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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hakati Bus Terminal Nairobi Station Location, Routes, Timetable, Agents, Map & Hotels

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Hakati Bus Terminal Is a one stop center for many buses which have destination in Nairobi City within Kenya. The station came into operation just after the CBD station removed from operation by Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko.

Hakati Bus Terminal is for commuters Buses and Minibuses (Matau) which headed to, South B/C, Karen, Kitengela, Balozi, Kiserian, and many other destinations. The backlits are strategically placed in the middle of the terminus Next to the Bus shelters for maximum brand visibility, 16 Units. 

Hotels Near Hakati Bus Station In Nairobi

Hilton Nairobi
4-star hotel
Understated hotel with 3 restaurants & a rooftop pool, plus a spa & a ballroom.

Nairobi Serena Hotel
)·5-star hotel
Refined rooms & suites in an upmarket hotel with elegant dining, plus 2 bars & an outdoor pool.

Paris Hotel
3-star hotel
Low-key rooms in a down-to-earth hotel featuring Wi-Fi & a restaurant serving free breakfast.

Milestone City Hotel
2-star hotel

Edu Hotel Ltd

InterContinental Hotel
4-star hotel
Refined rooms & suites in an upscale hotel with an outdoor pool, an Indian restaurant & a chic cafe.

Sarova Stanley Nairobi
5-star hotel
Elegant rooms in a polished hotel, with a spa area, a shopping arcade & 3 restaurants, plus a bar.

Laico Regency Hotel
5-star hotel
Refined hotel with 4 international restaurants, a casino & shopping, plus an outdoor pool & a spa.

Lagos Hotel
4-star hotel

Ambassadeur Hotel
3-star hotel
Unpretentious rooms in a hotel featuring a laid-back international restaurant with a bar.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

List Of Major Best Luxury Long Distance Bus Companies In Kenya, Road Trip Ideas

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Getting Around In Kenya By Local Public Transportation

Travelling in Kenya by the public bus system and matatus are the cheapest and most popular mode of transportation. The most viable mode of transportation in the region is using road transport. The good news is that the bus network is great and the beautiful scenery along the routes makes it even better. Various companies have introduced buses that are fairly priced, comfortable, and reliable to a significant number of budget travelers visiting the region.

Majority of people in Kenya prefer Public buses and Matatu for long and short distance travel in all cities and towns. Buses are regarded as safer and follow the same route as matatus. However, while buses are often quiet and operate in a timely manner, matatus play loud music, have erratic schedules with frequent stops, and provide a more dramatic Kenyan public transportation experience.

Major Coaches (Buses) and Matatu (Mini Bus) offer convenient and express services between the major cities, suburbs and towns across Kenya. For Matatu Fare is paid onboard while Long distance commute buses to major cities require advance booking, which can be done at their booking offices before the day/time of travel and other companies provide online booking services on their website.

For shorter rides, you will have to take a 14- to 16- seater matatu, or a 6- to 7- seater shuttle. For matatus, ask any local where the central bus terminal is. In Nairobi, you will want to go to the River Road area. Just note that these areas are high-theft areas, so keep your valuables on you and stay alert.

Due to recent developments, Matatu now provide seatbelts and do not exceed the vehicles seated capacity. Matatu usually travel along set routes; however, it is possible to charter a matatu for travel outside of major towns, just make sure to agree on a price before departure. Matatu are very cheap and a quick and convenient method of transport in all major towns and many rural areas.

For Major Bus Line service providers often avail their services in three categories including Normal, Economy, and Business class. You should choose the category best suited for your needs.

The major bus lines are pretty nice, air-conditioned buses like those you’d find anywhere else in the world. For these routes, it’s best to buy a ticket in advance (best done in person) and they’ll leave pretty much leave on time. Just try to sit closer to the front if you’d prefer not to bounce up in the air every time the bus rolls over a bump.

Coaches which are in good condition make the journey comfortable, thus, it is important to take into consideration the condition of the bus (cleanliness, air conditioning, TV, window length, and toilets). The coach should be relatively new with the appropriate air conditioning and avail toilets, the length of the window should be sizable, TV is a crucial form of entertainment for the long journey.

