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VIP Bus Ghana Accra To Kumasi Contact Number, Schedule

VIP Bus (VVIP Jeoun Transport Company Limited) in Ghana provide for their customers a bus that has comfortable seats, air conditioning.

They keep time, large seats, extra leg room and they provide direct transportation without detours or long stops. These services are not necessarily provided for in the trotros (minivans) and taxis.

VIP transport fares in Ghana are higher priced as compared to the normal buses. Normally, the roads are not well done. Therefore, some transport companies have tried to cure that menace by providing VIP Bus in Ghana.

Traveling down a road that is not well tarmacked can be tedious hence the large comfortable seats with enough leg room.

On a hot day, the air conditioning in such buses is essential. Therefore, VIP buses in Ghana may not be flight but they maximize on ensuring that the VIP experience is exciting and comfortable.

No pre-booking available, just show up at the terminal.

VIP Bus Fleet And Service Line

The company uses several buses from KIA Grandbird-Executive and Tour
Hyundai Noble-Tours
Young man Buses/Skyliner
Deawoo Fx Cruiser
Yuton Buses,Locally acquired
Scania Buses,(Only Operators of the Executive models in Ghana)

VIP Jeoun Transport Services
VIP Bus Company provide the following services to their customers:
Parcel services
Education tourism
Cooperate Charter
Religious Tours
Social events tours
Their buses are ready for private tours, personal uses, Group uses with special agreements with the company, They are ready for hiring.

VIP Bus Routes & Average Prices/Fares

Executive Only
VIP Premium -Airport (shell)- Kumasi Ghc 65
VIP Executive Accra- Kumasi Ghc 40
VIP Executive Accra – Tamale Ghc 85
VIP Executive Accra to Wa Ghc 90
VIP Executive Accra – Sunyani Ghc 50
VIP Executive Accra – Techiman Ghc 50
Accra, Ghana-Tamale-Executive Ghc 85
Accra to Bolga Executive only Ghc 110

Long Haul’s/Tours/Economy
VIP Bus Tour Accra – Kumasi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Accra to Ash Manpong Ghc 35
VIP Tour Accra to Tepa/Mim/Goaso Ghc 40
VIP Tour Accra to Sefwi Ghc 45
VIP Tour Accra to Wa 85
VIP Tour Accra to Takoradi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Accra to Bogoso/Tarkwa Ghc 40
VIP Tour Accra to Obuasi Ghc 30
VIP Tour Drobo Ghc /Brekum ghc 45
VIP Tour Dormaa 45

VIP Bus International Route
VIP Accra to Lagos, Nigeria
VIP Lagos to Accra, Ghana

VIP Bus Services Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Access Bank Location
Mobile Money Payment available on 0557925263,Gilbert/Sammy/Jossy
Contact 0540644677 Direct
0207966150 Kweku

Call for booking and reservation 0540644677

VIP Bus Premium,Airport
Call for pre booking and reservation

Harbour City,Tema Community Center
Contact the following numbers

VIP Bus Transport Services Departures

Here are some bus schedules for VIP buses:
Accra to Kumasi VIP Tour 4am to 12am
Accra to Kumasi VIP Executive 24hrs
Accra to Kampong VIP Tour only ,7am and 9am
Accra Techiman 9am and 9Pm
Accra to Sunyani,VIP Executive 24/hrs
Accra to Wa 5pm
Accra to Brekum 9am
Accra to Cape/Tadi/Tarkwa /Bogoso 12noon
Accra to Goaso/Jim 6:30 pm
Accra Sefwi Wiaso,Juaboso,Asawinso 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Up country
Kumasi to Takoradi 12midday
Kumasi to Hamile 6pm
Kumasi Bolga,1pm
Kumasi to Sunyani,6am to 6pm
Kumasi to Accra VIP Tour 4am to 12midnight
Kumasi to Accra Executive 24/hr service

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