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UTRAKO Abidjan Korhogo Contact, Tarif & Heure De Depart


UTRAKO Transport Is a Côte d’Ivoire based transportation company with it’s headquarter at Korhogo city in the Northern party of the country.

It is one among the Biggest Bus companies in Ivory Coast and has a good reputations among customers within and out of the country’s boarders.

The company provide both Passengers and Parcels transportation services at an affordable prices. This company is also known as Union Des Transporteurs De Korhogo.

UTRAKO Transport Company Fleet Line

The company Fleet list includes different model of buses from different Fabricators. Those buses include latest generation of Yutong and locally made buses on a Mercedes Benz Chassis.

The company has an Economy, Business and Luxury VIP Class types of buses to cater for all your needs in the Ivorian transportation Industry.

All of their vehicle has Premium Insurance Cover and they features 2 By 2 Reclining Sets, Arm Rest, Audio Visual, Air Conditioner, WiFi, Reading Lights & Luggage Compartment.

UTRAKO Transport Company Service Line

The Express Bus Lines provide daily transportation services from the Northern city of Korhogo to other regions in the country with a well scheduled timetable.

They provide the transportation of both Passengers as well as Parcels at any affordable prices. Tickets Booking are available at their offices located in all bus stations.

You can also make a Booking by calling their customer care personnel or agents on the numbers listed below this post. Both Pre-Booking and On Time Booking are available for you.

UTRAKO Transport Bus Routes & Departure Times

Abidjan To Korhogo 8.00AM
Ticket office, old station of adjamé market gouro

VIP Car 7.30AM
Ticket Office, new station at the bottom of the bridge or North station of adjamé

Other Departures: 2.00 PM and 7 PM

San Pedro To Korhogo 8.00 AM

Daloa To Korhogo 8.00 AM

Man To Korhogo 8.00 AM

UTRAKO Bus Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Korhogo 2736860732, 0101999943
San Pedro 0505597404
Tengerela 0585999854
Abobo 0799882864
Adjame 0700369805
Man 0505697989
Daloa 0707850800

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