Kenyan buses are pretty economical, with fares starting at around KSh150 for an hour long journey between towns, while fares between Nairobi and Mombasa begin at KSh600 for the standard journey and can go as high as KSh2000 for premium services.

Getting around in small villages, like Watamu, is never complicated, There is a widespread network of transport that connects each and every hut, house or village. A local, or fearless tourist, just has to raise his hand wherever he/she may be and a bodaboda (motorcycle taxi, theoretically two-person) will immediately pick him/her up and take him exactly where he wishes to go.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Crown Bus Services Nairobi To Moyale Online Booking, Contacts, Parcel, Fares, Offices & Routes

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Crown Bus Service Ltd Kenya (CBS) was initially founded in the year 2004 by two people wo are now a directors with the aim of providing personalized and customer based passenger service.

At a later stage, the company management, encouraged by the passion of providing first class passenger service, fully started operations in August, 2006.  The company’s first operation route was decided to be the Nairobi to Mombasa with the head office located in Nairobi.

With over 30 years of experience in transport business, the directors penned the company name, Crown Bus Service to sum up the ideals the company stands for in providing excellent passenger service. Such ideals are standing high as of today with proven record of quality service.

Crown Bus Services Fleet

Being one of the Best Kenyan bus company, They have invested heavily in Scania bus models with locally assembled bodies from Master Fabricator, Choda and other Kenyan body builder. Thought it's a Local made but their buses are of high quality and standard with passenger friendly facilities.

All of their buses have 2 by 2 seating arrangement with enough Legs room. At the back of each seat there is USB charging system to give you a free power for your smartphones.

While you are traveling with Crown Bus Services, You will enjoy on board entertainment l8ike Television services from a large screen as well as Good music from their good sound system.

Don't forget, They have free WiFi for you to enjoy a smart internet all the way long to your Destinations.

Crown Bus Services They Offer

Passenger Transport Services
They provide passenger transport services to more than 20 destinations within Kenya and Uganda.  They are committed to offer Safe, Reliable and Affordable service in the transport industry. Their staffs are well trained and equipped to support this noble objective.

Courier/Parcel Services
Their parcel services are highly appreciated and approved by their customers. In addition to the buses, They operate 4 trucks that are exclusively dedicated for carrying large size parcels that cannot fit bus compartments. Their customers can call any of their branches and track their parcels at any time.

As parcel safety is core issue, they have adopted properly coded and secure system for tagging parcels, to ensure all shipped parcels arrive at the right destination and for the right owner. They also have high quality CCTV and other types of surveillance systems that guard their warehouses and parcel storage. All their services are on the go 24/7. For the comfort of their customers, They also do contact clearing agencies at border crossing in the case our customers need help.

Bus Hiring Services
In addition to passenger and parcel services, Their company also leases buses for travel agencies, tour groups, hotels, government agencies, international organizations, religious groups, colleges and universities, and the business community.  They are flexible to accommodate their customers’ demand in this regard.

Crown Bus Services Destinations / Routes

The company is operating to more than 20 destinations within Kenya and Uganda, Most of them being located in Kenya Republic. Below are some towns and cities where Crown Bus provide their services:

    Mbale (Kenya)
    Mbale (Uguanda)

Crown Bus Services Deals and Discounts

    Best Deal
Do You Know That You Will Get One Free Ticket After Every 10 Tickets? Keep Your Tickets and show them when you have 10 tickets.

    Super Discount
Introductory offer of KES 1000/TZS 20000/UGX 30000/RwF 7000 on their new route Nairobi to Bungoma.

    Loyalty Customers Discounts
Book Nairobi to Mombasa or return during the day and get KES 400/TZS 8000/UGX 12000/RwF 2800 discount on the return ticket.


Crown Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Head Office
Monrovia Street, Lagos House-Near Salvation Army.
Crown Bus Service Limited
P.O. Box 634, 00100 Nairobi - Kenya.

