+254 718 121 251
+254 733 929 626
+254 753 999 595

+254 733 845 464
+254 753 999 595

+254 795 719 116

+254 722 378 056
+254 732 222 786

+254 795 719 094

+254 795  719  071

+254 795 719 073

+254 795 719 072

+256 774 082 853
+256 703 867 307

+254 726 591 082

+254 715 322 915

+254 722 305 655

+250 789 925 566

Spanish Coach Bus Nairobi To Mombasa, Booking, Offices & Contacts.

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Spanish Coach Express has set a standard for style, comfort, luxury and entertainment for bus companies in the Kenya long distance travel industry. Currently only plying the Nairobi to Mombasa route, they have a fleet of buses that have Air Conditon, Wi-fi, Reclining seats, Plasma Screens, Refreshments, charging sockets and tablets on all seats for their new buses.

Head Office is on JomoKenyatta Avenue Mombasa, Kenya. Some of their buses are now reaching Kisumu destination via Mombasa. Thought they are playing with a few routes but their services are very good.

Spanish Coach Bus Routes:

Nairobi - Mombasa
Nairobi - Kisumu

Spanish Coach Bus Offices & Contacts:

Mobile Number: +254-727844129,+254-737497504, 0708272774

Nairobi : 
Mobile Number: +254708272773, +254708272773

Simba Coach Mombasa To Malindi, Booking, Offices, Contacts, Onlinje Ticketing & Routes.

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Simba Coach Is a Kenyan Intercity bus company serving the major cities with other towns in the country. It is one among the oldest bus companies in Kenya. Simba Coach now expanded their services and they are serving Most of the East African passenger in the country like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

 Simba Coach uses Scania & Golden Dragon Bus Models which some of them has Red Carpet That Is Well Put For The Customers To Have The Red Carpet Treatment. Their Bus Has Reclining Seats Well Placed For Maximum Comfort While Travelling.

They Also Has An LCD Big-screen Placed For The VIP Customers. Some of them has 4 Other LCD Screens Placed In Between The seats To Prevent Straining Of Back-Benchers Passengers Trying To Have a Glimpse On The Front TV.

While Onboard The Kitale Finest, One Is Served With Snacks, Refreshments Plus Unlimited Movies From The Start Of The Journey Till Midnight When Almost All Passengers Are Asleep From The Comfort Of The Leather Seats.

Simba Coach Routes:

Mombasa - Nairobi

Mombasa - Malaba

Mombasa - Busia

Mombasa - Kitale

Mombasa - HomaBay

Nairobi - Mombasa

Nairobi - Ukunda

Nairobi - Malindi

Nairobi - Mpeketoni

Simba Coach Offices & Contacts:

Kumasi Rd
Nairobi, Kenya, SimbaCoach
Call +254 707 471111

Telephone Number: 0727402612

Along Kenyatta Ave
Mobile Number: +254-722355544

Malindi Simba Coach 

Mombasa Simba Coach

Simba Coach Call this number 0723370380

Coast Bus Mombasa To Nairobi, Booking, Parcel Services, Contact Number, Offices & Routes

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Coast Bus is the pioneer in east Africa's passenger transport sector. Being the most reputable coach company, it has ferried passengers across Kenya's major destinations for over 55 years nonstop since its establishment. The company has grown from strength to strength and has truly stuck to its motto, "We lead others follow".

Coast Bus have buses to suit your every need. If you are looking for reasonable, affordable and safe means to travel then Coast Bus is the answer. If you are a little more fussy and want First Class service they have the right bus for you. Their buses come with Air conditioners, Free WiFi internet, Snacks & Washroom on-board and hostesses to serve you.

Coast Bus is one of the oldest players in the Bus industry in the East African market with 55 years of experience. Their variety of luxury buses operate across all major towns in Kenya and their services range from cheap low cost fares to high end to cover customers all round.

Coast Bus Routes:

Mombasa - Nairobi
Mombasa - Nakuru
Mombasa - Naivasha
Mombasa - Eldoreti
Mombasa - Webuye
Mombasa - Malaba
Mombasa - Bungoma
Mombasa - Kapsabet
Mombasa - Kakamega
Mombasa - Mumias
Nairobi - Kisumu
Mombasa - Voi

Coast Bus Offices & Contacts:

Mwembe Tayari : +254 722 206 445, 
Nairobi : +254 722 206 448, 
Kisumu : +254 722 206 451, 
Kakamega : +254 722 206 453, 
BGMungoma : +254 722 206 455, 
Mombasa : +254 722 206 454, 
Kitui : +254 722 206 450, 
Voi : +254 722 206 447, 
Changamwe +254 722 206 446

Buscar Kenya, Nairobi To Mombasa Online Booking, Offices, Contacts & Tickets

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BusCar is one among the legendary bus company in Kenya. This is an Intercity bus services serving Nairobi city with other major cities and towns in kenya. Most of their buses are Scania model with local made bodies assembled in Kenya by Master Fabricator.