Email us:

For Booking
+254 722 719944
(020) 2212253
(020) 2212203

NAIROBI    +254722719944
(020) 2212253
(020) 2212203

MOMBASA    (+254) 0412222406
+254710 982008
+254721 909700

KISUMU    +254(057) 2023933

KAKAMEGA    +254(056) 31323

MUMIAS    +254 (056)641083

BUNGOMA    +254 (057) 2500808

SIAYA    +254727 641886

CHIVAKALI    +254 (020) 2442383

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Riverside Shuttle Nairobi To Moshi Contacts, Booking, Offices, Services, Reviews & Fares, Prices

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Riverside Shuttle is one of the major shuttle bus operators between Moshi and Nairobi. It has been in operation for more than 28 years. A fleet of minibuses take people to / and from their destination hotels if necessary. The main leg of the journey is in a 25 - 36 seater bus. Their drivers have an excellent safety record and are in continuous radio contact with their headquarters. They will assist you with the border formalities which are kept to a minimum.

They also arrange private vehicle hire to any destination in Kenya and Tanzania with a fair prices. 

Riverside Shuttle Services They Offer

In the arrivals hall a Riverside representative will look out for you. However it is best to wait in the Paul Cafe/Restaurant. The Riverside bus usually stops outside but there can be last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances. It is your responsibility to be at the bus at least 15 minutes before the departure since the bus will not wait. Please provide them with your flight details.

The bus is loaded and departs near the Parkside Hotel on Monrovia Street. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

The bus is loaded and departs from outside the Bella Luna hotel. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

The bus is loaded and departs from the YWCA building. Report to the bus at least 15 minutes before departure especially if you have bulky luggage.

 Hotel Transfers
They will meet you or drop you off at most central hotels in Nairobi, Arusha. They must know in advance where you are to be picked up and you should be ready to travel at the hotel reception 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the service.
On the booking pages you will have a drop-down list of hotels in Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi to select from. If your hotel is not on the list please select the nearest convenient location for you to get to.

Border Crossing Issues
It is essential you have the correct documentation at the border crossing. It is best to obtain visas in advance but they can be issued at the border, in which case please ensure you have the correct amount of money and in the correct currency. Please check the latest advice on visa procedures before your travel date. The Riverside service will not be able to wait indefinately at the border in the event of documentation or visa problems.

Riverside Shuttle  Booking Procedures

    Please read the "Booking Conditions" and "Booking Form" carefully.
    Complete your booking over secure server. Only credit card or PayPal payments are accepted. In the unlikely event a place is not available on your chosen journey we will offer you an alternative or not charge you and inform you of the situation.
    On receipt of your payment They will confirm your booking by email with a bus voucher, an invoice and a receipt. The Voucher will serve as your ticket and should be shown to the Riverside staff.

Cancellations Should you wish to cancel your booking advise us in writing immediately. If cancellation is notified more than 10 days before departure there will be a full refund minus USD 10 per person booked. 3-10 days full refund minus USD 15. Under 3 days we give no refund. They reserve the right to cancel a service at any time prior to 10 days before departure in such case They will refund any moneys paid to them. In such case no further compensation will be paid.

They will suggest a suitable alternative and advise you immediately. Should the alternative result in travelling on different dates or at different times which are not suitable to you, you may withdraw from the booking with full refund of all moneys paid, provided they are notified within 7 days. This offer does not apply to simple schedule changes nor amendments to schedules caused by civil strife, war, riots, weather or technical delays, strikes, natural disasters or emergency or for any other reason over which Riverside and their agents have no control.

Private Hire
Riverside has a fleet of buses available for private hire. Enquire with them for further details and for a price quote.

Nairobi to (or from) Arusha   
Nairobi to (or from) Moshi   
Arusha to (or from) Moshi Kilimanjaro   

Notes: Your payment will be handled by Paypal either using your own Paypal Account or using your credit card. Your payment will be processed automatically. Paypal will send you a receipt of payment made. You will also receive an email confirming your booking details. Please print this email to present to the driver when you board the bus. The purchase must be made at least two working days in advance of the first date of travel. Privacy Policy


Please check carefully the date and journey details you have requested. Once issued tickets are non-refundable. If any error is made in completing the form we will inform you of the error and you will not be charged. Please read the Booking Conditions before making your ticket purchase.

Riverside Shuttle Routes & Fares

    Arusha to Nairobi

    Arusha to Nairobi JKA Airport

    Moshi to Nairobi

    Moshi to Nairobi JKA Airport

    Moshi to Arusha
    Arusha to Moshi

    Nairobi JKA Airport to Moshi

    Nairobi JKA Airport to Arusha

    Nairobi to Moshi

    Nairobi to Arusha
Note: Fares may slightly differ depending on the situation in the transport Industry.

Riverside Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Kenya Office:
Lagos House
1st Floor-Room No. 1
Jivanjee Gardens
Monrovia Street
Tel: +254722328595 or +254725999121   

Tanzania Office:
ACU Building
Ground Floor Room No. 2
Sokoine Road
Tel: +255754270089 or +255757091120   

EWP Office for booking
SA20 0SP, UK
Tel: +441550721319

Forward Travellers Sacco Nairobi To Kayole Contacts, Booking, Offices, Fares & Matatu

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Forward Travellers Sacco Ltd Kenya is a medium size organization registered under Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing on November 2010 to operate an enterprise in the transport industry.

The membership of the Society comprises of individuals who own P.S.V buses and through them ascribes to Forward Sacco for management and operations co-ordination. Currently, the membership stands at 300 with a fleet of 370 vehicles.

Forward Travellers Sacco Fleet

They are using Matatu fleet for the transfer of passenger in all of their routes of Kenya. These Matatu are the Kenya's redesigned vehicle and most of them are previously were Isusu and Fuso Tipper. They are also using a Toyota Hiace for transfering passengers in their routes.

All of their Matatu have on board entertainment like Television Services and Good music from their heavy sound system made within their Matatu. Thought they are operating Pointy To Point services, but they have a good reputation to their customers.

Forward Travellers Sacco Services

The main activities of the company is transferring of Passengers between those named routes in Kenya as they have daily services to their customers. This services are provided with regard to the announced fares in the Republic of Kenya and it's available to all people regardless their identity.

They also provide other services as it explained as in the details below.

Normal loan

The current interest rate is 1% p.m reducing balance. Maximum repayment period is 48 months.
A member must have saved with them for a minimum of six months to qualify for this loan.

School fees

The current interest rate is 1.16% p.m reducing balance. Maximum repayment period is 8 months.
The maximum amount for this loan is Ksh 200,000.

Emergency loan

The current interest rate is 1.16% p.a reducing balance. Maximum repayment period is 8 months.
The maximum amount for this loan is Ksh 200,000.

Normal loan 1
    School fees 1   
    Emergency 1
    These loans operate like the Normal, Emergency and School fees loans.


    The Society admits Matatu owners who are actively plying our routes and members of staff.

Forward Travellers Sacco Routes

Operates from Eastlands, Nairobi County specifically covering three major routes:19\60,17A and Eastern By-Pass-Bus Station.

Their Travel Routes
Kayole to Nairobi
Kayole to Gikomba
Eastern By-Pass-Juja Road-Bus Station

Forward Travellers Sacco Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Address: Next To Sparks Village, Along Spine Road,
1272-00518 Kayole, Nairobi
Kayole, Nairobi

Tel: +254 738 856 758
        +254 735 961 493

Phone: +254 738 856758

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Impala Private Shuttle From Arusha To Nairobi Contacts, Booking, Offices, Prices & Bus

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Impala Shuttles Is a bus services which offers transfers from Nairobi city hotel, parkside hotel, jkia pick ups / drop offs silversprings hotel (Main pick up in Nairobi).

An ideal place to wait or get picked by local handlers This ensures all clients have safety and piece of mind from other road users shuttle buses transfer journey on the Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu route.

Impala Shuttles Departure & Fares/Prices

Shuttles departure 0700hrs and 1330hrs daily arusha luxury shuttles Kenya Tanzania Shuttle Buses between Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi from Nairobi Airport or City hotels Destinations covered Namanga, Arusha, Moshi, Marangu  nairobi moshi luxury shuttle bus in arusha and they do drop at impala hotel.