BusCar Is Divided Into Two Classes, The Cinemax Zone(VIP Section) and The Live View Zone(Business Section). They The Business Section As The Live View Zone Because You Got The Live View Of The Road Action Since Its Located In The Front While Its VIP At The Back Unlike Most Buses In Different Bus Companies.

The Cinemax Section Has Got 15 Seats Beautifully Arranged Like You Are Right In The Cinema. There Is This Huge LCD TV Screen and Curtains Everywhere To Maximize The Cinema View While Traveling and Right Below There Is This Huge Dynamic Speaker To Bring To Live The 3D View of The Cinema. 

The Section Also Has Got Charging Sockets, Though I Didn't Like Its Setup Plus The Hanging Wires At The Front-Right Corner Of The The Section- This Is Most common In All Scania Buses in Kenya.

BusCar Kenya Routes:

Nairobi - Malindi
Nairobi - Mombasa
Mombasa - Malindi
Nairobi - Kampala
Mombasa - Busia
Mombasa - Kitale

BusCar Kenya Offices & Contacts:

Machakos Junction





South C


Kampala -nairobi
+256778424787 Or +256790444414 Or +254792700700

0718127350 Or 0791544446
Nairobi - Malindi -mombasa



Kampala Jinja Office


Mwembe Tayari

Accra Road
Nairobi -kampala

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tawakal Bus Mombasa To Dar es salaam, Booking, Offices & Contacts.

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Tawakal Bus Services Is an East African Bus Company which serve passengers between Kenya and Tanzania. It has always been their philosophy to have a successful transportation company, there are 3 basic rules:1.Provide a reliable service2.Have safe courteous drivers3.Have clean, comfortable Vehicles

General Information
The Luxury, Faster, Safer and Environmentally-Friendly Bus Company. When you travel with us you enjoy the “classic” service of Pwani Tawakal Mini Coach.Our employees are committed to service and customer satisfaction. Let our professional, uniformed drivers help you with your luggage and transport you quickly and safely to your destination.It has always been our philosophy that to have a successful transportation company.

Tawakal Buses has an Ac services all the way long, On Board entertainment likeTelevision, Music system etc. They offer soft drinks and their buses has charging system.

Tawakal Bus Routes:

Dar es salaam - Mombasa via Tanga
Mombasa - Malindi
Mombasa - Lamu
Mombasa - Tanga

Tawakal Bus Offices & Contacts:

Dar es salaam - +255 715 422 550
Tanga - +255 713 422 540
Mombasa - +254 722 550 111
Lamu - +254 0424 633 380
 Malindi - +254 705 090 122

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spider Coach Bus Company Nairobi To Dar es salaam, Booking, Offices, Contact & Timetable

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Spider Coach Ltd Is an international bus company which operates and serves customer across East Africa region. It is one among the oldest bus companies which still operate in East Africa, Spider Coach was a great challenger of Dead companies like Akamba Bus and Kampala Coach.

Spider Coach now is in a great competitions with other company like Tahmeed, Dar Express, Dar Lux, Saibaba and Modern Coast in the Dar es salaam to Nairobi route. Apart from Nairobi route, Spider Bus still dominate other major international routes.

Spider Coach uses Nissan Ud buses model with 2x2 seating arrangement, Their seat are very comfortable with a desired legroom, enough gaps with neighbor seat and they are soft. Spider coach buses has an on board entertainment, First Aid, Soft Drinks and many more.

Spider Coach Ltd Routes:

Kampala - Nairobi
Dar es salaam - Nairobi via Arusha
Dar es salaam - Kampala via Bukoba, also Nairobi
Dar es salaam - Lilongwe via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Lusaka via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Harare via Tunduma
Dar es salaam - Lubumbashi via Tunduma
Direct route from Kampala to All above Cities.

Spider Coach Offices & Contacts:

Kampala - +256775185750
Nairobi - +254726208541
Dar es salaam - +255786500001