Impala shuttle bus Departs twice in a Day 0700 Hours & 0200hrs Narobi – Arusha – Moshi/ Marangu and vise versa

About 5 hours traveling from Nairobi to Arusha and 6 hours traveling from Nairobi to Moshi Shuttle prices are; Nairobi Arusha US $30 Nairobi Moshi 35 $ prices include free pick ups in city hotel within 3 kms from their pick ups points.
>Nairobi Arusha US $30 one way, Return US $60.
    > Nairobi Moshi US $35 one way Return US $70.
    > Nairobi Marangu us $ 80 or return.
The Kenya Tanzania shuttle buses transfer journey on the Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu route, is about 5 hrs traveling from Nairobi to Arusha and 6 hours traveling from Nairobi to Moshi Shuttle prices are given above.

Impala Shuttle Services They Offer

Shuttle Services JKIA To Arusha
Luxury Shuttle Bus is a leading transport shuttle company which operates across Kenya and Tanzania via namanga border, it covers a large variety of destinations this includes Nairobi city, Jommo Kenyatta international Airport Namanga border, Arusha town,moshi, Killimanjaro Airport, and finally Marangu hotel.

They Do Pick Ups From All Hotels Freely
kempinski,Amber Hotel,Sentrim 680,The Boma Nairobi,best Plus Meridian Hotel,Nairobi Serena Hotel,Eka Hotel Nairobi,The Strand Hotel,Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi Hotel,ambassadeur Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Fairview Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi Safari Club, New Stanley Hotel, Norfolk Hotel, private transfers bus Shuttle bus service between Nairobi Namanga Arusha Moshi Marangu shuttle bus daily Jomo Kenyatta Airport(JKIA) and Kilimanjaro International Airport(KIA)shuttle.

Nairobi To Arusha Shuttle Bus Transfers
They alaso have a Luxury shuttles for Nairobi To Arusha Daily scheduled transfer for fair prices. Their shuttles are of 25 people with full AC and on board entertainment like good music.

These shuttles may pick up/drop you at any destinations along the Nairbi To Moshi road without any disturbance.

Private Transfers From Nairobi To Arusha & Moshi
Apart from their daily scheduled shuttle, Impala also have Private transfer services with their salon car and also mini bus. whenever you need their services for private transfer between Nairobi city and Moshi Urban just contact them with the details provide at the end of the post.

Marangu Luxury Shuttles
They have Namanga Arusha Moshi Bus which have daily departure for public transfer with a reliable prices. These shuttles is an ideal transfer for tourism activities with the regions and you may book this for group transfer.

Airport Transfers
Also Impala Shuttles does an Airport Transfer with a fair prices, They do pick up and drop off to JKIA, KIA and other nearby local airport with Kenya and Uganda. Airport transfer may be taken as a private transfer as well as public shuttle transfer depending on your needs.

Kenya Landcruiser Car Hire
You may have Kenya landcruiser car hire  and explore Kenya in your way.
They have Roadtrip Kenya offers affordable 4×4 rental cars in Nairobi with loads of extras to drive your own adventure.

Safari van car hire
They offer 4 x 4 safari land cruisers and safari customized vans for hire,  with an experienced safari driver/guide to our esteemed customers be they individual or corporate clients.

safari customized 4 wheel driveland cruiser ,Kenya car rental kenya,Kenya,8 seater safari 4×4 land cruiser.

Customized vans for hire with an experienced safari driver/guide to their esteemed customers be they individual or corporate clients.

Impala Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

Nairobi Office: +254722506061
Arusha Office: +255754678678

WhatsApp; +254710354845 
Surport: +254714590864


Monday, January 14, 2019

Nyamira Express Nairobi To Kisii Contacts, Online Booking, Offices, Fares & Owner

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Nyamira Express Is One of the most popular bus company serving the Nairobi to Kisii and Migori routes. The bus company has been dominant over the years, Although the buses are not designed for comfort, the seats are squeezed to seat five passengers in a row, so they make up for that discomfort by being driven at supersonic speeds.

Nyamira Expresst has no one particular owner ss the buses are pooled from different investors.
But one of the identified owners of the company is  Mr Mr Julius Mokaya Ong’era who own several buses of the company.

Nyamira Express Fleet

On their best route  of Nairobi To Nyamira, The Company has purchased new Isuzu buses, fueling speculation that an end to it's years-long relationship with Scania is in the horizon.

The Scania model has long dominated it's fleet since the founding of the transport company. Most of their buses have 2 by 3 seating arrangement which rank them to ordinary level buses.

They have few on board entertainment compared to other bus companies and all of their buses are Local made within Kenya.

Nyamira Express Services

This company has based on passenger transport services within Kenya. They have daily scheduled departure in the major cities like Nairobi, Kisii, Migori and Nyamira. Passengers can book their tickets at their offices located in all of their destination and they have an opportunity to book their tickets in advance.

They also transfer Parcels to all of the destinations where their buses reach. Though this is not an official category of business to this company but people are enjoying safe transfer of their parcels in Kenya.

Nyamira Express Offices & Contacts For Booking & Enquiry

 Location : Kisii Main Stage
Street/Road : Kisii - Migori Highway, Kisii, Kenya
Town : Kisii Town
Mobile Numbers : +254 722 516102
                              +254 707 574727

Galaxy Express Shuttle Nairobi To Kakamega Online Booking, Offices, Contacts, Fares & Routes

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Galaxy Express Shuttle is a passenger and cargo company operating between Nairobi and Western Kenya. Apart from Passengers and Cargo Transport, They  also hire their vehicles to institutions within East Africa especially in Kenya.

Galaxy Express Shuttle is popular due to its adequate, safe and on time bus services. Several types of fleet run by Galaxy Express Shuttle help in connecting different routes. Galaxy proficiently strives in maintaining its quality and delivering an affordable bus travel experience in the long run.

They have Stop at Narok stopover at the crowd free amazing Bella Simba Restaurant which has got amazing food at a competitive price with an outdoor seating area with a nyamchom grill where you can see how your nyama is being prepared & clean restrooms

Galaxy Express Shuttle Fleet

All of their Shuttles have Reclining seats with enough space for your Legs to make you have a comfortable trips. They have a wide range of vehicle seating capacity to cater for your hire needs from 11, 14, 16 & 19 seater vehicles.

All of their fleets have LCD screens with good sound systems fitted to keep you entertained with Professional, friendly & courteous drivers whom you can interact and freely have a conversation with.

Galaxy Express Shuttle Bus Services

Galaxy provides smooth bus services across a number of cities. This efficient bus company constantly strives in creating travel convenience for many travelers. Galaxy is known for well equipped fleet and friendly staff steadily looking after passenger needs. The primary interest of Galaxy is to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Galaxy Express Shuttle Courier Services

No need to fret on the logistics of moving your cargo, They got you covered. You trusted them to get you to your destination safely & still do, so how about you trust them to take your bulk cargo safely to wherever it is you want? Introducing Galaxy Courier for all your bulk cargo solutions. They deliver you smile.

Galaxy Express Shuttle Routes & Timetable

They are playing in the following major routes in Kenya with their timetable given below:

 1st Route
Oyugis To Nairobi  6:a.m
Migori To Nairobi 6. a.m
Homa Bay To Nairobi 7 a.m

2nd Route
Oyugis To Nairobi  7.00a.m
Migori To Nairobi 7.00 a.m
Homa Bay To Nairobi 9 a.m

Oyugis To Nairobi 8 p.m
Migori To Nairobi 8 p.m
Homa Bay To Nairobi 8 p.m

Nairobi To Oyugis 8 p.m
Nairobi To Migori 8 p.m
Nairobi To Homa Bay 8 p.m

Galaxy Express Shuttle Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Nairobi, Kenya
For more Info & Bookings Call:
Phone: +254 703 555777

Customer Care +255 703 555777, +255 720 976455